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    Hey All! Just got the Golden Email. 9 Months on the dot exactly! And an exact week since the Nomination. Very pleased! Timeline in the signature. Thanks all for the support and kind words within the forum, very supportive, but I did find myself becoming salty with the 2-3 month approvals post SAF! I'll hang around and answer questions when I can!!!! p.s. remember to notify your bank and update your Medicare card when you get the approval!
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    Hi guys today our nominations got approved CO asked to do the medical examinations again so we booked on 9 of April i hope to see the golden email soon
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    Thought it would be worth a post on it's own; ! Happy 2000 pages everyone ! This forum is doing great good for the community! Keep up the good work everyone
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    Hi, I just got my Golden email . I wish you all the best and get yours soon too. cheers ...!!!
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    Hi Guys, I just got my visa application approved today! I'm not sure if anyone had this experience before but I actually got a call from the CO yesterday afternoon. He wanted to confirm with me about one of the question in the application (Paying for visa sponsorship, I somehow answered No in the application, he also told me quite a lot of people made this mistake). He asked me to download and signed the "Certification Form – Paying for visa sponsorship" for the department website and upload it to the immiAccount. He also asked about the photo they took when I was doing my medical assessment, apparently in the photo I looked like a girl..... had to explain to him that that was definitely me, just an east Asian dude with long hair..... And this morning I got a call from him again and was told he has now granted my 186 visa! Checked my email and immiAccount and confirmed this is all real! I had updated my timeline now, but it feels like my timeline may be an outlier since it is quite a lot shorter than most 186 applicants. But hopefully this can be an actual indication that the department is trying clear the queue before the election! A side note: when the CO called me for the above questions, my application status on immiAccount was still shown as Received. And it went from received directly to finalised this morning. So we might not be able use the application status as an indicator for whether our application is being evaluated anymore.
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    Hi all, I have an update on my bf's process in case this is useful (He accidentally attached his application to the wrong nomination and was asked by immigration to withdraw as this information can't be changed or it would be refused). We emailed back asking to allow us to submit an Incorrect Answers form and continue the process but the response was again NO. After that, we proceded to submit a withdrawal application form and a refund form Friday last week. Yesterday, my bf got an email from immigration asking him to call the Case Officer to discuss his case. They went through everything over the phone, the CO asked a lot of questions and then told him that he found a clause in the policy where he could process his application as is... 2 hours later we received the Approvals for both nomination and application!!!! I know how frustrating must be for people that have been waiting for years to see people getting approvals in 4 months, I sympathize because I can totally see myself feeling the same way if I was in your shoes. I firmly believe that they must have a different team working in visas after SAF Levy fee... I wish everyone gets their PR soon and I hope that sharing this information will be useful to someone here!
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    Hi all, I just received the golden email today, nominations and visa granted together. Please see my signature below. Hope you guys grant what you expect soon.
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    Yes , I got my visa granted yesterday 5/04/2019 .and would like to take this opportunity to thanks all of you who are here to support each other. Grate work by admins and @Hex . Please keep this forum clean & free of hate. There are loads of genuine people here. For those who are still waiting just remember ,There is always light after the dark. Never let this darkness consume you save your self for the joys that are waiting for you . Please see my Sig for details . State NSW , processed by VIC PESE.
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    Long time silent reader. I am in shock, I can't believe it's my turn to say I have received my golden email! We are so excited to be able to put down roots in this wonderful country and contribute to society. Occupation: ICT Business Analyst Birth Country: HR Stream: ENS DE Number of applications: 4 Nomination and visa applied 24 October 2018 Visa and nomination approved on the 3rd of April 2019 No further documents requested. One day you simply receive an email from your MA saying congrats and that's it, your life is forever changed. I keep checking my vevo app thinking it's not real.
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    After a long wait and a scare with my partner's criminal history, we have received our PR today!!! Absolutely buzzing to say the least! Going to have few beers tonight to celebrate and luckily enough, my Mum is over from the UK and staying with me at the moment. Great to be able to celebrate with family. Thanks to this forum and for everyone help! Good luck to all and keep going. This was my second application and my second year of waiting! Keep believing! It will happen!! Tini
  11. 14 points
    Long time reader and 1st time posting here. Got my golden email yesterday and details as below. Nomination & Visa lodge - 28th of June 2018 Nomination and Visa granted - 26th of March ( no further documents asked) Occupation – Telecommunication Technologist / Technical officer Country - HR Number of Applicants – 3 State – WA Stream - TRT
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    Hi all I have been a silent reader for a long time, very happy to share that I got my golden email today. Details in my signature below. All the best! Hang in there and just be patient (easier said than done, I know!).
  13. 14 points
    This is 5th time, last updated date changed to "23/03/2019" in my immi account, but this time with status 'finalised' . Further documents were requested on 20/03/2019 as per below For Visa (provided on the same day): - Any 6 Pay slips from last two years - Last two PAYG summary Few more docs requested for nomination, which were provided on 22/03/2019 Both nomination and visa granted on 23/03/2019. refer to my signature for the details Thanks heaps to everyone in this forum who helped me in stay strong during this wait period.
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    Guys, Finally my application has changed form Further Assessment to Finalised. In the message section I can see three mails with the GRANTED
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    Hey Guys, we just got the golden mail at the end of today's work. I'll provide our detail FYI. Occupation: marketing specialist State:NSW Birth country: China Number of Application: 3 nomination applied: 1st March 2018 visa applied: 17th March 2018 nomination granted: 6 Feb 2019 immi officer called on 28 Feb asking for CN police check (which we have provided to my MA when we applied the visa, but they did not uploaded the translation of the certificate) visa granted: 29th March 2019. All the best to you guys.
  16. 12 points
    Hi All, I’m a silent reader form last 13months. Thank you everyone for the contribution in this forum, its very informative and also provides motivation for one and all. For those still waiting, hold on, good news will come to you soon. My 186 TRT application is finalized today at around 4pm (02/04/2019). Please find below the Details. Occupation - Chef State - WA No. of Applicants - 2 adults Country - LR Stream - TRT Visa and Nomination Date - 15th March 2018 Direct granted, no additional document requested.
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    PR Granted a while ago!! My details below: Occupation: Marketing Specialist State: NSW Birth Country: India Stream: ENS TRT Number of applicants: 2 ENS 186 Nomination applied: 10 August 2018 (before SAF Levy was implemented) Visa Lodged: 24 August 2018 IMMI Status: Finalised on 28/03/2019 Direct Grant
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    Hi Guys, I received my golden email a few minutes ago. I was much quicker than expected Hard to explain the feeling after all. Thank you very much for all the support that this forum has been giving to people.
  19. 11 points
    Hi All, Just received email from my MA that our visas have been approved. Checked my immi account after that and found status as Finalised. I am really thankful to all the group friends for the information and advise. This community is really great. Hope everyone will get theirs soon.
  20. 11 points
    Hi everyone, Silent reader here. I received my golden email today! After much waiting, anticipation, stress, tears, patience, meditation, it's finally arrived. I wish everyone the best of luck, this forum has been so helpful and everyone here have been so knowledgeable and supportive. Honestly hang in there, stay positive and don't check this forum obsessively. I've been in Australia jumping from visa to visa from 2007 and finally I feel that my burden has been lifted!! I'm hoping everyone will receive a positive outcome! Occupation: Corporate Services Manager State: NSW PESE Birth Country: HR Stream: 186 TRT (Onshore) Number of applicants: 1 ENS 186 Visa: 29 June 2018 Nomination applied: 28 June 2018 Approved: 4 April 2019 (both)
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    Hi All, Another silent reader. 186 DE Nomination & Visa Applied in May'18 Nominations approved in early Mar'19. Visa Granted in early Apr'19. State - QLD, Applicants - 2, Occupation - Accountant. The forum has been very helpful throughout this period. Good Luck and wish you all the very best. Thanks
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    Excuse the long post.. It would be awesome if we could return to using this forum to help each other instead of vent frustration with a system outside our control. It should be used to update timelines, share CO requests for info, and help newbies who are beginning the process. We need to offer advice when asked to those lodging without an MA's help, and to those wanting to confirm what their MA has said. The recent streams of messages of frustration with the system, complaints of processing delays, and the belief that the process is totally unfair, are helping nobody here. I'm sure those messages cannot even give comfort to the poster, only build more anger within. Don't get me wrong, I empathise with all of you. I myself am still in queue. I submitted an EOI for a 189 visa almost 2 years ago and have still not been invited to apply. This 186 TRT is plan B. We need to remember all of the things in life that really are 'unfair'. Turn on 9news in the evening and see what real life 'unfair' looks like. See migrants escaping war for a fresh start be held in asylum centres for years, that's if they make the harsh sea crossing alive. See families torn apart by crisis'; sickness, workplace accidents, car crashes. All of this happens daily. Apologies for the long read, but I urge you all to leave the visa process, as 'unfair' as you think it is, to the people in charge. Acknowledge that the processing times are a guide only, and that there are 10% of cases that lie outside those times. In years to come, a successful PR holder or not, you will look back at this time and regret being so worked up about something so out if your control. Put your energy into your daily life now, not visa blogs or chat. Peace ✌
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    No, it's not an April fool. Got my golden email this morning......!!! Thank you everyone for your help. Good luck to everyone.
  24. 11 points
    Hi guys, silent reader here. Finally got the golden email this morning after almost exactly 10 months of waiting. Immi status went straight from 'received' to 'finalised'. Was expecting them to request a new medical since my old one had expired mid March. Like for most you, this process has been very stressful - up to the point where you basically put your life on hold as you don't know what is going to happen if something goes wrong. Thanks for keeping me company along the way. My Details: Occupation: ICT Business Analyst State: NSW Birth Country: DE - Germany Stream: 457 - 186 TRT Number of applicants: 1 ENS 186 Nomination applied: 6 June 2018 ENS 186 Visa applied: 6 June 2018 Nomination Approval & Visa Grant Date: 30 March 2019 IMMI Status: Finalised
  25. 11 points
    WoW just had a phone call from our Agent and Visa Granted ..... I can't believe it after such a long slog it's an amazing feeling @CEP tick us off
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