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    Hi Everyone, After 3 years 3 months waiting, weekly emails to Immi for updates, problem after problem with medical tests ( mainly Bureaucratic ). Yesterday, we have finally received our request for 2nd Vac !. Ironically our solicitor phoned to say we have exchanged contracts on our house sale also. So Perth, Western Australia is finally in our sights and we can organise international movers and look at flights . We are not there yet but hopefully everything will be sorted for a late May early June departure. Thanks very much to everyone on the forum for advice and help and just sharing your journey with others. It is comforting to share the same boat. Good luck to all of the long timers and new applicants and wish you all good luck and little as possible stress. LIke me and my wife , one day I hope you will have a big smile and great sense of relief.
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    received my grant today applied 06/06/2017 visa and nomination nomination and visa approved 19/04/2018 No further docs requested. HR Market Research Analyst
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    After nearly 30 years in Australia and now in my mid-50s, I was waiting for the right time to come home to England and I finally made it! I arrived at Heathrow on 2 March right in the middle of the ‘beast from the east’. My sister couldn’t get out of Somerset to pick me up but thankfully my daughter came from London and collected me and my two dogs and delivered us safely to Dorset. The dogs, by the way, were totally fine and took the journey completely in their stride. They were bemused by the snow though! So it’s close to one month on and I’m so happy I gathered all the courage I didn’t know I had, survived the wobbly moments, and made the move. I’m staying with my very elderly parents which is not the easiest as Mum has dementia and Dad a good few age-related issues too. But to see how much they are enjoying having me home at last and, quite unexpectedly, how much joy the dogs bring them, I can practice all my skills in patience and make the most of this time with them. In my first month I have managed to open a bank account (easier than I’d imagined - Lloyds Bank have been great), buy a car and have an offer accepted on a house near Wimborne. Fingers crossed all goes smoothly! Job hunting is next on the list. I’ve been driving around Dorset to become more familiar with the area as I grew up in Surrey. What a beautiful county this is! I’m in the midst of moving the bulk of my money across now which is the only disappointment so far. With the exchange rate at around .54, I wish I had been able to do this last year when the pound was quite a bit weaker. On the upside, property prices are a lot lower than in Melbourne so it’s swings and roundabouts I guess. So after the ramblings above, the point of my post is to thank this group for their support, advice and insights. Incredibly useful and much appreciated. Also to say to anyone who is wavering about the move home and the enormity of the process, it really isn’t that bad when you break it down to a task by task basis and the rewards are so worth it. Each of our experiences are very different but, from my own perspective, I am so very happy to be home and don’t have a moment of regret. The UK has certainly changed since the 1980s but intrinsically it is still the same beautiful country, people have been so friendly and helpful, and I feel that wonderful sense of belonging again that was missing for so many years. Good luck to all who are on this journey of upheaval and new beginnings, whichever direction you are travelling. It is only those of us who have gone through this that truly understand what is really involved; practically, financially and emotionally.
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    Just to let everyone know flew to Bali yesterday and our 143 Visa was granted before we landed. Can't believe it ,seems a bit surreal. So celebrating with wine beer and cocktails. Good luck to everyone whose in the waiting room and hope your visas will be granted soon, we are lucky just under 36months. Thank you poms in Oz have learnt so much about the process from this site☺🍹🍻
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    Hello everyone, just to let you know my mom visa has been GRANTEEEED a few minutes ago. I just want to say thank you very much for everyone's help and supports during the most stressing time of my life. Thank you and speedy visa to all parents in this waiting room. xoxo
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    Guys, finally I've got an email request for 2nd VAC today. Cheque arranged and sent on the same day. I'm very happy. I called my mom and my tears started to come out without noticing it. Good luck and fingers crossed to everyone. xoxo
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    If I received an AoS request today and had an issue meeting the new income requirement I would be delaying progressing it - there is no certainty the change initiated in the Social Security portfolio will survive. Media attention is now focusing on the issue, and there is hope of a disallowance motion: https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/04/13/16/20/income-threshold-up-for-migrant-families https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/apr/13/australia-doubles-financial-requirement-for-families-of-new-migrants The Opposition ALP is onto it - this is an extract from a communication sent from a Labor Senator for Qld (not to me, I hasten to add), which I have seen: Thank you for writing to me about your serious concern with the Liberal Government’s changes to Assurances of Support. This is of concern for many people and I have received many emails. I have spoken with Jenny Macklin, Labor’s Shadow Minister for Social Services, and she has given me the following information to pass on to you. Labor is very concerned that the conservative Government has tried to sneak this change through the Parliament without any debate. We understand that these changes are significant, and will have a real impact on whether or not families are able to be reunited in Australia. In many cases, people who have paid fees to make applications to give Assurances, on the basis that they have previously been eligible, will no longer be eligible under these new rules. It is not acceptable that the Minister would attempt to hide behind parliamentary processes to avoid the proper scrutiny of his new rules. This is just the latest attempt by the Turnbull Government to make life harder for multicultural communities around Australia. Last year, Malcolm Turnbull introduced legislation to make it harder for older, new Australians to qualify for the Age Pension. Currently, new Australians are eligible to receive the Age Pension after they have been a permanent resident for ten years. However, if Mr Turnbull gets his way, new Australians will not be able to receive the Age Pension until after they have been a permanent resident for fifteen years. Labor has opposed this cruel and unfair change to Age Pension eligibility. The Liberal’s policy fails to understand the value that new Australians bring to our community through their involvement with local organisations and the informal support that they provide to other family members. Best regards.
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    I have no idea if it will help, but see Allen Collett's post on page 648 that a Qld senator has contacted Jenny Macklin about the unfair retrospective changes to the AOS to the parent visa. So I have written to several Qld labour Senators, as I live in Qld, asking how an honourable country can justify the exhorbitant retrospective changes, and how much our assurer will now have to earn in comparison to the previous amount. I also wrote that governments have the right to change the conditions, but surely the honourable way is for new applicants not existing ones. Might help if other posters do the same? I suggest don't make it a rant, just a measured comment asking how it can morally be justified.
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    I wasn’t ill back then @Parley I had cancer 17 years ago but had been deemed clear once they removed things. So passed the medical fine apart from a high BMI. Please don’t worry about the Aussie taxpayer as I haven’t spent a day out of work even whilst Ill so the tax man has taken plenty of money from me, I’ve never claimed benefits in my life. Even now although I have an income I am still looking for work. Remember your body may not function but your mind still wants to keep busy. Even if I won the lottery I would still work. ‘Oh and as for giving thanks every night, I do, for still being here and being able to annoy you.
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    Just heard from our daughter who is on holiday in Queensland, that she has had her Centrelink phone call interview. 6 weeks roughly from AoS application, not bad going! Geoff & Gill
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    Arrived in Fiji for holiday yesterday and Visa granted same day !!! Can’t quite believe it after almost three years Good luck to everyone else waiting hope yours isn’t much longer Pertenhall.
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    So pleased had email from DIBP requesting 2nd vac payment😀 2 days ago 21/3. As we are onshore we had to show plans to leave the country so have booked a trip to Bali on the 13/4 for a week, sent flight details to DIBP today . So not long now. 😀 Good luck to everyone else in the waiting room 👍 Lorraine
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    When you get tired of visiting the immi site and make a bot to check the status every 10 minutes and notify you of any changes LOL
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    1) I am not a know it all, far from it. 2) It is untrue that if you are a dual citizen you will be deported for needing healthcare. Don't take my word for it, listen to all the others on this site posting the same -including the Site Admin who has asked you more than once to stop scaremongering with your false statements. 3) Just because a Scotsman has been here 10 years it does not mean he is/was an ozzie citizen 4) I object to you calling me a liar, especially when it is me posting the truth and you are posting unfounded rumours. 5) No-one gave you a second username, the system doesn't do that so you must have chosen it yourself. Its pretty obvious even to a half-witted hamster that you are just Zack under another name, and I see that Admin has already asked you to choose which name you wish to keep. 6) The only "click" I have is the one my key makes when I open my front door. If you mean "clique" well, forgive me while I laugh my socks off at that one. I don't even have personal friends on this forum never mind a clique! The only reason I am involved in this thread is because you are posting total rubbish and misleading people. Its stupid, dangerous and worrying and you need to stop it now.
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    Heard today from our daughter that she has received e-mail from Centrelink to pay bond within 14 days. It didn’t really give her clear instructions how to go about this but checked back with “Catlady” posts and hopefully found the answers. One thing the letter said was that she is responsible for our welfare should we need help, and not to go to Centrelink. Why then do they need a bond ? Geoff & Gill
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    I am sick to death of hearing about the uselessness of parent migrants. We are paying Australian taxes and spending our money in Australia as soon as we arrive. We are also handing over a great deal of money to the Aus govt for our visas. Many of us will provide free child care enabling our sons and daughters to work and provide a good life for their children. i think the whole idea of Assurance of support is ridiculous, stressful for all concerned and a real time- waster. They should just check into parents income and increase the size of the bond (what exactly is that for???) if they must, but leave the kids income out of it.
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    Good news! VISA GRANTED!!!! After exactly 12 Months! Nomination/Visa Lodged 06/04 2017 and granted 06/04/2018 TRT Sales and Marketing Manager ER
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    That attitude is the very reason why so many men are unable to deal with or express emotions. It leads to serious mental health issues and suicides. Men who still think they are superior simply because they bottle emotions need to grow up.
  19. 9 points
    Went to see Lana Del Rey tonight and you will all be pleased to know that the wheelchair platform only had the toilets behind them so I wasn’t blocking anyone’s view.
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    Got my visa today direct grant no documents requested.. applied 186 ENS on 26th April 2017 As chef manager.. hope you all guys get good news soon...
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    Hello All Thanks for all your support through 11 months....I jsut got my grant SO happy....
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    'Don't be Chinese first' Did you seriously type this? Why shouldn't be her ethnicity first , Oz after? This is pathetic. Yup, I seriously did type that. If she wants to be Chinese then stay in China. If she wants to be Aussie then come and be Aussie, embrace it! If her Chineseness interferes with her capacity to be an Aussie - like not learning the language, telling us how much better things are back in China, not mixing with other Aussies, only eating Chinese food etc then she’s not going to have a good Aussie time. I used to work with a bloke called Wong, he was as ocker as they came - no one even noticed that he was Chinese, surely that’s the aim in a big melting pot? Similarly, my Indian daughter in law doesn’t go on about her Indian heritage all the time, she’s a Londoner. My Anglo-Australian-Indian grandson celebrates Australia Day, Diwali, St George’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, St David’s day, Chinese New Year, Easter and April Fools Day and whatever other notable days crop up on the nursery calendar - join with the community you live in, doesn’t stop you being proud of who you are and your heritage (I’m proudly English, but in Australia I don’t bang on about it)
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    Hi Zack, I see you continue coming up with your tall stories and you have the cheek to call others liars, it’s strange that you say you lost your password and “I” yes it would had to have been “ME” gave you another username. The system doesn’t give members usernames and I most certainly NEVER received an email or PM from you to say you have lost your password and then gone on to create you another account. Secondly, this account @governedby nutters Was created in 2015 and your account @Zack made a post on the 21st March 2018 but was last logged in yesterday 16th April 2018. So once again please advise which account you wish to continue using or I will need to choose for you. I am surprised you can say anything reported by the media is FACT, even I am not that naive. If it had been reported in the media it will be easy for you to find a link to this to back up your story. Now to reassure any members who don’t know you that you are in fact trying to scaremonger people, I have first hand experience of the health service and believe me if anyone was going to be deported because of the expense of health costs then it would be me. I have basically never been out of hospital for the last 10 (probably more) years. Each 2 weeks I get admitted to hospital. Last week I had two lots of treatment at $5,600 each, I had a procedure that cost $1,300 and another lot of treatment. In medication alone the bill would have been around $15,000. So just under $400,000 a year, then I have all my heart medications and others which total $300 a month. Hospital stays, surgery I’ve stopped counting but I know I worked it out last year and I’d had 25 operations in the last couple of years..... etc etc, I am in a wheelchair (well suppose to be, I can be stubborn), can’t drive, no one will employ me so a total drain on Australia’s economy and only in my mid 40’s and will need this treatment and more for the rest of my life. so WHY have they not broke down the door at 2am in the morning and whisked me off to a detention centre waiting for deportation?
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    EDIT: Please Note: I started this post with a couple of - what I thought - may be a light hearted reminder that Aussie can seem hard and strange - even if the movers have been to Oz once or more to reccy - to check if they can cope with heat etc or as I said to my wife at 3pm in the Botanic Gardens on New Years Eve 2003... "Could we live here? ". It was a Yes BUT we knew nothing about oz then! My mention about my mate and trying to get hos grass cut - about the equal of a 1/4 of a football field seems to have become the focal point - it should not be!! It is just one if the points I tried to make to those planning on coming to Oz and who may have thoughts about getting their parents/grandparents over here with them. The age care structure in Oz is no where like the UK and to make matter worse - teh UK pension sticks at whatever rate it is when you depart the UK, works or private pensions superannuation etc are whatever you signed up for. No pensioner can claim and aussie pension until their tenth year ( bloody whoopee for me!) Then the aussie pension is the difference between the UK - and what one would be entitled to by circumstance as a "real" aussie would get. So please accept it for what it is.. not my plea for help +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ I don't suppose there are many of us who were regulars on PIO around 2006 / 8 - who are still regulars! Fact is, unless its changed since then - getting through the visa applications with the aussie admin - was akin to wading through 6 foot deep ( or 2 meter's) horse s**t. Especially the Contributory Parent Visa! it took us 19 months from submitting applications to landing in Sydney 28th October 2018. What ever happened to Nigel and that darling Gollywobbler ( or summat similar) and how fast the time as past...it seems. After getting settled here and buying our home and "living the life" - looking back now that advice to get out and do a reccy or rekky visit to test the water - seems better ignored. We did three three month visit to stay with our kids in Sydney and " live the life". NO... its just a long holiday and getting up the kids noses and ruining their love life!" ( amazing how daughters talk to mum after she - the daughter gives birth and become... a mum. So here we are up on the Central Coast, on what was then a new town in the making - and still is. Getting used to the people is a real experience. Lots of "tradies" a man and his ute / best mate or son. Over time we had roof fans fitted - the guy hid the 3 way wall switch - said it was not included with the fan...but he had one for $25 - we declined. We have a water rain tank which is used on toilets washing /utility room and garden hose - till it runs out and teh mains takes over. Our water switch failed - we get a guy in to quote its an insurance job, we opts for a replacement at $200 rather than new $2000 and while he was alone... be got the pump out and buggered it! The water switch failed after 3 months and we found that the "NEW" stop tap he fitted was an old type...and did not turn the water off - which makes changing the water filter $60 + a year - a sloppy wet feet job. A couple of years ago we finally decided on aircon. The tradie we had seemed OK and I cannot fault the work of the unit. BUT a week or two later we were having our kidz up from Sydney for the weekend, getting the tables and chairs outside on our "Pay she Oh" or patio to us Poms.. we found the ring with the roller ring for the lazy Susan - was gone AND two wicks out of the new anti mozzie oil burners were gone. There are others but it gets past the laughing stage. I did think of getting bumper stickers made... BEWARE Tradies are out to make YOUR stuff THEIRS! . Now, in aussie you buy /rent your home and in most cities and suburbs... out the front you will have a "nature strip" which may be just the one from the road to the pathway or one that runs from the roadside to your garden boundary and may or may not have a pathway in the middle. If you have a corner plot ie your house is on the end of the road/street - you have the nature strip at the front maybe 20 /30 yards and one up the side and from the front path to the fence line at the back of our house - is 50yards and each strip is 6/8 feet wide. The local council NEVER cut grass or in fact sweep roads unless its an accident or other sudden generator of crap and debris in the road. No - the councils have no Federal/State laws or bylaws to enforce this and if asked will tell you that homeowners always prefer to look after the nature strips and cut the grass themselves! A neighbour if ours is 73 years old, arthritis in both hands and shoulder ( he says he was crushed as an 18 year old in the army - between a railway wagon and the platform - while trying to lift the big manual brake and his shoulders were wider than the gap and got spun around and squashed) he is also waiting an appointment for a knee operation. I contacted ( eventually) the local council to advise these issues my friend has and asked if there is any option available to get the grass - at least that on the council owned "nature strips - cut for him. i heard nothing back and assumed my letter was ignored. Until we had a visitor from a council guy... never got his name - coz he never gave it or showed any official pass/ID information. "What's the issues with your grass?" he asked. I said I had none but did he mean the person at the address I gave in my letter. " You wrote in - so WE have to reply to you - but be WARNED(!) WE do not cut residential grass". I asked if he had seen my letter and understood that the person concerned had worsening health problems - of which heaving an heavy petrol mower over what amounts to about 1/4 of a football field - none of which is his land and that its getting to the point where he will not be able to do it any longer - also, I can find nothing in the local bylaws or information from any person I ask about the nature strips - being a condition on the nearest property owner". He then stated that there was no obligation or law and that if the person did not cut the grass - the council would - when it considered the matter a danger to people using the footpath....kill off the grass. So I said, "So its just blackmail - we know you will cut the grass rather than have neighbors upset by it. So i am right - its just blackmail. At which point he said nothing and walked off! Now for all you nice folk who came on a reccy for a two or three week holiday and check if you could deal with the heat and the flies and mozzies etc,. you will laern almost nothing about the real Australia. Move next door to a dog owner and you may be in for a shock. Few aussies allow the dogs inside - the are instead of a burglar alarm - which is useless because nobody would phone teh ploice - and if they did - by the time they arived they may have seen the last brick of you house being thrown on a the truck! So the dog owners work all day - the dog is behind a 7 foot high tin fence and see's nothing all day - gets lonely and barks at the only thing that moves... the clouds or a bird. So in the UK, you could phone the council, environmental dept or whatever and somebody would get involved. Not in Aussie. You would phone the Rangers office - you would have to record dates and times THEN attend with teh dog owner at a mediation meeting with at one or even two officials to seek a solution. That fails coz he ain't gonna be there to shut the dog up and when teh council decide to collect your records of offense - IF it issues a fine its can be as much as $250 per recorded incident $2000 or so is typical. Now IF that happens - you have just entered WW3 because the guys mates are liable to hurl bricks through your windows, or the odd petrol bomb or even drive a stolen car into you house - which will likely knock it off the concrete block ( no "foundations as such here") and need to be demolished and rebuilt - OR they wait while you are out and smash their way in and your house us usually a fancy garden shed ..ie wooden frames with "plaster board" cladding and there is no insulation in the cavity - and a fist goes through both panels very easily.... and it will cost thousands to repair. So knowing this when the dog barks for 7 hours - get headphones and watch TV. Oh, and don't buy or rent an house on a corner plot.... unless you like cutting the council grass at your cost and nopayment. I think the European Civil Liberties would consider it a form or slavery.... working without payment and in fear of retribution....but as tghe council guy said.... well this is Australia - not England! How bloody right he is! If you want MORE real Aussie life .... ask because this post is in danger of becoming a book!
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    Somebody else came out with this rubbish a few weeks back. Australia does NOT rescind citizenship and deport you just because you need health care. Breaking the law is a whole different ballgame, but the healthcare thing is not correct. If you need healthcare, you get treatment.
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    Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's views and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.
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    Hi guys!! I have been a silent reader until Today but I am happy to share with all of you that I have just got my PR Good news for Marketing Specialist. Occupation: Marketing Speicialist Visa Type: 186 TRT Onshore Country: Low Risk Visa/nomination lodged: 31/05/2017 Visa granted: 12/04/2018 I wish you all the best of luck
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    https://ministers.dss.gov.au/dan-tehan/contact Contact details for the Minister who signed off on the Determination changing the AoS provisions. Some may want to communicate to request that the retrospective consequence of the instrument is recognised, and the provisions are changed so they do not impact already lodged visa applications. Best regards.
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    Seriously Ahmed. This thread is here to support each other through a hard time and share experiences people have had. Its not here to spoonfeed people like you information easily available everywhere. Nobody here can look into a crystal ball and tell you how long things will take. Use your brain its bloody annoying.
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    Hello everyone My 186 PR visa was finally granted after 11 months Marketing Specialist TRT - High Risk country Applied 12/05/2017 Nomination approved 30/04/2018 They asked only one document (Conviction Status Certificate from my country) - Submitted 05/04/2018 Visa approved 06/04/2018 Good luck to everyone
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    Many of our members might have left after recieving PR, but I cant leave you all..
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    three white tailed black cockatoo have finally found my bird bath ...
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    Love York @LKC, so much to see and do, and have been to the Black Country Museum many times. South Wales is only a couple of hours from Birmingham so if looking to go a little further afield next time maybe consider a visit to the Museum of Welsh life, a great day out with free admission. Castell Coch is worth a look too, and perhaps Cardiff with its Victorian arcades, the Castle, Bute Park and the Water Bus, the Bay - lots to see and do (whatever the weather ). But coming back the OP, it isn’t about what is wrong with Aus and right with the UK, or vice versa. They are different countries with different climates, history and focus. Where you feel most at home is down to what matters to you most as an individual and a family, and it’s only a problem if you find yourself in the ‘wrong’ place at the wrong time. Knowing that the sun shines more brightly in Aus doesn’t detract from a wet summer day in the UK – not if you are where you want to be,, doing stuff you like doing with people you care about. It's perhaps not that different to life anywhere in that respect. T x
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    I've just been to see my Dad , he is still in critical care but looks to have improved a bit and the physio is giving him breathing exercises and stretches to do. He is blaming Putin 😁 Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts, it's been very appreciated.💐
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    I felt very sorry for him. In spite what I've said before about him and the team, I just felt he was a lonely, devastated young bloke and I nearly cried myself watching him and also Cam Bancroft. As for manning up - I'm all for showing your emotions especially when you are totally overwhelmed.
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    Hey Everyone, I just got a direct grant. Applied both on 5/5/17 - Project Admin - LR - TRT - NSW PESE. No documents requested. This forum has been my life for the past few months so thank you all for getting me through my days and I wish you all good luck xxxxx
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    Went to a dog show today to meet up with the breeder of one of our pups and for her to meet her litter sister.
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    Looking forward to seeing Lana Del Rey at the Riverstage in Brisbane next week with @The Pom Queen. I've been reliably informed that we'll be positioned a fair way from the stage, so hopefully we won't impact anyones view.
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    The problem with this would be a lot of people would be knocking out a kid as an easy way to live in Oz. I do empathise with genuine situations but the easiest way to ensure these problems don't arise is do not have a child until you know you have PR. That way these horrible situations wouldn't exist.
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    finally my turn 186 TRT,2ppl applied:09/08/2016 2 times information requested marketing manager granted:5/4/2018 good luck guys
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    It went well, I'm going to take the flat. It's near my work and really near the city centre. I've looked for other ones but not found anywhere as near to my work and I liked the feel of the flat. I went on a date tonight too so it's been a busy day
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    Been to see my Dad and he's progressing well. Had his wee tube taken out and meds are oral now , he has got a canula? (as opposed to a mask) his oxygen , blood pressure & temperature is stable now. He's eating and sleeping well too. They said it was a flu virus that caused the sepsis. He will probs be in the w/e but slowly slowly catchy monkey.
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    So I officially start my new job on the 1st of May. I'm slightly scared but excited
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    Great news. We heard from our son yesterday to say he had received the Centrelink letter as well, so another step forward for us as well. We may even get inside the 39 month projected process time if we're lucky
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    Barramundi take away! Cheers, Bobj.
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    My sons breakfast this morning, before and after, he seemed to miss his mouth and tipped his plate all on his lap, unfortunately he had scooped most back on to the plate before I got my camera out.
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    Hi guys, Waited for 11months exaclty. Got Ens approved on 23 march 2018. And today me and my partner got visa grant. I wish all you guys the best of luck you guys have been my support for the last 11months i will still be checking in everyday or 2. TRT CHEF 186 👍🏻
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    I have! Got talking to a kiwi guy who's moved here so we've been hanging out a few times. Went for drinks last night and a walk. Then Hyde park today. So it's been nice to have someone to do things with, the girls in my hostel room aren't very friendly
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