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    How to get sponsored?

    When was this exactly? It may be possible to get a sponsorship in a few months in a limited number of circumstances. For someone currently outside Australia it is very difficult.
  2. Do they. Have a license/registration number? I used a physiotherapist mate to sign mine and she included her official registration number in the document. I think they have to have some way of verifying the person.
  3. rammygirl

    309/100 application

    Usually PR visas are granted with a 5 year travel facility, meaning you can come and go freely during the 5 years from grant. After that time you will need either a resident return visa or citizenship if you wish to leave and return. When granted you are given a date when you MUST make a first entry to Australia, this is usually one year from medicals/police checks. Although some people have reported this has varied recently and some are given 1 year from grant (I wouldn’t bank on this though). You don’t have to stay for good just validate the visa by entering if you are not ready for the move.
  4. rammygirl

    Citizenship by Descent

    Check your mobile phone contract. I use mine (ALDI) to call UK mobiles from and numbers from Aus and it just uses my call minutes (at a higher rate) and no extra charges.
  5. rammygirl

    Personal Reference

    You can write a covering letter to explain you are new migrants, use whatever references you can get, other landlords, here or in UK. We also included specs from the house we sold in UK. If you can prove you can pay that is the main thing tbh. Also take time to speak the the agent, personal contact goes a long way. I see you are probably still in the UK DO NOT take a long term rental until you see it in person or at least have someone you trust view it for you. Take a holiday let for a few weeks and look around. Pictures can be misleading and old (like 10 years old!) most agents only let if you view in person.
  6. rammygirl

    Free travel to Tassie?

    Might this get better after school holidays. Not thinking of going till feb.
  7. rammygirl

    Free travel to Tassie?

    Is it cheaper than flying and car hire though?
  8. rammygirl

    Free travel to Tassie?

    Is it worth it for a two week holiday?
  9. They also consider access to services as well as cost. There are limited school support resources in many areas and they consider these should not be stretched unnecessarily. It doesn’t discriminate against the disability per se. Blind adults can obtain visas if they can show they will not be a burden, easier to do when you have a job etc........ I know it doesn’t help much in your case.
  10. rammygirl

    Would you move to the UK now?

    I “chat” with friends and family in the UK regularly on WhatsApp . I did say I felt guilty as here in SA things are also still normal. I was instantly told not to feel guilty but to be grateful, and that they wouldn’t wish this s##t on anyone. Some have had COVID some are ill now, all have people close to them who have had it. They all know someone who had died from it. Very sad.
  11. rammygirl

    887 application with odd document requests?

    Did you accidentally tick a box somewhere about third party involvement?
  12. rammygirl

    citizenship - online application error

    Did you renew your passport since the visa grant? If you didn’t link it to your visa that could be the issue.
  13. rammygirl

    UK Buy to Let Mortgage Solution

    Be careful. If you re mortgage to purchase another property then that amount can’t be offset against tax. You can’t have your cake and eat it according to the ATO
  14. As above. I also think allowing it to lapse whilst overseas re sets your time for citizenship. I know someone on here a while back thought they qualified for citizenship and couldn’t understand why they were not. Turned out it was a technicality regarding lapsed visa whilst overseas.
  15. rammygirl

    How many ?

    Oh works from home but we downsized from two desktops so I am now guest user on our only computer. We both have phones and I pads and OH Has a laptop. We only have one (smart) TV in the formal lounge, Home pod in main living area and wi fi speakers in bathrooms. We ditched radios and CD/DVD players a while back and are now fully digital. I just ask Siri to play what I fancy. When our sons visit they bring phones and lap tops usually.
  16. rammygirl

    Leaving employer after citizenship

    Now you have citizenship you do not have a visa so any conditions no longer apply. You do however have an employment contract so you should abide by that and give appropriate notice etc. check your contract.
  17. rammygirl

    Moving Cat to UK

    From reading posts on here you are not going to get much change from $5k. You might need to consider re homing your cat .........
  18. rammygirl


    Yes baby is a citizen. You apply separately for evidence of this (which is quick) then you can apply for a passport for them.
  19. rammygirl

    Form 119

    Complete as for child as those details appear on the certificate. Then sign as proxy later
  20. When I did mine it asked to to input details of documents to prove identity and address, you had a choice of documents to use. Those are the documents you will need to upload. At the end of the application you will get a list of documents you need to provide. It will not be the same for everyone. I just put in basic details for dead relatives. I also did my best with the travel section concentrating on the last 10 years, laughable asking a 57 year old European to list all their international travel since they were 18! Would have taken up many pages, as it was I had to add supplementary pages.
  21. rammygirl

    Your one word that separates the UK from Australia

    Yeah. Always said if I could move Ramsbottom to somewhere sunnier it would be perfect. just about managed it here in the Adelaide Hills I can even smell wild garlic ( or very closely related) here in season.
  22. rammygirl

    citizenship application - moving overseas

    You will need to be in Australia for test and approval. If you go overseas they will not process until you return. You may also need an RRV if the travel part of your visa has expired or will during your absence. If you do get citizenship before you travel you will need an Australian passport. looking at some timelines you might just sneak in but looking unlikely for an Australia Day ceremony if you haven’t taken the test yet. Some councils can do special ceremonies if you ask so it can be speeded up a bit.
  23. rammygirl

    Taxes On A House In The UK When Living In Oz

    As a temporary visa holder in Aus you will not pay tax on your UK income, not sure how UK will treat you though. You also need to be aware of capital gains issues should you sell up down the line. If you want definitive answers check out ATO and HMRC websites or pay a dual qualified accountant to advise you and decipher the rules.
  24. rammygirl

    wildlife photos - show us what you got

    just some of the pics from our garden. The red back was in the chair!
  25. rammygirl

    143 parent visa. Help!! Needing to leave oz.

    I thought they were going to remove that requirement whilst travel is restricted.