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    Peace and happiness to everyone for this New Year. Cheers, Bobj.
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    Currently at the Gabba. Thanks to @The Pom Queen who got me tickets for Christmas.
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    Been reliving my childhood. The fair is in town and had a go on a couple of the rides. The fair is only 5 mins walk from home. No fireworks here this year either. Friends arriving in about half an hour for a few drinks - not far for them to walk home. Doubt if we will still be awake at midnight.
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    To 2020. One of the very worst years in history. Bush fires, floods and then Covid. Not a good year for our family personally ,either , except for a couple of bright sparks- new baby in the family in October and grandson got accepted into a medical degree. Other than that, forget it, move on!
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    Happy New Year everyone I hope all your dreams come true in 2021. What are your plans for tonight? We are staying in, I presume it will be the same for a lot of people this year.
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    Happy New year everyone🥳have a safe, healthy and happy 2021 xxx M
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    A number of things are currently being discussed regarding this message board and some temporary changes have now been made. These changes mean there must be no threads that could be considered political, religious, race related or about COVID (unless discussing outbreaks and alerting the members). Any such threads started will be removed and the poster potentially losing the right to post. I am afraid a minority of the members spoilt this for the majority At this moment in time, the changes are temporary but could be made permanent. Other changes being considered are removing CTF indefinitely. Please remember this is an Australian Visa related community message board.. Can I also remind you that duplicate accounts will see both accounts banned for life and all new members placed on moderation. It is not up for debate at this time and, as such, this thread is locked. Some threads have already been removed.
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    Marisa I'm glad to hear you are wearing masks in riskier situations. To everyone complaining I have this to say: Coming from a country that has suffered from COVID, I find it upsetting that people are having to justify why they choose to wear masks in the midst of a global pandemic. I find it even more upsetting that its the people wearing them rather than those not that are looked down on. Does everyone know that a mask doesn't protect the wearer at all? The wearing of a mask is for the protection of those around you, it does next to nothing to protect the wearer from others. So next time you see someone wearing a mask don't think "Oh my God they are going to give me COVID" instead think "Thankyou for wearing that to protect me, I appreciate it"
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    I remind you that there were no active cases in Melbourne before the big outbreak, except in hotel quarantine. There had been no active cases in Sydney for several weeks before the current outbreak, except in hotel quarantine. So Queensland, right now, is in exactly the same situation. If an outbreak happens, you'll have no idea until the infection has been out in the community for at least a week, probably more. How many people will be infected by then, if everyone has stopped taking basic precautions? It's good to know people are still socially distancing, signing into venues etc on the Sunshine Coast. I noticed in another post, you mentioned a limit of 2 people in the lifts. What alarmed me was MaryRose mentioning 8 people in a lift in his hotel, and seeming to imply there were no real restrictions there any more. As for mask wearing - in Melbourne, we only wear them now when social distancing isn't possible, or when we're in enclosed public spaces like public transport and shops (because Covid can concentrate in the air in those places). It horrifies me if people are being made to feel silly for wearing masks in Queensland (by "that look"). What if it's a nurse or a hotel quarantine worker, who's wearing a mask as a sensible precautionary measure (since they're working with Covid sufferers every day)? What if it's an immuno-compromised person, who knows they'll die if they catch covid, so they feel more comfortable wearing a mask? What a nasty thing to do, to make them feel bad about it.
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    Hi Homesick1! We lived in Perth for 7 years and it was my hubby that wanted to come back. He never settled, got fed up with the heat and really missed his parents. Both my parents passed away years ago so it wasn’t as bad for me I liked living in Oz although I missed things about the UK. My boys have started from scratch regarding mates, they have a couple of old school friends but that’s it. My youngest has made friends through his apprenticeship now and my oldest through his job at Nationwide. I would wait if you can until after April before you come back as by then what with the injections rolling out we should be back to some normality! My youngest goes to the gym lots but can’t at the moment so he’s a bit like Australia isn’t like this the UK is stupid! Other than this pandemic both my boys have settled which I was really worried about, it’s nice to be back with all the family,! My boys are hoping to travel around Europe this year hopefully! They visited places in UK, Ireland and Scotland and have loved it! Tell your son to look at Network Rail apprenticeships they are amazing, my youngest has been doing his with them for a year, they are a brilliant company and have really taken care of him. Does your son drive? My sons both passed in Oz and switched their licences to UK ones here, I was lucky with work I went back back into my old job as a Teaching Assistant and my hubby has been working as an electrician although in Oz he did flooring as found it hard to get work as an electrician in Perth. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want as I know it’s a worrying time. I’m glad we moved back as I know if we left it any longer my boys might have found good jobs, girlfriends etc and then they might have decided they didn’t want to move back and I would have been torn!
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    Just realised after reading this thread again that I have lived in a 10’x8’ tent as long as I have lived in cities...2 years and enjoyed it more! Also lived for 2 years in ‘dog boxes’, in the Pilbara, building iron ore railroads. Cheers, Bobj.
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    That is exactly what my parents did for 15 years from 65 - they built a granny flat on our block, arrived in October, played golf and toured the country until March then they went home where they played golf and toured around. They, too, looked at emigration (I'm an only) but dad had a sister who he didnt want to leave even though she was happily married and it would have been very expensive for them. They didnt regret it in the least, they had great holidays without the stress. They had travel insurance for the duration and brought their own medications with them for the period. They had very little need to access the reciprocal agreement but dad did have a mini stroke one year and was very well treated by the system. Once they were in their eighties it became more of a chore but talking to them about it while we were caring for them until early this year, they were very happy with the decisions they made - they had a good social network which stood by them to the end and they never regretted not ending their days in Australia. Of course, it worked out well for them that when they got to nearly 90 we were in a position to be able to retire and look after them in UK, squatting in their back bedroom!
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    Redcliffe for New Year fireworks. Mostly dodged the rain. Good time was had, but not exactly Covid safe!
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    I’m sure there are political/racist forums out there you can join Parley, they are the subjects that are taboo. It was a handful of people constantly having a dig, abusive pm’s, and reporting posts they know who they are. It was that or losing CTF and I don’t want to lose CTF. ‘Anyway the boss man calls the shots and there isn’t a lot I can do. So please let’s move on.
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    Oh I don't know..... Brexit finally happened.....I smashed War Zone with the kids and had a 3 month paid holiday from March to June.....my private pension went up by nearly 10% in the last 6 months!! f@%k knows how but it did.....I found time to paint the kitchen and dining room.....sort the garden.....I had a brush with the "round boy" in October but apart from that I only know of 2 people that have had the virus......missed my holidays though but I always try to find a positive with everything.....theres always a plus somewhere......but I would agree we would have to be really unlucky for 2021 to be like 2020......
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    You might be surprised how many people do/did settle here in their 60s, we like a lot of people we know did, some with family here and many like us with none. There was a visa that was specifically for people of retirement age, which we and thousands of others came here on. It closed in 2005 to new applications. We retired here and 2 of our children followed us here. We are the opposite to most posters, as we do the reverse, until this year we have gone to Uk for 3 months every year to see our UK son and our only grandchildren. We love our lives in Australia and have no desire to live in England again.
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    My mum came over a couple of times too - although not for quite that long. She loved it over here, but England was her home and she never wanted to leave there permanently. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I found it a struggle adapting to life here in Australia at first and I was in my mid-30s back then. I wouldn't fancy it in my mid-60s, even if I had family here.
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    My Mum did much the same Quoll. She loved her long holidays with us but never really thought about coming here to live permanently.
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    A couple of friends round for dinner , few bottles of the hunter’s finest reds and a bbq wishing all posters a healthy and prosperous new year. stay safe everyone.
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    Took the dog out this morning and it was sunny but -4, got home and had a sausage sandwich.
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    Our first trip to Alp D'Huez Christmas 2015.....it had had the worst snow fall in years.....it was so warm the boys were skiing in T-shirts!..... A little bit about us.....we try and ski every year.....what my poor wife has to put up with.....boys love skiing and she has 4 of them.....my eldest skis....the middle boy and youngest ski and snow board....I snow board.....the 2 boys that snow board are so good with the jumps and tricks....I wish I could up load a couple of videos showing some of their tricks.....it took me 10 years to learn to board and jump.....they were doing jumps after only a few days!.....My middle boy wanted to try a back flip so I had to try and negotiate him out of it.....the compromise was he did it on an inflatable cushion.....he landed it tho!
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    Going round to friends in easy walking distance for a few beers. Probably won't last till midnight but there are a few going round so should be a laugh. Compared to the rest of the world we are extremely lucky. Have a good New Year wherever you are.
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    Hubby and son were playing beer ping pong and had lots of fun, they then went on to play Jenga which with Robs shaking and the son drinking up after losing in beer pong was fun to watch.
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    ....but by then it might be too late. That's why people are wearing masks. They're not sick, they've just got more sense. A Covid sufferer could be anywhere and you wouldn't know it. Most people with Covid have NO symptoms and don't even know they're sick. Remember, the big Melbourne outbreak happened because ONE family from overseas infected ONE security guard. The family stayed in quarantine and didn't infect anyone else. But that guard didn't know he was sick, so he went on with his normal life. One person, remember. The result was over 20,000 cases and 820 people dead. What's going to happen in Surfers if one person in hotel quarantine infects a cleaner or a guard? Because everyone has stopped being careful, no one is wearing masks and life is going on as normal, it would explode exactly like the Melbourne incident did. The risk is obviously much smaller in regions where there's no one being quarantined. But Surfers is very close to Brisbane, where there are quarantine hotels, and it's also close to NSW and we all know what's happening in Sydney. And Brisbanites do travel to other parts of Queensland occasionally.
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    Ted has been on a new Christmas adventure!!!