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  1. I'm not really a basketball fan. I've already exhausted my knowledge. But the movie was good.
  2. Michael Jordan. But I'm assuming you knew that.
  3. Just been up north. Good to see they've sorted out that north south divide problem.
  4. I'm not sure you would do a degree on it, but if you were looking at getting a degree in media studies you would need a course on Taylor swift. Possibly even finance too. Apart from the music, she has been instrumental in challenging the industry and changing the rights of musicians. Similar in some ways as Jordan was responsible for changing the sports industry. Music and sports are huge components of industry, and do deserve to be studied and understood.
  5. Blue Manna

    UK leasehold flats vs Australian strata

    Often a big pool and BBQ area, gyms, bowling greens, social events, bars with snooker tables, cinema as you mention, yoga, tai chi, some have on site medical etc etc. It's can be like a holiday camp. But the down side, (and I'll get blasted here) is that you will be living very close proximity to a lot of old people, and old people can be weird. The dementia cases go without saying, but old people can be very crotchety and set in their ways even without dementia. Very opinionated (a bit like pio tbh) and prone to arguments. Just be wary of that.
  6. Frank Zappa said it best.
  7. She generates the income of a small nation. Would be a major impact if anything happened to her. But apart from that, I don't understand what they actually study?
  8. Blue Manna

    UK leasehold flats vs Australian strata

    All I can say is go in with your eyes fully open. They can be great places to live. But sometimes you can get issues. Living close to alot of people isn't everyone's cup of tea, and if conflict arises, it can be difficult to resolve. But if you are a people person and will make use of the facilities they can be fantastic. As you say, they can be hard to sell, and the leasehold may take a chunk if you do. You're children may also be obliged to pay the fees after you die until the sale, although I believe the laws around this have changed recently. There have been some news stories over the last few years, so probably worth catching up on those.
  9. Blue Manna

    UK leasehold flats vs Australian strata

    They do have leasehold in Australia for retirement flats and so forth. I think they have the same in the UK. I would avoid any thing like that. I thought strata meant that the ground and externals were owned collectively?
  10. I had a cat that identified as a dog once. I'm not sure if that's the same thing?
  11. Can you get transgender pets?
  12. Blue Manna

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    My final say on the matter is go and study the Vietnam war for many years, the lies, the deceit, what we were told and what we swallowed. Then come and tell me about this peace loving white knight that the USA is, and how they have changed since the bad old days. It may give you some perspective.
  13. It's always bittersweet when the kids go back to uni.
  14. Blue Manna

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    Explaining why the Russians invaded and being realistic about the outcome of that invasion is not the same as justifying that invasion. I want the best outcome for Ukraine. Do you really think this is it?
  15. Blue Manna

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    I doubt very much they would kill more than 10% of the population.