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  1. Have you missed all the support for Hamas/Palestine in all the capital cities?
  2. welljock

    Driving tests in WA

    Arnold Clark used to hire out dual control cars, my son sat his test in one about 10 years ago, so that may be an option. A quick look at their website, they appear to still do this.
  3. welljock

    Driving tests in WA

    My daughter did hers in a manual a couple of years ago. A quick google search shows a lot of instructors with manuals.
  4. welljock

    Driving tests in WA

    No. It's actual 50 hours but none of that needs to be with a driving instructor. As long as you have a license you can do it.
  5. welljock

    The Voice Referendum

    As a Scotsman, it was: you tried to invade but lost; then a few centuries later the parcel of rogues sold us out. Even without that in the 18th century, and before, if you were not upper class you were a 'slave'' until the mid 20th century that remained the same.
  6. welljock

    School lunch

    So you cant see the entrance on your left? If there is a car to your left which enters the roundabout before you you should give way to it. Incidentally when I was taught to drive the law was the same in the UK - you had to give way to vehicles already on the roundabout. I don't know if that has changed.
  7. welljock

    The Voice Referendum

    I not saying he should be upset but Jacinda Price way outstripped him tonight. She would be a shoo in in as PM after today, Dutton is not popular even with Lib supporters.
  8. welljock

    Family of three, a bit lost

    So was I but I was offered almost 6 times our combined wages for a mortgage. I had not even thought about it for a few years as I didn't think I had a chance in my early 50's. This was only 3-4 years ago. Currently I will be 82/83 before it is paid off and that is after a remortgage reducing it by 2 years.
  9. welljock

    The Voice Referendum

    Both Albo and Dutton must be shitting themselves over their leadership tonight. Albo if he had any integrity (not holding my breathe) has to resign, turning a 60/40 into a least 40/60 is staggering. Although Cameron claimed a 70/30 turning to a 54/46 in the Scottish independence referendum was a victory
  10. welljock

    The Voice Referendum

    He wouldn't need to ask all the indigenous (ignoring the fact that anyone born in Australia is indigenous, including "the white man"), he would only need to find one to prove his statement, since Lydia Thorpe, Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine are all in the No camp, Parley's statement is 100% correct. At the start of the campaign, a lot of the Aboriginals not staying in the cities stated they didn't know anything about the "voice". It's another Canberra elite con, forgetting that there is already a "Minister for Indigenous Australians" who actual sits on the cabinet and who has an actual vote at cabinet level' there is also a The Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council. Arguable both of these currently have more influence than any "advisory" voice could have. Noticeably the question is "To alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. Do you approve this proposed alteration?", it doesn't say "establishing an advisory Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.", therefore Albosleazy can then decide the actual powers at a later date which may include executive powers and the ability to make laws.
  11. welljock

    The Voice Referendum

    Thorpe is a No voter.
  12. welljock

    The Voice Referendum

    Should Mexico also be returned to the Spanish!
  13. welljock

    The Voice Referendum

    You mean the Spanish?
  14. welljock

    Climate Emergency 🆘

    Don't worry, there are also trials taking place in Australia, so you won't miss out. Scotland had 20's plenty zones over 10 years ago, in most of the locations you hardly noticed the difference as the road layout and conditions meant that not may people were going faster than that anyway.
  15. welljock

    Converting a Smart TV from UK to Aus

    Bear in mind it is illegal to do this in most states and may invalidate your house insurance.