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    It is two years today that we stepped off the plane in Sydney, so where are we now? Well, after spending the first six months in Sydney's West, where we rented a house , we very soon decided that renting was not for us. Mr Metoo was working in the CBD and his 2 hr commute in rush hr traffic was not ideal. So, we quickly learned that the type of house we wanted was not going to be affordable in Sydney so we looked further afield and decided to move to North Queensland. We were able to buy a house near the beach and very soon settled down in our new home. It took a while for us to find jobs but we got there in the end. Ironically, Mr Metoo is now travelling almost two hours to work each day, but, the difference is he is now driving along empty roads bordered by cane fields and farms. He often stops off at the farm shop on the way home and brings fresh fruit and veg. and macadamia nuts. On my day off I sometimes go with him and I take the car along the coast road and spend the day on the beach or hanging around the cafes until he finishes, I also check out realestate as we are considering moving again closer to work. Then we have a nice drive home. We have acquired an extra pet, a little elderly cat from the rehoming centre. She was supposed to be company for our other elderly cat who we brought with us from the UK. Unfortunately, they don't like each other lol. So, anyway tonight we will be breaking open the champagne and drinking to the past two incredible years. We will toast the friends we left behind and the new ones we have made here in Australia. Where will we be in two more years?? Hopefully still here in Queensland. Metoo xx
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    Hi all, We flew to Queenstown, New Zealand yesterday morning and two hours later our visas were granted! The end of a long and sometimes difficult journey.We're delighted but it hasn't really sunk in yet..probably when we get back to Melbourne tomorrow it will seem more real! Good luck to the rest of you in the waiting room. Hope things speed up with immi and your wait isn't too long!!
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    We have been back 2 months now, didn't realise how happy I would be to be back. Our two dogs travelled well, did an overnight in Dubai then onto Heathrow next day, we knew it was taking for animal 8-9 hours to clear customs so boarded them there for the night and collected then the next day. They were happy, clean and not at all smelly on collection. Just as well as it was a Friday and we were travelling down to Devon in the height of the holiday season in August (Unfortunately, it was the worst traffic jams and Road works, normal journey about 3 hours, it too nearly 7). We booked a cottage near Dartmouth for 3 months, such a friendly village, the dogs go most places with us, they have been on a bus, most pubs allow them in the bar when you go for a pub lunch, one even had a dog bar with bowls of water and treats. We have found a house in Somerset to buy and we will be completing and moving in on Monday 2nd October, (5 weeks from initial viewing as we are cash buyers) our container (40 foot high top) with our car and belonging is due to be delivered Wednesday/Thursday 4/5th. We had planned to spend a few weeks decorating whilst my husband started his job hunting in earnest, but unbelievably he was contacted last week by an agency, had an interview and is due to start his new job on Monday 9th! Our weekly food shopping is a lot cheaper and a far wider choice, car insurance also a lot cheaper. I have no problem getting an NHS Dentist in the area we are moving to and could have had an appointment within 3 days, but need to wait until 6th October due to moving. It has been a lot of work and organising, but we started the process getting the house and garden ready forsale and decluttering in May. Organised the real estate agent and put the house on the market 3 days before we left on our previously booked holiday in UK for the month of June, our house sold within a couple of days of going on the market and we were in the UK knowing we only had 4 weeks when we got back to Australia to organise everything including selling our car, seaside block of land, dogs, shipping, UK short term rental that would take 2 dogs, buying a car in UK! We achieved it all, I still pinch myself, so just need next week to go to plan! Will do an update in 6 months, see how we get through winter etc. It is great to be back home.
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    Hey Guys, long time member here. Granted I haven't posted in a while, but it's always nice to drop by and say hi! I did a post similar to this a while back, since then so much has changed! So rolling back a few years to the beginning of our mega journey..... Back in 2009 after being together for some years, my Fiance and I decided it was time to buy our first house. We earned a modest amount of money, myself being a Welder and her being a Manager. So one would expect it wouldn't be to much trouble to pull together the money for a deposit. WRONG. You see this was smack bang in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis, and if you didn't have a 40% deposit you just got laughed out of the bank. Instead of getting Angry we decided to take a different path and leave the weather and the prospect of not getting our mid 2 bedroom terrace house behind. After 18 months of saving and planning, in 2011 we quit our jobs, took a one way flight and flew to Sydney on a WHV. It was all fun and excitement leading up to us leaving, then as we walked to the Taxi Rank outside Sydney Airport, with nothing more than 2 suitcases and a pocket full of money - we sh*t our selves. We had a hotel booked and that was it. People said we was mad, just stepping into the unknown, and told us 'at least you can say you had a go' when it doesn't work out. We was beginning to think the same. After a few days in Sydney, we decided to head north, so we hired a car and went to Newcastle. We decided that we would set up base here, try to find work and a place to rent. Prior to us moving, we both lived with my Fiances Parents, so we had no rental history. Coupled with the fact that we didn't have jobs either this made it impossible to find a rental, and stress was starting to kick in. Newcastle was proving real difficult, so we looked further afield and found a Unit in a Place called Port Stephens. We knew nothing about the area, but we was desperate. The Landlord offered it us on the basis that it was a 3 month Lease, paid up front, plus Bond. If we didn't trash it and we had jobs after that they will give us another lease. With funds running very very low, I managed to find a few weeks work back in Newcastle. The few weeks turned into a few months, and when the 6 month limit was coming up they offered me a 457 Visa to stay and work with them. When the 457 was granted we decided that this was finally a good time to get married. The family came for the Wedding, and as hard as it was for them when we left, when they seen what we had achieved and they could be nothing but proud. They was blown away with where we loved. Fast forward 4 years, my employed offered to sponsor me on a 186 ENS. The Application was lodged in December 2015, and we became permanent residents a in June 2016. After much saving we bought our first house in August that year. Then the realisation of what we have achieved really kicked in. The disappointment of not being able to afford that mid terraced house back in the UK is long gone. I am now sat typing this in my very own 4 Bedroom house, with 2 living areas and a double Garage, all of which is literally 5 minutes walk away from the beach. Summertime is coming, the days a getting longer, as a weekend hobby I teach Scuba Diving in one of Australias greatest places, Port Stephens. This is literally living the dream. When we take in to consideration that we don't have any family living over here, and didn't know a single person when we arrived we feel so proud. The Icing on the cake was in June this year when we got the news that we are expecting our first child. Watch out Australia, in February 2018 your latest citizen arrives! My point in all this is not just to tell a nice story, but to show that anything is possible if you try hard enough. It's been the scariest, most terrifying few years of my life, but also to best in my life! I have people from the UK telling me how lucky we are..... ....We aren't lucky, we just worked hard. We don't have rich families, and never had well paid jobs. We just took a chance and worked hard, and are still pinching ourselves that it's real.
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    Ok wow. I started posting on here in 2010 I think, and haven’t been back since, until now that is! Very bizarre to re read my posts from all that time ago. We’ve been in Brisbane now for almost 7 years. I’m still in the same job as when I arrived, we’ve moved suburbs and started our own little Aussie family and got our citizenship this year but other than that we are still much the same, still speak with our British accents, and still very much enjoying living our lives down under. Hands down, best thing we ever did. We still have weekends or even days that feel like we’re on holiday, still discovering new places, and the things that we loved about the place when we arrived still hold the same appeal. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the oppurtunities we have had (and still have) here. I get it’s not for everyone, and the choices people make mean different things, but for us we are financially and emotionally much better off here than we were in the UK. That’s not to say I don’t like the UK, there are some things I miss terribly, like Christmas (it’s still not right in 40 degree heat), UK television (you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone) and driving on English roads (no courtesies here!)) but I have learnt to accept the fact that you will always have nostalgia about a place you were brought up in and lived for a long time. I love the UK, and it will always be part of me, but having been back once in the last 7 years, I know this is home. The best way I can describe the experience of going back is like the UK is like black and white television (think the first part of the wizard of oz) and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s comfortable and traditional. But coming to Australia, and stepping out of the airport into the sunshine, is like the part where Judy Garland opens the door and suddenly you see the world in colour. Its like the world has come to life, it’s bright, and exciting and interesting. For us, it’s still exactly that. We aren’t bored of Australia yet. Only 2 weeks ago we went to Coochiemudlo Island for the first time, (it’s on our doorstep and cost the same as a bus trip) it was beautiful. We’ve earmarked it for future beach days out when the weather warms up. Comparatively, we feel our daughter has a far better and healthier lifestyle here than what she would have in the UK. If you are an indoorsy person, like wearing jumpers, and generally don’t like hot weather, I wouldn’t move here. It will grind you down eventually. But if you like sunny days, don’t mind sleeping partially naked (or completely) with a fan going for 9 months of the year, and can live with the odd mosquito (our one major bug bear) then this is for you! But in all seriousness, Brisbane and it’s surrounds is beautiful. There is so much to do here. We love it. Very happy to be back on the forum!
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    You’ve never visited but you feel like you belong there? I think I would be a bit concerned too! When I was about 12 I was certain that I belonged in Australia too. I’d seen Robert Mitchum (my heart throb of the day) in The Sundowners and just knew it was for me. That’s about as ridiculous as someone watching WDU and H&A these days and “falling in love” with the place. But in my defenceI was only a kid. On my first holiday to Aus as a student I met and fell in love with the Aussie chap I married 44 years ago and though we lived in PNG and UK at first we ended up in Australia in the longer term (32 years). Our family is now split - one son UK (better opportunities, love of his life, good career, own home), other son Australia (series of disasters for him but he says he’s happy enough) we are currently in UK caring for elderly relatives. My grandkids will never live on the same continent. I have no idea what, exactly, you think is going to make Australia the place of your dreams but, bottom line, it’s just another first world country with all those first world country problems, too many immigrants, crap government, limited opportunities, overcrowded cities, soulless suburbs, rife drug use, homelessness, too high taxation, rampant consumerism etc etc that all other first world countries have. You don’t become miraculously wealthy overnight, your kids don’t magically acquire IQ points or good looks on the flight over, you still have to work (with fewer holidays), pay the bills, clean the bathroom. You’ll do it on your own, isolated from your folk, it’ll take “just” a 24 hour flight to get back to them but in reality that’s actually going to be at least 4 day’s by the time you’ve organised and got going so hope you never need to get back in a hurry and it’ll cost you thousands for the pleasure. Im not saying don’t go. If you have a yen for adventure then by all means give it a crack. But don’t expect it to be a squeaky clean “new life” with everything looking like it does on the telly. Expect to have to be fiercely independent, expect it to split your family (once you give your kids a taste of adventure they do tend to scatter to the 4 winds), expect not to have those close friendships with lifelong mates, don’t expect the House with pool overlooking to beach unless you’re well minted, don’t be surprised if you feel colder than you ever did in winter or hotter than you’ve ever been in summer. Don’t be surprised if you can’t get a job for months, don’t be surprised if the locals couldn’t give a toss that you’re British, you’ll just be another bloody immigrant to them. The friends that say they’ll visit rarely do. I tend to think that if you’re of an adventurous frame of mind then there’s nothing wrong with a good adventure. If you like it, you win. If you hate it you move on, the trick is to realise if it’s working for you and it’s the best thing since sliced bread you’re home free but if it isn’t working then don’t keep on bashing your head against the brick wall but move on before you get stuck and you drift past the point of no return (financially, emotionally, family ties etc). Nothing has to be forever just don’t burn your bridges in the process of trying - don’t quit your jobs, take a career break, don’t sell your home, etc It’ll either work or it won’t but it’ll be an adventure. You don’t have to stay there forever
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    I'm not saying that our experience in Australia was typical, but certainly for us we had a similar experience to you and found it incredibly difficult to make friends. Indeed, the two good friends that I did have were migrants themselves. We do seem to have ended up in a lovely place. I was invited over for coffee by one of the school mums yesterday and spent three hours at her house just chit-chatting. She had also gone and fetched a whole heap of leaflets for me about local amenities and things to do/places to visit! In our almost nine years in Sydney I can count on two hands the number of times I was invited over for coffee by the people I met! Not through lack of trying, either. I would invite people over to mine but have them make excuses as to why they couldn't come or have them cancel on me last minute. As I was huffing down the road after my morning walk/run this morning, a lovely elderly chap stopped to talk to me and told me who he was, where he lived, told me about the people whose house we're renting, told me about the horse he looks after, and just generally had a chat about the village. When I got back from picking the kids up yesterday afternoon, the lady from a few doors up came out to see how we were settling in and ask if we needed anything. The difference is startling.
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    Cheque delivered to Perth Visa Centre 1.56 am UK time, 9.00 am Perth time - visa granted just now!
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    I've been here for over 6 and a half years now. In December last year I visited the UK for the first time since arriving (Albeit it was a flash visit due to my Dad being Ill) As I was driving from Manchester Airport to my home town, my first through was 'What the hell have I come back too?' Now, don't get me wrong, it was nice to catch up with friends and family, and also to see places that I have not seen in such a long time, but the novelty soon wore off. All the time It was just in the back of my mind how I want to get back (Admittedly I did leave my wife behind) But the strangest, and most pivotal thought happened to me on my journey back. In past conversation I have always referred to the UK as 'Home' When that plane touched down on the Tarmac at Sydney Airport a warm fuzzy feeling came over me, and I subconsciously thought to myself how glad it was to be home. I then realised what had just gone through my head. This Country... Australia is home :-)
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    Hi everyone, just to let you know that we have been asked to do our medicals and for the AOS to commence!! Whoopee!! Still a bit numb after all this time. Seems like its all go again.
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    just had email requesting form80, Police checks, medicals & AOS ! that's a nice surprise.
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    Guys, we're all frustrated at long waiting periods, but posts like this don't help. There is absolutely no way that the immigration departments have been told to drag their heels over applications. Look at the spreadsheet, people from March/April are all being cleared, all well within the given timelines. What they are likely doing is prioritising certain applications based on the occupation, but think about it without the emotion and it makes a bit of sense. If there is a major drought of one occupation, or a very skilled applicant they will probably push them to the top of the queue, but the very fact that they have been prioritised means they are going to be few and far between anyway. Quite simply, it's luck of the draw, and believe me when I say that my heart goes out to everyone waiting, I've been waiting for seven months myself and am just as stressed/fed up as the next person, but it's better to give each other a bit of support than whip up crackpot conspiracies about the immigration department being told to slow down the approval process.
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    Quick update Moved Aug 2009 to Melbourne Moved Sept 2009 to Brisbane Found jobs easy to find Moved back to Blighty May 2011 (not sure why) Moved back to Brisbane Aug 2011 (missed it) Still here family thriving, son is nearly a teenager, bought land built house, worked out west to get financially ahead, back in Brisbane working. Life is a journey and must be experienced, any decision you make is right at the time and thats what counts. Live by your own rules, respect the way of life, and dont feel obliged to become a drunk whinging pom sat in some idiots back yard with another 15 poms whinging about how shit it is here. Remember you can live life with money and also with less money, we did it for years on $900 a week in a rental and managed just fine, anyway go for it and enjoy it, if it doesn't work out, go back, its that simple. We landed with 20k aus, doesnt go far when you have nothing and have to start again. But it can be done just fine. Enjoy
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    Hi all, received the request for the second vac last night...posted off today. Beyond excited!!!
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    Thank you everyone! Even though there has been some negative feeback, i do feel more confident in our decision to go! I mean, it doesnt have to be forever does it?! What does it matter if in 5 years time we still havent settled or feel like its not for us? We can just come back, but at least we would have had an awesome adventure! Plus, that pit in our stomachs will have gone and we will forever know we tried and it didnt work. Or we may be the opposite and create more opportunities for the kids and settle amazingly! Yeah the kids may grow up and venture off into other parts of the world etc etc.... but to be honest, although i would be devastated at that prospect, i would be increadibly proud of them for being brave enough to take that plunge! (Plus it would mean more holidays for us as we get older haha) xx Thanks, Emma x
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    Just look at what you are missing out on. There are some beautiful areas in Australia, in fact from the travelling I've done I would say I have loved 98% of it.
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    Can someone come round and pinch me please for I must be dreaming. OFFSHORE APPLICANTS (subclass 143/173) When your application is allocated to an assessing officer, you or your authorised contact may be asked to provide more documents, including but not limited to, Assurance of Support (subclass 143 only), police certificates and health clearances to finalise your application. We are currently assessing applications lodged up to and including 13 January 2015. Sent from my iPad using PomsinOz
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    I totally agree. I would suggest the people on What’s App stay on there if they’ve been happy with that. Those of us using this forum can proceed as before. It’s a superb forum so please let’s keep it that way. What’s App is for chatting. This forum is a specialised area for like minded people getting reassurance and comfort that they are not the only ones whose lives are on hold until Immi gets a grip. Please can we keep it that way!! Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
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    Hi, we received an invitation via our agent to arrange police checks, medicals and AOS docs on 11/10/17 ! We were so thrilled to receive this news when on a three day trip to Canberra and southern highlands, we just wanted to get back and get on with it. Well done on compiling a list of others in the waiting room, it helps everyone keep up to speed.
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    I really have no idea, sorry, but obviously I'm not complaining! Maybe I just ticked all the boxes - just me coming over, both (all) my children here, no medial issues (touch wood), self funding, somewhere to live. All these issues were areas covered on the application. You just have to answer them all honestly, there are no obvious dos and don'ts Thanks for your good wishes. I'm currently looking after my two eldest grandchildren for the weekend whilst their parents have gone to a 40th in Melbourne. It's great to be able to help them out, as well, of course, as being great for me to be able to spend time with my grandchildren.
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    Just got our request for documentation (Lodgement date 18/03/2015). Here's hoping we get a case officer before the new year.
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    I'm also a 2015 applicant (albeit December) so it's really wonderful to know that Immi are now processing "our Year group". I've taken my eye off the ball a bit recently as I have been busy making the move to Oz on a 600 visa. My furniture etc should now be on the high seas, though it will be nearly Christmas by the time it arrives. In the meantime I'm managing very simply on borrowed items, which is no problem at all. I've totally sold up in the Uk and arrived here last Thursday evening. No issues at all coming through Immigration, even though I was only on a one way ticket. The day after my arrival I applied for my Medicare card and again it was totally straightforward, I just had to giive my address here so they knew where to send the card. I haven't been asked to take out additional health insurance and am still debating whether or not to go down that route. Does any one have any specific advice to offer on this issue? It really is lovely to be here with my family and to be able to offer them help with babysitting etc. It now feels as though all the pressure is off as the only remaining hurdle is the 143 visa itself. Given that my 600 tourist visa will easily carry me through till that point, with the sole proviso of being only able to stay 12 months max on each arrival, it all feels very comfortable and I have totally stopped stressing about the 143 timescales. Hopefully that last element will not present any problems. It's always a risk, but life is full of them and personally I think the risk is worth taking and living with. Congratulations to all of you who have recently had your parent visas awarded and I share the excitement to those of you who are at long last in the very final stages. Good luck!
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    When we decided to emigrate I never even thought of looking at the negatives- as far as we were concerned it was a big adventure, exciting, scary and a new phase of our life. It was all of those things- nothing easy but with a positive attitude it make a huge difference, especially when things don't go quite as you might expect!
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    I had to double check and checked again that I am not perhaps day dreaming before posting the above. 2015 people!!! I am so happy, you'd think we got our visas I was so happy.
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    OFFSHORE APPLICANTS (subclass 143/173) When your application is allocated to an assessing officer, you or your authorised contact may be asked to provide more documents, including but not limited to, Assurance of Support (subclass 143 only), police certificates and health clearances to finalise your application. We are currently assessing applications lodged up to and including 07 January 2015.
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    Not been around for a few days. hope everyone is ok We have received our email giving 28 days to complete police checks ( applied for) and medicals ( booked ) . no mention of case officer though ?. House not sold but 2nd vac £ sorted so that's a big worry of our backs. Things seem to be moving along now, the pound has rallied a few cents too 😁
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    Its total unfair practice from DIBP they are delaying our files without any legitimate reason & keep us waiting from more than 18 months.... Firstly if they have concerns about RSMS visa they should clear them before we apply.Now we are struck with this visa because DIBP still not updating us why we are unnecessarily waiting When I applied RSMS i m eligble of 485 leading to GSM now after waiting more than 16 month i can't apply for 485 TR any more & because of age factor my points get droped from 30 to 25 so I m not eligible of GSM as well On the other hand my spouse is waiting overseas from last 2.5 years in hope that tomarrow will be our day. Why DIBP don't realize that applicants are human being not robots, they have life as well... Why DIBP treating us so poorly & ignoring us just because we are applied with trade course not with doctor or teacher occupation.
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    The exchange rate and the property market in Sydney definitely helped us make our decision, and it has put us in a very comfortable position. We didn't decide to move back for any reason in particular, and we loved Australia and Sydney when we lived there, it was more that the cons of living there started to outweigh the pros. We never said it would be forever, just as we haven't said our move to Scotland is forever. Whilst the pros outweigh the cons we stay, once it tips over we move. Nothing has to be permanent.
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    Thanks God . Today , I just have received an invitation from IMM !!! ( 30/09/2017)
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    Hi Catlady My goodness PVC have taken their time with your application. You should be getting the grant email at any moment. Good luck with your future life in Oz. The POMS site is a real life saver for all those in the waiting room, but for me it is now time to move on. Good luck everyone and let's hope the wait for all those remaining does not extend too far. Julie
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    This site has a private messaging system that people can use if necessary, so there is no need to clutter up this thread.
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    If you see any posts that aren’t helping or supporting others on this thread please can you report them or pm me and we can get them removed
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    I have contacted the developer to fix the date input issue, this should also help with the sorting. If there are any other bugs that come up please can I ask that we post them in this thread https://www.pomsinoz.com/topic/197648-australia-visa-timeline-tracker-pomsinoz/ that way I can keep on top of them. Thank you for supporting Pomsinoz and the new Australia Visa Timeline.
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    Given that we had CP visa cases that were ready for finalisation in May 2017 that I know were deliberately held over until the start of the 2017/18 program year I can only assume that there was an edict from Canberra that visa processing was to be halted for a period. I agree that this is a disturbing development, which I dare say will be leveraged by the Department when the expected new temporary parent visa becomes available. Somehow the Immigration Minister thinks that not processing the targeted number of permanent residency visas for 2016/17 is something to crow about: "The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has granted over 183,600 permanent visas in 2016–17 to meet Australia's skill and family needs. This is around 6,400 less than the previous year and is in line with the Government's strategy of ensuring that migration levels are consistent with Australia's genuine labour market needs." http://www.minister.border.gov.au/peterdutton/Pages/2016-17-Migration-Programme-outcomes.aspx How failing to deliver the program for parent visas can be held out as being consistent with Australia's labour market requirements is lost on me. Such is the quality of our political leaders these days. Best regards.
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    Hi PIO's, We are so excited, my OH has landed a job back in Blighty, we were originally hoping to leave Australia in February but he has had an offer thats too good to miss. So its all panic to get it all sorted, sell and ship our stuff, booking flights tomorrow (hopefully) and leaving approx 6 weeks today!!! [emoji50] the cars are going to be the hardest. Gum tree might be our new best friend over the coming weeks. I actually feel physically sick that our daughter is staying on here for another 2-3 years, (at uni) its making this move all seem so much harder. I know in my heart of hearts if we don't grab this opportunity with both hands we will regret it. Part of me is relieved, part worried and I feel lots of stress ahead!!!! Wish us luck!!!! Lady T [emoji6][emoji6][emoji6] Sent from my SM-T580 using PomsinOz mobile app
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    Woohooo!!! So so happy! Got the golden email today I'm actually speechless! 18-19 months of waiting. DE Marketing specialist submitted in May 2016. Good luck to all 2016 applicants!!
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    I live in the UK and am not reassured that being taken out of the EU by a small majority is ok simply because it is democracy at work, or the idea that everything will be fine in the end because we want and hope that it will. As a shareholder of UK plc I want evidence that a robust well researched business case exists, and assurance that the spreadsheets and risk assessments are in place to provide strength and structure to this new way of doing business. I want credible evidence that we have the right people in key roles to deliver - people who are professional, qualified, and real achievers as opposed to individuals over promoted to their personal level of incompetence. I need tangible evidence rather than sound bites in press releases and speeches to assure me that those with responsibility for delivering are well briefed, have a clear timeframe and, just like the most junior of employees, will be held accountable for what they achieve/ mess up. Having dibbed in and out of this thread I know some will see this wish list as fanciful because the UK is in unchartered waters. However few companies would prosper without these basic principles of business, yet 65 million people living in the UK (plus citizens overseas) are required to blindly trust in the company logo of “Brexit mean Brexit” with no real idea, more than a year after the referendum, of how that principle will affect them on a day to day basis. It’s a mess imho. T x
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    Hi guys, After 15 months of waiting (June 2016 application), I finally received the email Nomination approved on 12th September and application approved on 17th October. DE , Marketing Specialist , onshore , HR. Don't give up guys! Esp to those 2016 applications, it is a long wait and at times all of this seems ridiculous but it will be worth it. Best of luck to all! x
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    As it says in the heading "Last updated: 16 October 2017 (for month ending 30 September 2017)" so I am hoping that this reflects the slow pace in September when there was only 1 update. Hopefully October's figures will reflect the faster pace this month when published in November. Or am I just being optimistic.................
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    So some good news for me today nomination got approved after 16 months waiting. Just waiting for the visa now.
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    Here are a few! The three horse ones are the Kelpies in Falkirk. The one with the cats is the view out of our kitchen/dining room window. The one after that I took today in the Cairngorms and the last one with the sheep is the Ochil hills near where we live.
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    My day has finally arrived. We have been granted our Permanent Resident Visa’s DE 186 4 people LR Sales & Marketing Manager Nomination lodged 18th October 2016 Visa Lodged 18th October 2016 Nomination granted 1st September 2017 Further information requested for visa on 1st September 2017 Visa granted 4th October 2017 We are so happy and relieved. It’s been a tough 6 Months for us especially since all of the legislation visa changes and I know how everyone is feeling. Good luck all and keep the faith.
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    First of all, thank you so much for all of the replies, good and bad too! I appreciate them all. I think maybe my late night post needed to be more clear on reasons etc. So apologies! We are both early thirties with three boys, 13, 9 and 6. Myself and OH have done research for well over a year together (myself longer as its me whos spurred the idea on) i dont watch any aussie soaps (or TV in general actually) yes ive watched the odd Wanted down under, but it was just to get a more realistic view of the day to day living costs and the areas in the background [emoji23][emoji23]. We dont expect it to be better than the UK at all, infact i presume it is going to be quite similar weather wise, but the fact the sky will be bluer most days of the year and the fact we will have 3/4 months nicer weather as opposed to a couple of weeks (spread out over the "summer") will be amazing for us as our boys are very outdoorsy (if thats even a word [emoji23]) We expect to word hard and we are not going in with any "well back in the UK" attitude as we are looking forward to embracing the Aussie lifestyle. Melbourne appeals to us because of the artsy scene. Geelong looks most appealing to suit our family at the moment. We dont expect a 5 bed house overlooking the beach with a pool at first, but we are hard working and that is going to be a goal in the future for sure. I mean, why not?? As for careers etc, OH is a newly qualified teacher, so not in a job that is going to have us feeling like theres been a huge wage cut etc. As for myself, i am currently a psychology student and will qualify just before we jet out (if plans go accordingly) so i will be looking to start on the first rung of the career ladder as we step foot there. Again, thanks ever so much for the feedback! Xx Thanks, Emma x
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    AOS acceptance letter received today. That has taken 3 weeks from the deposit of our AOS bond at the Commonwealth Bank. I have now sent this to our Case Officer and will return to sitting on my hands. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
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    Why not? Ive lived in the uk for nearly 40 years, I fancy something new. my children having duel nationality would have more options for the rest of their lives. I cannot claim Aus is better than the uk, I’ve never been, but it’s a change of scenery I’ll welcome with open arms and I’ve dreamed for many years of living somewhere other than the uk, and specifically Aus or NZ, just because I was born here, doesn’t mean I have to stay. We love outdoor activities, many of those effected by the weather, of course having better weather (our opinion of it) is also a deciding factor, we live outside all summer. In no particular order, here’s a small list. the challenge, weather, cultural changes, the reefs and beaches, the accent, opportunities for the kids, kangaroos, bbq on Christmas Day, tonnes of exploring, new friends, koala bears. ill still go to work (I’ll have to work harder than I do now) the kids will still go to school, there will be bills to pay, but I will have managed something I set out to do. There are plenty of Australians moving to the uk, I could ask why oh why would you want to come here? I expect they just fancy a change...and why not?
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    I am someone who has moved back and regularly posts in the UK areas. First, we spent eight happy years in Oz The vast majority of members are in Oz and very happy there. I do though think Quolls post is very good. How do you know you belong somewhere you have never even visited? It is not like what you see on TV any more than the movie Brigadoon is a good representation of Scotland. It is very easy for Brits to think that in Oz they will spend their days by the beach throwing another prawn on the barbie. In reality you go to work, clean the toilet, do the shopping and all the same stuff that modern life entails. This does not mean you shouldn't go, but you should have a good picture of what it is all about and understand why you want to go.
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    So pleased to hear you have settled back,, and sound so happy, but I don't think you can compare village life to Sydney, or any other city. One of the things I was looking for when we were moving to Oz, was a village environment, as we had lived in a large village when we last lived in UK, but I do relate to your experience in Sydney as we had a house in London We moved close to Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, and there is a great sense of community here, our neighbours had us in for coffee on our first morning here. We find people really support each other. Our small close has a Christmas street party every year, and although we don't socialise much with each other, we are always there for each other, eg. taking in the mail and checking the house if anyone is away, In other words the usual neighbourly things. We have made really good friends here, which we might have thought would be difficult as we retired here with no family or friends in the area, but we were made so welcome. It's absolutely not my intention to start one of those stupid comparison arguments that have a habit of happening on Poms, I'm really pleased to hear so many posters happy with their move back to UK, just wanted to point out that there are equally friendly places in Oz.
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    My daughter arrives 21st October so that we can travel back together on the 27th.
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    Welcome 2015 applicants. It is well worth the wait in the end but so frustrating when that processing date sticks.....seemingly forever. Ian, you can add a signature to your posts (in settings) so everyone can see your dates and you can update it as things progress. We also added our destination areas so it is possible to arrange to meet people for drinks etc. And, for anyone thinking about using an agent I can highly recommend @Alan Collett. He is knowledgeable, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. We started the process with an agent who was so inefficient it was almost laughable so we basically sacked him and appointed Alan after reading his posts on here!
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