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  1. AngelaC

    Converting a Smart TV from UK to Aus

    Thanks everyone for the replies! Appreciate the help and sharing the experiences. Agree with the consensus, we haven’t watched terrestrial TV for years!
  2. Has anyone had success in converting regions on a smart to from UK to Australia? We have a good TV and know that we wont get much for it if we sell, so wondering if it’s possible to succesfully take a Smart TV from the UK to Australia, change the power plug and change the region to allow the right apps to be available. Don’t want to get it all the way there and then find out we can’t make it work! It’s a Samsung. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, Have searched but haven’t seen any topics about Britannia Alan Cook for international shipping to Australia. Has anyone used them before, any reviews? Also, most companies I have looked at quote based on capital city delivery, has anyone had issues moving to somewhere more regional? North Queensland? Thanks!