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  1. I agree - you really should get some professional help with this as there are quite a few moving parts to contend with.
  2. paulhand


    QLD’s 190 programme is closed at the moment (and only opened for 2 days the last time it opened in July). If you are looking at one of the teaching occupations then you will need the QCT registration.
  3. paulhand


    They have also held back on the number of invites recently, which isn’t helping ...
  4. paulhand

    Skill assessment for 482 Visa

    You do not need to undertake a formal skills assessment for this occupation for a 482 visa. "You are still required to provide other evidence to demonstrate that you have relevant skills, qualifications and employment background to undertake the nominated occupation. This may include, but is not limited to: a copy of relevant qualification certificates (professional and educational) a copy of any required registration/licensing previous employment reference your curriculum vitae or resumé previous employment references"
  5. paulhand

    immigration agent recommendations

    I'm a fan too ... !
  6. paulhand

    Timeline how long from skills assessment to visa

    This will go up to 10 points after the November changes to SkillSelect; but so may invitation cut-offs
  7. paulhand

    Timeline how long from skills assessment to visa

    It depends on how many points you have as that will determine time to invitation ...
  8. paulhand

    Citizenship days absenced from Australia

    Yes they do ... (be aware it’s Canberra time that matters)
  9. paulhand

    Resident return visa

    You can apply at any time, and it would be much better to apply well before the current one expires. As mentioned, you need to demonstrate substantial ties to Australia, which are of benefit to Australia. It would be much better just to get back before the current visa expires and then you can remain here and build the ties you need to rollover the RRV.
  10. paulhand

    ACS Skills Assessment Appeal

    As above: "The ICT course content of the qualification must be at a professional ICT level with the predominant objective of the course being to educate students to be professionals in ICT." Additionally (this is all in the ACS Guidelines): "The objective of the course needs to be appropriate within a broad definition of ICT - a profession trusted by society for conceiving, designing, implementing, maintaining, managing and disposing of ICT infrastructure, products, processes and services within broad professional context. It is expected that a significant objective is to educate students to be ICT professionals." "A standard 3-year Bachelor level qualification is deemed as having a major in computing if at least 33% of the qualification is ICT. Qualifications that are longer in duration are assessed to the equivalent of a 3- year AQF Level 7 (Bachelor) award." "A Bachelor or higher qualification is assessed as a Minor when the ICT content is at least two thirds of the requirements for a major." "All qualifications with ICT content less than the requirement for a Minor are assessed as Non-ICT qualifications." Web Designer is not assessed by ACS but by VETASSESS; it is not the same as Web Developer, which is assessed by ACS. I assume that ACS considered there was insufficient ICT content, by their definition, in your course for it to be considered to have either a major or minor ICT content when assessed against the above criteria.
  11. paulhand

    RRV timeline question

    If you get in touch via my website below, I am happy to have a quick no obligation chat.
  12. paulhand

    RRV timeline question

    This shouldn't be an issue, based on what you have posted. That should cover things. It may be worthwhile having a consultation with an RMA so that you understand all the permutations and what you would need to do to make the best possible application.
  13. paulhand

    Question about Form 1195 filling

    You don't need to know someone at all (institutionally or otherwise) to certify a document, you just need to be a person of a type on the list of approved certifiers. You are certifying the document not the person.
  14. paulhand

    RRV timeline question

    No, you can’t request a grant date. If you are granted the visa it will have a 1 year expiry. Based on what you have previously posted, can you demonstrate that you have substantial ties to Australia, of benefit to Australia, and compelling reasons for your absence?
  15. paulhand

    Salary requirement 491 visa

    It's pre-tax base guaranteed salary (excluding non monetary items)