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  1. Medical requests are automatic. At the moment, I supply police checks with the application so as not to hold things up. Form 80 is generally required, it is used by a different area. I always supply one for partner applications.
  2. They will look at likely costs to the taxpayer over the life of the visa ... for a permanent visa they consider the costs over 10 years. There is no medical requirement for citizenship.
  3. paulhand

    309/100 spouse visa

    I agree … if a relationship is genuine there is usually enough evidence to back it up. Every relationship is unique and each application reflects that.
  4. It's the same - just copy the main paragraphs across and fill in the blanks, if you want to use the exact wording in their example.
  5. It's not a 'waiting process' - it's a global average of the time that they are currently taking to process 75-90% of all applications. Each embassy processes at a different pace and in the last 18 months they have held back on processing offshore 461s as 461 visa holders have to obtain a travel exemption at the moment. As I said - if you provide the papers requested, I expect they will move relatively swiftly, as they seem to be looking at your application now.
  6. There is no ‘queue’ for 461 visas. I suspect that if you send through all the original papers as requested, Berlin will try and sort this out quickly.
  7. Points for qualifications and experience are separate, so you can claim qualification points regardless of experience if the qualification is at the required level.
  8. The necessary stat dec Word template is on the Attorney General‘s website. Google is your friend.
  9. It's not a matter of luck - you are either legislatively eligible or you are not.
  10. paulhand

    Can I get a second and third year VISA?

    You are eligible for a third WHV if you continue to meet the age criterion and have completed 6 months of specified work whilst on your 2nd WHV. We have no idea when (or if) the proposed changes to remove the specified work component will be relaxed for follow on WHVs.
  11. paulhand

    Applying for e visitor 651 on UK passport

    Nor can I ... there is likely another issue that you haven't told us of or are unaware of.
  12. paulhand

    485 refusal

    I suggest you get some professional advice based on your specific circumstances. You won't solve an AAT appeal issue on a public forum.
  13. paulhand

    Applying for e visitor 651 on UK passport

    You put your actual address.
  14. I’m very clear they are unrelated. The facilitation letter is purely a letter that will confirm to the airline that you will still be permitted to enter Australia even though the initial entry date has passed. Processing commences on your 100 2 years after you lodged the original application. This make take many months to process.
  15. I explained how your visa works, but if you don’t want my advice that’s absolutely fine.