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  1. paulhand

    Can I work in both UK and Aus with 189 visa?

    You don't get an Aussie passport until you become a citizen - that's generally a good 5 years away from when you get the visa ...
  2. paulhand

    JobActive Advert (Requirement since October)

    No - they are very strict on labour market testing, particularly in the current climate.
  3. paulhand

    Motor Mechanics Needed

    Exemptions may be available to: a foreign national with critical skills or working in a critical sector in Australia a foreign national sponsored by your employer to work in Australia in an occupation on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL)
  4. Yes ... if you maintain substantial ties to Australia then an RRV may be an option in the future. Worst case, as long as your daughter is settled in Australia, there is always the parent visa route.
  5. paulhand

    Migration agent recommendations

    Some can, but it’s not the surest pathway...
  6. paulhand

    Migration agent recommendations

    It’s 2021, I am perfectly capable of networking with colleagues and contacts in Australia and elsewhere from wherever I operate. As long as the Agent is MARA registered, the rest is down to personal preference on the style of working you want and what the agent specializes in. IMHO
  7. paulhand

    Migration agent recommendations

    The only reason to go with an agent in the uk is the convenience of having someone in the same time zone for turnaround times and ease of chatting. All the actual application is done online except in a few visa classes.
  8. paulhand

    461 Visa Options

    Are they MARA registered migration agents? No, this is not the case for a 461 application.
  9. paulhand

    461 Visa Options

    Neither of you will get permission to travel to Australia until the travel restrictions are relaxed (unless you travel via NZ). She will not get work permissions on a bridging visa to an onshore 461. It would probably make sense for you to get some professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances as your understanding seems a bit hazy, based on what you have written.
  10. paulhand

    Tied myself in knots

    There really isn't much of a pandemic in Australia, but most nursing specialities are still in demand and there are potential options.
  11. paulhand

    309/100 application

    To be frank, it would have been better to have resolved any questions before handing over nearly $8,000. There is no ‘support email’ ... but there is some guidance on the Department’s website as a first -out of call.
  12. paulhand

    Tied myself in knots

    It’s very tough to get a skilled migration visa to Australia at the moment... none of the states are nominating offshore applicants and therefore options are very limited. You can spend some time getting ducks in a row in the hope/expectation that things will improve but there’s little value in being stressed until you are further down the line. A proper consultation with a registered migration agent will provide you with some clarity, but you can’t expect a detailed set of pathway options without investing some time and money into a proper evaluation.
  13. paulhand

    Chances of a RRV after nearly 12 years!??

    Contact details in my signature ...
  14. paulhand

    How to get sponsored?

    Things have changed a lot since then, unfortunately.
  15. paulhand

    461 Nz Family Visa

    They are not really processing offshore 461 visas at the moment as neither the 461 holder nor their NZ partner has an automatic right of entry to Australia under the current travel restrictions. Unless you can obtain a travel exemption, then it’s unlikely to be finalised until the restrictions ease.