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    I would never compare where I live to other parts of Australia or the UK with regard to Covid and lockdowns. Here, it has been a breeze. We've been out of lockdown for over a year. Do I feel restricted? No I don't. OH and I have been to Sydney and Melbourne in the last year. We have just returned from South Australia - staying with friends who moved from NSW. Am I chomping at the bit to go overseas? No I am not. I am bored stiff listening/reading about Covid. It won't be long until most sensible people here have been jabbed then all those who are raring to go overseas and people needing to come here can do so. Spoke to younger son who lives in New York last night. He reckons most of those going on about Australia and lockdown have just discovered where Australia actually is on the world map. Good health everyone and take it easy. Be nice to each other.
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    I thought I’d update anyone who’s interested… we left quarantine on May 21st, rented an Airbnb, husband and I both got jobs within 2 weeks having spent our time in quarantine applying for jobs, In fact I’ve just started another job with more money than the first. After 2 months we applied for a mortgage using a broker and on September 17th we walked into our new house! it hasn’t been easy as I’ve applied for lots of jobs and got lots of interviews but all worth the slog. My 3 children have been in school since the end of May so settling in nicely.
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    We can all be wise with hindsight, immigration should never be taken lightly, it’s unrealistic to assume that you will still be able to get together for future family events.. Covid has changed the world, and until things change we have to accept it, and get on with life.I haven’t seen our son and grandsons in England for several years and have hardly even seen my daughter who lives in Sydney over the last 18 months, yes I miss them, but like many of my friends in a similar situation, it’s hard, but we accept it, getting upset or angry achieves nothing. At least in this day and age we have FaceTime, zoom etc. Was a lot harder when I lived in Africa in the 1960’s away from my family, with only snail mail or very expensive telephone calls, but again that was my choice,
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    My travel exemption and visitor visa were approved overnight. I submitted the visa in February but the exemption on Sunday evening (U.K. time), linking it to the visa. I wrote that the purpose of the travel was to visit family. So that’s one question answered - the reopening is not just for those permanents returning
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    From someone who also appreciates history and heritage, I totally understand your yearning for the UK. Australia must feel very bland in comparison. Hope you manage to get to the UK soon. You don't have a HGV license do you?
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    Evening all After all your advice we have finally obtained a long term rental! We move to Upper Sturt in 2 weeks time.The whole process has been pretty painful. The hot Adelaide property market ( particularly in the Hills ) has worked against us and there has been very little rental stock available . The whole open inspection process has been bizarre , and akin to a jumble sale at times ! For the popular properties there seems to be little politeness as the other viewers compete to see each room first and cosy up to the estate agent . Equally the online application process has been quite time consuming , not helped by each agent seeming to use different platforms. We ended up over the past few weeks actually applying for 3 properties and were offered 2 ( and missed out on the third property which the agent had already offered to another family a few hours previously ) . It will be great to finally have a permanent address which seems to be super important for any applications / red tape ( eg driving licence etc) . Also to finally unpack 8 suitcases which we have moved between 3 separate Air b n bs. @BeauVinyl - how has your rental search gone? I believe you were looking at the Blackwood / Hawthorndene area? To be fair we quite like these areas since they have a foothills feel about them and yet are pretty close to some decent amenities at Blackwood .We understand the schools in that area are good as well , and only approx 20 minutes to the beach. Hopefully your kids have settled into school well . Our 2 boys have nearly completed 2 weeks and so far , so good….
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    Most of the nation is living freely and Australia still has very low death rates. If I lived in Melbourne I might feel different as they’ve had a hard time, but most of Australia doesn’t live in Melbourne. Lockdowns worked through previous outbreaks and there was also a bit of blind luck that delta didn’t arrive earlier. Lockdowns were very effective at preventing deaths and bought time for the vaccination programme to (finally) get going, which has kept deaths low even though lockdowns failed to contain delta. I do agree most of the nation is fed up with Covid, but in 6 months time we’ll have 90% of over 12s vaccinated, have open borders, an incredibly low death rate from the worst pandemic in 100 years and an economy at pre Covid levels. Not many places have been so lucky and I think a bit of frustration is worth tens of thousands of lives that would have been lost in the absence of lockdowns (pre vaccinations).
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    The statement yesterday is great news but I think you are really jumping the gun here. It's a classic 'Scotty from marketing' statement from the federal government in the light of growing criticism and political pressure to reopen Australia to the rest of the world. The reality is that here in Australia the State Premiers run the show - not the Prime Minister. QLD and WA are light years away from reopening at the moment - even to other states. When they eventually do, I'm pretty sure hotel quarantine will be on the cards for a long time to come because being fully vaccinated doesn't mean that you still can't catch the virus, and pass it on. The Premiers are first in line of fire, and when they get it wrong for whatever reason the media doesn't hesitate in hanging them out to dry - as we've just seen in NSW. People overseas don't appreciate the covid mindset here, which is probably about where the UK was this time last year. There are a significant percentage of people who'd be happy if the borders never reopened! Personally, I'd not be booking any flights here at the moment unless I was returning to Australia to live permanently. There is a huge backlog of permanent residents and citizens who are also desperate to return, and they will likely be given priority over visitors when things finally get moving. If you're going to throw caution to the wind and book flights anyway, then make sure you do it directly with the airline and ensure your tickets are fully-flexible and refundable. Sorry to rain on your parade, but honestly, I'm telling it like it is.
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    Not all of us inherit anything, or fit the above demographic. What little my mother had was all used up by paying for her care after selling her house. I think 23,000 pds was the allocated amount to be left untouched? then, or would have been had my brother with power of attorney been competent. You could say luckily my husband had a similar experience with his brother, so we both shrugged our shoulders, and made our own way, and retired at 60.We were both ‘punished ‘ as we had gone overseas to work, leaving the responsibility to them, conveniently forgetting years of support from us, but that’s families.
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    My daughter and I went to our third ballet performance of the season yesterday and for those in Perth - the performances from the company this year have been excellent. You can get cheap tickets (we paid only $30 for our matinee tickets yesterday) and the ballet (Coppelia) was very entertaining. We took some friends who were going for the first and second time and they found this ballet really easy to follow. the added bonus of music from WASO and it was a delightful afternoon followed by dinner and drinks in a rooftop bar in the city. Who said there was nothing to do in Perth?
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    I believe I made it clear in my original post on this subject that it's not appropriate to lock up people who aren't a danger to anyone. But it's gone far too far in the other direction with the policy now seeming to be that no-one with a mental problem should ever be locked up, no matter how dangerous they are and particular not if the medical profession is unable to cure them. Ironically this policy is insanity.
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    I am a single parent, in my early 70's now, and have been retired for 9 years. I retired through ill-health (I had Ross River Virus and some days couldn't even get out of bed, and after a year of this decided early retirement was the only pathway for me). Prior to RRV I had a responsible position in HR within a state education department, loved my job and had planned on working a few more years, but my health decreed otherwise. My first 6 months of "forced" retirement was not easy. My health apart, I missed everything about work, from the social contact through to the authority that my role gave me and the support I had given staff in schools. Most of my friends were still teaching/working in central office admin and not retired, and of course there was my financial situation of retiring before the finances were totally in place as planned. Once my health improved though, I went back to my voluntary roles at various schools that educated and supported children with special needs, and I felt that my experience and knowledge was valued. I worked on the admin and fundraising front for these schools and totally enjoyed it until covid shut everything down early 2020. I am a member of National Seniors Association. If you are in Australia and retired, you might want to google them and support them. Apart from their lobbying the government for heaps of improvements in legislation for us oldies, they have negotiated discounts for so many services for us,. They are also part of the campaign to have frozen pensions stopped for the many of us Brit pensioners living in Commonwealth countries. I am active in my local branch of National Seniors Australia, and this has really kept my mind active and proactive. My whole reason for this post is to say, that it doesn't matter how old you are, you still have relevance in society, and even though you might not have the retirement funds you really wanted to have, life in retirement is not totally about money you have coming in, but about how you approach retirement. Giving back is a big part of being retired.
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    Many would argue that being stuck in your own state and not being allowed to travel to another state let alone overseas is not living freely. It’s living safely perhaps but not free. The biggest issue is in Melbourne and despite those that think it’s all ok, for many it’s definitely not.
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    Hi all Thought I would give an update on our visa application as this might help someone in a similar situation especially as we had a wobble thinking we should have applied onshore after looking at the processing times. Anyway we are a family of 5 ,three of us had permanent resident visas but the two youngest did not . Application submitted for 2 x adoption visas may this year , Medicals requested sept these were completed in sept and uploaded 2x visas received October. Now a year to enter and activate their visas and finally a return to friends and family well if we can get the flights
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    Grooming of young girls by Asian men was rife around where I lived. Police knew it was going on but left it as they didn't want to cause racial tension. Junior police officers who wanted to expose it where told by senior officers that if they did then they would never work in the police again. It's acts like that, that cause racial tension. If you break the law it doesn't matter what colour or religion you are.
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    There’s a big difference between “visas expiring” and missing the initial entry date. It’s unclear which you are talking about. If it’s an initial entry date, then I see no reason that the Department will not continue to be light touch on this for the foreseeable future. If it’s a visa expiry - that’s much harder to avoid.
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    I have had to watch my great grandson aged four and great granddaughter aged 14 months eat spaghetti Bolognese with their hands … a sight to behold … but hey what do I know … I did manage to smile sweetly and keep my thoughts to myself ! …
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    For those in Moreton Bay Regional Council. We have been invited via email to attend our ceremony on the 4th/Nov/2021. Fingers crossed we don't go into lockdown. I hope you all get your invites soon too! It will have taken us 8 months from our approval date to ceremony.
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    I think they thought the mixed-race extra-marital affair would cover it.
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    Every time I buy something I get a text from one of my daughters telling me to stop spending the inheritance
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    Most people's first homes are just that a first home. They are seldom the last home. I suspect I am like most people who during their lifetime have a few financial windfalls and shocks along the way. Most will receive inheritances as I did, some will get sizeable redundancy payments and many will have the financial setback of an expensive divorce. I had all these but fortunately overall am financially stable today. My main point though was contributing to superannuation over a working life, there should be no need to downsize your home. I do wonder what some people have done with all their money when they are approaching retirement and claim to have nothing saved. Really some people are the makers of their own misfortune.
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    I was with a girlfriend about a year or two after I'd been in the UK, and we were buying something in a shop, can't remember which one. I was chatting with the shop assistant about whatever, and finished off with "see you later". I'm quite tuned into people, and I could tell the girlfriend wasn't happy about something. I asked her if she was ok. She said, "what was all that about then?" I said "what?" She said, "you and that shop assistant, why are you going to see her later?" I said I'm not. She said you just said you were Relationship didn't last long.
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    I still live in that village. Personally I don't like other people very much and I try to avoid them if at all possible, but unfortunately my wife is very chatty. Sometimes when we go for a walk it can take us twenty minutes to leave our street, and it's not a long street. Everyone is out and about, and everyone is chatty. It's been worse with covid as a lot of people live alone, and they seem to crave that contact with other people. Every time I try to get something done in the front garden some old biddy will stop for a chat, asking about the roses or whatever. It's a chore, but I do feel obliged to speak to them at least for a little bit.
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    I have seen reports of food shortages but I don’t know where they are. I did my weekly shop in Asda the other day and the shelves were as full as ever. There wasn’t anything I couldn’t get. I popped into a M&S food hall yesterday in my lunch break and the shelves were full to the brim there too. The petrol thing is just idiots panicking. Driving home from work yesterday I passed 3 garages. All had queues to get in. Not like the ones you see on the news though. I’d say maybe 5 or 6 cars waiting. If it’s not toilet rolls it’s petrol! People love a drama.
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    If you on a BVE then things are potentially quite messy. I would suggest having a detailed consultation with a registered migration agent to understand where you are at and what the options might be. To be frank, there are plenty of airlines flying passengers out of Australia daily, so the fact that Qantas can’t be bothered to support vital travel is not a particularly relevant point in this scenario.
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