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    Receiving an email this morning. Visa granted today!!
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    Hello Everyone, I just got my visa granted.
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    Hi Everyone, I have been a silent reader since 2.5 months and I received my 186 DE today. I wish you all luck and hopefully you will all soon receive your golden emails!!
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    HI Everyone, Have been a silent reader for a while. I received my 186 DE today. I wish you all luck and hopefully you will all soon receive your golden emails!! Timeline is as follows Visa - 186 DE Nomination & Visa Applied - 6 Feb 2020 State: Victoria No. of Applicants - 2 (Onshore) Country- South Africa Role - Accountant Visa granted: 10 Jul 2020
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    Hi Guys Got our 186DE granted today. Wasn't expecting it so soon with the wait time so may other people have been experiencing. Best of luck to everyone and hope you all get yours soon to.
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    Hey guys Just get my PR approved today, here is below time line. Visa 186TRT - Mechanic Engineer Technician 10/12/19 - Application 25/05/20 - Request for information - oversea police clearance & Health Clearance 18/06/20 - Health Examination 23/06/20 - Request for information - oversea police clearance (Extend another 28 days) 30/06/20 - Nomination approved 09/07/20 - Submit oversea police clearance 23/07/20 - Visa Granted See quite a lot visas granted today, things keep on moving, stay tuned.
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    Congratulations.....!!!!! I also got my golden email just now from my MA....
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    Hey guys, Good news here: Visa 186DE - Civil Engineer 08/05 - Application 09/05 - Nomination approved 18/05 - Request for information - police clearance 11/06 - Health Examination 24/06 - Request for information - police clearance again (I sent the wrong document before - police check) 23/07 - Visa Granted Thank you guys Cheers
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    After waiting for 4.5 years, the Visa finally granted today!! What a relief!!
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    Fantastic to see the result in the Lund Family case where George helped the Lund Family to stay in Australia in spite of their son having Downs Syndrome and potentially being a drain on the public purse. As a lawyer, I consider that Australia's laws in relation to migration of people with disabilities is a breach of international human rights law and up there with Nazi Eugenics. This is a rich country and, if those in power and the richest Australians paid their fair share of tax, this would not be an issue. The Lunds pay tax and Mrs Lund provides jobs for 20 Aussies. Wishing the Lund Family all the best for the future.
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    Hi everyone - I am back here as I have submitted my 143 now (see below signature for timeline) Initially I was so bummed that I did this route of 173 to 143 but upon reflection I am so glad I did as I was able to spend this conversion time it in Australia with my family. I have been here for 10 months and feel so at home. I have already found an amazing job just perfect for me working reception at a dentist, 8 min bus ride from home and 3 days a week. I have slotted in very well with the lifestyle here and in the home environment. Everyone has made me feel so welcome and every single day I count my blessing. To those of you - waiting 4 years to get my visa was hard - the last few months from getting request for docs to granting of visa was even harder but hang in there it will be so worth it in the end. In addition I will also be so grateful to those that did this journey with me your support and inspiration really helped me through this journey. I will be popping back in now as I am active in this group again so that we can continue to support each other.
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    I have been a silent reader all these days , and I received my golden email this morning ! Nomination & Visa lodged: 10 March 2020 Occupation: Software Engineer Applicants: 4 (onshore) CO said PCC is not of correct format : 30 April 2020 New PCC sent to CO : 15 May 2020 ( Even though it is exactly of the same format as the older one. Attached an email from Consulate explaining the format is standard) Visa granted: 13 July 2020 Agent emailed me the visa grant: 16 July 2020 What a relief ! I didn't even had an account, so just created an account today to update you guys to send some positive vibes. What I see is they have started processing all the backlog in past 1-2 weeks as we can see lots of grants recently. God bless you all, and soon you will all receive the golden email destined to you ! Good luck !
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    So we have made it to Adelaide with no issues at the airport, and it is actually sunny here. The police man at the airport who sorted us out was actually from Rochdale not far from us in the UK. Seen these little beauties at the apartment, a nice upgrade from magpies haha
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    Not going to lie but the last couple of days have dragged, I dont know if it's because I know we are nearly out or because I've just had enough. On a positive note though 2nd test results are back and all clean again Also we get a certificate tomorrow which is nice as I haven't had one of them for s while
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    Hey guys. Nomination just gotten approved. One step further. Now awaiting visa decision
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    Hi All My 186 TRT visa grant came today. 🥳 what a long journey... Good Luck to everyone waiting.
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    I can completely understand what Quoll is saying and I say that as a parent waiting in the 143 queue. We are very fortunate that Australia has such a thing as a parent visa, many countries do not. I do worry about the effect Covid is having on the issuing of visas, or lack of issuing. That said, of course we aren’t their priority. They have to look after their own citizens and permanent residents first and consider the terrible effect the current situation is having on the economy and job losses. We may want to be near to our families but that’s not the Australian governments fault. I have always fully supported my kids moving there and I wouldn’t change a thing. But....we need to be clear here. The reason parents are so desperate to get the visa is because their children left and moved to another country, that’s not Australia’s fault and they owe us nothing. They have to think of their own citizens before strangers from elsewhere. I understand if some on here have parents that are living in a high risk country and I am thankful I live in a lovely safe country but again, it’s not their fault Covid happened. Believe me, I am just like all the frustrated people on here wishing that queue would keep going down as quick as possible but I understand why it’s not happening and it’s impossible to be angry with immigration about it right now.
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    Silent reader here got my PR approved yesterday 186 TRT my company is a credited sponsor visa lodged: 02/04/2020 with health and police checks visa approved: 14/07/2020
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    Also the Tarkine Forest Reserve is a huge area of temperate rainforest where I imagine to see a dinosaur thrashing through the trees.
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    Missed a trick there Lavers, free taxi to Adelaide!
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    @BacktoDemocracy, on the whole I agree with many of your posts, but I have to say, you seem to have a cloth ear when it comes to understanding those people who suffer from deeply-felt emotional distress when removed from their home country. I sometimes wonder if you are one of those (like the OP's husband, no doubt) who think such people are being silly and not trying. Sure, the OP may find that with the help of a therapist, she can learn to sacrifice her own feelings to please her husband, but that's not a fair or reasonable long-term solution. Regardless of how much of a mess the UK is in, there are many families living happily there and bringing up children happily there. Whether life is better or not is not all about finances.
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    When the time is right I, the Lord will make it happen. ~ Isaiah 60:22 Our 186 DE was granted today!!!🥰 Nomination lodged: 05 March 2020 Visa lodged: 10 March 2020 Occupation: Engineering Technologist Applicants: 4 (onshore) Nomination granted: 15 June 2020 Visa granted: 14 July 2020 Keep the faith. God bless us all.
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    ....and that's what it all comes down to. Some people (not me) feel a deep, persistent ache of loss when separated from their homeland and/or their family. I find it sad when such people are made to feel foolish or lesser for wanting to move home for mere " emotional reasons". Their reasons are no less real for being emotional. Resisting those emotions can seriously threaten their mental wellbeing, sometimes to the point of self-harm. What good is a better job or a nice pool if you're miserable every day of your life?
  24. 7 points
    @Hayley Gee, I'm so sorry to hear that. In the past, I've been given a hard time because I've warned people against agreeing to move to Australia just to please a partner. Your experience makes me determined NOT to shut up, because people find themselves in your situation far too often. I'm sure your partner didn't deliberately mislead you when he said it would only be temporary - but the fact is, once you've made the move and they get settled in in their "dream", it can be almost impossible to get them to move back. Even harder with children. You are not a terrible, selfish person. You could have refused to move in the first place. You compromised and moved to make him happy - now it's his turn. Your children will not hate you. Right now, it's even easier than usual to find a counsellor to talk to, either in person or on the phone, because there are special arrangements during Covid. Book an appointment. You'll be surprised how much better you feel, just having someone impartial to unload on. Once you've had a few sessions and built up your confidence, consider suggesting some joint sessions with your partner. If nothing else, the fact that you're so unhappy you've needed a counsellor might give him a wake-up call.
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