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  1. tea4too

    The "New Normal"

    At a Geneva press conference the WHO has made clear that relying on a policy of herd immunity is a dangerous game and countries hoping to magically achieve it need to realise that "no one is safe until everyone is safe". Dr Ryan the Exec Director of WHO's health and emergencies programme added that responsible member states value every member of their society and try to do everything possible to protect health while also protecting the economy. "We need to get our priorities right as we enter this next phase of this fight." Fwiw I agree, particularly with the bit I've highlighted as I cannot accept that a civilised democracy would accept sacrificing a section of community because they are in the too hard to manage category. It's difficult to envisage how we might contemplate let alone apply that as a policy in any other context. T x
  2. tea4too

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    Funnily enough this government has embraced socialist policies on an unprecedented scale in response to Covid-19 and my issues have less to do with BJ's politics and more to do with the qualities I would look for in an inspiring, intelligent, competent leader/ Prime Minister....for all the reasons outlined in my earlier post. T x
  3. tea4too

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    I would prefer a Prime Minister who leads by example, demonstrating intelligence, integrity and courage especially at times of crisis. I don't expect him/her to be perfect and I have no issue with the fact that they may have experienced unsuccessful personal relationships but, how they have lived their life and treated others along the way does matter to me because it is an insight into what they value. And while I don't doubt that BJ can come across as a 'top bloke' or that he can be amiable, friendly, jolly and funny, I don't need any of those traits in a PM - fine when appearing on shows such as Have I Got News for You, but superfluous when trying to reconcile the Good Friday Agreement with Brexit or unpicking years of NHS underfunding, or virtually anything that requires other world leaders to respect the office he holds and the country he represents. I wish I did feel more confidence in his abilities because, party politics aside, now more than ever we need a steady hand to steer us through this crisis and all that is looming. But I don't see anything, past or present, to convince me that he has the ability or vision to do that. T x
  4. tea4too

    Australia - be proud of yourselves

    By mid March the news was still very focused on what was happening in Italy and France. It was a bit of a surreal time because major events in the UK continued to go ahead despite the fact that Europe was in the grip of such a terrible crisis. Persuading a family member not to attend the Cheltenham Races (16 -19 March) because of the threat of Covid-19 was not helped by the government refusing to cancel the Festival or any similar large public gatherings, but I'm so glad she listened to us rather than the so called 'expert' advice. Unlike Australia the UK appears to have taken a reactive rather than proactive approach to the virus and is paying a heavy price. Despite the increasing number of deaths and even with lockdown still in place the streets are not deserted and the roads are not empty, borders have not been closed and quarantine is not enforced. It does not feel as though we are through the worst of it and is difficult to see when or how we will be tbh. T x
  5. tea4too

    How is Post Brexit Britain Doing so Far?

    Given the thread title it's perhaps not unreasonable to think that anyone posting might have at least a passing interest. And while Covid-19 is justifiably the immediate focus, Brexit will play a huge role in dealing with the economic consequences of the crisis in the months and years to come.
  6. tea4too

    How is Post Brexit Britain Doing so Far?

    Unfortunately this polarisation of views seems to define Brexit, with people very firmly in one camp or the other. It is very rare to hear anyone discuss the subject with objectivity or an open mind because 'Brexit' is a term that wraps up a host of issues from trade to immigration, with a whole lot in between. Many feel very strongly about at least one of those issues, which in turn supports their overall For or Against view. As a subject Brexit has caused huge divisions in friendships and even within families, let alone the country, so I'm not overly surprised that it's being reflected on PIO . I don't like the snide remarks, the labelling and the put downs (although tbf they're not exclusive to this thread), but as someone living through this huge political change I get that people feel very strongly, even when they struggle to defend their views without resorting to patronising name calling. The real shame is that in putting people on the defensive any chance of influencing their view slips your fingers, and I do wonder whether some people are as rude and confrontational in real life, because if nothing else they must be exhausting to be around. T x
  7. tea4too

    What are you listening to ?

    Struggling to post a link, but I'm listening (at volume!) to The Lottery Winners debut album having received a signed copy for Mothers Day. Loads of great tracks but 21 is currently on repeat . T x
  8. These are not normal times, traditional Labour voters never vote Tory but they did in significant numbers at the last General Election. Keir Starmer has the ability and experience to hold the government to account, to challenge empty rhetoric and balance both sides of his own party. Whether he manages to do that successfully while picking up the undecided.... time will tell. T x
  9. So sorry Marisa, I can imagine how distressed and helpless you must feel. It may just be a nasty bug - kids in particular pick up everything and pass it on, but your niece and your sister will be alert to the possibilities and will be doing all that they can to stay safe. I understand that you may be feeling particularly helpless given that you live in different parts of the world, but in truth even if you lived up the road there would be very little you could do to help in a practical sense. It is true that the NHS is under extreme pressure but the amazing people who work there will do all that they can to take care of your sister and her family if needs be. Take care of yourself too, sending hugs. T x
  10. tea4too

    Corona Virus

    I've been thinking of you and sorry to learn that things took such a turn. Hopefully you will be on the mend soon, back and challenging us all in the way that only you can! Take care . T x
  11. tea4too

    UK General Election Predictor

    Yesterday's budget was an interesting turn of events with huge borrowing and spending plans announced by Tory Chancellor Rishi Sunak. It would seem the constant Tory response of 'no money and no Magic Money Tree'' in relation to Labour's manifesto proposals was untrue. Who knew? Apart from the 163 Economists who signed the Financial Times letter supporting Labours expenditure plans, and the Labour front bench, and those who realised that the previous decade of austerity, with all the misery it heaped upon the most vulnerable in our society, was always a political choice and not the financial 'reality' that it was made out to be. Let's just hope the announced £30 billion package is invested wisely, and the £600 billion for road, rail, housing and broadband is not frittered away on vanity projects or entrusted to the old boy network. Interesting times. T x
  12. Sorry Jimmy I can't help with your practical questions but other members including @Marisawright will hopefully be along to advise on some of the financial implications of relocating back to the UK. @VERYSTORMY and @LKC also moved back to Scotland in recent years and have both settled very happily. Good luck with the adventure! As you know, you are returning to a beautiful part of the UK . T x
  13. tea4too

    CTF - what's the solution

    Ali isn't asking whether people want to keep CTF as how people feel about this section of the forum isn't the issue, it's the unmanageable amount of work created for the mods that is unacceptable. Removing the report button might reduce their need for input but allowing threads to disintegrate into cyber bullying and worse would inevitably change the general atmosphere of the site. For different reasons the same could be said about closing CTF, as PIO would simply become a migration Q&A forum and the friendly community who visit threads such as IKNWC etc would probably disintegrate. I'm not sure there is a simple answer but I remember similar problems years ago in relation to MBTTUK and one of the main reasons I joined PIO was to offer support to pingpongers on the receiving end of scathing and patronising criticism. Things got so bad that for a while a private section was set up but ultimately it was no longer needed, and thankfully MBTTUK seems a lot more civilised these days. But I wonder if this approach might work again? i.e. move a complained about thread to a private section and anyone who wants to continue to read or contribute to it must either be a member of the exiled thread section, or apply to become a member? Other than that I have no idea as people will always disagree, some more loudly than others and often without filters of any kind. T x
  14. tea4too

    Is it the right thing?

    It's a gamble and for many the risk would be worth it, but I guess much depends on your priorities and focus. Does what you might gain outweigh what you might lose? If you move and things don't work out, which would you regret more - the end of the Australian dream or sacrificing the life you once had in Cornwall? There's no right or wrong answer, only a difficult decision made more pressing by the timescales you are working with. Good luck Tappers, weighing heart and head is never easy. T x
  15. tea4too

    Moved back and confused!

    It doesn't have to be a massive connection in the sense of living in each other's pockets. We live a fair distance from the rest of our family but near enough to be part of all those happy, as well as sad, occasions. My child has grown up with a real sense of belonging, knowing where she fits into her wider family relationships, and has so many memories of time spent with different generations of people who love her. Some of those people are no longer here and in that respect I do think her childhood was richer for having the opportunity. Having said that, moving to Aus my nephews could not maintain such close ties but they too have grown up happy in their smaller family unit, and enjoyed visits from family and friends from overseas. I doubt they feel they have missed out and there's a good deal of truth in the saying 'you don't miss what you've never had.' Whether that's a good or bad thing depends on your point of view and is likely to mean different things to different people. T x