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  1. paulhand

    491 - Turn down ITA

    There was a small invitation round in July for 189 and 491 family sponsored applications, which are both done at the Federal rather than State level. As I understand it, the points barrier for the family 491 was 100 and it was a very small number. I wouldn’t be holding my breath for an invite in this stream. However, remember with the 491 you need to spend 3 years living and working in the regional area to be eligible for the 191 permanent visa, so actually the timeframe to make the move is really 2 years not 5.
  2. paulhand

    Resident Return Visa help

    I agree on both points. It Is generally always worth taking a look at an RRV as a former permanent resident and it is often possible to build a good case. If you have never made the move then clearly it’s harder to prove your ties, and who knows what the landscape will be in 2022?
  3. paulhand

    Entering before 309 visa granted

    No - it rules out the Sponsored Family stream ...
  4. You should discuss your specific situation in detail with a Registered Migration Agent as there are a number of moving parts that can easily go wrong.
  5. I've answered this question in another thread. I do suggest that you get a professional opinion, based around your specific circumstances, on how to take this forward in the most efficient manner.
  6. paulhand

    489 Visa Work ftom Home

    I think the misunderstanding comes from the fact that they classify the designated regional area into sub-categories. The full rundown is here: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia/regional-migration/eligible-regional-areas
  7. paulhand

    Entering before 309 visa granted

    8503 is only mandatory in the Sponsored Family stream of this visa.
  8. paulhand

    489 Visa Work ftom Home

    Purely addressing this point (not the remote working): Adelaide is a ‘designated regional area’ in this context.
  9. paulhand

    SEN Teacher looking to relocate to Australia

    The first step is the AITSL skills assessment requirements: “Completion of a minimum of four years full-time (or part-time equivalent) higher education (university) level study that results in qualification/s. This must include a relevant initial teacher education qualification and can include other qualifications. Initial teacher education qualification requirement The study must include an initial teacher education qualification comparable to the educational level of an Australian Bachelor degree (Australian Qualifications Framework Level 7) or higher, which includes: i) at least one year full-time (or part-time equivalent) higher education (university) level study of initial teacher education ii) completion of at least 45 days of supervised teaching practice with students in a school setting. The study must include one year full-time (or part-time equivalent) study of special needs resulting in award of a qualification comparable to the educational level of an Australian Bachelor degree (Australian Qualifications Framework 7) or higher. If this study is a component of the initial teacher education qualification then the supervised teaching practice must be completed in a special needs setting.” Based on your comments 45 days supervised teaching practice may be the issue?
  10. The law says: ”If it is mandatory, in the State or Territory in which the position to which the application relates is located, that a person: (a) hold a licence of a particular kind; or (b) hold registration of a particular kind; or (c) be a member (or a member of a particular kind) of a particular professional body; to perform tasks of the kind to be performed in the occupation to which a position relates, the applicant is, or is eligible to become, the holder of the licence, the holder of the registration, or a member of the body, at the time of application.“
  11. paulhand

    Resident Return Visa help

    If you can’t make your visa expiry date, you will need to apply for an RRV. Eligibility is based on demonstrating your substantial ties of benefit to Australia. Reasons for absence are not relevant at this point.
  12. If you hold a 309, you can currently enter Australia without the need for an exemption.
  13. paulhand

    Sponsor approval

    They still haven't actually implemented this change yet, although it was legislated and meant to be actioned ages ago. I will update everyone if and when we hear anything on a date for this.
  14. No ... not unless they can arrange a travel exemption, which is unlikely. It means that the Department won’t seek to cancel a 491 visa if you miss the initial entry date on the grant letter.
  15. paulhand

    subclass 143 - dependent child

    Actually, this is not the case: The regulations define settled to mean ‘lawfully resident in Australia for a reasonable period’, and Departmental policy says: “‘Lawfully resident’ includes periods of lawful temporary residence, for example, a sponsor may arrive initially on a Student or a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa before later on becoming a permanent resident. The lawful residence should include the time spent on this temporary visa. In addition, the lawful residence may include periods on bridging visas that are related to events such as making a substantive visa application or a tribunal/judicial review.”