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  1. tea4too

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Did he need to meet Meghan to do any of that? Not really. Did he need to meet someone he loved and respected enough to gamble his position and place in the family? Very possibly, in which case he could have stepped back, produced a documentary, wrote a book and moved anywhere in the world with his wife, be that Meghan or whoever he chose to marry. But we live in a fast news society where celebrity sells and we are regularly provided with heroes and villains because those are the stories make the most money, especially when sprinkled with glamour and wealth. Not so long ago it was Diana and Camilla, now it's Kate and Meghan. Whether we can trust the constant drip of negative headlines and spin is debatable, if only because it seems that the narrative can turn on the spin of a coin. T x
  2. I think one of the great things about this forum is the fact that so many posters have stuck around for so many years, offering advice and opinions based not only on their own life experience but on information shared by and with other posters. And when it comes to the emotional aspect of migration all sorts of thoughts and feelings are explored and shared in Aussie and UK Chat threads. People can read, skip, ponder or ignore that stuff, but in reality those of us that have been part of the forum for a long time know that while some doubts are probably just a wobble, other worries could be key issues the poster would be well advised to weigh and consider carefully. Migration is not an an exact science, as demonstrated by the fact that while life is truthfully very grim for many in the UK just now, other people such as the OP live in a nice place, with a decent income and a network of good friends. Gambling all of that to move from one first world country to another is a big decision and one that is hopefully helped by the shared thoughts and experiences of others. Particularly those who have been there/ done it. Tx
  3. Some 650,000 residents of Wales were born in England with nearly a quarter of that number having retired here, and research indicates that it was largely the border towns and areas with significant English born communities that recorded a higher level of leave votes. On the other hand, rural Welsh speaking areas showed a high level of support for remaining in the EU. It was just 82,000 votes that tipped Wales in favour of Brexit and there is a definite school of thought to suggest those with the most to lose, including farmers, knew that and voted accordingly. Tx
  4. tea4too

    15 minute city. What do you think?

    I guess it's almost impossible to always ensure everyone is fully informed and aware of options for registering views Rally, but there was quite a bit of engagement and publicity over a considerable period of time. Even the BBC did a feature on the 2021 pilot areas, which included one in Flintshire. But it's not a blanket 20mph and it's up to local authorities to identify relevant roads using the criteria "are there significant numbers (or potential numbers, if speeds were lower) of pedestrians and cyclists travelling along or across the road?" If the answer is No, current speed limits will continue to apply in most areas. If Councils makes a mess of it I guess the ballot box will provide another opportunity for people to make their voices heard. T x
  5. tea4too

    15 minute city. What do you think?

    Welsh Government did quite a bit of research and consultation in relation to the proposed 20 mph speed limits in residential and built up areas. A debate in the Senedd gained cross party support and led to a public opinion survey, an online public consultation and focus group research in the proposed pilot areas. A detailed analysis of the consultation replies was also posted on the government website. T x
  6. tea4too

    What did you do for Christmas?

    Pob, many recent migrants seem to struggle with their first Christmas in Australia as familiar lifelong traditions don't quite fit with the new environment. In time you will find new traditions, little things that are more geared to the new life you and your family share on the other side of the world. In the meantime you are creating memories that you will one day look back on and laugh at - you've made a start with turkey stuffing! Enjoy the journey. T x
  7. tea4too

    What did you do for Christmas?

    Between loved ones, or in a formal setting such as school or the workplace, it may well be delivered and received as supportive and useful feedback. But on a public forum among strangers it is perhaps more likely to come across as unnecessary criticism, rather than one filled with bonhomie, tbh. Tx
  8. Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda, Bugfamily... lots to look forward to in 2023. Take care, Tx
  9. Thinking of you @bug family at what I know is a difficult time of year for many and possibly for you too this year for a number of reasons. Be kind to yourself and maybe try to keep busy if you can, too much thinking time is not always the best way to get through tough times. Best wishes, Tx
  10. tea4too

    Still here and still feel the pull

    Nana, Blu Flu is right, it is ultimately a decision you have to make for yourself. There are books and experts galore with advice on coping mechanisms, decision making strategies, methods for prioritising what is important ...but no-one can guarantee what will actually make us happiest in the longer term. Big decisions usually carry an element of risk but there comes a time when we have to cross fingers and jump, or stay put which in itself can present different risks. Accepting outcomes on the basis of 'it is what it is' together with a determination to celebrate the positives while managing or accepting the negatives could be key. But whatever you decide at some point you will move on, hopefully with peace of mind for knowing the decision is made. Who knows, you may discover that the indecision and anxiety was far worse than the reality of what you end up dealing with irrespective of where you finally settle. Take care and good luck, T x
  11. Croeso adre BF (hope I got that right, my Welsh is still a work in progress!). This must be something of a bitter sweet time, but from your posts it's clear you have not made any decisions lightly and now it's time for the next chapter. Good luck and take care, Tx
  12. tea4too

    Uk Hmrc

    This link to the UK government website might help. It clarifies that you must inform HMRC if you leave the UK to live abroad permanently, or to work abroad full time for at least one full tax year. Tax on UK incomes is also referenced, along with the option for paying National Insurance Contributions. T x https://www.gov.uk/tax-right-retire-abroad-return-to-uk
  13. tea4too

    Still here and still feel the pull

    Sometimes the act of having to make a choice can be more stressful than the issues we are balancing. But what if you had no choice? Imagine two envelopes and being told whichever one you opened would seal your fate - no debate, no weighing of pros and cons, just stuck with the outcome. Which envelope would stress you more - the one containing a one way ticket to Aus, or the envelope with confirmation of old age in the UK? Would opening one, rather than the other, result in a greater element of relief or disappointment? In many ways you are in a wonderful position because you have choices, but when that situation becomes the nightmare you describe it is maybe time to pause. Give yourself a break and put the dilemma aside if only for a short while. The answer may become clearer when you are not searching for it. Tx
  14. tea4too

    How to get shut of regret and remorse?!

    I may be way off the mark here, but your post seems full of sadness for a life that 'might have been' and regret for opportunities missed. But at some point you took your courage in both hands and set off for an adventure in the hope of a good life with different opportunities, and from what you write it seems you may have achieved that. Had you not emigrated perhaps you would still have wondered what might have been, only from a different perspective? Spending time with UK family will hopefully help to recharge batteries and ease some of the regret - life may have taken a different path but, as you reflect in your post, different is not necessarily better or worse. Have a wonderful holiday and fingers crossed for some decent summer weather while you are here . Take care. Tx
  15. tea4too

    Still here and still feel the pull

    I'm sorry you read it that way but I have already clarified that was not the intention. In a public forum views are shared, challenged, queried and bandied about.... and my reply was not so much 'to you', as in response to some of the issues you raised. But I will leave it at that as I have nothing further to add, and do want the OP's thread derailed unnecessarily . Tx