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  1. welljock

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    "Right Wing" is a slightly older example.
  2. unzippy is going to say "so tell me where you think it is?"
  3. I doubt that was Marisa
  4. welljock

    PR query

    It doesn't say that at all (at least when I got mine) It says "Visa Cease Date: dd mmmm yyyy" which clearly gives the impression that it expires; it's only later in the letter it says "This visa allows you to remain in Australia indefinitely, and to leave and re-enter Australia five (5) years from the date of grant. Following this period, you may choose to apply for Australian Citizenship or a Resident Return visa." I've also had to fill in many forms (including governmental) which ask for the Visa expiry date
  5. welljock

    The Voice Referendum

    So you agree that treating someone different just because of their race is correct, I find that disgusting, it's the perfect description of racism, so despite what Albanese tries to say the supporters of the voice are the real racists. I would support the removal of any racist terms from the constitution, rather than adding to it.
  6. Close but only equal first after this year with Sweden on 7. UK is in the next group on 5 including France. Ireland haven't won since 1996, UK since 1997 and France since 1997. The UK has also finished 2nd 16 times
  7. welljock

    Cost of Living.

    5% with the occasional bonus weeks
  8. Except they're not, it's a one gig "Australia Tour". I, however, don't actually totally disagree with you.
  9. welljock

    Children's football in Darwin

    They meant football, you use your feet to kick a ball. The other 'codes' use their hands to fondle a giant testicle
  10. welljock

    The Coronation of King Charles III 👑

    The crowd at a Rangers Celtic game are never right. Horrible bigotfest
  11. welljock

    Is Melbourne really Australia's biggest city?

    I hadn't heard that one before but when did Mandurah become part of Perth?
  12. I thought the Matildas were supposed to be good!!
  13. welljock

    Electrics in Australia

    They should be OK, just the plugs will be different
  14. welljock

    15 minute city. What do you think?

    That sounds exactly like a conspiracy theory