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  1. welljock

    G2G pass?

    From the WA government website: Who must complete a G2G PASS? All people arriving into WA from overseas or interstate, including returning WA residents, must complete a G2G PASS. To submit your travel declaration visit the G2G Pass website to set up an account and complete your application. If you have an existing G2G Pass account, simply login to complete your application. All adults are required to register their travel with their own individual email address. Children under the age of 18 are not required to register their travel through G2G PASS, but you can add them to your registration to assist WA Police when you arrive in WA.
  2. welljock

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    That was the medical advise in WA, perhaps in the West they react quicker to the advise but dither 'over there'. The fact that it stayed at 1 case rather than blow out to '20 odd' and rising suggests that it was effective not 'Grandstanding'.
  3. welljock

    Date to apply citizenship

    I added in the dates into the calculator but changed the date of PR to 22 April 2017 and that came up as not eligible but to try again on the 1/6/2021. Going by what people have said before the immi site sometimes makes you wait a day or two over the actual day of eligibility. So a couple of days patience and it'll be OK
  4. welljock

    Date to apply citizenship

    You're trying to do it on the exact date you become eligible, the immi account doesn't like that; try again tomorrow and it'll probably work
  5. It wasn't semantics. If you want semantics: you can't have one if you have the other
  6. welljock


    Keen wah. In WA - Derby grates on me
  7. No quite true, you can have the Partner Visa without the citizenship, but you can't get citizenship until you've had the partner visa for 4 years (currently).
  8. welljock


    The latest season of Line of Duty (Season 6) is a Britbox exclusive in Australia
  9. welljock

    British passport renewal??

    No you pretty much can do it totally online now, even the picture you can take yourself and upload it, it's been like that for 4 or 5 years now. It's also cheaper now it's not done via Australia post
  10. welljock

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    So far they're not really offering it to people but leaving it up to individuals to find out if they are entitled to get it and then it book it in themselves. You really need to look for the info rather than being told about it.
  11. At the top of the post on the right hand side there is a sideways V type icon, that when you hover over it a 'report post' comes up.
  12. welljock

    Citizenship Application + Passport

    Correct was getting mixed up as the discussion is about both
  13. welljock

    Citizenship Application + Passport

    You should only need your photo signed if you are not recognisable since you last passport photo or it's your first adult passport.
  14. That would explain but most people on this site would expect that the comment was aimed at Australian residents.
  15. How is that, I just did the Covid vaccine checker and supermarket workers are not coming up as under any category (they are specifically excluded under the meat processing). We are currently on Phase 1b. 'Key workers' does not have a separate category, construction is also categorised as Key working, so that would cover a high percentage of the population. Other than for age groups the only industries/ categories I can see are: Phase 1A Quarantine, border and front line health care workers Aged care and disability care staff Aged care and disability care residents Phase 1B Other health care workers Critical and high risk workers including defence, police, fire, emergency services and meat processing Phase 2a Other critical and high risk workers