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  1. paulhand

    When to apply for a RRV - 11 months left

    That’s fine - you can be away for up to 12 months (including three months in the final year)
  2. paulhand

    Panel doctors for medicals done in the US?

    Follow the link here: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/meeting-our-requirements/health/arrange-your-health-examinations
  3. paulhand

    When to apply for a RRV - 11 months left

    I would get a five year one whilst the days are there. If you go offshore, then presumably you will soon drop back below 2 years in previous 5?
  4. Yes, the Australian citizen must sponsor the applicant. As the new system is not in place, we do not yet know how long the sponsorship approval will take.
  5. paulhand

    When to apply for a RRV - 11 months left

    Have you hit 730 days now?
  6. She can apply sooner, if necessary, but will only get a 1 year travel period on the visa if she does not meet the residence requirement.
  7. Why not ask your agent? That is what they are there for.
  8. I can’t see where it says the above on the Home Affairs website? The residence requirement is 2 years in the previous 5 as a permanent resident or citizen. For your question - it is when she has been physically present in Australia, the grant date is irrelevant.
  9. Yes, there are two parts. At the moment, you submit the visa application first and then the sponsor application. This is soon to change, at an unspecified time, so that you will need to get the sponsorship approved before you make the visa application. It seems to me that you would benefit from some professional advice. Any of the agents who post on this forum will be able to assist.
  10. Afraid not. You can get the BVB before your BVA comes into effect, but if you leave before your eVisitor expires it will still be valid for your next entry, resetting the 3 months.
  11. paulhand

    Contracting & 6 month limit

    It's cumulative, so in your example, assuming there was a clean break between the contracts, then 5 months. However, breaks between periods of work in circumstances where the employment arrangement is ongoing - for example, paid or unpaid leave was granted - count toward the 6 month total.
  12. The Department informed the MIA yesterday that although the new sponsored parent visa would go ahead on the 17th, “Further regulation and system changes are required for the new framework to apply to other visas. At this stage, there is no timeframe for expansion of the new sponsorship framework to other family visas and therefore the current arrangements for existing visas, including partner visas, will continue to operate from 17 April 2019.” So, no current timeframe for these changes, which could happen at any point they get their systems sorted out.
  13. No - we have no idea what processing times will be and, yes, you will have to wait for the sponsorship to be approved before applying for the partner visa. The issue here, for onshore applications, is that a bridging visa can’t be issued until the visa application is made.
  14. You get a bridging visa which comes into effect when the visitor (or other substantive) visa expires. Bridging visas for partner applications have no work restrictions.
  15. The new rules apply from next Wednesday...