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  1. paulhand

    DAMA far north QLD

    That's not really how it works ... it's important to realise that a DAMA is a formal agreement between the Commonwealth Government and a regional/state/territory authority which allows some employers in a specific area/region to sponsor employees outside the usual skilled migration programme framework. This may be by offering age, language or salary concessions to attract employees or including occupations not on the usual skills lists. The DAMA is accessed by the employer and is an integral part of the nomination process for a TSS (or sometimes 186/494) visa application. You can't access DAMA concessions just by being in the DAMA area or through a non-participating employer. The FNQ DAMA is open to midwives and offers an age concession of 55, provided you have an appropriate nominating employer.
  2. paulhand

    PR query

    It’s badly worded. The visa does expire if you are offshore after the “expiry” or “must not arrive after” date. It’s only valid indefinitely if you remain in Australia. Once you are past this date, if you want to travel offshore, you need to apply for an RRV, which is a new permanent visa (not just a ‘travel facility’ for your existing visa).
  3. paulhand

    PR query

    Actually you can and it’s fairly risk free if you still meet the 2 in 5 years criterion, but it’s not recommended and will reset your citizenship eligibility date back by a year.
  4. paulhand

    Retrieving immiaccount answers

    You should still be able to print off the application to see the 10 years worth of travel that you provided at the time.
  5. paulhand

    Submitting Subclass 189 EOI and editing later

    You can update an EOI at any time … but as mentioned above, make sure you don’t actually claim points for something until you have the paperwork in hand.
  6. paulhand

    309 visa - evidence requirements - guide?

    They should be done on Form 888 (as the name implies ; -) ).
  7. paulhand

    190 visa application

    I was really speaking of the “relevant document evidence” that the OP asked about, but generally yes, at the moment, I recommend a decision ready application with police checks done before, where possible, and medicals soon after lodging. Yes, there is a risk they expire, but at the moment the department is still giving a full year on first entry dates, whatever the ‘expiry’ date of the police and medical checks and processing times can be fast.
  8. paulhand

    190 visa application

    You should upload everything straight away. You can do this once the application is submitted.
  9. paulhand

    Purpose of Occupation List

    Occupations on the STSOL provide access to 190 and 491 visa, so do offer the opportunity for permanent migration provided you can find a state or territory to nominate you.
  10. paulhand

    Purpose of Occupation List

    225113 MARKETING SPECIALIST Alternative Titles: Marketing Consultant Marketing Coordinator Marketing Officer Identifies market opportunities and advises on the development, coordination and implementation of plans for pricing and promoting an organisation's goods and services. Skill Level: 1 Specialisations: Brand Manager Category Manager Product Manager Sales Promotion Officer You can set up a consultation using the link on my website (in my signature).
  11. paulhand

    491 visa application Medicals / mistakes

    Yes, it should be, but you will need to work through things in sequence.
  12. paulhand

    TSS visa to PR via spousal visa

    Based on what the OP says, this is unlikely to work for him as he needs to be in Australia for work sooner rather than later. Once he is onshore, he should be able to build partner visa evidence fairly swiftly.
  13. paulhand

    Statutory Declaration / Affidavit for VETASSESS

    1. An affidavit is a written and sworn statement of facts under oath whereas a statutory declaration is a formal statement but not sworn. 2. A stat dec should be sufficient if that is what VETASSESS is asking for. 3 -4. As noted above, I suggest you consult a registered migration agent 5. In the U.K. a stat dec is executed under the 1835 Statutory Declarations Act; in Australia under the 1959 Act. Templates are available online.
  14. paulhand

    Purpose of Occupation List

    In which case this is unlikely to be the best match for you. Take a look at Marketing Specialist or similar.
  15. You need to make sure you are using the correct visa grant number in VEVO - you need to use the one in the 801 letter. Or, have you got a new passport and not updated your details?