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  1. paulhand

    Ex-Citizen Permanent Visa?

    You can apply for an RRV - the requirements are the same as for a former permanent resident.
  2. The regs for the 186 say: ”If it is mandatory, in the State or Territory in which the position to which the application relates is located, that a person: (a) hold a licence of a particular kind; or (b) hold registration of a particular kind; or (c) be a member (or a member of a particular kind) of a particular professional body; to perform tasks of the kind to be performed in the occupation to which a position relates, the applicant is, or is eligible to become, the holder of the licence, the holder of the registration, or a member of the body, at the time of application.”
  3. paulhand


    If you have been away for more than 5 years you will need to show ‘substantial personal, business, employment or cultural ties to Australia, which are of benefit to Australia’ as well as ‘compelling reasons’ for your absence. An offer of employment is a good place to start with substantial ties … you haven’t mentioned a reason for absence. Once you get an RRV you will need to apply for a partner visa for your wife and child. Whether you do this onshore or offshore will depend on your circumstances and requirements.
  4. paulhand

    RRV 2 years calculation

    Yes, that counts.
  5. paulhand

    RRV 2 years calculation

    Yes ... it's the cumulative number of days physically present in Australia as a permanent resident in the 5 years before the application date. Arrival and departure days both count as a day (Canberra time). You can apply for your movement records online to double check this if it's tight. No problem at all - you can arrive on the last day (but obviously this is not recommended!)
  6. paulhand

    Question re visa 494 and PR

    Correct, but as Marisa says, it would be a good idea to get some advice independent of a potential employer.
  7. 820 cancelled or 801 refused? There is a difference. As mentioned, a short professional consultation may help to put things into perspective.
  8. paulhand

    Sponsored visa

    They will tell you what to do.
  9. paulhand

    Sponsored visa

    QPS (and some other organizations/companies) have a labour agreement with the Commonwealth government which allows concessions to the standard grant terms for the specific visa(s). Each agreement is bespoke and may contain different concessions.
  10. paulhand

    Assistance required please 804 Visa

    It counts as having spent more than 12 months in the country (assuming the maths gets to that). This is the trigger for asking for a police check. The wording does vary between application forms, but the concept is the same.
  11. paulhand

    Assistance required please 804 Visa

    Ok you got me on the semantics … sorry, the usual question is “have you lived anywhere for longer than 12 months”. Here, the answer is Australia and they want want exact dates so they can calculate how many days you have spent in the country. This is about which police checks they need. You can attach a separate page if there are a lot of trips.
  12. paulhand

    Assistance required please 804 Visa

    Then the answer is yes…
  13. paulhand

    EOI related questions

  14. paulhand

    Child with Developmental Delays

    This is very specialised stuff … I recommend that you contact a registered migration agent or an Australian “accredited specialist” lawyer who is well versed in this type of application. I can make a referral if you wish.
  15. paulhand

    870 - Sponsored Parent (temp) Visa query

    It’s my job to be. ;- )