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  1. … and police checks, medicals etc in place as well.
  2. Yes … we are seeing some applications go through quite a bit quicker.
  3. paulhand

    RRV with children

    3 to 4 months seems to be the usual at the moment.
  4. paulhand

    AAT Won for 187

    Yes, you can. I recommend this approach.
  5. paulhand

    New citizen question

    You need to get an Australian passport as Aussie citizens cannot travel in and out of Australia on a foreign passport. As an Australian citizen you no longer have a visa in your UK passport. Yes, your details will be in the systems, but expect an amount of hassle in both directions if you haven't sorted out the passport.
  6. All the details are on their website: https://www.amsa.gov.au/forms/assessment-overseas-qualifications-purposes-migration-application
  7. paulhand

    190 Western Australia

    Finance Manager is on the Graduate Occupation List and you aren’t eligible for the graduate stream unless you are a graduate from a Western Australian institution.
  8. paulhand

    Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa

    Yes, you should answer every question on the application form.
  9. paulhand

    Returning to Australia

    Then your wife will need to demonstrate “compelling reasons” for an absence of longer than 5 years. How you became a citizen is not relevant.
  10. paulhand

    Returning to Australia

    Agreed … but depending on the OP’s travel/visa history she may need to demonstrate compelling reasons for absence and/or make an application in Australia. Some more details needed.
  11. As a general comment, as I don’t know the specifics of your circumstances, I’d also provide an AFP clearance … they are cheap and quick to obtain as they are now digital.
  12. paulhand

    RRV with children

    They can all be done from the same immi account.
  13. paulhand

    RRV with children

    No, it’s not. As Marisa says, everyone needs their own RRV.
  14. paulhand

    Decided I need a change

    The proposed changes to the WHV system included in the UK/Aus trade deal have not been implemented yet as the deal has not been ratified.