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    Hi, I thought I'd write here and say in a big , out loud voice that I've just booked my ticket and it's one way! Weve been in Melbourne for almost 7 years ( arriving on ironically the same date I'm leaving!) , my husband ( who some may remember as a prolific poms in Oz poster Suzuki Scottie) died in March and has left a huge Scott shaped gap in all our lives. A few things recently all just kind of fell in to place and a big decision to return made but it feels a very positive decision. I own my house back home, which had been up for sale but tenants seem to have left it in a mess and no one wanted to buy it. So it's off the market and I will give it some TLC. Our landlords here have decided not to renew the lease in October and want to move in themselves. I just have a part time job ( following Scott's death) and even working full time I would never ever be on the same level of earning capacity he had here. We live in a house here with about twice the floor space as back home so have a lot of downsizing to do in next 2 months. Have started selling on FB and we are planning our first ever garage sale! My aim is notbtontake crap back ...we were going through bides at the weekend that have been in the garage for almost 7 years! We are taking our doggy home and I'm a bit anxious about that but realise I probably over-humanise him and he is just a dog! The dog and I will travel home first and kids will follow just over a month later as they have exams / studies to finish. This will be hard but they are all young adults and seasoned travellers and it means I can go and get a home ready for them. 2 will stay in Scotland and 1 coming back to finish Uni. So my flight is booked and the dog's deposit paid and will get his flight booked by end of week. I need to get shippers in for quotes at start of next week and get that sorted out. It just all feels very right and we are looking forward to seeing ( most) family and good friends who have found it hard not being able to support us on a practical level when Scott was ill for 5 years and then we he died. I know it's not going to be necessarily an easy transition but I'm looking forward to a cold Christmas, no nasty spiders lurking, no fear of snakes ( though to be fair I've never encountered one yet) , time with friends , cheap bananas , rolls and sliced sausage and Marks and Spencer's everything!
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    Hi Everyone, Good news for me My PR has been approved today. I cannot not described how awesome it is!!! Details are in the spreadsheet Marketing Specialist - DE 186 - LR - 1 person on the application Applied June 20 2016 Opened July 20 2017 Approved August 8 2017 No documents requested
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    It is 2 years since our return to south east England. I don't come on here much now, as life is busy and we are settled, and there's barely any need to think about Australia. I read some posts today about those still split about returning or being homesick or divided about returning so felt compelled to post. For us, it has worked out. It's not been easy all the way at all. Starting again is always hard, no matter where or when you do it. It's normal to feel exhausted, question things and have to ride out the storms. Honestly though, absolutely 100% no regrets. I had 9 years down under, in various cities, and my child was born and raised Aussie till age 6. However, we are both really enjoying UK life. We do SO much more here- friends, family, trips, camping, holidays, cultural stuff (endless possibilities with day trips and sight seeing), beach (no snakes, flies, sunburn, things to kill you, and lots of sea side entertainment) woodland walks, you name it. I have made more 'new' friends since being back than many stints in soul-less Australian suburbs, and the old friends who stuck through my absence are just as wonderful. Downsides i have found are namely the same things I always thought were annoying- the negative UK media, the outrageous property prices in the south east, infrastructure which is bursting at the seams, and Jan and Feb were particularly grim. However, these are minor. Not having to deal with homesickness, missing people and that constant feeling of 'not being myself' is worth all that. I get up and can live life, without feeling displaced. Child has settled despite challenges- loves the variety of things we get up to, when i quiz her about the weather she says 'i don't think about the weather' and that's kids for you. I often wonder why I rarely if ever think of Australia- i think i'd had my fill. I'm not a beach or fishing person, BBQs bore me to tears, and at my older age I'm keener on a decent pub, good conversation, theatre, national trust, days out, humour, proximity to other interesting countries, camping without fear, and most importantly being with family whilst they are still around. Life is never perfect, but it's about where you fit. For some that will be Australia, for others here. Don't be unhappy though, as that's a waste of a journey.
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    Oh my! this may not be the right time to post this as possibly too early but boy am I pinching myself!!! Do we actually live here!!! We flew with Etihad Heathrow to Brisbane 1 stop. for some reason exactly the same flight this seemed to drag a lot longer than our visit last year. We were over on the kilos with suitcases but they never said anything, which was good (and it was a full flight) So fast forward 2 weeks, we are still in our Airbnb but have got a 6-12 month rental and are moving in on the 14th (but have just been told our container is delayed till the 10th plus 7-10 days quarantine so we are certainly going to be without our stuff but no worries. With regards to the rental we were told the reason we got it out of the 4 applications was that we offered 6 months paid in full, so with this in mind we got the first rental we applied for. Although I think we panicked and was a bit premature as I have seen nicer ones since. We have bought 2 cars, the kids started school on Monday and love it. Uniform pricey!! One major clanger I dropped was that I was so determined to get kids into Chancellor State College was I checked the catchment (as they are very strict on this) and the High school confirmed it was in catchment, so went off and signed our lease for the rental. Goes to Chancellor Primary to enroll young son and was told the High school catchment is much bigger than the primary (which I totally forgot about) and his catchment is Mountain Creek, so I have to drop the kids off at totally different schools opposite ends which is a bit of a pain but it is what it is! So remember that Primarys and High schools have different catchment zones! Our rental is in Buderim but there is certainly no way we could afford to buy here the properties are way too pricey. Sippy Downs or Mountain Creek look more in our price range. Hubby started his job on Monday too (same day as kids) he was so lucky to get offered this job prior to us coming out, although the wage is not great, he should be getting a raise in the next few months. It is winter here and we are boiling - which is slightly concerning! ha ha! but it is freezing in the morning and at nights and that is inside the house as they are so not insulated!! I am not wanting to start work just yet as I want to make sure the kids are settled in and I am going to try to lose the half stone I put on before coming due to parties, meals and more farewell parties!! So I had a fast walk down the beach and it was simply stunning! We have done so much in 2 weeks, transferred our driving licenses, got medicare cards, got a rental, 2 cars, uniforms, bank cards and accounts set up - phew!!! By far the most paperwork was enrolling the kids at their schools - it was quite unbelievable the amount of paperwork I had to fill in. I am so happy though, the teachers have already picked up that my young son is behind which I already knew this and his UK school seemed to disagree with me. They have mentioned special help which after only 3 days of being there is fantastic!! On the other hand my daughter in high school is complaining that she has already done most of the work and is bored, however, they have had a few tests and she is getting top marks plus they have an excellence course so hopefully she will get on there. How can two kids be sooooo different!! So to sum it up, I cant believe how lucky we are, the ONLY downside is the price of the properties here, which will leave us with a much bigger mortgage than we had back home and that is AFTER selling our business and house! For an average 4 bedroom house (nothing fancy) you are looking at between $500-$600 - I had budgeted $450k - in fact we were in Hervey Bay (2.5 hours north of here) and there was this most beautiful 2 storey huge house with massive gardens and all modern inside totally gorgeous guess how much???? $420,000!!! My next task is to convince hubby that a two hour plus commute to work aint that bad!!! Love it, love it, love it - if it change down the line I will let you know. Hope this has been helpful to some people - I know Poms in Oz has been my biggest help by far so thank you x x x x
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    We exchanged contracts on our house this afternoon. Can book our flights. Looks like we are actually going to move. At last!!!
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    Just had our request for AOS, medicals and police certificates! We're getting closer!!
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    Just sharing the following to give hope and positive energy to everyone: my file has just been allocated to processing ***fingers crossed*** My info are in the spreadsheet - I applied June, 20 2016 - DE Marketing specialist
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    We arrived home end of July to stay with my parents. The children. 18 months old & 3 now 4 are loving it, the 3 year old had the best family birthday she could have imagined. & we all feel it's been the best move. We've slotted in & are enjoying so much- playgroups that run through the summer- made friends already! The variety of cheap food, the weather, music, festivals. Etc we feel alive again. Best of all- babysitters!!! Hubby e moving down south for job in few weeks so things will change but so far it's great. Oh by the way we arrived using kids Oz passports & now getting UK ones- no dramas entering or registering for Dr. Etc. Easy. Preschool starts September as we deferred school place. No regrets at all, enjoyed Oz & now enjoying UK both have their strengths
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    My fingers, toes and just about everything else possible in between are well and truly crossed
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    That's more like it OFFSHORE APPLICANTS (subclass 143/173) When your application is allocated to an assessing officer, you or your authorised contact may be asked to provide more documents, including but not limited to, Assurance of Support (subclass 143 only), police certificates and health clearances to finalise your application. We are currently assessing applications lodged up to and including 25 November 2014. Sent from my iPad using PomsinOz
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    We chose PSS because they did a home visit and were substantially cheaper than our other quote. Didn't have time to do three as we are leaving on August 18th. We had to hang on and hang on for exchange of contracts on the house and then suddenly it's all rush rush ... But like waiting for the visa really ... I agree with you AMP it's like our special club in this thread Travel tip coming up for anyone who, like us, has decided that they deserve a bit of luxury on the journey out - after all the rushing round. We decided that for once in our lives we'd do business class, and hang the money that should be going to our new life, house, expenses etcetera. Now I once read that it was cheaper to fly long haul from an airport outside the UK so I had a look on sky scanner, using Singapore air from LHR and from Helsinki (don't ask). £5600 for two from LHR and no appreciable difference from Finland. Then I tried again with Amsterdam, and again no appreciable difference. I had one last try with Paris. ..... LHR - SYDNEY =£5600 Paris CdG - SYDNEY = £4002 I couldn't quite believe it, but we've booked, are going over the day before and are having an evening in Paris before we fly. Just in case anyone else is bonkers enough to travel to Paris with two great big suitcases ...
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    At last get my Golden mail today. PR grant. Thanks for all of your support. Hope each of u also will get ur PR soon. Nominaton apply 29 april 2016 Visa application 05 may 2016 Nomination grant 15 june 2017 Furthur Information requested for visa 15 june 2017 (only medical for me andmy wife) Medical done 26 june 2017 Immi account says assessment in progress from 5th of july 2017 after medical clearance provided. Yesterday my agent sent inquiry to case officer about progress. And today 27 july 2017 visa approve 3 ppl occupation chef NSW Hope its help u guys. All the best. May Almighty bless us all. Thanks again for ur valuable suggestion and continues support.
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    This ^ Someone recently said to me 'you are not a tree, and you don't have to stay where you're planted'. There is no point in spending life in a place you don't want to be. If you don't like it move. If that doesn't work, move again. We have precious little time on this little blue planet as it is. There's no point in wasting it because other people expect you to do what they think you should do. This is something I've learned over the past few months. My dad died at 52, working hard so he could start life on his retirement. I won't do that. I'm 42. I could have a day, a year or fifty years of life left, and I won't waste another second of it wondering if I live up to other people's expectations.
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    Hi all, I couldn't agree more with the many and varied reasons for returning to the UK. I have lived in Australia 28 years, more than half my life, came as a back packer in 1989 and returned to the UK in March 2017. I have just turned 54, got a contract job immediately and start a full time job on Monday. Life is far too short to keep wondering if you should do it or not. I intend using my return flight in February 2018 to basically sell up my unit in Melbourne. Can buy a lovely little house here (Worcester), be cashed up and will be working for 3 years full time and can afford to then work 2/3 days a week. Never married, no kids but feel like many of you in that I love and appreciate Australia, and always wil,l but I want to be close to Europe, life long friends and my ever diminishing family. I am 21 on the inside and I think if you have a happy, optimistic outlook on life and are willing and able, age really is no barrier. Good luck!
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    I always thought a mep was something the queen used to find her way about.
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    Thanks for the good wishes and to everyone who has helped me on my way with info during the last few years. I'll carry on adding my bit where I can. Love this site.
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    Hey there, Sounds like an exciting time for you but as a previous 457 visa holder I would strongly recommend not selling your house if you do not need to - Can you rent it out? You know the 457 is temporary so will not harp on about that as you have done your research but what if you do not get PR? What if your husband gets made redundant and cant get another sponsor??? I speak from experience, we came over 6+ years ago on my husbands 457 and within months they told him he was being made redundant. The only saving grace was that it was not immediate and he had 6 months to help them transition the department overseas and then would need to leave - he also was offered a golden carrot for staying the 6 months so we stuck it out and in the last couple of months he started looking for a new sponsor - If he didn't get one we had 28 days to leave! Thankfully the company I worked for (defacto 457) agreed to sponsor me for my own 457 so we did that and I became the main visa holder and husband the defacto - We were saved! YAY...................... nearly 2 years went by and I was about to speak to my company about PR sponsorship via the pathway (had to be on the 457 for 2 years in the same job/company) and guess what.... I was made redundant!!!! Thankfully the rules had changed and we have 3 months to find another sponsor or go back to the UK. My husband had been with this employer on the defacto 457 for 2 years since his last redundancy and spoke to them about being sponsored for a 457 - and guess what they sponsored us ........... Are you keeping up? We were 3 years in and on our 3rd 457, but the clock for PR started again as it was a new 457/applicant /company.... it meant we could not apply for PR for another 2 years and had no idea if the company would even sponsor us for PR after that time. We decided this was our last shot, we loved living here in Sydney but it was too stressful and the uncertainty was awful - We knew the pitfalls, we knew it was not permanent SO we rented out our UK house, put our furniture in the attic and shed locked away from tenants and put our car in storage - IF it all failed in OZ we have EVERYTHING to go back to albeit jobs. I would never come out here on a temporary visa and selling up - there is too much risk but most people think it wont happen to them - we thought it would not happen to us but it did and were were covered if we had to leave. Anyhoo..... that's my 457 story but there was a silver lining - After 2 years on his 457 visa my husbands company sponsored us - We got our PR!!!! We have since sold our UK house and have our own piece of Sydney real estate - Loving life right now! So not only do we have the experience in the pitfalls of the 457, we are also a success story in gaining PR from a 457 albeit with a bit of stress along the way! By keeping the UK house and all our possessions it made the stress easier knowing we had it all to go back to. If you can rent it out I would strongly recommend it as security especially with children, but I know some people can't due to personal circumstances. All the best and enjoy your journey!!!!!!
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    Processing times seem to have reverted back to 33-35months! Good news or an error? https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/143-
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    A strange facet of our return to Blighty is getting my Aussie wife residency. Luckily, she was born in the UK (Cardiff,) to an Aussie mother, and a Kiwi father, and lived there until a year old. So we were able to apply for a UK passport on the strength of her birth certificate. We were told that it has been approved, sent, and it is now awaiting collection from a local DHL depot! Funnily enough, my Pommy passport was coming up to it’s expiry date, so I had to send off for a new one. We may soon be in a situation where my "true blue" Aussie wife has a Pommy passport and I do not.
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    Which of the 150 indigenous languages were you hoping to learn?
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    First (almost!) 24 hours in Australia. Had a great time in Singapore for four nights. Was really lovely to swim and just enjoy ourselves before the craziness of starting a new job next week. Made it to Brisbane late last night. Passport control was a breeze. The officers were so friendly and smiled a lot / chatted about things to do. Was a bit taken aback! Ok so it's VERY VERY early days so I'm just going to give a first impression and only basing this on the tiny bit we've seen - Brisbane is gorgeous. Despite being 'winter' we were in shorts and t-shirt today. No humidity, very sunny. Had lunch on Melbourne Road (plethora of multi-national restaurants) and wandered around the South Bank - loads going on, a festival-like atmosphere. Happy smiley faces. Noodle markets, school choir groups singing, fast free cats (boats), giant ferris wheel, Japanese and Nepalese memorials. Everyone just seemed to be in a great mood! People holding doors, saying excuse me - just being polite, very smiley and friendly. Pretty much every nationality under the sun. I love a good first impression. Something obviously you only get once. Doesn't mean of course we will always have this impression however, am very impressed so far and are looking forward to much much more exploring.
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    Good news for me! 186 DE PR Granted today. Nomination and Visa applied onshore on 4/4/2017 Occupation: External Auditor Family of three in the application - my child and myself (main applicant) are citizens of a LR country whereas wife is citizen of a HR country) Nomination firm (which I am working for): One of the biggest professional services (accounting) firms in Australia/Globally with annual revenue in billions. No further documentation requested from DIBP. All the best to the rest of you!
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    So arrived Melbourne mid June via a 4 day layover in Singapore which was lush. Our Aussie dream started in 2006 when we got married in Barossa. Fast forward 11 years and we've arrived! Within three weeks, we had a car, house, Medicare, Centrelink set up, school place. Week four saw my daughter start school, week five was our week for starting work, husband full time permanent and me on a temp to perm whilst I suss them out! Also added bonus of working school hours only! In a nutshell, it's great. It's been an eye opener, going to view rental properties was very up and down and the way they do things out here in that respect is very different but we have a home and that's that! We will buy a house next year!! We opened accounts with Westpac over a year ago and they opened a GBP account for us before we left the UK so transferring money is a breeze and without any kind of transaction fees! We also get a preferential exchange rate. They are partners with our UK bank Barclays and so it's all made just that bit easier. People were whinging at me about high cost of living but I haven't seen that. Wages are high (I'm in a bog standard project Admin job and if I was full time, my equivalent salary in GBP would be £45000!) , and many activities are free at weekends so we are spending less anyway. Yes if you want British branded this and that, you will pay higher but there are equally good alternatives within Australia so if you wanna pay extra, that's your choice! Quality of food here is amazing and the choice never ceases to amaze me. I've met a few whinging poms since I've been here, who moan about lack of decent gravy and tea. I truly believe such individuals should've stayed in the UK 😂😂 Yes you are far away from family. In our case tho, we were already living in a different country within UK from our folks anyway so it really isn't any big deal, and Skype is just as easy here. Australia so far (8 weeks today I think) is awesome and hopefully it will continue to be so. It's definitely been the right decision for us!!! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
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    Just a quick note to say Zoe and I received our 189 grant this morning. I am a secondary school teacher. We lodged late March with all docs frontloaded. Our visa was granted 10 August. Best of luck to everyone!
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    Hi everyone. I've filled in my application for the 600 visitor visa today, all done and paid on line, 141.37 AUD. I'm letting you know some of the detail whilst it's still fresh in my memory. It specifically asked what family I had in Australia, where they lived and their residency /citizenship status. Also it asked if I had a parent application in hand and where my application was in the queue (I basically put the date of application). It asked whether I would want my visa duration to be longer than 12 months because of this, so I said "yes" ( though the max stay at any one point is still 12 months, I answered NO to whether I had medical insurance but then it brought up a page asking whether I anticipated needing treatment whilst in Oz for listed medical conditions. Also it wanted details of how I would fund my stay. The application was quite long and detailed, but was straightforward enough and I didn't have to send any attachments. Will let you know how I get on and how long it takes. Fingers crossed!!
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    I haven't been involved in this thread because to be honest I don't live in the UK anymore. However, what you have wrote above is in my opinion correct. I lived in the Yorkshire Dales, our nearest big town apart from Skipton was Keighley, Bradford and Leeds. Back in the 70's when our parents were young there were no migrants, these days they see no white faces, they see people coming in and taking benefits and they see unemployment soar. These are not my views, but from family and friends who live in the area this is the feedback given.
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    Still no news. I spoke to my migration agent last week, who had visas granted for September people, so we're expecting mine soon. I googled "my" local shopping centre in Aus and found that I can get a senior discount card that covers most of the shops in there, as well as some nationally. It generally gives about 10% off. It would be worth googling "your" local shopping centre to see what they offer.
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    I found an article from 2013 which is quite interesting - not new - but interesting. https://www.visaaustralia.com.au/immigration-news/assigned-case-officer-visa-application/ Quoting: "When a case officer (CO) is assigned they will then review the file and assess it against immigration policy for the visa subclass applied for. At this point the case officer will either grant the visa or request further information in support of the application so they are satisfied the applicant meets policy. Further requests can include health, character, further employment evidence or clarification on any other points the case officer is not clear on. If you are requested further information then it’s important to provide the requested documents in a timely manner and you are normally given 28 days. When the documents are returned the case officer will genuinely have a pile of applications that are awaiting further documents and will be working through that pile in receipt order. So the longer you take to send the document in the longer it will take for a decision to be made. The same process explained here will apply to any further requests the case officer may make as the case officer may have further queries form the documents provided. Once the case officer has everything to make a decision they will normally grant the visa within a few days. However the time taken for the case officer to review the file once assigned or granting of the visa can depend on a number of factors such as their work load, their holidays, sick days, public holidays and in some cases Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) officers work job share so are only in the office 2, 3 or 4 days a week. It is important to note there is no need to email or contact DIAC to make further enquiries as this only delays the process further. The more time taken replying to enquiries means less time for working on files. We would only advise contacting the CO in emergencies or the case officer is taking an extended period of time to grant the visa once all documents have been provided. DIAC also strongly advise you not make any adverse decisions until a visa has been granted. So no booking flights, quitting jobs, removing children from school, selling property until the visa has been approved as nothing is ever 100% guaranteed."
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    Well, I am about to join in the other waiting room we seem to have on here as in "The Nursery" !! My first grandchild due in March 👶😃 With Mother Nature on their side this was planned to perfection for me arriving in approx 2yrs time (remember the good old 18-24mths processing time for us!!) My daughter will then have 6mths off which take us to Sept18 however, my visa probably still won't have come through 😞 So, 600 visa next summer it will have to be then! Counting down as always 😀 Also! Bear with.... I remember someone on here saying their children would pay them to childmind. Someone else said they thought the grandparent would then have to declare this as income?? So my next question is....when permanent, if paid and declare this for next few years can we then say we have worked for 5yrs so as to claim a pension after 10 instead of the new 15yr rule, which says you can claim a pension if worked for 5 out of 10yrs resident. I wonder if there is a minimum hours/dollars etc you would have to do in order to "qualify" ? As I do want to work. I know it is only a top up pension as such but every little helps. So many queries in this process !
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    Saturday morning Yoga on Yeppoon foreshore
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    Hello All, I have been a silent follower of this forum for many months now. I finally got the GOLDEN email from my MA. My PR has been approved today. I have updated the spreadsheet as well. Decision ready app and nomination for Direct entry submitted on 16th March 2017 as ICT System Analyst for 2 people from HR country. I have been with my current employer for over 1 year. PR granted today 31 July 2017. Good wishes to everyone waiting for approval. Thank you!
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    Sussex is where my house is. I came back in June after 16 months and hardly needed to use my brolly or raincoat in that time. The only time the weather got on my nerves was when I was packing to come back during the heatwave - and that was because I wanted to be out on the bike. As for a dark Christmas - how lovely and cosy - I spent a lot of time last winter in front of roaring fires in friendly pubs with close friends. I'd choose that over sheltering from the heat any day!
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    Well some Random on the street is not going to come up and ask if you want to know how to say it!! Did you ever ask anyone to teach you?if you were in Scotland would you expect everyone to know Gaelic
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    My confidence was pretty much reflected in the vote share. As it gets nearer and the veneer peels away from the EU my confidence raises. I sincerely hope the whole of europe does well out of it but it's up to the other member states to see the light. As a father i honestly voted for the long term and I am prepared to ride out any bumps along the way. Still a brexiter.
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    Been a while since I've been on. We arrived in Melbourne 16th June. We have settled in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, daughter in school as of last week for start of Term 3 and we found our house and got keys 3/7. Both husband and I started work this week so we have packed a lot into our short time here. We are loving life here and so happy to have made the move. Things would be sweeter if we had our container which suffered delays leaving the UK for no apparent reason but that's been the only glitch! Good luck to all those waiting on grants, and congrats to those recently granted!!
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    On landing in London and arriving at my mothers house she told me "you must be mad coming back here" in fact she loved to tell me several times a week !! I think she was just pissed that her free holidays had come to an end. It certainly made our relationship pretty sour and continues to do so. I'm questioned a lot of the time as to why we would come back, but always by local people who have never lived overseas. They have no experience whatsoever and, therefore, their opinion is irrelevant. Good luck with your move I turned 50 the year we came back and had no trouble finding work (NHS) and my husband was 55 and had a job offer before moving back (engineering consultant) We have a great house and not a colour bond fence in sight (they are my pet hate)
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    Hey mate, Sorry to hear of your story. Well done for reaching out for help. I'm going to point to another forum which may be more suitable for your situation and I think you will get more qualified advice. Have a look at mensline.org.au. Call them if you want/need to speak to a qualified counsellor. There is a forum on there with guys who have been through some of what you have been through, particularly in relation to your child. They offer some really good advice. The other thing i suggest you do is go to your GP, tell him/her what is going on and ask for a referral for mental health plan. This will give you 6-10 sessions with a counsellor (funded by Medicare) to help you work on your mental health and plot a path of recovery. You are probably not in the best place right now to make life changing decisions. Get some help and give yourself time to recover. I think you will find that you have more and better options than you have listed above. On a side note - I did the skype thing with my child for a while - it helped but is not enough, He needs physical contact and time with you. IMO - you need to get well to be there for your son, you are his Dad, he comes first
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    This is something that has always made us laugh. For us, it generally seems to be a statement originating from people who take all they can from the UK and still think it is a bad place to be. People who take it for granted that they can go to the dentist, doctor or hospital and get treatment on the NHS. Yes they have to pay a bit towards it, but nothing like the costs here in Australia. The kind of people, who watch the popular Australia relocation programs and think that it is all a bed of roses, the grass is far greener in Australia. People who still think that they can sell their UK terraced house (taking what little equity they have) and come over to Australia, buy a 5 bed house, with a pool on a big block of land and only work four days a week for more three times the amount of money they are getting in the UK. Think you are getting the picture lol. People who when it comes to living in Australia, do not know their @ss from the elbow. We travel back every Christmas (as feel that Christmas in the blistering heat is not right) and when we tell people our plans to move back, we always have the “why” question. Most of the times you can see on their fact that, what you are saying “does not compute”. As their vision of Australia and the reality is clearly so far apart. Yes, it may work out for a few people moving here, but generally it is work, mortgage, bills and such like. All the things that you have in the UK, just here you pay more for aircon and in the UK it is more for heating. With house prices here in Sydney, you still have to work like a dog to pay the bills, survive and keep a roof over your head. Here though, you sweat going to work and from work and sometimes while at work. You tell people this in the UK and their reaction is “oh I love the heat”. Yes we do now and then, but you get sick of it all the time. Trying to get to sleep at night when it is still 30 oC is no joke. At the end of the day moving your whole family back is not a decision taken lightly, things must be serious for anyone to wish to move back. To go through all the hustle and up evil of moving again so if anyone had any feelings for you to start with, you would hope that they realise it is something that you need to do for your overall happiness. To anyone who is moving back or has, good on you. You have realised that Australia is not right for your family (at this time) and you have taken steps to improve the short life that we have on this earth. The way we look at it is that we tried it, we know what it is like and we have given our kids dual passports, what we see as the best start. We now realise that it is not right and we can make that decision based on knowing both sides of the story. We have lived in Sydney coming on 7 years by the time we plan to move back to the UK. We feel that we have given it a fair go and now the time is right for us to move back. Our move is due to a number of factors; not feeling like this is home, realising that we have not got the golden better life here (that we were looking for), the UK is not actually that bad after all, aging family members and all our thoughts are about the UK. We sent our eldest over to the UK to start school and live with grandparent. He is loving his time there and doing far more and better than what he would have done here. That is also a driving factor as being away from him is hard on everyone and now we just want the family back together. With one child being there and settled in school and life, we just have one more to sort out in school when we get there, for now anyway. Hopefully, 40 is not too old to enter the job market, as that is how old we will be when we move back. Well add a few years lol. We are sure that it is not a problem and all will be OK. From the replies on this post being 40 does not seem to be creating any issues at all. We have a place in Sydney so like you we have decided to keep it and rent it out (like you). Worst case we have to sell it and take the money later, best case we have a pension from it when we get older. With keeping it for us, we can let the kids use it as and if they want to. We also do not think that we will be ping-pong-poms but want to keep it as if we get off the Sydney property ladder there is no wat (at our age) we would get back on again. Hopefully all will go OK with your move and now that everyone is on board (hubby and yourself).
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    Most of my mates think I'm mad to return. My answer is always; "You live out here for 16 years first, then you can tell me what to do."
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    You are very welcome. I actually landed my job a week before returning. All I can say is for us, we have not regretted a second of it. We see the UK with totally new eyes and appreciate just how amazing it is.
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    We have finally signed the contracts and are waiting for the deposit to be paid so we can (hopefully) exchange contracts on Monday. Can't believe it seems to be actually happening. All sorts of old friends visiting, which is sad. My sister is trying to take over and organise me ... some things never change :-)
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    I'm sure there are grounds for being more optimistic. The last test email showed that they are now processing applications lodged up to 13 Oct 2014, so that is only 6 months from your acknowledgement date. I work on the basis that an optimist can be just as wrong as a pessimist - but at least he is happy!!
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    It's been a year now without any update on my file. (Anniversary celebrations are going on [emoji12]) It's raining PR's for 189 and 190 subclasses since last few days. So hope they will also concentrate on 186 as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I agree with Quoll some very sound advice there. If any doubt at all that your husband would oppose a move to the UK once baby is born then get going quick smart. Please take care of yourself and be a little selfish ( sometimes we ladies need to put ourselves first). Lastly i'm sending you a big hug.
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    And so welcome to the new madhouse ... I've been madly ticking things off my 'to do ' list all week ... Or not. If I have to listen to one more robotic voice telling me that my call is important to them and they will try to connect me soon, I'll scream. Ditto those mad web sites that take you round in circles but never to the actual page with the actual address so that you can actually write a letter to these people because nothing else is working. Worst culprits? HM tax, swiftly followed by teachers pensions. We are slowly getting rid of all the stuff we aren't taking. I'll be so glad when it's all done and I really can relax. D day is a week today.
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    How did it wok pre 92 before the boarder controls were removed , I travelled all across Europe we had a manifest got it stamped and moved on took about 15 min ( apart from when the French were on strike ) From what I have read all eu nationals currently in the uk would be given a visa to stay and vise versa for uk subjects living in Europe , there will be cut off points , let's not try to complicate things
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    And i also said that anybody should be able to give advice, but they shouldn't be allowed to vote because they will not be the ones to suffer the outcome. Why should the disconnected have any direct control over the future, when they are not going to be part of it and are obviously more interested in point scoring over the EU? Pretty much every argument has been smashed and still they bleat on, recklessly putting their fingers in the ears and their hands over their eyes. This is the selfish attitude that has brought the UK to it's knees, and now the same people expect to set the agenda for a future they do not understand? Maybe these isolationist attitudes are the reason that the country has not integrated and is comparatively unproductive? It's obscene, especially when clear evidence is emerging that the outcome is going to be pretty catastrophic. What sort of people would do that to their own country? The ones we should be seeing the back of asap in my opinion, or at least shepherding out of the way so they can do no more harm. Vince Cable gets it spot on in my opinion, there are people on here who just wish to be martyrs and have already lost touch, the evidence being in the poor and lazy content of their minimal contributions.
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    I would take an ability to get into mining with a fairly large pinch of salt. There are thousands of unemployed experienced miners out there at the moment. I myself am a miner with a fair bit of experience and a mass of contacts in WA who returned to the UK last year due to not being able to get a job after eight years in mining in WA.
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    It does take time- i think at the 2 year mark, that's when things are really settled. I think it took me that much time in Australian cities too. The first 12 months can be bumpy. Re-adjusting to such a different country takes time. You are bound to question your decision but you have to keep moving forwards. There is so much to enjoy here still- don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. You're the ones who know what it's like to live far away and how you feel about it. The world is full of problems, not just the UK. You just try to focus on the positives. Some things will annoy you. Some things will give you utter joy. A sense of belonging is something I would never ever trade again. Good luck to all!
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    Hi All, It is with a lot of happiness that I come here today to say that my waiting time is over!!! PR finally approved on Friday 21/07/17 Nomination & Visa applied on 05/05/16, HR, 2 people, Chef. Application went from "Received" to "Finalized", no extra docs requested, no contact, nothing, just like that.
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