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    We received our visa grant after 5 years 4 months. Thanks to this group for all the help and information.
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    Closing the borders has been wildly successful for keeping people safe, for the economy and for employment. The reason cases keep popping up is because people are being allowed to return home and bringing Covid with them. Short lockdowns have squashed it up until now, NSW has dropped the ball but they’ll go hard from this point forward I’m sure and get back to Covid zero in a month or two. It’s very hard to explain just how normal life has been here compared to global experiences of the last 18 months. Most of Australia has lived a completely normal life, meeting friends and family, going to sporting events, concerts, pubs and clubs etc. while that’s been happening the economy has returned very quickly to pre Covid levels and unemployment is now lower than pre Covid. The vaccine rollout has had a few issues, but it was always planned to be slower than the Uk and US rollout, because Australia wasn’t desperate to get shots in arms due to thousands dying every week. So instead of giving a rushed emergency approval, it took time and waited for full evidence that the vaccines were safe before commencing. If you think a rocket is required for the Aussie politicians, a few Saturn 5s might be needed for Mr Johnson and his cabinet who have presided over a horrific disaster in health policy. Even the hugely successful vaccine rollout is at risk from opening up too early (before enough young people are vaccinated), allowing hundreds of thousand to be infected and risking vaccine resistant variants as a result.
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    Your post is abrasive and somewhat patronising, but not unexpected from you. The UK could absolutely have taken the same approach as Australia and New Zealand, it was a apolitical decision to keep the borders open and it led to huge numbers of deaths. I take no pleasure in seeing such huge numbers of deaths, but the idea that the UK couldn’t have pursued a zero Covid strategy is absolute nonsense. After a couple of months it was too late yes, and zero Covid was no longer an option - with apologists then trotting out the idea that the UK was too large and important to have ever pursued zero Covid. History will not be kind to Mr Johnson and his handling of the pandemic. Stop viewing everything as Australia vs UK, you can love the UK and still criticise it’s awful handling of this pandemic. Just as one can love Australia but still criticise its pedestrian vaccine rollout.
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    Personally I’d be doing my nut if our Govt had failed us so badly, time after time, resulting in mass deaths and loss of personal freedoms for the best part of 18 months. But that’s just me.
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    Conspiracy theory claptrap. The government might be willing to cover up, but having worked with clinicians for 25 years I am 100% confident they wouldn’t. Every person who died would have had several entire teams involved in their care around the clock. All of whom are committed to the health and care of people. You’d never get them to agree to cover up something like that. if we are going to censor political debate here, on PIO, surely we should be censoring the proliferation of dangerous misinformation like this.
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    Iknowcb..... two shifts left until I finish my placement and degree
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    In Perth it’s was 4 days locked down, Queensland similar, so not quite as dramatic as the headlines sound. I agree the vaccine rollout has been slow (to put it mildly), but its starting to ramp up now with 30% having received their first dose. Not good enough yet, but increasing supply will see the rates shoot up in the next weeks and months as the demand is increasing now. I think from outside Australia it’s difficult to understand how popular the closed borders have been up to this point. The economy is doing very well (better than pre Covid and lower unemployment than pre Covid - compare to the Uk where the economy isn’t expected to return to pre Covid levels until mid 2022), there have been hardly any deaths at all and people have lived normal lives for the past 18 months (mostly Melbourne being the exception for a few months) while the world has been locked down and suffering. People are starting to feel frustration with the vaccine rollout, but I only ever see it referred to as a disaster for political reasons or from people outside Australia wanting to come in (which is completely understandable). They took an overly cautious approach to begin with, there was a lack of urgency and the issues with AZ have caused delays. But it does look like things will change considerably over the next few months and when the dust finally settles on this pandemic, i think history will be kind to Australia’s success in managing it and exiting it (maybe 4-6 months later than originally planned).
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    What a perfect example of shoddy, sensationalist journalism, it's no wonder people like Parley are afraid of AZ when they are taken in by articles like this
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    A few years back two European backpackers were hitchhiking up the Pacific Highway heading to the Gold Coast. A car pulled over and offered them a lift. The driver apparently welcomed some company and soon after a few kilometres the backpackers realised who the driver was. It was the actor John Jarratt, and yes, the backpackers had seen the Wolf Creek movie. The backpackers were probably thinking to either jump out of the car at the next stop or to get a selfie with "Mick".
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    Yesterday's UK figures confirmed an increase of 35,707 Covid cases, the highest daily total since January. The Health Secretary for England has said he expects the numbers to rise to 50,000 a day by 19th July, a date labelled by the media and others as 'freedom day' due to plans to lift the requirement to wear a mask in public places and to socially distance. The proposed changes have been greeted with great enthusiasm by some and real concern by others. A number of medical bodies, health care professionals and trade unions warn that throwing caution to the wind in a bid to return to 'normal' is a huge gamble at this stage. A few more weeks would see the vaccination programme all but complete, reducing the risk of mutations and the possibility of vaccines being less effective against new strains (which are more likely to occur as cases rise). Whether the government will take notice at this late stage is debatable. We are in uncharted waters and the seas are decidedly choppy but, should the Welsh Government decide to follow suit for whatever reason, I will continue to wear a mask when out and about because in the scheme of things it doesn't seem such a big deal, yet the benefits are. Plus I'm reliably informed that most NHS workers would appreciate it more than a weekly handclap on the doorstep. T x
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    The first earth has been shifted on our block in preparation for the pad things are finally moving!!
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    It certainly does. We are so close to getting to a critical mass of vaccinations, but the worlds least competent Covid-Crisis leader cannot hold out any longer against a vocal cohort of the population and media who want restrictions removed. They have modeled what they expect to happen and have shared with the public that they expect 100,000 cases per day.......but won't share the models for how many hospitalisations or deaths they expect. Why won't they share this? They have also, worryingly, abdicated responsibility, stressing that it's up to the population to exert "personal responsibility". They are removing the rules, but encouraging people to continue to follow them as guidance. We know that people won't. We have actual evidence. Take up of face coverings was 30% when initially introduced as guidance. Once mandated it went immediately to 80%. Why are they doing this? What we do know is that hospitalisations and deaths will be lower than before, and that's great. But we aren't fully vaccinated, just 64% of adults have had both doses and none of our children are vaccinated and so there are those who will be hospitalised and will die. I've said before that long-covid concerns me more. It would be dramatic of me to suggest that getting a long-term chronic condition that prevent me from working, pursuing my triathlon hobby and, well, doing anything much at all, is a fate worse than death - but it's bloody close. It's no way to live that's for sure. The ONS reported this months that 1 million people in the UK are reporting long covid symtoms. Chronic fatigue being the most common symptom. Statistics suggest 7% of children who contract Covid end up with long Covid. It's heartbreaking to think of kids suffering long term from this, at a time on their lives when they should be running around the playground, playing football etc. It is incredibly difficult here. The mismanagement of the situation over the last 18 months has meant severe restrictions on peoples lives, on businesses and on jobs. I can well understand why people are desperate to move on. But we seem (once again) hell bent on ignoring the science and hoping it isn't true. This thread is called Australian and UK Covid Responses and I know many in Australia feel the restrictions there are heavy-handed - well we'd all swap with you in a heatbeat. There really is no comparison. Data from ONS reporting long covid cases in yound people during the 6 weeks prior to June 6 10,000 children 2 - 11 yrs old 16,000 adolescents 12 - 16 yrs old 65,000 adults 17-24 yrs old 128,000 adults 25-34 yrs old.
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    And Stone's Green Ginger Wine...It will, if you are not careful, have you walking left handed and talking in braille. Cheers, Bobj.
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    Quick update.... we received our permanent visa notifications on Friday finally!! Been a long and windy road to get here, but very thankful to have done so. Sequence of events roughly: Applied April 2016 AOS/Medicals Feb 2020 VAC2 request June 2021 Visa Granted July 2022
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    I think it’s awful. Doesn’t look like her and she’s with two children who are not her children. Whilst many thought she was special, her being the mum of those two princes is a big part of that. I think it looks almost scary, not a fan at all.
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    For information sadly 3 people I know in England have died from covid, yes in the older age group, but healthy for their age, and that wasn’t recently. When my son in England tells me how tough the last 15 months have been for my grandsons, confined to home, not just missing out on not going to school, but equally important not seeing their friends, and unable to enjoy any of their normal activities. Their lack of freedom doesn’t compare to how little covid has so far impacted on the young members of my family here. I won’t get involved in this thread apart from the above comments, but will say I have been a member since 2009, and I don’t think from your comments that we can actually be on the same website.
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    I can tell you that over the last 12 months I am glad I have been in Australia and not dealing with covid in uk , it’s been a disaster there with death rates and numbers compared to Australia.
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    It’s interesting reading the frustrations with the vaccination programme. I’m double vaccinated and I’m keen to travel overseas so understand them to a point, but I accept we have to be patient and start having those conversations around (hopefully) the start of 2022. These comparisons with where the UK is now with vaccinations vs Australia misses many factors, not least that Australia had the luxury of time and started its programme much later. The initial target to complete vaccinations was October 2021, later pushed back a couple of months until the end of 2021. In the grand scheme it’s really not that bad - not at all. I’d choose Australian death toll and a fully vaccinated country by end of 2021 vs UKs death toll and fully vaccinated by August/September 2021 any day. It’s interesting that the same flak isn’t being thrown at New Zealand just now, the poster boy for Covid response. Their vaccination programme is further behind Australia’s but isn’t (as far as I’ve seen) being labelled a disaster.
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    Thought I’d add my own opinion, possibly a little bit of a rant…. I have had my first AZ vaccine with no effects, I had it just before they changed to over 60’s. I did it for purely selfish reasons, I am desperate to get ‘out’ and see my very old parents in UK, preferably to organise their care not their funeral. I dare not go the 3 month exemption as I have a life here in the insular bubble that is Australia. I was a sensible person and was ready to go over Feb 2020 but somehow saw things happening and didn’t go, I’ll probably live to regret it, I suspect I won’t see them again. I’m not alone and certainly don’t feel special in my circumstances, but…. The attitude of some is quite shocking, we all have our opinions about vaccinations and also have a right to choose, however, much of the AZ bad press really began when, in particular Germany and France wanted any excuse to attack UK because it was able to get rolling on vaccines earlier because of Brexit. And yes I’m one of those people who gets annoyed when you don’t think twice about the risks when you’ll happily down beer and wine, contraceptive pills and be overweight, but of course ignorance is bliss. Good luck with getting a bed in hospital with your health issues they’ll all be gone to the Covid-19 patients who never got a vaccine. But the vaccine isn’t proven I hear you say……. Well for now it’s all we have. To those of you who are only going to wait for Pfizer…… it’s a new form of vaccine never even given to humans before. Of course Covid will mutate just like flu, and just like the flu vaccine it will need tweaking and just like having the flu vaccine doesn’t mean you won’t get flu, the Covid vaccine won’t completely stop Covid either. We are in this for the long haul with out a doubt. Unfortunately because Australia spends so much time with States all point scoring off each other, I for one can’t see an end. I’m in NSW now and am shocked at how appalling the QR code system is, I genuinely cannot work out how NSW was the envy of the nation, slagging Victoria off. SA QR system is so far ahead it’s embarrassing. We live in one country, certainly doesn’t feel like it. I do have more to rant about on that topic but I’ll save you from it just now. having a bad day Busby
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    That’s the point though, you shouldn’t. Ssomeone who is masked up in their car or in a bike or wherever, may just be using their mask correctly rather than over reacting. They’ve just been somewhere a mask was required and they’re headed somewhere a mask is required so they’re keeping it on - as they should
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    Out walking today as it's dry. This is Whistlepipe Gully near Lesmurdie, Perth. Great day for it and lots of other walkers out
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    Everyone I know in my age group has had both AZ vaccines. Everyone here is keen to get jabbed. We have been living a normal life here for over a year - never needed to wear a mask and no lockdowns in that time. That's when it's good to be an island. However, most people I know are hoping Australia gets back to normal with all borders opening. Many people I know are keen to travel overseas again. It will be great when overseas Aussies can travel back here again ......................... including my two sons.
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    28C here, yesterday and 'wall to wall' blue sky. Cheers, Bobj
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    so you have heard of Bottler ( Bottie ) … I was unable to use that name again so used the name someone gave on here … does my quest to find a retired farmer with a well trimmed beard ring a bell ! …
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    When I first came to the UK, I'd never had a curry in an Indian restaurant. I'd watched red dwarf though, and he always had a vindaloo. So I ordered a vindaloo on a night out with a few mates. Nearly bloody killed me. I thought they were playing tricks on me, but no. It was hot. Got it down, but it took a few beers and some of that yogurt stuff.
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