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    Thank God. I am really very thankful to you God, you didn't disappoint me. Finally my day has arrived, i got my PR couple of minutes ago. I'm literally crying at the moment, can't explain what i am feeling right now. Thank you everyone, you guys really helps a lot. Now i'm going to call my family to book a date for my marriage, life going to move to the next setup. Guys, i'll keep in touch with all of you. Please update the spreadsheet, my details are in my signature. Thank you
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    Finally, Visa Granted. Received the 2nd Vac request yesterday, And at around 3PM Perth time today we received the grant notification.... SOOOOO HAPPY...... The other 173s got their Visas granted much earlier but we had a bit of an issue : End of July we were contacted by Immi , since our CO decided to go that extra mile and request Police checks again; this time from Birth . This took another 3 weeks. Anyway, at last after such a long wait , I can finally have my parents to stay forever. Good luck to all of you for speedy Visa Grants.
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    1 Week of work left then up, up and away......
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    Thanks to this forum! PR granted!
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    Wow, it's my day!!!!!! Got my golden email~everyone keeps clam, your visa might be just around the corner:)
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    Hi, I'm a silent reader here. It's been a long journey for me. But finally my visa has been granted today. Occupation: Restaurant Manager Stream: Direct Entry State: NSW Birth Country: HR Number of Applicants: 5 Visa and nomination lodged: 28 Feb 2018 Nomination Approved: 24 July 2019 (Initial Assessment) S56 Requested (Updated Medical and AFP): 24 July 2019 S56 submitted (Medical and AFP): 12 August 2019 (Further Assessment) Granted: 27 August 2019 (Finalised) This forum is really helpful and I hope you guys get yours soon.
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    Good Morning Everyone, I’ve been a silent header for well over a year. I am very glad to share the news that yesterday evening, I was granted my Permanent Residency. I lodged my first application last year in April 2018 with previous employer who later in the year went into liquidation. Eventually my nomination was rejected earlier this year in May and had to withdraw the 186 application. The New Employer were more than happy to nominate me and finally I was able achieve the ultimate goal. It surprisingly took very short time for it to be finalised which I was amazed with. I hope, everyone in this forum would be able to meet their goal as soon as possible. Thank you. Good luck all. Occupation: Disability Services Officer State: VIC Birth Country: INDIA Stream: 457 to 186 TRT Number of applicants: 1 Nomination applied: Mid June 2019 Nomination Approved: 11 July 2019 Visa applied: 11 July 2019 S56 (Health Examination): 18 July 2019 IMMI Status: Finalized - Granted 23 Aug 2019 Team 13
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    Finally my day has arrived, i got my PR couple of minutes ago. I'm literally crying at the moment, can't explain what i am feeling right now. This forum has been such a big help in my entire migration journey!!! To all those waiting, please be patient! Yours will come soon!!! Thank you again everyone, you guys really helps a lot. Best of luck to all of you!!!
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    Hello guys, I was silent follower of this group since 2 months. Today i am happy to share my VISA time line I have got my visa grant today afternoon. Exactly after 3 months from the date i lodged my application.When i checked immi account 2 days back IMMI Status was Received, today morning my employer told me that my nomination approved today, just i thought of checking IMMI status portal few minutes back, i can see it as Finalised. Thanks for sharing your experience in this forum. Occupation: Software Engineer State: NSW Birth Country: INDIA Stream: ENS TRT Number of applicants: 1 ENS 186 Nomination applied: 27 May 2019 Visa Application submitted: 27 May 2019 Nomination Approved Date : 28 August 2019 IMMI Status: Finalised 28 August 2019
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    Hi all, Just wanted to share good news. I have received PR today. 186 direct entry HR country Software Engineer Both nomination and visa filed on 9th July 2019 Direct Grant on 27th Aug 2019
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    Hi guys, Just got my PR today... I still cannot believe it... I have applied decision read for 186 trt on 07/08/2019. Had my medicals on 10/08/2019 and got my PR today!!!! Unbelievable... Good luck guys!!!
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    Today my nomination got approved !!! I am not sure how long should be the wait for VISA approval and today is my birthday as well 🥰. So what else do you want as a gift
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    Party Time! Visa Granted, just shy of 14 Months A near 6 year journey for me to this date. If someone can update the spreadsheet, username is BB88 (I think) on June-2018 tab.
  15. 9 points
    Some seem so resistant to doing so, but then keep asking questions about other people's timelines!
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    After 6 months 4 weeks waiting got the PR today. Nomination and visa application got approved same time. Thank you everyone for support. This is a awesome group And don’t worry. Whose are waiting for result will get the visa soon. Cheers....
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    AOS has asked for payment. Amazing how things are speeding up fast and furious. 48 months so far from lodging 143.
  18. 8 points
    There must be a CO watching this place, because I posted this morning, and just few minutes ago, my visa was granted! So everyone just keeps active and positive, maybe next is you! Thx all.
  19. 8 points
    Good morning everyone! I got my golden email on Saturday!!! Thank you for your support and your encouraging words - It's been a long journey but it's so worth it. Sending my good vibes to everyone waiting, in particular, those who have been waiting since December 2017 or longer like me!!
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    Got the golden letter today, details: 186 Timeline
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    Hi everyone, I got my golden email Monday. I applied in nov 2nd time. Nomination and visa together without asking any documents. Thanks a lot everyone this forum help me a lot.
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    Hi All, I have been following this chat for a long time now. jut wanted to ease the pain and say I’ve just had my Golden email. timeline: uploaded-28 Oct 2018 RFI- 01 April 2019 RFI- 30 April 2019. Grant- 20 Aug 2019.
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    Hi Guys, Just a quick update, I received my grant on Saturday evening. Its been a hell of ride and waiting game for one whole year. Thanks to all the active members of this forum and to all the discussions that take place here. it is really helpful for people like me. I have updated my signature and if someone can update the spreadsheet it would be wonderful ( Not sure if it is updated regularly) Thank you once again, Kashyap
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    Because it's not about population. A Londoner would never say, "I am not English, I am Londonish". A Scot would never say, "I am English". Scotland reluctantly entered a union with England three centuries ago and it has been an uneasy marriage ever since. The reality is that the "United Kingdom" is and always has been a union of countries. In that sense it's actually more like the EU than the USA or Australia, which are a union of states.
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    Just a little reminder to you friend.. Yes read it .. read it
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