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  1. paulhand

    Visa Grant Timeframe after S56 submission

    People’s mileage on this wait time varies from hours to months. Have you pressed the ‘I have provided all the requested information’ button?
  2. If you have a Registered Migration Agent handling your application, they are better placed to advise on this than a forum as they know the details of your application. If your 'agent' is an unlicensed operator, then I suggest you consult a registered migration agent.
  3. paulhand

    High Quality Affordable Migration Agents

    That would somewhat depend on what the 'change of circumstances' was, but for a simple matter that sounds steep. You don't really need to be so specific on location - you can contact any of the agents who post on this forum regularly.
  4. paulhand


    It will be from date of grant,
  5. paulhand

    Help for my American friend - 189 and 190 Visa

    “Citizens and non-citizens (permanent) resident: 'FBI Identity History Summary' issued by the FBI or an approved channeler and a State or Territory Police Clearance for each State or Territory in which you have lived for at least 3 months for the last 12 months. US temporary residents and visitors: 'FBI Identity History Summary' issued by the FBI and if you resided in the US for at least three months in the past year, a State or Territory Police Clearance for each State or Territory in which you have lived for at least 3 months during the last 12 months.”
  6. Processing times for many new applications are much shorter than this at the moment as the Department is keen to hit its higher than usual target numbers. Yes you could, but you would need a sponsoring employer ... most applicants would enter on a visitor visa and then lodge a partner application, particularly at the moment. Not sure what you mean by this?
  7. paulhand

    exemption to leave Qld

    The rules on this are clear: “Note: This only applies when New Zealand is the destination of travel. If you are transiting through New Zealand to another destination, you must apply for an outward travel exemption.” https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/leaving-australia
  8. paulhand


    Based on your previous posts, if your 189 expires next month, I would get some professional assistance to look at how you might structure an application.
  9. paulhand

    Entering Australia on UK Passport

    The passport section of the AHC in London are generally quite helpful in situations like this. Otherwise you may be able to get him an "Australian Declaratory Visa" (which isn't actually a visa) to evidence his Australian citizenship in his UK passport - this will avoid a lot of hassle at the airport!
  10. paulhand

    Redundancy on 482

    When you leave a company and are still on the payroll during your notice period, but are not required/permitted to be in the office during that time, nor can you work for someone else. Hence you have time to do some gardening. It's pretty common in some industries, particularly if the person was dealing with commercially sensitive information.
  11. Generally speaking, if you have previously held a permanent visa, then it is worth considering an RRV as a first option. Success will obviously depend on the strength of the substantial ties and, if necessary, the compelling reasons for an extended absence. A Registered Migration Agent will be able to provide greater detail once they know the specific circumstances of your situation. I don't believe that a lawyer would be necessary in this instance.
  12. paulhand

    Relocating from UK - Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Help

    This is true ... but if you have onshore work experience and/or have studied in Aus, then you can score points that are not available to applicants who have never lived/worked/studied in Australia.
  13. paulhand

    Relocating from UK - Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Help

    The 186 is a different ball game. It has a different, shorter skills list than the 482. If your occupation is on this list, you would also need to obtain a positive skills assessment, which is usually not required for a 482.
  14. paulhand

    Relocating from UK - Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Help

    If you use a Registered Migration Agent and they are active in the type of visa you are interested in, then it’s a matter of personal choice whether you want to deal with someone locally or on the other side of the world. Offshore RMAs are just as qualified as onshore ones. Many UK based clients have good experiences with Aus based agents, my clients prefer to have someone that is easy to speak with in UK hours. If I get enquiries that are better handled by someone onshore, I will make a referral.
  15. paulhand

    Relocating from UK - Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Help

    Your ‘case worker’ will be the Departmental official who decides your visa application... they may ask you for information and clarification but will not ‘work through’ the process with you and will not answer any questions you have. As Westley says, I suggest you get some professional advice. It may also be quite some time before they restart processing 482 visas for offshore applicants.