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  1. paulhand

    801 Visa Interview

    Processing times are currently being quoted as 10-19 months for the 801 stage of the application. You have a legal obligation to inform the Department of any change in your relationship status before your visa is granted. Your visa can be cancelled if it was granted on the basis of incorrect information being supplied.
  2. paulhand

    189 questions needing answered please!

    Yes, you are ...
  3. paulhand

    491 visa

    In this situation, I would suggest that you contact Westley, who responded above, for a considered professional opinion.
  4. paulhand

    491 visa Australian study requirement

    He should get some professional help to sort this out ASAP...
  5. Good advice above, and also to be factored in: 2-3 years is a long time in the migration space, particularly now, so what ACS and/or the Department is currently looking for may be radically different in a couple of years time.
  6. paulhand

    491 visa

    Indeed. You can get some useful information to get you started on the TRA website: https://www.tradesrecognitionaustralia.gov.au/
  7. paulhand

    TAFE course on 870?

    Or you can search AustLII: http://www8.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc/au/legis/cth/consol_reg/mr1994227/sch8.html
  8. paulhand

    General advice on getting started

    No one has suggested lying to immigration in this thread. In any case, it is not illegal to lodge an onshore visa application whilst holding a visitor visa. In considering visitor visas, Departmental policy instructs officers not to consider “whether this person will legally lodge another application” but rather whether they will abide by the terms of their current visa.
  9. You have asked this same question many times (at least 5 that I can see) in different threads - the answer remains the same as the one I already gave you: at the moment it is generally taking several weeks to get an acknowledgment from the parent visa section.
  10. paulhand

    Visa 461 very long wait

    This was a perfectly standard processing time for 461 visas lodged in London last year.
  11. paulhand

    Completion of Form 47PA-help please

    It's been taking a few weeks but people's mileage does vary on this.
  12. paulhand

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    Under current restrictions: ”You are only considered to be an immediate family member if you are: a spouse a de facto partner a dependent child/ren a legal guardian.”
  13. paulhand

    309 Partner Visa Submitting Evidence

    Colour scan is fine ... for passport too.
  14. paulhand

    help with options

    If you’re already speaking with an agent - don’t they have the answers to these questions?
  15. No - but if you haven’t used it, you can apply for another one.