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  1. As you say, you’re pretty confused by some of this ... - You MUST propose before you can apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa - but you cannot be married before it is granted - You MUST be offshore when you apply for a PMV (and when it is granted) I suggest you get some professional advice if you want to go down any of the routes you are considering. Have you looked at whether your Partner is eligible for a UK working holiday visa so she can come to the UK to be with you and you can then address the Australian visa issues over time?
  2. paulhand

    visa uk

    You should do online ... if it’s not permitted to submit online you can send by mail to the High Commission in the Strand in London.
  3. paulhand

    461 NZ Fam Visa

    Onshore 461s are taking a very long time (up to 2 years), offshore often less. It’s not clear from what you have posted why you needed to make an offshore application.
  4. paulhand

    Migration agent

    If you spoke with a Registered Migration Agent, then you should probably accept their advice at face value. Do get a second professional opinion if you are uncomfortable with the advice, but it’s unlikely you’ll get more accurate advice crowd sourcing opinion through a forum.
  5. paulhand


    Time for a I think.
  6. paulhand

    URGENT! Student visa - BVB - 485 visa

    If you make a valid application you will be granted a BVA, generally automatically, but this can go wrong. You cannot guarantee that a BVB will be issued within a couple of days after that. As already advised, your timeline is too tight to give you any assurances. If you want to ensure your 485 is done properly a) don’t rush it and b) get some professional help.
  7. paulhand

    Do you really need a migration agent ?

    Err, yes they do, that’s what I spend my time doing ... the forms are a small part of any application.
  8. paulhand

    Do you really need a migration agent ?

    If it is all so simple, why have you needed to ask at least half a dozen questions in the last 24 hours??
  9. paulhand

    URGENT! Student visa - BVB - 485 visa

    No, he can't. You should sort out the application and get the BVB in place and in effect before travelling.
  10. paulhand


    I'll not comment then ...
  11. paulhand

    Visa 189 job seek

    You must have everything in place at time of invitation - so effectively when you submit. If you don’t you will get a refusal.
  12. paulhand

    Visa 189 job seek

    The current invitation threshold for 189 invitations is 90 points, so you’re unlikely to get an invite at present. It’s generally much harder to get a job If you are not here, but you may have the contacts if you worked here previously.
  13. paulhand

    143 visa

    Did you provide an AFP check with your "police clearance" in July 2019?
  14. paulhand

    491 family sponsored

    189, 186, 491 (family), 482 (medium term) and a few others not available.
  15. paulhand

    491 family sponsored

    That’s not the case. The STSOL gives access to the 190 and also the regional provisional 491 (state sponsored) and 494 visas.