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  1. rammygirl

    804 Parent Visa Acknowledgement

    If you paid for a signed for delivery did you send it to the street address? A locked bag or PO Box address cannot sign and it may well be returned. I assume you made a paper rather than on line application for a reason.
  2. rammygirl

    Seeking travel Insurance!

    Just google one way travel insurance there are a few.
  3. rammygirl

    804 Parent Visa Acknowledgement

    Has the application fee been taken?
  4. rammygirl

    Insurance for 20ft container

    Second Letton Percival. We had to make a claim and it was sorted very quickly with money in our account within a couple of weeks.
  5. rammygirl

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    More chance of dying from a road accident. The overall death rate in Australia has not risen significantly in Australia. Yes the chance of dying from COVID if you are an unhealthy 70+ year old is high, but then you are statistically more likely to die anyway. What I am trying to say is that your chance of dying from COVID is actually less than other causes in Australia.
  6. rammygirl

    The Beer Connoisseur Thread

    No alcohol in Aldi in SA. Whenever we drive over the border we swoop though. Their Spanish and local wines are really good value. The expensive (for Aldi) black stone paddock range about 18 bucks a bottle, was raved about by our mates wine snob in laws. They were shocked when they realised!
  7. Not self isolation when entering from overseas but enforced quarantine. You will be escorted from the airport to a hotel set up specifically for the purpose. Gov currently footing the bill. If you then travel interstate you are currently required to self quarantine for two weeks in your own accommodation. Things do change and not all states have the same rules so check on gov and state websites for up to date info, not social media or news feeds.
  8. They don’t go back a year as the school year here starts in Jan/feb. so half a year really.
  9. rammygirl

    187 Visa, Location Change due to Partner

    Ours definitely said work and live in regional area. Check your grant letter and check the relevant regional areas for the 187.
  10. rammygirl

    Home schooling anyone do it?

    I know someone who sent their teenage girls to different schools as they were so different. The right school is important. I too have a very academic son and one who is more intuitive and practical. Just as intelligent. Just different.
  11. rammygirl

    Home schooling anyone do it?

    School is about far more than education. It is about learning to rub along and work with people you would not otherwise be with. Learning that not all teachers are equal or even good at their job but still having to go to classes. It is all good preparation for real life. It also allows them to develop a wider social circle. I know I didn’t follow my peers in the UK by sending mine to a private school for this reason. Helped I add by the fact the local private school wasn’t really up to much and poor value and the local grammar school was excellent. But it did mean my kids mixed with a wider social demographic and I honestly think that has helped them become the lovely people they are today. It certainly didn’t hamper their education. One is now a lecturer and research fellow at ANU.
  12. rammygirl

    Holiday visa

    She needs to create an immi account on the gov website you have links for above. Then she need to apply for a visit visa 600 onshore option. Costs $365 I think. She can only do this if her current visa does not have a no further stay condition imposed. If she lodges before her current visa expires then she will be granted a bridging visa to keep her here until a decision is made on the 600 visa. If she is having difficulties she should contact a registered agent for help. Several post on here.
  13. rammygirl

    Aged parents visa

    Bridging visas are granted when you make a valid onshore application. However they do not actually kick in until the current visa expires. You remain on the visa you are on then when it expires the bridging visa allows you to stay until a decision is made on the new visa. Do read the conditions of the bridging visa, they are not all the same.
  14. rammygirl

    Holiday visa

    There is info on the gov site. She needs to apply for another visit visa to extend her stay. Better she does this before her current one expires or she will be here illegally and then will have issues applying for another visa to come back in the future as an overstayer. https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/
  15. rammygirl


    Nothing needs signing by a JP. Colour scans of the original documents need to be uploaded. There is an ID form which needs to be signed by an Australian citizen who has known you for a year, they need to be in an approved occupation. This too needs to be scanned and uploaded. Documents, passports, ID (similar to rental ) birth certificates.... nothing too onerous. The hardest bit is the travel.
  16. I am convinced that huntsmen have the ability to teleport. They hang around for most of the day in one spot then pop up to surprise you at the other side of the house.
  17. Can I ask what your original plans were? Did you plan to come out on a visitor visa and wait for grant in Aus? You only applied 3 months ago when the timeline was already 6 to 12 months for grant.
  18. rammygirl


    I’m not sure. I had to list other family members somewhere but wasn’t asked for uploads for them. My sons were listed but not included as applicants as they were applying separately. Isn’t there an i symbol where you get gat help for fields on the form? It is a while since I did ours but it became obvious what was required as I went through it and used on line help.
  19. rammygirl

    The Official Weather Thread

    Icy this morning in the Adelaide Hills but sunny now and warm enough to sit out and get a dose of vitamin D.
  20. rammygirl

    Watch iPlayer on a Sony TV?

    The current Apple TV box was bought in Aus but we used a UK one for a while. We now have the Apple TV on a UK IP address not VPN (DNS I think) . We can download apps from UK tv and play and we still have Aus tv apps working too. Only thing is that to change between UK and Aus is possible but we don’t bother now. Means the prime and Netflix feeds are UK, But if we want an Aus feed we can. It did take a while to get our heads round it. We use express VPN which also provides the UK ip. The one subscription does for three households, as both sons share (one is interstate). We sort of do it between us as one pays for Netflix that we all share too.
  21. rammygirl

    Post from the UK

    I got a letter from the bank today dated 6 th April. We are waiting for bank cards too, very frustrating as we need them to access some on line functions! We got a bunch from UK last week too, via Germany they were several weeks old I am told by the postie there is a huge backlog waiting to be sorted as restrictions to personnel in the sorting office have slowed things down a lot
  22. rammygirl

    Coronavirus and Partner Visa (820)

    I honestly think Choosing to move in July or August is a bad idea. Hard enough to set up life without all the issues currently and high unemployment. I would seriously consider waiting till next year.
  23. rammygirl

    Watch iPlayer on a Sony TV?

    You should be able to screen mirror on to the TV. We did that for a while but now use an Apple TV that thinks it is in the UK. We have all the UK TV apps, Netflix, prime , and Aus tv apps on the tv and navigate that way. Works better than mirroring. You might need to google your specific issue as phone/tv combos differ. Our TV is Samsung.
  24. rammygirl


    They will ask for his details I think along with other family members but he won’t be listed as an applicant. It should be clear when you fill in the form.
  25. rammygirl

    Quarantine on arrival in Oz - how to book??

    Yes. You may need to check in the city you arrive in. In Adelaide they use city centre hotels specifically for this purpose. You don’t have a choice, you will be transported from the airport. Must admit I don’t know if you still have to self quarantine if you then travel interstate after this.