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  1. Apart from cold mountain and lion, I've never seen a Nicole Kidman movie that I like. And she's made quite a few. I just don't warm to her.
  2. Everyone says that. It's money I can afford to lose. They tend to say that after they have lost it. It's money. You can't afford to lose it. It's money, you will miss it. It's not a life changing sum, the smaller or the larger. It's enough to make next year a bit nicer or a lot nicer.
  3. Blue Manna

    Moving to Perth! - Schools

    Term usually starts very early Feb. They have sixish weeks Xmas holidays.
  4. Blue Manna

    Moving to Perth! - Housing

    Property in Perth in particular is very hard to come by. By way of example, a family member recently sold a house south of Perth for $50k over asking price, cash offer, within an hour of him suggesting on Facebook that he might be looking to list the property. No need to bother an estate agent. Sold. Rentals are equally hard to get. AirB&B a bit easier, but they're not cheap. I'm not living there ATM, so it may have eased a bit, but I'd be surprised.
  5. Blue Manna

    Moving to Perth! - Schools

    Pretty sure she doesn't start until 2026, so you'll have some time.
  6. Blue Manna

    Moving to Perth! - 482

    Although I do see they are for different things so I do take that back, I had assumed they were all the same in different groups.
  7. Blue Manna

    Moving to Perth! - 482

    Also, you probably don't need to do multiple threads, as I assume most people just look at latest threads.
  8. Blue Manna

    Moving to Perth! - Schools

    What month do they turn 5?
  9. I'm in one of those situations (can't really call it a terrible situation), where I've just made a bit of money. But, we are in an undecided area, and I could potentially make a lot more money. More than twice what I've made. But I risk losing what I've made, and possibly more. I know what I'll do. What would you do?
  10. Well, with the stance the labour party has taken I can hardly blame them. Worse thing is they will play that cat video until the next election.
  11. Can't wait for my cataracts as I hope to get rid of my glasses. Don't like the sound of bumpy corneas though. Do they Lazer them? Buy yourself something nice. You deserve it.
  12. Blue Manna

    UK Wife, Oz Husband resident visa Help!

    I wasn't aware of the three months minimum stay. Doesn't bother me but it might do in the future. Don't have answers sorry, but interested in replies.
  13. Blue Manna

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    So @Marisawright, should the people of Transnistria be allowed to belong to Russia, or should they be allowed to belong to Moldova, or are you waiting for America to tell you who they should belong to, and are you happy for them to fight another war over it and which side will trump support, because we already know where biden stands.
  14. Blue Manna

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    So, how's that moral high ground looking?
  15. Swear that was Dave chappelle on the new series of halo. Looks and sounds like him, but apparently not.