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  1. Wonderingaloud

    Visa options ... confused

    Your agent should be Mara registered, this ensures they are properly qualified to give professional migration advice, and carries credibility as far as the role is concerned. It sounds as though you have not had good advice so far if you are needing to ask your questions on a public forum. Good luck
  2. Wonderingaloud

    Applying for Permanent Employer Sponsored or Nominated Visa 186

    Congratulations If you take care and do your due diligence with a straightforward application there’s every chance there won’t be any issues. We did ours ourselves but many people who post have complicated circumstances or more importantly haven’t the time/inclination to research it for themselves, hence an agent is always a good idea in this scenario. Glad it’s worked out for you!
  3. Wonderingaloud

    TSS transition

    There was a post recently where this was the case. The OP got in touch with an agent and posted that even though his occupation was no longer on the list he could apply for the 186 TRT due to grandfathering agreements. I’d check with a registered agent depending on your occupation/situation. As for spouse and children, yes if they are on the original TSS visa they can be included in the 186 application, but you’ll pay for each person. Once the 186 is granted each person has PR in their own right.
  4. Wonderingaloud

    Return Resident Visa(RRV)_Complicated_Guidance required

    I think you are confused about what an RRV is for. You only need an RRV if you want to leave the country AFTER your PR expires ie Aug 2020 in order to get back into Australia. If you plan to stay in Australia you don’t need an RRV- you can stay forever. Paul Hand who has replied above is a Mara registered agent, I’d take his advice as the forum expert. The rest of us are not migration experts.
  5. Wonderingaloud

    189 Visa 1 Year of Australian Experience

    Just to add to the above regarding needing a skills assessment for work experience and qualifications, have you sat the English test to claim the superior points? You can’t just claim that as being a native English speaker. Also I don’t think you can claim 11 weeks of part time work as a full year... but the skills assessment will consider your experience and make a determination.
  6. Wonderingaloud

    Bringing Prescription Medication

    The issue is going to be the country you transit through- the Middle East (Dubai/Abu Dubai) have strict laws around not carrying more than I think 3 months worth of medications. Look into this a little more, there are some horrifying news stories but I’m not sure they’re not just being exaggerated. We stopped via Dubai on the way to UK and had to fill out an online form to bring some medication into the country- not even that much, but because it was on their ‘restricted’ list. It’s not restricted here- just prescription only (antidepressant type) but they have different laws around some medicines.
  7. Wonderingaloud

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Depends which country you are from and if that country has a reciprocal agreement with Australia. If you are from the UK then you don’t need private health insurance, however you will only be treated for medically necessary care. If you have medical issues it would be wise to look into it more, if not, you can take your chances. Presumably your country has a reciprocal agreement as you have been issued a Medicare card.
  8. Wonderingaloud

    189/190 Engineer Technologist also with Aus Girlfriend

    There are some visas which I would definitely suggest using an agent for, however you’ll find this forum seems split on the topic of using an agent for the partner visas (providing it’s straightforward). If you are in a genuine relationship and have the means to prove it, from what I gather, you can do it yourself. I can’t speak from personal experience only from what I have read over time on these forums. There are literally hundreds of threads on here with what kind of evidence you can use to prove your relationship. I think your plan of getting a registered agent to check everything is in order is a great idea. It’s a drop in the ocean compared to the cost of the visa itself, and don’t forget the partner visas are heavily scrutinised due to many fraudulent relationships/marriages to obtain visas illegally. They also have a very high refusal rate, so it’s important to get it right first time. On the agent side- unless it was the MARA registered agent handling your case personally I’d be wary of proceeding with the company you are in contact with. They may not carry the right indemnity insurance if mistakes are made, (more likely if they are not registered). Any of the agents who post on here are reputable and MARA registered. Many members can attest to their professionalism and attention to detail. Wrussel, Paul Hand and Raul Senise are commonly recommended. Best of luck
  9. Wonderingaloud

    RSms 187 refused Apply for AAT

    Use a Mara registered agent- not a lawyer!! As verystormy says, any of the registered agents who post on the forum are the way to go.
  10. Wonderingaloud

    189/190 Engineer Technologist also with Aus Girlfriend

    Is your agent MARA registered? Don’t use of trust anyone that isn’t.
  11. Wonderingaloud

    802 visa

    I don’t know the correct answer to your question but I do know that you should never take advice from the immigration helpline. Weird as it sounds, they are not trained to offer advice on complex immigration matters, they are literally people who work in a call centre. They have stuffed up many people’s chance to emigrate or obtain a visa with their bad advice. Immigration will say ‘you should have sought advice from a registered migration agent’ by way of protecting themselves, which is what I would advise you to do. It needn’t cost a fortune, sometimes you can have a quick consult just to determine the best pathway for your circumstances. If you choose a MA to actually do the application on your behalf that’s where it costs more. Either way, make sure they are MARA registered, you don’t need a lawyer (another common mistake). There are a number of reputable RMAs who post regularly on the forum. Their signatures are under their posts with their MARA numbers. It may be the advice you were given by the helpline turns out to be correct but I would definitely run it by a RMA first. Good luck
  12. Wonderingaloud


    The way your post read implied you were. You said further up you were the sponsor, and now you said he’s the sponsor?
  13. Wonderingaloud


    So are you Nikita as well? Makes no difference who’s sponsoring who. Centrelink knowing you are married will hold very little weight with immigration in terms of demonstrating a genuine committed relationship. But you know what? If you think it’s ‘strong proof’ then a) why ask for advice? and b) Go for it! If you know better, then submit that as the strong proof you believe it to be and see how far it gets you.
  14. Wonderingaloud


    No, Centrelink knowing you are married doesn’t mean immigration will think it’s a genuine marriage! Anyone can get married to try to get a visa and inform Centrelink, they aren’t going to vet you to make sure it’s genuine. That’s immigrations job. So no, in my unprofessional opinion I’d say it’s pretty poor proof.
  15. Wonderingaloud

    Do you really need a migration agent ?

    There’s nothing wrong with that, but people asking the questions should know that the advice here is not professionally considered advice. I’ve often given my thoughts about something only to have one of the MAs point our that what I said is incorrect. If people take the advice of a forum, even though there are experienced members and plenty of people who have been through the visa process themselves without an agent, they are taking a risk. I did my own temp visa, PR application and citizenship but that was 6 years ago and fairly straightforward. Just because I did mine without an agent doesn’t mean I’m going to tell everyone not to use an agent. The way things are now with such high refusal rates across some visas it’s irresponsible to ‘advise’ people not to at least seek a free consult or the opinion of a registered agent.
  16. Just out of interest how long was/is the tourist visa? 3 months? The longer ones are usually if you have family in Australia, which doesn’t sound like the case. If so, did she visit Australia when she was 32 weeks pregnant? At that gestation presumably you’d know the baby would be born onshore? This has little bearing on the main issue but I’m intrigued as to what the background is here. It might throw up something relevant. Based on the info above I agree with others. To stay in the country legally she’ll need to find a work sponsor right now in order to have everything lodged before her tourist visa ends. Being heavily pregnant, that’s unlikely. Also the skilled sponsored visas require you to work full time in the occupation (I think) and with no access to any government subsidies for childcare etc its hardly worth working, unless she’s uniquely skilled and can find a super high paying job... What does she do out of interest? It sounds very messy- why she would want to stay in Australia with no support etc. Having a baby will not help her to stay in Australia, it will hinder it significantly (if that was the main motivation for birthing the baby onshore). Best of luck- are you in contact with her?
  17. Wonderingaloud

    888 forms hold strong evidence ?

    Sorry but LOL. Just because he’s in an office doesn’t make him anything. An agent should be registered with Mara, nothing else- MARA. If he is he’ll have a unique number that will be assigned to him and him alone. You can look it up on the Mara website, it’s easy to do. Don’t trust anyone for advice who isn’t a Mara registered agent. The posts we’ve had over the years from people who have shelled out thousands for bad, wrong and sometimes just made up ‘advice’ is shocking. The advice about 6 citizens filling out some form as evidence for a partner visa sounds ridiculous to me. Why on earth would that be proof that you’re in a committed genuine relationship? Look at other threads on the forum, there are literally hundreds with advice on what kind of evidence you need for partner visas.
  18. Wonderingaloud

    Agents fees

    Yes that’s Ok- what I was trying to ascertain was the money wasn’t just for the agent- but including the cost of the actual items as well. The original post was unclear to me. But yes for everything I know it’s expensive, I’ve been through the process myself. 3-4K for an agent sounds about right depending on the visa type and how complicated it might be.
  19. Wonderingaloud

    Agents fees

    This is just the fees payable to the agent? So $21,000???? Because that’s insane!! Are you sure they’re not quoting you what it’ll cost for a skills assessment, visa etc? You should only use an agent who is Mara registered, they’ll have a number you can check on maras website. Each number is linked to a person not a company. Do not go near anyone who isn’t mara registered and don’t use a lawyer- different profession. Can I ask the name of the company who has quoted you this amount? There are a number of reputable agents who post on here regularly who will often do free Initial consults based on your circumstances. All Mara registered and like I say, reputable. Westly Russel and Paul Hand jump to mind but there are others too. I’m pretty certain the fees will be no where near $20,000!!
  20. That’s lucky they’ll honour the grandfathering arrangement for your position if it’s been removed. Was it a Mara RMA who gave you that advice? Given there’s a few potential issues here with the business/grandfathering etc as you’ve already said (and I would reiterate) definitely get a RMA to check everything is ok before proceeding. There are some good ones who post on here regularly.
  21. As long as your position is on the long terms skills list, and you meet the other criteria (as do the business) it shouldn’t be a problem. Issues with the ABN are commonly when the business sponsors under the first ABN and then changes it after the nomination/visa is submitted. In such cases the nomination/visa have to be refused and re applied for. Make sure before you lodge anything that they won’t be changing the ABN. Otherwise the usual advice- use a Mara registered migration agent, not a lawyer etc. Best of luck
  22. Wonderingaloud

    Accountant- 457 to 186

    Yes well that’s a seperate issue.. the 186 has a high refusal rate. Employers would be well advised to use a MA, and research if they can meet all the requirements and costs beforehand. Just because they want to sponsor someone doesn’t mean they can. The business side is complex, far more complex than people on these forums make out at times. It’s not just a case of ‘we have a turnover of $x, so we meet the criteria’, there’s so much more to it than that. Be wary if you’re the first person they’re sponsoring too. They probably don’t really know what they’re getting into. You should seek a MA to represent your interests too, they need to be MARA registered. That’s important, don’t just use a lawyer or someone claiming to be an agent. Do your homework on someone first to maximise success, the same advise goes to the employer! If your employer uses a dodgy ‘agent’ it will more likely be refused and you won’t get your visa either.
  23. Wonderingaloud

    Accountant- 457 to 186

    Yes but it is before you apply for the 186. The 457 is a seperate visa. The way I see it is if you apply for the 186 you need to meet the rules that are in place now, not 3 or 4 years ago. Maybe that’s wrong but it wouldn’t make any sense to me. I’d check with a MA.
  24. Wonderingaloud

    Refusal Visa

    Where are you staying whilst in Australia? Why are you visiting? You must have some kind of itinerary if it’s for a holiday? And I don’t see why you can’t just ask the agent for the booking details- you must have a receipt?
  25. Found this posted by Richard Gregan who is a well known and reputable MA who posts on the forum. It’s from 2 years ago. Richard Gregan 487 Posted February 1, 2018 Although ANMAC now require all applicants to have a degree, they will still count work experience post-diploma - as long as it led to registration. e.g. your did a nursing diploma and got registered in 2008, and have worked as a nurse since then to present. You undertook further training last year and upgraded to a degree. ANMAC would still count your work experience from 2008 to present. The tricky part is at immigration stage - immi tend only to count experience post-degree for degree level occupations. Even if ANMAC says your original diploma was 'equivalent to a bachelor degree', it is purely advisory, so immi might not accept it, meaning you run the risk of getting no work experience points, regardless of what ANMAC say. Regards, Richard