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  1. paulhand

    Visa validity and ease if wedding's online?

    Get some professional advice on this, it is not a simple question.
  2. paulhand

    Applying for two visas at the same time

    On the contrary … they are desperate for backpackers to come and do backpacker jobs. There is already ‘no pr visa in place’ which is why the OP is applying for an RRV. These types of application generally take around 12 weeks to process, so you should get a decision fairly soon.
  3. paulhand

    Partner visa advice

    It is certainly a substantial personal tie, of benefit to Australia.
  4. paulhand

    Partner visa advice

    That's very unlikely to be necessary in these circumstances. They will almost certainly be eligible for citizenship by descent.
  5. paulhand

    New ‘Travel Facilitation Letter’ Request Form

    As the form says: “Travel facilitations letters are only valid for 12 months from date of issue. Visa holders should plan to enter Australia as close to their first entry arrival date as they can, and when restrictions imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic allow. Return to submit this form when you plan to travel to Australia within the next 12 months.”.
  6. paulhand

    Advice please

    It depends … if the conviction is ‘stepped down’ in U.K. terms the police certificate shows ‘No live trace’; the Department will then want to see a further report detailing the offence(s). If the conviction is not stepped down, it will be listed in detail on the actual police certificate. Anything from a caution upwards will be flagged (as well as some offences from outside the U.K. if they have been shared back to the U.K.)
  7. paulhand

    Advice please

    Not necessarily, but the most recent one is pretty recent and the application would need to be handled properly. This is a general comment as I don’t know the specifics of the matter.
  8. They are required for the OP’s skills assessment. Some employers can be troublesome in this respect.
  9. paulhand

    What visa is required to work in Australia over 30?

    I suggest you get some professional advice, you’re unlikely to get all the answers you need on a forum.
  10. paulhand

    Moving from U.K. to Aus

    You don’t need a degree if your occupation doesn’t normally require one. There may be visa opportunities in regional Australia for your wife’s occupation, but it is unclear from your post what your current occupation actually is, so hard to comment on options. WA and QLD are both currently closed to offshore applicants but that will eventually free up. WA has a very short list of occupations they are interested in sponsoring and you will need either a state or an employer sponsorship, based on what you have said. As you say, a proper consultation with all the facts available, is the way to go to understand what the options really are.
  11. paulhand

    Where to start

    It’s not a ‘loophole’, it’s perfectly legal to make an onshore visa application when holding a visitor visa. If the Government wanted it to be otherwise they could easily apply no further stay restrictions to all visitor visas. They don’t. The Department’s own policy manual confirms this: “If an applicant applies for a visitor visa but intends to make a further visa application in Australia (whether this intention is stated or not), this does not necessarily indicate that the applicant does not intend a genuine temporary stay and is not a reason in and of itself to refuse the visitor visa. If the Regulations allow an application to be made in Australia by an FA-600 visa holder in Australia, s65 delegates should not be seeking to block this pathway. In addition, an intention to apply for a further visa in Australia does not necessarily indicate that the person will not leave Australia before the FA-600 visa ceases. The question to consider is not “will this person apply for a visa in Australia” but rather, “if this person does not apply for another visa in Australia, or if they apply and are refused, will they abide by the conditions of the visa and will they leave Australia”.
  12. paulhand

    600 visa

    It’s applied to all family sponsored 600s, otherwise it’s discretionary.
  13. paulhand

    Still Waiting on Visa application

    Correlation is not causation but no harm in giving it a try.
  14. paulhand

    Still Waiting on Visa application

    There is a two year backlog for many visa types, so some (short in your case) discrepancies in processing times are inevitable and understandable. There's little point in phoning, or indeed emailing, as they won't answer questions like why has my friend's visa been granted and mine hasn't. Processing times are still on the website - but they are pretty useless as an indicator at the moment: 25% Of Visas Processed 50% Of Visas Processed 75% Of Visas Processed 90% Of Visas Processed Less than 1 day Less than 1 day 61 days 5 months https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-processing-times/global-visa-processing-times
  15. paulhand

    Question on RRV 155- Please help

    Yes, from the date it is granted Where did you hear that?