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  1. paulhand

    Validating 100 Visa

    No there isn’t ! However, no problem if you are unable to make the date if the pandemic is still doing it’s thing: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/departmental-forms/online-forms/travel-facilitation-letter-request-form
  2. I agree with the above. Partner visa is, as you say, more expensive, but easy to do and more certain. Processing time shouldn’t be an issue given your timeline.
  3. paulhand

    RRV 157

    This will be helpful: https://firb.gov.au/guidance-resources/guidance-notes/gn6
  4. paulhand

    RRV 157

    Or, possibly, create sufficient ties for them to be considered “substantial” and “of benefit to Australia” I think that’s somewhat unfair … there are 20 references to compassionate circumstances in the Migration Act and Regulations, and 20+ further references to compelling circumstances, which is a slightly lower barrier. Sometimes compassion is definitely lacking in decisions, but there are mechanisms in place to try and ensure that genuine needs are accommodated. At the end of the day, immigration is about benefit to Australia and that can be economic or societal. The entire family programme, partner and parent, is not about economics, but about ‘compassion’.
  5. paulhand

    Partner visa trouble

    Personally, I'd say neither was entirely correct nor indeed completely incorrect. Based on what you have said, yes, you can apply, but no it's not "all good". If you have been on a bridging visa for some time, you will need to satisfy schedule 3 requirements, which are quite a high bar beyond just proving the relationship. As suggested, I would get some professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances.
  6. paulhand

    RRV 157

    As the letter says, and as noted above, if you do not have substantial ties to Australia, which are of benefit to Australia, all the compelling reasons in the world are not legislatively relevant for a subclass 155 visa. As I also explained above, you do not meet the one day residence in the past 5 years criterion to be eligible for a subclass 157 visa.
  7. Yep, they should … LMT is very strictly policed.
  8. paulhand

    Any advice appreciated

    If you already have an agent working on this, then you should direct the question(s) to them. That is, after all, what you are paying them for.
  9. paulhand

    QLD visa application (190 skillsets / success rates)

    QLD are not looking at offshore applicants at the moment. There’s not enough information provided to sensibly comment on the occupation choices, but I’d doubt they could all be correct.
  10. paulhand

    Setting up an Australian subsidiary - visa?

    Yes, it may be possible, but as mentioned, it’s not really a DIY type process.
  11. paulhand

    Initial Entry Extension Partner Visa

    You really don’t need a lawyer to request an extension to your IED. You just need to complete the very simple form here: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/departmental-forms/online-forms/travel-facilitation-letter-request-form You don’t even need to provide a reason.
  12. paulhand

    Questions regarding applying for 801

    1. Generally that is the case 2. I wouldn’t leave it five months personally and no, your 820 is valid until your 801 is granted or the 801 application is withdrawn 3. Unlikely but mileages can vary 4. I usually charge around 50% of the 820 if I did the original application.
  13. paulhand

    Visa application advice

    It’s a complex landscape, particularly at the moment. My advice would be to get some professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances.
  14. paulhand

    RRV 157

    That’s correct.
  15. paulhand

    RRV 157

    If you have been out of the country for more than 5 years you cannot legislatively meet the criteria for a 157 visa, which require you to have spent at least one day in Australia as a permanent resident in the past 5 years. If you have substantial ties of benefit to Australia, and compelling reasons for an extended absence, a 155 might be doable. Processing times for these applications are usually 3-4 months.