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  1. paulhand

    Class 176 visa and family

    The question will be whether they are “of benefit to Australia”.
  2. paulhand

    Class 176 visa and family

    Yes, he can apply. To be granted one, he will need to demonstrate that he has “substantial ties to Australia which are of benefit to Australia” and (depending on circumstances) that he has “compelling reasons” for being away for an extended period. It would be worthwhile, I think, to get some professional advice tailored to his specific circumstances to get a sense of how strong an application would be and the best way to structure it.
  3. paulhand

    NSW 190 occupation list experience

    NSW are looking for one year’s eligible skilled work experience. So, a year’s experience in addition to any experience before the date that Skills assessing authority deems you became ‘skilled’. TRA requirements are unchanged.
  4. paulhand

    Visa chat

    That will somewhat depend on what your longer term aims are. I recommend that you have an exploratory chat with a registered migration agent to look at options. @Alan Collett is very experienced in this area.
  5. paulhand

    Spouse visa refusal - MRT process?

    Presumably your potential employer has a Registered Migration Agent involved in this process who can give you some guidance. As you say, health criteria vary by visa type and you haven't specified which visa you are looking at.
  6. paulhand

    RRV is it possible

    You can't "use" either of them if they have expired; you need to meet the criteria for a new visa.
  7. paulhand

    RRV is it possible

    To answer the specific questions: 1. The refusal doesn’t preclude a new application, but obviously it will need to be declared in all future applications. 2. That just isn’t “a thing”. Once a visa has expired, it’s gone for good.
  8. paulhand

    Advice on possible pathways

    Why not get your first one now ? You will have a year in which to make your first entry. As Marisa says, who knows when they will actually ratify the agreement.
  9. paulhand

    Applying for Citizenship after PR

    No - you can apply for an RRV whenever want to or whenever you need one.
  10. paulhand

    Visa 309 forms

    Upload everything straight away otherwise you will just delay the application.
  11. paulhand

    RRV expired, how to return?

    You will first need to show that you have "substantial personal, business, employment or cultural ties to Australia, which are of benefit to Australia". If you meet that test but have not travelled to Australia in the last 5 years, you will also need to show that you have "compelling reasons" for that length of absence. Covid is not generally sufficient without other reasons as permanent residents were always able to return to Australia during the pandemic. I would need more information to make a realistic assessment of your situation, but your daughter's citizenship will be helpful.
  12. paulhand

    Which Visa?

    Based on what you say, I expect a partner visa will likely be much simpler.
  13. paulhand

    190 invitation after 491 visa submission

    If the OP has applied for the 491 they have already paid the money for that one. The biggest tactical consideration (not necessarily the only one) is that if the 491 is granted, the holder is locked out of being granted a 190 for three years.
  14. paulhand

    renew 410 visa

    It doesn’t show you held it from 2011 to 2014 which is the question you are being asked. and would a new health cover from date we would like to fly out be accepted  …and nor does this. It would probably make sense to get some professional advice on your proposed renewal.
  15. paulhand

    third year working visa

    Yes, it does.