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  1. paulhand

    Obtaining a new tourist visa

    Are you sure your visa does not have any stay restriction conditions attached to it, specifically condition 8558?
  2. paulhand

    Seafarers exemption Citizenship

    The ship's crew special residence requirement still requires that you spend the equivalent of 120 days per year in Australia over the 4 year period (amongst other requirements).
  3. I would not be trying to sort this out on a forum. I suggest that your friend urgently consults an RMA who is expert in this complex field with the full facts.
  4. paulhand

    Education History options

    A-levels map to Senior Secondary School Certificate.
  5. paulhand

    Left Australia without brigding visa B

    If you are able to get a visitor visa/ETA then you can return on that and re-apply for a BVA. Remember you will have no work rights on a visitor visa. As Marisa says, it would pay to get some professional assistance to get this sorted out properly.
  6. paulhand

    Return Resident Visa

    1. Your passport is fine 2. If you have been in Aus for 2 years in the last 5 and there are no complicating factors, then grant should be near immediate.
  7. paulhand

    Left Australia without brigding visa B

    You need to be clearer on your situation as what you have written is not enough to give any sensible comment. What visa did you hold when you left Australia?
  8. paulhand

    Language exame requirement

    Actually, there is a Nursing and Midwifery Board in Australia, which regulates the profession. AHPRA is the agency that supports all the National Boards to implement the single National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (National Scheme) for registered health practitioners.
  9. paulhand

    Anmac skilled assessment

  10. paulhand

    Anmac skilled assessment

    “Format” for what? There are templates for the various application requirements on the ANMAC website.
  11. paulhand

    Subclass 820 Partner visa

    As above, your bridging visa will be granted immediately after you make a valid application for a partner visa, but will not come into effect until the WHV expires. You must abide by the conditions of the WHV until that point. If you want to work for the same employer for more than 6 months on the WHV, you must apply for an exemption.
  12. paulhand

    Waiting period of Aust.Spouse visa

    He has lifted it (selectively) from the 309 eligibility page of the Home Affairs website. All of it is "necessary, but not sufficient".
  13. paulhand

    Applied for 2nd year working holiday visa

    It’s a bit early to start worrying - there’s no such thing as an automatic grant if there is evidence to consider.
  14. paulhand

    Waiting period of Aust.Spouse visa

    As mentioned above, this is usually not a problem.
  15. paulhand

    Waiting period of Aust.Spouse visa

    Just being married (in addition to the criteria you quote above) does not mean she is automatically eligible for a partner visa. Her application needs to demonstrate, by providing evidence: "To be a married applicant: - you and your spouse must both be committed to a shared life together to the exclusion of all others - your relationship with your spouse must be genuine and continuing - you must live with your spouse or do not live apart on a permanent basis - your marriage must be valid under Australian law" I reiterate my advice to get some professional advice ...