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  1. welljock

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    The rules about unvaccinated travellers are Federal rules not WA rules. You can travel interstate without any restrictions.
  2. welljock

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    If you can't test for it, how can you know it can take up to 50 years to show symptoms.
  3. welljock

    Cost of Living.

    It wasn't directed at your comments. Simmo said "Probably to apologise for selling weapons to and still funding Putin's war." an article was posted with the comment "You might want to read this before you comment next time...." the article did not mention selling or otherwise of arms to Putin nor does it address the part of the comment about the EU still funding Russia. Therefore the article has absolutely no relevancy to Simmo's post. As for Simmo not commenting, I'm pretty sure his responses take a few days to come through, but nevertheless why should he be expected to respond to every post not matter how irrelevant
  4. I don't think I read any of the Mallory Tower books (too girly)so that might explain that
  5. Wow!! just read that (and didn't know) that Enid Blyton died in 1968, her books didn't seem that out of date when I read them
  6. To be fair if you said what does "MH mean" I wouldn't have a clue, despite the fact that my whole family very aware of mental health issues.
  7. I read most (possibly) all of the Secret Seven and Famous Five books but while I remember lashings of ginger beer I don't remember anchovy sandwiches
  8. Exactly it's as much a S(oxymoron)LP problem as a SNP but that's not mentioned in the article.
  9. welljock

    482 Waiting But Passport Expiring

    That's unfair, the question can and will be answered by an expert employed by you, any comment you get on here will be an amateur view and as likely to be wrong as it is to be correct. The agents that post on here wont comment as you've mentioned you have an agent. I'm more surprised that a moderator liked your post which is rude to a very experienced poster who tried to help and gave the best advice you could have possibly got.
  10. welljock

    Cost of Living.

    I'm lost to the relevancy, it doesn't mention the EU not selling weapons to Putin.
  11. The roads are the responsibility of the local council, so the comment about the SNP is a red herring, the second sentence confirms this. In effect it the same as saying under the UK Labour and Conservative Governments the pothole plague has increased by 5 fold.
  12. welljock


    The Residential Tenancy Act 1997 (WA), allows for 'up to 4 routine inspections a year', all three RA's we've had have done them at 3 monthly intervals, and everyone I know who've rented are the same. So you obviously only know very lucky tenants.
  13. welljock

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Did you two read the article? The article said she was (eventually) put into the 7 days quarantine (as are all non vaccinated travellers). A negative test has nothing to do with this situation, it was to do with the exemption.
  14. welljock


    3 months in WA. No you don't get used to it and yes it was really annoying.
  15. welljock

    The Official Weather Thread

    Dreich, I'll need to remember that the next time it rains, I'm teaching the Malaysian graduate real words. He's learned numpty, sook and dinnae ken to name a few