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  1. greenl

    DAMA far north QLD

    Thanks so much for replying. I have so many questions about Midwifery over there, can I message you? I've been emailing HR/recruitment there but not getting much joy, they've forwarded my messages to the nursing and midwife recruiter but haven't heard back from them yet. There are a couple of roles on their website that sound ideal. Yep totally understand about the heat and humidity, lived in FNQ for a couple of months while travelling in my 20s.
  2. greenl

    Renting with large family

    Thanks, I've looked on domain and found plenty of suitable places, but no details at all about referencing, credit checks, income ratio etc.
  3. greenl

    DAMA far north QLD

    My reason for not applying for PR visa now is lack of work experience. I'd need 3 years. I have just over 2. The most sensible thing to do would be to wait 9 months and apply for a 186 visa then I know, but on terms of kids and school moving this year is better. I've contacted GM and two other migration agents and they've all said they're too busy to take on new clients right now. Waiting for some I emailed yesterday to respond
  4. Please someone help me with questions about DAMA! Getting so many conflicting responses online and generally get the impression it's so new no one really knows much about it? My occupation (midwife) is on the MTSOL. I'm looking at a 482 visa but am about to turn 43 so by the time I have 2 years working in Australia I will be too old to apply for a 186. My understanding is that if I work in an area that has DAMA status (in my case hopefully far north QLD) the age restriction for PR applications with my occupation is lifted to 50. Has anyone gone this route yet? I'm guessing if my occupation is on the list employers are desperate for staff so finding an employer to sponsor should be possible? I'm working with a recruiter but they obviously push the roles they earn commission from which is not this route so would likely be applying independently.
  5. We are a family of 7 (5 kids) and will need to rent for at least a couple of years when we arrive in Australia. Looking likely to be far north Queensland area. In the UK it has been an absolute nightmare finding rental properties. Firstly, hardly any 4/5 beds ever come on the rental market. When they do, the competition is so fierce, 20+ viewings for every property so Landlords can afford to be super picky and 5 kids is never high on a Landlord's wishlist! Also pricing has gone from affordable to totally not, and letting agents are super strict about the 30xmonthly rent annual income ratio and are often choosing applicants with 60x What kind of obstacles are we likely to face in this area of Australia? Our income should be in the region of $200k so budgeting around 800-1000AUD pw for rent. Will this meet the letting agent criteria? Obviously we will have no credit history in the country, will this be a problem? Also, timescales. Our recruiter is hoping we will have 6 weeks accommodation on arrival, is this enough time to secure a rental?