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  1. paulhand

    Can a Former Resident Obtain a TSS Visa

    His PR has already expired ... there is nothing to cancel. But I agree that TSS not necessarily the optimal route. Yes it is - but see above.
  2. paulhand

    Can a Former Resident Obtain a TSS Visa

    OK - but more complex then! I’m happy to have an initial look if you get in touch through my website (below).
  3. There may be options if the mother is supportive - but they are not simple ... bespoke professional advice is definitely recommended.
  4. paulhand

    Can a Former Resident Obtain a TSS Visa

    I would suggest that you get the job offer firmed up and then apply for an RRV - cheaper and better for you and the company.
  5. paulhand

    Advice with Partner Visa (820)

    I would make sure that it was done well before, just in case you hit any snags/system outages etc etc. Also factor in that it ALWAYS takes longer than you expect to get all the information together!
  6. paulhand

    VISA 187 - TAFE occupation

    Realistically - I think it's unlikely that you would get a 187 sorted out from a standing start before the cutoff. If you wanted a fuller review of all your options, then an introductory session with a Registered Migration Agent, might be of help. All the ones who post regularly on here would be able to assist.
  7. paulhand

    Advice with Partner Visa (820)

    If you have been in a committed relationship since 2016, have the evidence of this, and present all of that properly then there is no particular reason for concern Marriage is not really relevant - it's the genuineness of the relationship that matters Can't really answer that - you need a holistic set of evidence around the various pillars of your relationship That's your call, based on your level of confidence in completing the application and the time/effort you want to put in. Many people make successful partner visa applications without an agent and many people prefer to use one, for a variety of reasons. That's not an issue
  8. paulhand

    VISA 187 - TAFE occupation

    The 187 visa is being closed in November and will be replaced by a new Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa. You will need your occupation to be on the skills list for this visa at the time you apply and a sponsoring employer. Whether you need a skills assessment will depend on your nominated occupation. You would need to speak to potential employers about what they are looking for and whether they are prepared to sponsor you.
  9. paulhand

    820 visa time scales

    Yes - that is what decision ready means. But as Simon says processing times are long - the numbers quoted by the Department are actual processing times of existing applications. It’s unlikely that having an Aussie citizen husband will speed things much (as that’s generally the default position for all partner visas ).
  10. paulhand

    Advice with Partner Visa (820)

    You haven’t really asked any questions - so it’s a bit hard to give you any answers. If you share what are you stressed about a bit more specifically then people may be able to provide some help.
  11. paulhand

    Returned to UK before citizenship - When to apply for RRV.

    The Department doesn’t care about how things seem ... they just apply the law. If you still have the 2 in 5 residence eligibility, then I would make sure you apply before that expires to ensure that you get a five year RRV which will give you plenty of breathing space.
  12. paulhand

    Medical Condition - Cost Estimation

    https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/contact-us/offices-and-locations/list Has all the details of who to contact
  13. paulhand

    482 (TSS) visa vs Permanent residency

    Skills assessment, English language test, possibly a state or territory nomination for starters. You say occupation is in high demand - what is it? Have you taken a trip to Australia to actually meet potential employers face-to-face, as this can be very helpful? Are you prepared to go to a regional location? It may be worth a consultation with a Registered Migration Agent to review your options based on all the facts. Any of the ones who post on here are good and will be able to help.
  14. paulhand

    482 (TSS) visa vs Permanent residency

    . Not really - if neither of you are able to find a TSS sponsor then permanent skilled routes are the likely the only other option and these are time consuming with plenty of hoops to jump through.
  15. paulhand

    Advice Needed please - Which Visa

    I would suggest you start with the skills assessment and IELTS and then you will have a better idea of points and can move forward from there.