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  1. paulhand

    Will i get a 190 or 189 invite?

    Engineers don’t need any work experience to get a positive skills assessment
  2. paulhand

    Carer's Visa subclass 116

    It is …
  3. paulhand

    Carer's Visa subclass 116

    “we estimate that Carer visa applications that meet the criteria to be queued are likely to take approximately 7 years to be released for final processing.” is the current spin from the Department.
  4. paulhand

    Tourist visa while awaiting partner visa

    That’s correct … my general advice is to put a visitor visa in place before lodging the offshore partner visa, for a number of reasons.
  5. paulhand

    820/801 Visa - Cessation of Relationship

    There are certain limited and specific circumstances where an 801 can be granted after the relationship has ended. I recommend you seek some professional advice on next steps, either way.
  6. paulhand

    Medical Exam Status

    It’s “normal” if there is an issue that needs to be referred for additional assessments and/or tests. They will contact you if there are matters that need to be resolved.
  7. paulhand

    Partner visa queries

    It is now 12 months from grant …. but yes, you can add them at any point. They will ask you for them if they are ready to make a decision and you haven’t yet provided them.
  8. paulhand

    AITSL help..

    We are all behind a keyboard … My reply wasn’t meant to be sarcastic (although it was short and to the point), I was just agreeing with you that the price quoted for assisting with an AITSL skills assessment seemed high. That should have been helpful in assessing whether you were getting value for money I answer lots of questions here but as you said you already have a migration agent retained, my code of conduct doesn’t permit me to also advise you. i guess my point was that if you have an agent retained, based on what they must be charging for the rest of the application, answering some basic questions on the skills assessment process for no, or a nominal, fee would be reasonable. It’s certainly what I would be doing for my clients if they do the skills assessment without me (which is actually what I generally suggest for AITSL).
  9. paulhand

    Partner visa queries

    It’s all part of the same application. You apply for both visas (or stages) on the same form and they either grant one or both stages based on the circumstances.
  10. paulhand

    AITSL help..

    "Yep" in the sense that this quote seems "a little excessive" to me as well, given that there is not much to an AITSL skills assessment. Your agent should be more than willing to answer your questions.
  11. paulhand

    AITSL help..

    Yep ...
  12. I’d suggest getting some professional advice to work through the various options here.
  13. paulhand

    Partner visa queries

    I think this is poor advice. It is a very bad idea to be economical with the truth.
  14. paulhand

    TSS 482 to Permanent residency

    Generally for an employer to sponsor you for PR on the TRT stream of the 186 permanent visa, you must have worked for them for 3 years. Unless you are in one of a fairly small number of exemption categories, over 45 is a deal breaker. I suggest you get some professional advice to understand what may, or may not, be possible (even if this is somewhat far into the future).