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  1. welljock

    Congratulations Ash Barty

    According to AusSport it's: Swimming (by a long way), Football, then AFL
  2. welljock

    Woman's World Cup Football

    Yes that's exactly what you look like watching cricket or rugby
  3. I'm older than you and it took ages to go all the way back but the paper version only asks for the last 10 years.
  4. Their parents wouldn't have done anything, they would have been automatic citizens on birth. I put down their date of birth and acquired by Birth.
  5. welljock

    Car hire

    Bayswater (No birds) are regularly recommended on here with the full insurance they are pretty much unbeatable, the cars I had were also pretty new and in excellent condition.
  6. welljock

    Sports Direct

    Cheaper paying the postage than return flights from Perth
  7. welljock

    Eurovision Madonna was shocking

    Except Graham Norton is not a Brit
  8. welljock

    Sponsoring Partner Visa application 2nd time rules?

    Has he tried to get an RRV, it's a lot cheaper and far less hoops to jump through. People have had them granted when they have been granted a lot earlier than "just" 7 years ago
  9. welljock

    Royal Baby Boy or Girl?

    Except they were 5th and 6th in line to the throne when they were born and Archie is 7th, so they were closer than he is.
  10. welljock

    Royal Baby Boy or Girl?

    Mr & Mrs Armstrong, Mr & Mrs Young, Mr & Mrs Sedaka, Mr & Mrs Diamond, Mr & Mrs Kinnock, Mr & Mrs Ruddoch to name a few
  11. welljock

    Would you recommend using a Migration Agent

    You don't need to do anything, the Visa is permanent (unless you want to go in and out of the country), you need to apply get citizenship. If you do get Citizenship you don't require a visa.
  12. welljock

    Would you recommend using a Migration Agent

    It's not quite correct, it is your right to enter Australia that expires after 5 years; you can stay indefinitely (permanently) within Australia on the expiry of the 5 years. You only require the RRV after this if you intend to leave and re-enter Australia.
  13. welljock

    Australia after 8 years - the good, bad & the ugly!

    Do know if it's just where we stayed in Scotland but we had 20mph school zones
  14. welljock

    Michael Jackson songs banned

    In your two examples: 1) I would never drive the car again and would expect it to be fixed or get my money back. Summary - Dangerously Piss poor design and manufacture 2) a) I would expect the cruise control to disengage when using the brakes, b) I would also expect cruise control to work as it should, c) How would I know it's the cruise control that is at fault and not something else. Summary - Dangerously Piss poor design and manufacture In both these cases I would at least expect that the manufacturer would issue a recall and stop selling them until the safety defect is rectified, if both did not happen I would expect the government to step in and do it for them. To blame pilot error for an inherent fault in design is wrong.
  15. welljock

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    I don't think the second part is correct, I think they are mixing up the countries you would need to supply a police certificate for. If you don't give any holidays they wouldn't be able to work out if you qualified by spending less than 1 year out of the country and less than 90 days in the last year