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    Missing the UK

    Definitely. I think the main reason we feel so at home here is the place we chose to live. Not dissimilar to where we lived in the uk, a small touristy town with lots of amenities, half an hour from the city. Much warmer and a lot less damp here though!
  2. rammygirl

    UK mortgage while in Australia

    Once you are resident in Australia you may well have difficulties re mortgaging in UK. There are a few threads on this but like opening a new bank account in UK from Aus it is extremely difficult if not impossible. They say due to money laundering laws but I asked about moving within my bank (money they have had for many years) to a better savings account. Computer said no as effectively a new account. They could not explain how this could possibly be money laundering. I expect the regulations just put it in the too hard box!
  3. rammygirl


    They actually gave us the words on cards to sing at the ceremony
  4. rammygirl

    Travel Exemption Experience

    Ah. Didn’t bother to look at their other posts. Best to be clear on visa type!
  5. rammygirl

    Which agent to book flights to Australia?

    Why would an agent make a difference? I would think the airline would look after their own customers and frequent flyers first. Travel agents don’t give any additional guarantees that I am aware of. You are more likely to get bumped if you are in economy though. There are no real guarantees at the moment have a plan b and absolutely check the refund/re booking policy and small print before you book anything.
  6. rammygirl

    Travel Exemption Experience

    You do not need an exemption to travel to Australia if you have gained PR. You still have to do quarantine though.
  7. rammygirl

    Which agent to book flights to Australia?

    We found the opposite when our flights were cancelled in 2020. The agent was very tardy in refunding the money, the airline were very helpful and said no problem with the refund BUT because we had booked via an agent we had to go through them for the refund. Depends on airline and agent I guess but it is another layer to deal with. Personally I intend to book direct with the airline next time.
  8. rammygirl

    Citizenship Application + Passport

    Yes and yes. Only that if you have another citizenship you have to provide details of that and send the passport.
  9. rammygirl


    Use the link on the immi site all the info and practise test is there. I did just google up some free tests but some were much harder. The actual test only asks questions related to the stuff on the immi site. Pin down the basic history and politics and the rest should be common sense. Also the questions can be phrased awkwardly so read them carefully.
  10. rammygirl

    Citizenship Application + Passport

    No apply now with your current passport then if you renew just upload details of the new one. Don’t forget to also do this for immi so the visa can be attached to the new passport. You never know how long the process will take and you are not a citizen until the ceremony. Also easier to renew uk passport as a non dual citizen as no issue with supplying Oz passport in evidence.
  11. rammygirl

    crafty folks of Perth

    We brought our Audi TT convertible and love driving her round the Adelaide Hills. Unlike in the Uk it is possible in winter to drive with top down too. We see quite a few convertibles up here and have been asked many times if we want to sell. She is getting old now though and a little temperamental! We used Iron Chef to organise and didn’t put her in a container but sent her via car transport.
  12. rammygirl

    Citizenship Application Still pending

    As above you need to be in Australia for approval. It is possible there could be concessions if you are stuck because of COVID but I wouldn’t bank on it. When you return your application should progress but you might need to give them a shove!
  13. Ignore this didn’t read properly!
  14. rammygirl


    Why not just contact them and ask. If you have a genuine reason for not being able to attend they should put you on the next list.
  15. rammygirl

    To renew or not!

    Tbh I would renew it it is quick and easy online and cheaper than an Australian one. Admittedly we use our Aussie one most of the time but ....
  16. rammygirl

    British supermarkets vs Australian supermarkets

    The IGA at Frewville is also great. Has a lovely cafe, great produce and deli. Also often someone playing the piano or guitar in the fresh produce section. Lovely but a always end up spending too much!
  17. rammygirl

    Things you wish you knew before building

    It really depends a lot of the existing properties in some areas are expensive to renovate and have asbestos to factor in. It was widely used here. With a new build you can save on stamp duty and build in better insulation etc. we built and do not regret it. Look at lots and lots of display homes and work out what your priorities are. Would build again. Not sure I would do anything differently.
  18. rammygirl

    Fuel Prices in Adelaide

    We do the trip a few times a year to see our son. We are going up to Katoomba as well this time. COVID willing!
  19. rammygirl

    Fuel Prices in Adelaide

    We will be driving from Adelaide Hills to Canberra soon. Over two days ( not in a rush but can be done in a day). Roads are not exactly busy though! You can cover a lot of ground here compared to the Uk in the same time.
  20. rammygirl

    Fuel Prices in Adelaide

    Petrol spy is only as good as the last reported prices. There is a new app now by the RAA. You don’t have to be a member but petroleum’s stations are required to update the prices direct to it within half an hour. Seems to work hubby checked as he needed fuel and a nearby Caltex was 60 cents a litre cheaper than in the city so he diverted to fill up. Both our cars need 95 min. Makes a big difference on a full tank. My RAA now gives real time fuel prices
  21. rammygirl

    PR and Maternity Pay

    Do make it clear to your GP and hospital that you are Medicare patient. And ask if there will be any gap payments, it can depend where they send you for scans etc. Some people seem to get everything free and some don’t (those with insurance often have huge bills......go figure). Always ask.
  22. rammygirl

    RAAF 100 year Spectacular Flypast

    Tipped off my son, he didn’t know. He managed to see some from the ANU campus where he works.
  23. rammygirl

    New mobile phone contract

    Aldi in UK and Aldi here, no contract required. You do need to own the phone though.
  24. rammygirl

    Surfers Paradise versus Surry Hills (Sydney)?

    Really? Plenty of real bands in venues and hotels in SA as well as solo singer/ songwriters with a guitar.
  25. rammygirl

    Very beginning

    Yes Adelaide is much drier heat. And although we get frost in the hills it is rare down in town or on the coast, where the sea breeze also keeps it cooler in summer than the city. Close to the city coastal property is very expensive but further south less so.