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    Hi everyone Just thought we would update you all as we have now been in Brisbane for 6 months. We applied for our visas in May 2016 and visas were granted in September 2016. We moved to Brisbane on 25th December 2016. We sold everything and just bought our suitcases and a small Move Cube of personal belongings. Rented a furnished house before we landed and had personal items delivered to that address in time for our arrival. Hadn't been to Brisbane before so weren't really sure if we had picked the right location? We struck lucky! Not only have we picked the perfect house its in the perfect location! Sorted out electric, broadband and phone before we left the UK. Saw the car we wanted on Gumtree and bought it the day after we arrived in Oz! Bank accounts sorted also before we left the UK Just turned up at the bank the first working day to collect our cards. My wife landed a teaching job as soon as we arrived. She is, however, still sorting out her accreditation 6 months down the track. It will eventually be back dated. Just one of those fiddly things to have to deal with. I got a job as a maintenance officer 2 months after we arrived. Plumber by trade. Qualifications not recognised here so didn't go down that route. Dream job only 11 minutes from home. Our son (15) was accepted into school before we arrived so just had to get his uniform. Our daughter (16) stayed in the UK to finish her GSCE's and arrives next week. Went to a boat show in the city two months ago and bought a boat (cabin cruiser) which we have named Wine Down! Out every weekend discovering the beautiful scenery. Sleep in it most weekends. This is truly the best decision we have ever made, the country and the people are amazing.
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    I can't believe that I have to argue that the majority of people are against the murder of innocents. The majority of Christians are against it, the majority of Muslims are against it, the majority of British people are against it, the majority of Syrians are against it. It's a sad day when we turn against our fellow man because some nutjob with an axe to grind has the same religion. I bet you he turns out to be male, should we view all men with suspicion? I bet you he turns out to be between 20 and 40 years old, should we view that generation with suspicion? I bet you he turns out to be from a poor background, should we view poor people with suspicion? I bet you he turns out to be Muslim, should we view Muslims with suspicion?
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    When Irish republicans were blowing up Manchester, it was a minority. Nobody blamed catholicism or the Irish people generally. Blaming terrorist attacks on Islam or the followers of Islam is just plain idiotic. And I am not an 'apologist' for saying so.
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    Phew, what a whirlwind. All of a sudden there are not enough hours in the day We decided to go with the basic tourist visa, Subclass:651, and hope we may be sorted within the first 3 months so that we do not need to take a trip offshore before the "visa grant" trip offshore. We both finished work last week so are both now unemployed. Notice is in on the rental property and we need to be out on 9th June, technically we will then be homeless. The car was advertised yesterday and we believe we already have a buyer, so then we will have no transport. The removal company is booked, Council tax sorted, post redirect arranged, services notified, home insurance sorted, lottery direct debit cancelled (over 20 years with the same darn numbers) and 3 leaving-dos completed!! Disposal of white goods sorted today, being collected 6th June. A bit of travelling arranged from 9th June to do last minute family/friend visiting around the UK until we fly on the 16th June. Oh, and 2 more leaving-dos and a wedding to fit in between now and the 9th....................................Roll on Australia, I need a rest!!!!!! Edit: And Police Certificates received last week ready and waiting!
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    After all the kerfuffle with my passport renewal: 1. Last Friday my online photos were rejected, so I needed to do it the old fashioned way. 2. Got passport photos taken in Timpsons Saturday morning 3. Local Post Office said they don't deal with passports 4. The next Post Office said my photos were a millimetre "out" and might be rejected, but I took a chance anyway because I believed it would take 3 weeks to process. 5. Online info said it takes 3 weeks to get the passport back. 6. Received a text from Passport Office saying I would receive the passport by 21st June (cutting it fine as I move out on 22nd June). 7. Passport arrived today! That was another week of unnecessary stressing that I could have done without, but hey! I got my new passport! Woohoo. And finally, I've booked a small Movecube for the 21st June. So that's another step further along the way.
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    Reading through the threads, we thought some of you might be interested in our experiences. We have now been in Australia as permanent residents with a 143 visa for a little over 2 years. We initially used a migration agent based in Perth, having met their representative in London the previous year. We sent the forms to them in January 2013 but they took what seemed to us to be an excessive amount of time checking our forms. Finally after many prompts by us, they said the forms had now all been changed by Immigration and would have to be re-done. However they offered to do this for us on our behalf, and just use the signature page we had submitted. They then told us the forms had been sent to the Parent Visa Section in July 2013. Meanwhile we put the house on the market. In December 2013, we had a concrete offer which we accepted. You can imagine how we felt when we learnt only a few days later on the internet that the Migration Agent we had used had gone bankrupt. We immediately sent off an email and got a reply from the liquidators confirming the bankruptcy and furthermore stating there was no record of our application ever having been lodged. What a Christmas present! We phoned Immigration in London and they were also unable to find any application and stated we would have to start over again! We decided not to lose the sale of the house, so moved into rented accommodation in January 2014. We completed all the new forms, and sent them by courier. No Agent this time, in January 2014. We didn’t want to stay in the UK rental for another 2 years while the new application went through so we applied for and got a 600 Visa allowing us to visit Australia for a maximum of 12 months in any 18, for a period of 3 years. We also took a very big gamble and applied for permission (as foreigners) to buy a house in Australia. We were told it had to be new or off plan, we could not buy anything ‘second hand’. We paid the deposit on an off-plan house which was going to be ready about November 2014. Unfortunately we could not ship any furniture, on a 600 Visa, so everything went into storage in the UK. We travelled to Australia on the 600 visa in October 2014 with a view to having to ‘come and go’ until the 143 was granted. With a 600 for 3 years, we had a fair amount of leeway. We moved into the house at the beginning of November 2014. Incidentally, we sent 3 large suitcases by ship containing clothes, shoes, sports items but they took 3 months to arrive so if you are reading this, we suggest you use air freight as it is quicker. About a month later, at the suggestion of the family in Australia, we phoned up Immigration to see if they could give us an update on the new application we had sent in January 2014. Imagine our horror again when we were told they had no record of an application from us Somewhat distraught at this, we contacted the family and our son, our sponsor, he told us he had just the very same day received an email from Immigration asking him to make the sponsorship payment etc for our application which was nearing completion!! Wondering now what on earth was going on, it turned out that the Migration Agent HAD in fact sent off the application but when copying out our details on the new forms, had inadvertently put our email address --.com instead of --.co.uk , an address that happened to exist! So, all the Immigration information that should have come to us had gone astray. All this now meant we had 2 weeks to get the Health Checks done (which we did in Australia) and the UK Police Checks which we did via a courier. Just before Christmas 2014 we had confirmation that we would be given the visas once we had left Australia and they would be issued on our return. So in January 2015 we left the warmth of NSW for the freezing cold & snow of the UK to ship the stored possessions. Our visa was confirmed when we came back in February 2015 and we have been here enjoying Australia ever since. In conclusion, yes it was extremely stressful at the time but we don’t regret it. However we would not recommend using an Agent as all the forms are easily downloaded and if you are a native English speaker they are not difficult, just tedious to fill them all in.
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    Hi Julie, hi everyone, I'm dropping back into the discussions here because it seems as though we are finally on our way. We were actually granted our 143 last year, but didn't feel we could leave because of family ties, mainly my 95 year old mum. We lost mum in January this year, so we decided the time was right to make the move and put the house on the market. Having thought it would probably take months to sell, we've been very laid back about the whole moving thing (plus we've been waiting since 2013 one way and another so the idea of actually going anywhere had kind of faded into the background). Well we accepted an offer last month and had the survey last week. One or two matters arising but it seems the buyers have every intention of going ahead, and it seems we may be on our way to Oz by the end of August. my own response has surprised me - blind terror! I am now furiously planning and scheming. So all the posts on here are once again relevant. To those still waiting, we are proof that you can get to the point of packing ... And I promise to come on and tell anything that might be useful to others.
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    So it looks like they'll be sending the Conservative and Unionist Negotiating Team to Brussels. Hope they can come up with an acronym
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    Hang in there folks. We have been here 18 months now and nothing beats being able to have the grandkids over for a sleepover! All the stress and anxiety is def worth it in the end
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    After reading the reactions in this thread, this is how I feel (expand to read fully). A British soldier's response to being blown up by an Islamic extremist.
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    Hello from England!! Well, we did it, we are finally home! After a few years of thinking "shall we shan't we?" we finally decided last July that "yes, we should!!" The housing market in Perth was not great and we took a drop on the price we originally hoped for but we were sold in 4 months. Chess moving were fantastic, the team were friendly, polite, knowledgeable and hardworking. They way they fought to get all of our belongings in that container was nothing short of a miracle! Insurance was taken out with Letton Percival. we had a motorbike and household goods from a 4 bed house and the premium was about £470.00. After completion we had a holiday rental for a week in order to tie up loose ends and to ensure I had sold my car. Ironically my car sold straight away so we actually did not need that long! STILL waiting for my deposit back from the holiday rental. Not a very nice place to be honest and the owner is now as scarce as hen's teeth!! Funnily enough though she was very attentive during the booking process!! Believe she has been mentioned on here before, I should have paid attention to that! Our dog flew out on 6/3, big shout out to Lewis at Dogtainers who was wonderful and the crew at the animal centre in Dubai. She coped with the journey really well. We flew on 7/3, empty plane, great for lounging! Stayed at the Britannia Country Hotel near Manchester airport, dog friendly, great rooms, bar and restaurants so I recommend them. Be careful when renting a car, we had booked and paid to a car online but when we came to pick it up and mentioned that we had moved back here, and in effect had no fixed address (because they asked us) they refused to give us the car, not good with 6 cases, 2 kids and a dog awaiting pickup!! PM for details of that company. Went to another rental company and got a car!! Subsequently got a refund from first company but still not happy about that! We are now in Matlock, in Derbyshire, so beautiful, weather has been fantastic, even had frost which the kids were thrilled about. The countryside and walks are wonderful. All of us are loving being able to walk without the fear of deadly creatures! The job hunt has started and this will dictate where we finally settle. Had some positive feedback but nothing concrete yet. We were advised to set up on LinkedIn, so maybe think about doing that just before you get here. Also if you know which county you are going to and have school aged kids go on the Councils website and apply for places. We didn't know you had to do this and this has subsequently delayed the school start date. Also note that if you intend to put your children back a year due to the differences in the school year start dates you have to put a special application in with the Council. Our children had just started years 7 and 9 in February so we thought it would be a good idea to put them back to 6 and 8 for the remainder of this school year and start in 7 and 9 in September. Had we known that (a) you have to register online for a school place and (b) you have to put a special application in for out of year enrolment we would have done it prior to our arrival!! All in all, so far a very positive experience. Happy to be home, meeting up with friends and family has been wonderful but is not the sole reason for our return. We returned for US. I feel like a whole weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I know we have a way to go with the job hunt and then the house and then possibly more schools if we move away from here. Sorry for the long post but hopefully some readers will gain from it!!!! J😀
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    It is a pity how political this has become and another of these 'class warfare' things. Many people came to help and that was wonderful but now there seems to be some ugly publicity and accusations flying around. Maybe they should just concentrate on getting lives back together and helping each other and leave the blame game alone?
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    Agree with all of the above. Especially the bit Accepting that you don't have to agree with the majority who come to Aus and love it. The best bit for me was when I told the mrs that I didn't really like it and she smiled and replied "me neither, let's get out of here". That is so true!
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    I've been watching some YouTube videos of Melbourne based Bajwa MA. from what I understand there is fixed number of visas granted to each occupation every financial year. The most popular occupations are managers (of all kinds). Therefore these fill up fast. The tradie type of occupations and very highly skilled don't get many applications therefore they are continually granted throughout the financial year. What does this mean for you?? if like me you have applied as a manager or cook etc (19march16) and still are waiting what I believe has happened is that the annual limit has been reached for this financial year. For the tradie occupations, because there are fewer applications they still getting their grants approved. I believe we just have to wait till the new financial year starts on 1st July and then I expect there to be quite a lot of visa granted (or refused, depending on your file!!!!!!!) for manager occupations. So don't expect too much for the rest of this month. Look forward to July Hope that helps you guys.
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    I have found this forum incredibly useful over the last few years and just this morning have had the reply to a question about house buying that will be really helpful in our planning. I think Facebook has its place in social media but I have found the speed and willingness with which people reply to requests for information on here to be amazing. It's not just that though ... There's a camaraderie on here that is quite special. So thank you, and long may it continue.
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    I didn't like my job, the bad weather or living in deepest, darkest Sussex and fancied a change so I got a WHV and came here for a year in 1979 - one look at Sydney Harbour all sparkly in the sun made me determined to stay for a while and 38 years later I'm still here.
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    Because of fear of the future with seeing what Thatcher was doing to the working class man, and Australia offered a bright new future, full of hope, and so it came to be.
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    This makes no sense and you prove the point about the country finally rejecting ignorance. Everyone has an opinion, but everybody else has the right to denounce that opinion as idiotic and groundless. One of the problems that still seems to be eluding the Tory camp and some followers is one of delusion. You've just seen a rejection of hard Brexit and a wipe out of a majority, to be propped up by DUP and their shady past to give a new Govt. a potential majority of 3 (if everybody votes with their parties, discounts Sinn Fein who won't take part, and the DUP prop up a weak Govt.). How desperate do you have to be to keep digging? I feel for May in that they've spun Corbyn as previously dealing with "terrorist sympathisers" and she's blatantly been forced into forming a Government with terrorist sympathisers in the present time, despite the UK being victims of terrorism only a week ago! Can you now not see how you have been conned for your vote and are now just desperately running round trying to find another coat tail to grab onto? This was the reason for the General Election, because Teresa May obviously thought she needed to be rid of the opposition in her own party and a majority of 17 was not enough for what she and big business had planned ! She now has less, has worsened her own case, destroyed her reputation, and has increased the risk of Brexit being curtailed so much she needs to rip up the plans and start again with 10 days left, after utterly wasting the last 2 months. The Tory party is split, and only a few of those need to turn their backs to bring down the Govt. if they decide to try and steamroller a destructive, ideological hard Brexit on the people of the UK. There are Tories who will do this, if they are sidelined. This finally ensures that Brexit, if it's going to avoid catastrophe, has to involve a cross-party consultation and agreement. Maybe they can even leverage some better talent to help with the negotiating and actually treat it like a national issue that covers all parties, and all of the electorate !
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    Hi Geoff and Gill we brought all our no claims evidence with us and insured our car via our banks insurance company . We were asked if we had full no claims bonus and they said fine the insurance company may ask for proof but usually they don't. We were not asked for any evidence! we are finding that the most frustrating thing about emigrating is the time it takes to get the tax situation sorted with HMRC, it's just soooooo slow. Claiming Uk pension and getting it paid into Oz bank account couldn't have been easier, plus the rate of exchange given on state pension has exceeded anything we could have got ourselves. glad we took the plunge and changed our money as our unit that we are living in plus our block of land have appreciated in value already. We are hoping to get our house design next week so looking forward to that. we had been feeling somewhat isolated in the community but have recently joined a classic car club, U3A and Probus and now there are not enough days in the week to do everything. Good luck with everything and don't forget to catch up for that drink on South Bank!
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    You are over thinking, cause of your anxiety, relax, be calm and have a lot of patience. They had already made changes and Rsms wasn't affected but the new changes will be implemented on March 2018 for new applicants only. If the application is mechanic, welder and any other hospital related they get their visas in 6-8 months but if it's a managers, cook and chefs we have to wait 14 months and some are even over. That's how their system works now.
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    Many different people supported Brexit for many different reasons, and used it as an answer to everything that was wrong in their lives. My mother was a Brexit voter, and my dad rushed down and cancelled her vote out when he discovered she'd voted..... Realistically, retired and in their mid-70's....they should have just kept out of it altogether, it won't affect them either way. In hindsight, it was a ridiculous idea to put the future of a country in the hands of such a simple question with no fact checker information available for anybody, that wasn't then camouflaged in spin, outright lies, or evasiveness. From all sides, except a few in charge who knew the real value of winning without having to commit to a concrete plan, giving them free reign to break down Brexit into a format of their choosing, and then they could decide who the winners and losers were going to be. My concern is for the Brexit voters who will get Brexit, but little of what they wanted. They seem to be the ones who, overall, are very nationalistic, antagonistic, poorly educated, unable to form coherent arguments, unable to comprehend the information they are given, unable to reach the end of a sentence. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Their opinion is fixed and won't be changed by evidence, so this is the future they are prepared to give their children. Those are your nationalists, rather than your pragmatist Brexit voters who tried to work out a balanced perspective and voted to Leave. That doesn't cover everybody who voted for Brexit, but does cover a significant number of stooges and mantra repeaters who will not be able to influence anything other than their vote, which is pure democracy in it's most base form, and they will take what's given to them. It's the thought of winning that counts, rather than the tangible outcome of a win becoming an overall defeat in the long term. I do think however, the question should have been centred on the UK and it's own future as a going concern, rather than just "leaving the EU" which is just a sub-factor of that. If we have no written constitution, no national plan, no goal and no national ethos (certainly not written down as in the USA or Australia) ...what is anybody voting for? It's just a mess that needs sorting out, with or without Brexit. The current mantra of "strong and stable" leadership is a joke, it's obviously anything but that and we have a very weak Prime Minister who cannot lead a dog up a path. The Labour party have improved by finally registering on the consciousness of those who suddenly see a bleak future, but they still have economic answers to give, which they can't, and they are too far behind to catch up. The danger is that the country will swing too far in one direction on a Brexit mandate and people who thought they would be getting a better deal, are going to become the working class fuel that's burned up on behalf of a nation that needs to be more competitive, more efficient, and more productive, whilst costing a lot less overall. Those are the factors that will dominate how people live their lives, and there will be some winners, but a lot more losers. That is the secret of Brexit that won't be apparent to some until after this election cycle, it's the sole reason for holding an otherwise pointless General Election now. 5 years gives enough time to cement the future to an irretrievable vision of the winner's choosing.
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    I have seen a number of posts over the years, and some recently, about changing careers as a pathway to Australia. In 2011 I had an opportunity to retrain, and I'd always fancied living in Australia. If I had done nothing, i'd be sat here now at 35 years old complaining that I can't get a visa because I'm not skilled, or lucky enough, or any other reason that wasn't my fault. I came across Podiatry as a career, and it just so happened that it was (and still is) on the list. The past 6 years would have passed anyway, but instead of feeling sorry for myself, I got my entry qualifications, got my application to university accepted, started my course, had a baby, went back to uni, and yesterday I was told that I passed my final clinical exams and that I will graduate in July with a 1st class honours degree! It hasn't been easy, and if you choose to retrain just for the visa you might not stick it out. But if you find something you're passionate about, and you have the chance to go for it then please do. Without regard for the ever changing visa criteria; sign up, commit yourself and the time will pass. And one day you will have achieved so much more than you thought you could AND you may end up where I am... with no one to blame for you not qualifying for a visa. No more excuses, what ifs, or if onlys. I'm not sure what help this may be to others, or if I've posted in the right place, but posts like this spurred me on through the tough times, when 5 or 6 years felt an eternity away. Follow your heart, then following your dreams comes all by itself [emoji6] Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Hi all Latest update, opened my email this morning to find both our 600 visas had been granted, which was quite a shock as I only applied for them on the 23rd, but we're not complaining as neither of the visas have the 8503 (no further stay) condition. So, it looks like our plan (posted earlier) may just come to fruition. They were granted on the 31st May and we have till 31st May 2018 to land, so, we're going to spend the next 12 months doing the necessaries and saving, which leaves us with 10 months (currently) to wait for the 143, meaning the 12 month 600 should be just about right. If not, we'll either leave until the 143 is granted, or apply to extend the 600 as is doesn't have the 8503 condition. Whatever happens, it's an adventure
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    Hey guys. Finally I've received my pr. Timeline as following: RCB submitted 21/10/16 approved 29/10/16 Nomination and visa submitted on 07/11 Nomination approved on 01/05/17 Documents (police clearance and health assessment) requested on 01/05/17 Requested documents submitted on 19/05/17 PR approved 30/05/17 Occupation: pharmacist HR country Hope it helps. Cheers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There was a very aggressive interview by the BBC of Theresa May. Virtually blaming her for the disaster. Hardly fair.
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    It would appear that "momentum" are hijacking these tragic events and using them to boost comrade Corbyn......the storming of Kensington council offices and the protests currently taking place seem to be being fuelled by the socialist hardliners that carried Corbyn through the recent election......naughty using a tragedy like this to make political gain.
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    Hi guys Finally I got golden email on 14/6/2017 my all detail in April 2016 spreadsheet Thanks to all of u for ur support
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    Not been into the site for a while, so some will remember me, some wont. I was surprised at the little progress made since we moved here last June! I was going stir crazy waiting for our 143 to be granted, and thought 26 months from start to arrival here was frustrating enough! Hang in there, it really is worth the wait, our first year has flown by, and looking back the wait to get our visas seems so long ago already!
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    After being a secret follower of this group, just got my good news today and sharing with all of you.. 187 Direct Entry nom and visa :3/11/2016 nom and visa granted:5/6/2017 Nothing requested.. motor mechanic / vic/ HR / Onshore Good luck to all who are waiting
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    Good luck Nana Jan I hope it all goes well, we are already into the farewell lunches, dinners etc., and weeks to go yet, I think I will need to diet when we finally get there! We are taking most things having changed some of our furniture in the last few years even taking washer and dryer - our movers said it was worthwhile if good quality german products so we replaced ours 18 months ago. I am not taking fridge/freezers though, I don't think they travel well and lots of Oz houses have a space for a big fridge which will be for Oz sized fridges.
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    We are taking pretty much everything other than white goods and a few other kitchen electricals. As the removal men are starting tomorrow it's all pretty mental here
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    Hlo guys , here starts a new week with a big hope for all of us to get our good news soon ..... let's hope and pray for a lot of grants this week ...good luck all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    and so it continues, little children blown to pieces, kids with limbs missing, apparently it's price worth paying not to offend someone.
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    This was an event the bomber knew would attract young fans, teenage girls in particular. They selected the young and the vulnerable as victims because they think they represent our weak spot. Seeking to divide us, to terrorise us, they target that which we hold most dear. Our children. Our freedom. Our future…… Terrorism is not new .….The strategy is to provoke, to get a reaction that contradicts the principles we cherish and they seek to undermine….. Experience tells us that, in reacting to the agony of last night's violence against our children, we must remain true to [our] values, however hard that may be. To lash out would be to play into the hands of the bomber and his accomplices…… Those queuing to give their blood in Manchester today, people of all backgrounds and faiths, understand that we are all the same beneath the skin. This is a time for reaching out, not hunkering down. www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40004410 ….Mr Easton says it better than I could. T x
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    Actually I was comparing the response to two different terrorist organisations, which is entirely different. I don't expect that you know or care about the subtleties, given you have completely misrepresented Sadiq Khan's quote as did Donald Trump's son when he first raised it. Here is the quote in full: I’m not going to speculate as to how the police in New York should react. What I do know is part and parcel of living in a great global city is you gotta be prepared for these things, you gotta be vigilant, you gotta support the police doing an incredibly hard job, you gotta support the security services. And I think speculating, when you don’t know the facts, is unwise.
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    This is what fuels divide in our communities. Once they have been accepted into Oz they are YOUR people.
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    It is difficult to guess why 173 and 143 streams are now showing 4/6 months difference in processing times. I can only assume, there has been a lot more parents applying for the 173 in the last month (or is that just wishful thinking?). We will get a better idea as the new financial year progresses, so it's important to keep the 'GM Visa Tracker' updated. It's our 15 month 'waiting room anniversary' tomorrow and we had been thinking this marked our half-way point, now it may just be 1/3. Still, it seems like a good excuse to open a bottle of Aldi's best fizz!
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    I think I’m also heading for a meltdown and it's not just the weather. No response to the test email last week, so I guess ‘no change’ again. It would really be good to read some sort of explanation as to why this recent increase in 143 / 173 processing times. (Nudge, nudge IMMI, just in case you read this) Also, thank you Alan for all the informative posts, and keeping us from going completely bonkers. Only good news is this lovely sunshine is allowing husband to practice his BBQ skills (more like incineration to me, but it keeps him happy).
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    The thing that struck me most about this "protest" was how similar in feel it was to those we saw in the 80's organised by militant. Who are now Momentum - Corbyn's support group. Then it turns out, it was organised by someone who was the spokesman for Finnusbury Park mosque, who has, unsurprisingly being investigated for terrorism. This is someone that Corbyn met every week for ten years.
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    Job posting, hubby not me. I followed. It was why I got married, I thought if I am going to move hemispheres for him I might as wrll marry him. I was having commitment issues.
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    Married an Aussie so didn't have much say in the matter..................or in much of anything come to think about it?
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    That's exactly what we've decided to do, we too have a multi entry visa valid till 31/5/18 so we're going in Feb, then will leave and return just before May 31st which gives us a further 12 months, if we haven't got our 143 by the end of May 2019, we will apply to extend because we don't have the 8053 no further stay condition on our 600. Or at least that's what I understand we can do according to the immi 600 fact sheet. Whether or not they will take in to account our 143 queue time (which by then will be 36 months) is another matter. But hey ho, its an adventure, so if we do have to leave for whatever period, we'll consider it part of the adventure. Truth is it will probably be time for a grandma/granddad holiday by then anyway. What will be will be, as long as we keep waking up breathing every day, the rest is a bonus.
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    Glad to see you back Alan, You are a very valuable source of information
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    If I might say, you appear to have had an unfortunate experience with a poor/incompetent advisor who failed to keep you informed - which is inexcusable. However, a good advisor can - and should - provide significant comfort during an extended period of worry when parents are generally extremely keen to rejoin family in Australia. Its not just about the form filling. Best regards.
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    We shipped goods across last December on a 600 visa. You have to be able to give the visa number to the shipper for Immigration. All no problems. All been very simple, renting a house, changing driving licences,bank accounts, buying car, white goods, etc etc. Just be aware you have to pay for everything up front as you will get no credit unless you have PR. We left Aus for a visit to NZ for most of April, all no problem they have your visa registered so it shows on the airline records and of course immigration. Very simple to enter NZ on a UK passport. Other than logistics and the expense it's been very easy.
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    I am pleased this has happened. I am sorry for those of my compatriots who want to use this visa but its not good for Australia. Its not good for a lot of people who have this visa. I see weeping, moaning etc in the news about how we cannot survive without this visa and then I think on. My daughter two degrees on low pay, why because she got ill and had to take 2 years out of work. So hard to get back into a job. We used tor train people in Australia, take then from uni or TAFE and give them a go, but with this visa it stopped. Everyone wants experience. So you are a migrant you come here you bring up your family and then you find that even if they are educated its hard for them to get a job, experience, well where do the people get the experience who come here on these visas. In their own country that still trains people. Getting a degree, diploma shows that you are able to have stickability. However people only start to learn when someone give them a go despite the weight of education behind it. So good lets train those many many graduates and young people wanting a trade.
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    Good luck Nana Jan, we are not far behind you, we have exchanged on house and fly two days after completion in late July. I was interested that you have arranged post re-direct - to Australia? or do you have family in uk? We do not now have any close family in UK and have been cancelling everything and could give a friends address for bank etc., but I hope the post office can just put a stop on all the rest. There is such a lot to think about but we are making progress. Not good news that staff on visa processing are being cutback, it can't be an easy job with everyone complaining and now some may lose their jobs. I hope it works out for you and everyone else, we decided to drink our wine stock but now it has gone down so much we will have to buy more!
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    I think most parents are fiercely protective of their children, and the families’ pain that we are currently witnessing through the TV and wider social media is totally heartbreaking. But I worry about some of the rhetoric I hear and read because I don’t see the Muslim girl on the checkout any differently as a result of the murders in Manchester, and I don’t want Muslim men rounded up and incarcerated indefinitely if the only evidence to support that action is the appearance of their name on a list somewhere. The values of our society have not changed because murderers live among us, but those values are in danger of changing when sweeping assumptions are made about who is our enemy. Ultimately terrorists and murderers feed off fear, which is why they seek to create it. The rest of us are stronger when we stand together and are united by a common sense of decency, respect, fairness and equity before the law. And none of those values are exclusive to non Islamic citizens. T x
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    OK fine, fair enough. I made a mistake characterising your comments as only affecting Muslims. You only meant extremists generally. It's a fair cop and I apologise. I am not advocating being 'soft'. I am advocating an approach that results in fewer attacks and fewer extremists. You are advocating an approach that, time and again, has been shown to result in more extremists, more attacks, more terrorism and worse outcomes. Being 'hard' is a populist approach that does not work. Being 'hard' is what led to the Iraqi army being decimated and basically turning into ISIS. Being 'hard' turned the IRA from a pocket of extremists to an organisation with widespread support in a particular section of the population. Hey, if someone is clearly an extremist then lock them up. I'm all for Abu Hamza rotting in prison. But don't risk the safety of all by locking someone up without a trial. There must be due process. The public must know why someone has been locked up and must be satisfied that it is in the public interest.
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    As a father and human being, my thoughts and condolences are with those in Manchester and their families. From the reports I have read, it is still too early to assign blame or to know the motivations behind the sick person(s) behind this attack. Please refrain from knee jerk reactions and tarring whole groups of people/religons/nationalities with the same brush. Nobody I know of any race, religon or nationality would condone such a horrendous act.
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