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    Visa granted 28.1.2020 :), so happy.
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    To all the 2016 Jan applicants... looks like they're progressing again! We got our visa grant letter this morning!🥳🥳🥳
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    I have received email for further information on 23/1/2020
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    Hi all, I have got golden mail at 1pm today. Be patient in your case so you will get the good news soon. They requested my company to upload additional document and asked me for relationship certification last week (on Thursday 30 Jan 2020) and I got Pr today. The COs is working from 10am till 4pm. It's up to what is the processing office assess your application. My application is assessed by West Australia Office while I'm living and submit application in Melbourne.
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    To the OP: I think it's good to know the potential pitfalls - we used to look for the reasons people went home and disregarded the ones were they couldn't find their favourite brand of juice or didn't like the journey to the airport - but did discuss what if one or both of us didn't like it and talked about that (the decision was that Aus was a big place and we'd try somewhere else). I think the tone of some posts suggesting those pitfalls can be misunderstood and it's better to try not to read between imaginary lines when offering an opinion. For me, I try to remember how excited and hopeful I was at the start of the journey and certainly responded better to considered post which gave a balanced view/ideas to consider. As a family, I'd like to think that had we stayed in the UK we'd have maintained the ok life we had there - We lived in a nice area in the north west (don't buy into the 'if you live up north living in Aus is a step up just because where you're living must be a dump) - for us the move was a comparable one although our house/block is slightly bigger. We've still managed to travel as a family and as a couple, we've saved money (some things are cheaper and some more expensive), we cut our cloth accordingly and have a good life. Our children have thrived (as we hoped they would have done in the UK), the (public) education system hasn't let them down and perhaps aided my daughter more as her HS here had an academic extension programme which she got into which met her academic needs and by 23 she had her masters (and a hefty student loan - just like the UK). Our son had the opportunity to do sailing and also obtained his skippers ticket (to drive a boat) as part of the school curriculum (opportunities he wouldn't have had). Is our life better here? it's certainly different and we feel more content. We have accessed a lot of different sporting activities and concerts than we did when we lived in the UK as the stadium/venues in the city are less than 30 mins away for us. We do spend more time outside , even relaxing at home we eat outside often and spend time in the garden. Last weekend, we had a impromptu picnic with friends by the river, there was a large group of teens having a get together without anyone wondering what they were up to or if there would be anti-social behaviour lol. For me, these have been the little things that have been very different that what we did in the UK and lifestyle changes don't have to be major ones. My advice for the OP - it's a long time to live with regrets - you won't know if it's for you unless you try. As a family, you and your partner need to both be invested in it 100% - years on the forum have shown that if you're both not up for it, the stress of it all can put cracks into the best of relationships. If you find it's not for you - you haven't 'failed' in the slightest, it's been an opportunity that you've taken and on to the next adventure. Come with the knowledge that Australia is a totally different country (not England with sunshine), there will be things that are familiar and lots that isn't, don't expect things to click right away (it can take time) and forming friendships won't be instantaneous - just like the UK, they'll develop over time. Australia isn't Utopia by any means, but it can offer you the lifestyle you're looking for. We've been here 13 years now and haven't once regrated our move - it's been hard work at times re-establishing ourselves in a new country/making friends etc. .. but for us, it's been absolutely worth it.
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    I picked up my passport today morning from the passport office in Melbourne. Here is my final timeline: Submitted citizenship application (online): 14-June-2019 Received Test Invitation: 14-November-2019 Initial Test Date: 16-March-2020 Rescheduled Test Date: 15-November-2019 Approval (online): 25-November-2019 Citizenship Ceremony Invitation (email): 09-December-2019 Citizenship Ceremony Date: 26-January-2020 Submitted Passport Application (paper): 28-January-2020 Picked up Passport from Passport Office: 29-January-2020 Note that lodged my passport application in a post office that provides the Passport RAPID service, and I also paid the priority fee.
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    We got our 309 / 100 email today! Took 9 months and 1 day. No RFI and no agent. We feel so relieved that we can finally start planning our new lives.
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    Hi all, I have just received acceptance letter for AOS, request BG letter received 22/1/20, BG payment made 23/1/20, acceptance letter 28/1/20
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    Health Checkup done yesterday and AoS Accepted Letter received today.
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    Iknwc but , great to see so many old posters hope life’s good , tink X
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    If that was the case, very few would be migrating imho. One has to be confident of their own abilities As I say, ‘look forward and you will see the obstacles; look back and you will surely fall in a hole’. But then, I’ve never been negative in my ways and have had one hell of a good and adventurous life. And that is as it should be, as life is an adventure throughout. Cheers, Bobj.
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    We did our Citizenship ceremony this morning, this afternoon we are having lots of friends over. We have always hosted on Australia Day but obviously our first as citizens
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    Not surprising. The transition period effectively means the UK is still in the EU (in all but name) while trade and other negotiations are underway. The UK is still in the customs union, still bound by EU law, borders remain open, the ECJ still has jurisdiction, the only difference is the UK has no representation over those laws and in those courts. The next year will paint the picture of what Brexit Britain will possibly look like, current free flowing trade and borders is an indication of success within the EU not out with it. I'm not suggesting success cannot be achieved, just that it's a misrepresentation to suggest current patterns are anything other than a temporary continuation of the way things have been for decades. The only measurable success is that the withdrawal agreement (and transition period) is doing it's job
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    Out for a walk after a recent snowfall in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
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    We knew a couple who moved to Sydney from Huddersfield, they found it too expensive in Sydney but got as much of their weekly shopping as possible from the British Shop because their kids wouldn’t eat smiths instead of walkers crisps etc. Then there’s another couple who live in Birkdale who moved out to be near family and nothing is ever as good as ‘back home’. I try to avoid these kinds of people, they do put a dampener on life!!
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    Happy Australia Day to everyone. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend celebrating in our wonderful country.
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    We all enjoyed our 3 years in Oz.....had a great time.....did things over there that I never dreamed I would do and certainly do not regret any of it.....we all have our passports now so can return at any time.....what I am most grateful for though is that it showed me what a fantastic place I left behind.....it took a 3 year trip to the other side of the world for us to realise how good we actually had it......returned.....never regretted.....would never bag the place but after 13 years back in the UK I am still 100% convinced life is better for us here.
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    Yes. This was me at surfers paradise in 1990. Of course I wasn't a failure [emoji23]. I'm just playing along.
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    Well exactly. If they are coming with dreams and illusions then they're heading for a disappointment. If they know the downsides and come prepared, then they're likely to do very well.
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    Updates to the above post. (Trying to explain in detail if it helps anyone with similar situation) sorry for the long post. Case officer allocated on 20th December 2019. Requested to update Medicals, AFP and "Evidence of English language ability - verifiable evidence of PTE test results". And evidence to support inclusion of our baby in nomination as our baby born after our visa rejected. And we were not able add baby into the visa application or to AAT as department cannot add new applicants when the file is under review. Same with AAT, they don't add new applicants to the process. (So we provided a letter from employer on company letterhead saying that the new born to add to the nomination). Immigration has given a stand alone bridging visa for our baby with no travel rights. So when it is under review, baby cannot travel overseas, if baby travel overseas baby's bridging visa will be cancelled and she needs to lodge visiting visa to re-enter Australia (which will be very hard to get visiting visa for a baby as immigration and my MA both mentioned). I have submitted medicals, AFP & PTE with visa lodgement in 2016 and ofcourse all of them were expired as it is more than 3 yrs. My lawyer said no need to take PTE test again just call PTE support team and ask them to share scores with immigration. But unfortunately they couldn't help as they don't have any data of my scores because it's more than 3yrs. I was happy to take test again but my Migration Agent said "No need to take test again as member only asked verifiable evidence of scores" which was submitted with visa lodgement, not active results. He also mentioned that if immigration take this long to process the application it's their mistake not our mistake. So, I had to write an email to them to get that same information in writing. And MA clearly mentioned and explained all the details why we are not able to provide verifiable evidence for PTE and requested clarification for that PTE scores request. I have submitted all documents on 13th January 2020. Visa approved on 28th January 2020 for all three applicants without asking any other documents. Thank you & Good luck to all
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    Agreed pom queen - I will take 4-6 months a year in oz . Australia was very good to me . And my best mates to this day ,are Aussies. Miss them dearly