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Found 46 results

  1. Tez123

    Immi Account Login Issue

    Hi I can login to my Immi account via my mobile phone; however I can no longer log in via a web browser on my computer. An error message appears saying "An error has occurred. A request was made that is not in the expected sequence and the application has been refreshed to its initial state.". I am using the Chrome browser and I have tried clearing all cache, cookies and Browsing history to see if that would solve the issue. Any help is much appreciated. Thank You Terence
  2. charlie00

    Is my visa granted?

    Hi, I applied for a student visa and got an almost instant mail with a document saying the application status is "Granted". On immi.gov.au the same document is in my messages. In application home it says under Important Information: "This application has been finalised. Please refer to messages". Does this mean my student visa is ready and I'm good to fly over to Australia? The reason I'm in doubt is because I first got an email at 4:07pm acknowledging that the application was recieved, and then a grant notification email at 4:08pm.
  3. Hi all We are eligible to become citizens here now, and we need to proceed so my kids can apply for student loans - my eldest is currently coming towards the end of year 11, so we need to get on. Is it just me, or does the page/site never work? I get permanent sever errors here: if anyone has any sinight here on when is a good time to look, please let me know! Thanks in advance Matt
  4. Cjeynes

    2nd year WHV taking AGES

    Hello, I’m looking for some advise on the 2nd working holiday visa. I’ve now been waiting for 9 weeks on my application, my boyfriend and I lodged them at the same time and his got approved in 4 weeks! We did everything correctly, supplied ALL documents, got paid enough, worked on a farm for 96 days etc etc. I did get asked to provide more information with a form all about the farm which was about a month ago and I’ve heard nothing. I just don’t know what to do, I’m freaking out and wondering if anybody else’s 2nd year visa is taking this long? Is this normal? I’m in limbo here and losing my damn mind
  5. ShaunR6883

    ENS 186 Nomination Question

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone can help me with my question? My manager lodged my ENS 186 nomination in March this year. I also lodged my visa application a couple of days after (without using a migration agent). My problem is that my manager is never around at the moment as he is so busy with business meetings and overseas trips, so I never see him to ask if he has had any news on the nomination application. My question is, is there a way to view the nomination progress through my IMMI account? All I see is my visa application. I have tried emailing and texting my manager but I don't want to sound too pushy! I know it's only been a few months but I'm worried that if anything goes wrong with the nomination I will lose my fee. Would I hear something through my email about the decision of the nomination? Also everyone seems to be using agents, am I the only person not? It was purely a financial reason why I chose not to use one, hope it doesn't back fire on me??? Thanks Shaun
  6. Whats the time frame for - 489 State sponsorship ? Received invitation to apply on 17th feb 2014 for Southern Inland NSW | Applied on 18th Feb 2014
  7. Subclass 476 (Skilled - Recognized Graduate) Visas Could anybody tell me the meaning of this http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2014L00130 Brunel is a recognized university under Washington accord. Any institution that offers an Engineering course (Bachelor-level and above) accredited under the Washington Accord now satisfies the eligibility criteria for this visa ??? please advice Thanks
  8. Hi welcomeWe have that question, my wife is pregnant , how we can inform immi about it?:wink:scanned MATB1, or a specific form ,Visa already granted,(475) , still living in uk, movin to Oz before childbirthregards D@A
  9. Hi I just wanted to check if anyone else has been recently applied/been granted for the permanent spouse visa 801, following been on the 820 temporary spouse visa. I rang immigration this week and they said that they will contact no sooner than the 2 year mark or anytime up to a month after. Is this the usual thing they say even though I have heard many people receive letters from immigration 2 months before the 2 year mark to request an update on the situation and to apply for PR? Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  10. After visa was granted, but before we move to Oz.???? Cheers D&A :biggrin:
  11. Hi all i have had to get a new email address as my old one stopped me loggin on a week ago and the help line really werent very helpful so have also had to redo everything else lol, i normally am on here as Nadjez, am currently here in oz on temp spouse visa after being on a prospective marriage visa would like to know the best way to inform immi is it the form to do with notice of change or something and also where do i send to? i loddged that one from perth in 2010 . i also have to inform that that i have had a baby 6 months ago although she is ozzie born in ozzie and her dad is Australian : ) any ideas be great thanks : )
  12. Hello Pomsinoz i think IMMI are really moving fast these days http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/estimated-allocation-times.htm They reached 1st December 2010 with priority 4.
  13. hi all currently on subclass visa 820 temp partner visa, had my first baby 3 and a half months ago : ) do i need to notify immi? also when i go to apply for the second stage of this visa after my 2 years is up for the perm res, my Daughter doesnt need to be included in this application form does she as she is a Australian resident and i suppose just need to include and write it up in my relationship statement, any one who has been in simular situation or been through this please any advice be great ? Thanks Nadine
  14. IMMI mentions that for a 175 visa, you need to show your results. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/175/eligibility-english.htm I interpret this to mean, take the test, get the results sent to your house, and attach them to your application. However, from the IELA test center (about to book): http://www.nmit.edu.au/pdf/ielts/nmit_ielts_info.pdf So, still bit confused. Do I need to send results to IMMI as mentioned in the form. I will likely not be lodging my applciation for another couple of months after taking the test.
  15. This is a classic, there has been calls for Chris Bowen to resign over this. Really this clip is about 30 minutes long, its an interview of Chris Bowen by Ray Hadley most of it is about various immigration/visa issues, the last (and best) bit basically blows Bowen out of the water. These asylum seekers have been making improvised bombs in Villawood police have confirmed they are investigating this and the immigration minister didn't even know anything about it. http://www.2gb.com/index2.php?option=com_newsmanager&task=view&id=8792
  16. Lurkio

    Calling Immi

    Well - it's 1.18 am and I've been on hold for 28 minutes so far ... it's costing me a fortune to listen to a recorded message over and over again dammit! Neeeed sleeeep :wideeyed: OK that's an hour - you just keep hanging on for 5 more minutes .. Now up to 70 mins ...... I give up and will try again to contact through the online enquiry :SLEEP:
  17. I'm considering applying for a Student Visa to Australia (573). I am a Russian citizen and I came to the US on a visa, but it has since expired. I contacted the AU Embassy in Washington and the guy told me they need to make sure I'm legal in whatever country I'm applying from, so I'd have to go back to Russia to apply. Russia will be Assessment Level 2 starting in April. The question is, have any of you, folks, been successful with getting Student Visa when you had a blemished immigration history with a 3rd country? I know it might be a long shot finding anyone here in my situation, but if anybody went through this, please kindly share your experience.
  18. hi everyone pls tell SA's that no where I can call about my 1100 form.........I called today 08 83033221........there was only voice mail and just left msg no one reply me whole day .......pls help me i need to tell them that diac didnt got my 1100 form :arghh:thnx
  19. http://www.aph.gov.au/hansard/reps/dailys/dr080211.pdf Please note it took five months for the Govt to provide now seven month old data, however: The business skills queue (163 etc) is full for 12 months with cases on hand as the 4000+ principal applicants will equal around 8500 applicants total which just exceeds the quota. Most of my clients end upo with 12 month proicessing and not the somewhat misleading 6 months (maybe 132 only getting this) I never used to agree but now I do that DIAC have to separate out the actual processing from the handling time as priority processing decides the handling procedures which will differ by category. The ENS/RSMS times are just pathetic for employers who advertise, they want staff to start soon after they are selected, not six months later. The processing times can mean the migrant does not receive a job offer. Employers who recruit through networking and word of mouth are more inclined to accept these processing times and hire migrants, so it is recommended that people needing jobs for visas try to work within this later group of businesses ie use personal networks and not online portals. :wink: I also note earlier in the document that only 1% of cases entitled to a refund for a ceased application have taken it. This is a festering sore for DIAC, that they can't clear the files and still carry the risk of a class action. Power to the people!
  20. HI, has anyone got a copy of the email that immi send out every fortnight (supposidly) updating where they are at in processing. Im looking for the one prior to 14 Jan. They say "If your application date has recently come into our current processing date range you should allow at least 6 weeks to enable a case officer to complete the initial assessment". I dont know what it said prior to mid jan so i cant work out when my 6 weeks should be.... thanks in advance
  21. Hello everyone Any help or advice would be appreciated. I am currently living with my australian partner in Brisbane on a WHV which ends on the 29th Oct 2010. I have been with my partner since June 2008 and living together since May 2009 in the uk. We are applying for the defacto visa 820/801 and are gathering evidence but unfortunatley have very little evidence of living together in the UK until I came to oz ie no rental agreements etc(hindsight is a wonderful thing!). We phoned immigration a couple of times and they said that we probably have not enough evidence from the uk so only our time in oz will count towards the 12 month min living together. They said we would have to wait until the 12 months is up exactly, which causes a problem as my visa ends soon. We phoned immi twice- one lady said I would have to send my application in 2 weeks before my visa ends or I would not be on the system for a bridging visa-therefore illegal! the next time I phoned a different lady said I could walk into the brisbane office on the day my visa ends with all my documents and get application stamped and ask for a bridging visa, after consultation with her supervisor the lady at immi said 'Brisbane would have to give me a bridging visa on the spot!, if you have a problem ask for the supervisor' Has anyone any experience of walking into an immi office and getting a bridging visa immediatley? I'm rather nervous about doing this obviously but its getting close to decision time for me. Dont want to have to go back to uk as am trying to apply for teaching jobs for next year. thanks for any advice in advance em :eek:
  22. Guest

    Ideas for new immi minister

    Been thinking about this for a while, and decided to post it as we have a new immi minister. Why doesn't the DIAC, contact applicants who have applied for a visa, and ask if they still wish to continue with their application? There could be many (hundreds/thousands) who now, do not wish to emigrate to Aus, because of the delays, changes to personnal circumstances etc etc. Obviously not sure (re havent a clue), about the legal/illegal implications, but if people have had enough of waiting, decided not to, etc etc these applications could be removed from the backlog? I don't know what would happen (legally) with the monies paid. ie refunds? and I'm not on about forcing people to give up their applications. Any thoughts please? Paul & Babs Any thought
  23. tcillc

    Immi tv

    IMMI TV on Youtube: YouTube - ImmiTV's Channel
  24. hi there today morning i sent an email to immigration SA for moving to Victoria coz i cant find a regular job from last 9 months and i have tried everywhere including all super markets so they sent me this mail i dont understand whether they have allowed me or not because the mail has dual meaning,so please advice me,ur advice will be highly appreciated. Dear ******* I refer to your email which has been forwarded to me for response. Immigration SA is disappointed that having granted you sponsorship to facilitate visa grant, you are considering moving from South Australia. Permanent Visa While legally the Skilled Sponsored Visa (subclass 137/176/886), allows you to live and work anywhere in Australia, you are reminded that sponsorship was granted to enable you to obtain a permanent visa on the basis that you had indicated that you were genuine in your commitment and interest to live and work in South Australia for at least two years. Through sponsorship from South Australia you were granted a permanent visa by Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). You will recall that you had signed a Declaration in the course of the sponsorship application indicating that you would migrate to and live in South Australia for at least two years. Through sponsorship from South Australia you were granted the appropriate visa by Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). Without this sponsorship you would not have been granted this visa. We can only question if the information provided in your application was genuine. Your Online application indicated that: Please detail what sort of research you conducted and your understanding and own analysis of the employment prospects and opportunities that may exist for you in South Australia. I have more than 5 years of experience as a Toolmaker. This occupation is in demand in both metropolitan and regional South Australia. I am confident to get good job in my occupation in South Australia. There are so many employment agencies in South Australia and I contact these employment agencies for job. I have some friends in South Australia and they agreed to give us every kind of support. What research have you undertaken of the job market in South Australia outside of your nominated occupation? Detail what sort of research you conducted and your understanding and own analysis of the other employment prospects and opportunities that may exist for you in South Australia. I have more than 5 years of experience as a Toolmaker. According to skills shortage in South Australia, my occupation is in demand in both metropolitan and regional South Australia. There are so many jobs in toolmaking / Machinist etc. in South Australia. I am confident to get good job in my field in South Australia. I have some friends in South Australia and they agreed to give us every kind of support. One of the objectives of these State Sponsored schemes is to disperse migrants to areas that sponsor them. By migrants not settling in these areas, the objective of this visa program is being compromised. Having granted you sponsorship, it would be counter-productive for Immigration SA to now agree for you not to settle in South Australia. We hope that you will consider your moral obligation and the intent and goodwill in which sponsorship was grAanted. We advise you to visit/ revisit the employment services to seek more assistance in securing suitable employment. Ring 1800 658 887 to make an appointment. However, ultimately, if you do decide to move, you should let Immigration SA know by ringing us on 8303 2420 so that we can update our records accordingly and not contact you further. Manager - General Skilled Migration Immigration South Australia Department of Trade and Economic Development regards