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  1. whoiam

    Women ONLY Thread

    I liked that--something to do when there is nothing more interesting!--should try that the next time.--someone said house work was therapeutic for them--all I can say is good on you for those who feel that way.
  2. whoiam

    Women ONLY Thread

    Is it ok to say that you dont luuuuurve cooking and housework and you just do it because its got to be done? Well I happened to admit as much while serving some delicious lunch to a couple of middle aged ladies yesterday --they looked a bit stunt--I don't know whether it was because the thought was far too alien to them or because I voiced my feelings aloud.
  3. sure will do. Whats your masters in? My course is also supposed to be full time but i am planning to take it part time at least in the first sem.
  4. whoiam

    Women ONLY Thread

    Dearest Ladies, lend me your ears. I've been woefully absent from Pomsinoz for the past several weeks. but that time has been put to very good use. As you may or may not know--I am a doctor as well as a patient. I suffer from a variety of autoimmune conditions so I've always had a keen interest in what can help me get better and in what can help me get worse. Long story short I've learned a lot over these past years and in the past few weeks have come across through further research of certain dietary changes that can be beneficial which I would just like to share. Two main things that I've learned is that wheat in all its shapes and forms need to be avoided as well as other gluten containing cereals--actually they advice a complete cut out of most cereals until gut healing has taken place and then slowly millet, buckwheat or quinoa can be introduced. Me being me have cut out everything else but for a bit of rice for my carbs. The second important thing is with regard to the milk we consume--more info on this is available on Dr. Keith Woodfords blog and in his book the devil in the milk. A short synopsis of the issues with our milk can be found here at Milk and medicine - http://internationaldoctors.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/milk-and-medicine.html So needless to say I've now cut out milk and gluten from my diet--and am already starting to feel better. To top it all I have also switched completely to the use of coconut oil and all things coconut. Coconut oil --esp the ketones that it provides has been shown to be beneficial to the brain especially in Alzheimers, Parkinsons and in autism. So this is my diet in a nutshell and I aim to keep you posted on how its going. I feel that those who suffer from various cancers too may benefit from certain aspects of this diet in addition to certain other non-conventional therapies. Please read about GAPSyndrome for more info. P.S ---I have no personal pecuniary interests in any of the diets and issues mentioned:biggrin:. Just sharing because I know many of us on here suffer a lot--just hoping that this may help in some small way.
  5. Ha! Adonna you give me hope. I'll be doing a masters in Infection and Immunity. Just to wet my toes so to speak--my ultimate dream is to do research that will bring some sense in the management of autoimmune conditions and other similar self inflicted conditions. Wish me luck:biggrin:.
  6. whoiam

    Mobile phone plan in Sydney

    Vaya is cheap and cheerful.
  7. IKNOWC but I'm having mixed feelings about next week. Hopefully will be beginning a Uni course--that and managing the kids can be stressful. Hoping for an extra dose of patience and strength.
  8. whoiam

    Doctors from overseas not good enough.

    [h=3]Danger Doctors - Beware![/h] A different perspective of the same issue is presented in this blog. http://internationaldoctors.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/the-sunday-telegraphs-health-leads-with.html?m=0 The Sunday Telegraphs Health leads with the eyecatching, heart thumping headline of '3 in 4 of Britains danger doctors are trained abroad'! Now lets go a little more into their eyecatching, heart thumping headline and news. They acquired the statistics using the freedom of information act so we can conclude that this juicy detail was actively sought to make a news article. Well that explains the catchy headline at least! .....
  9. whoiam

    Doctor's excitement.... but some concerns

    We live in Sydney--OH is a GP. He has had no probs settling in and patients generally just see how good a doc you are and arent that bothered about skin colour. In general I will find it hard to say that Sydney is any more racist than many parts of the UK. There are just so many people from so many places--its truly a multicultural place.
  10. Padstow is a nice enough place--so is Revesby--hard pressed to buy a decent home for less than 600K though. More in the 700's nowadays.
  11. whoiam

    Oz plan could off the cards! Dilemma

    I have nothing much to add to what has already been said---can feel your pain. But take heart---things can only get better and may be validating your visa could be a good start point. Wishing you and family all the very best from the bottom of my heart.
  12. whoiam


    There is racism--but I don't think there is enough to worry too much about--especially in the cities. then there are prejudices---like what some aussies have for poms--cant call it racism since both are the same race--but as always all these effect people. The easiest thing if you worry about your kids is to get them into a school where they wont stick out like a sore thumb--whatever the race is. For example even if a white kid goes to a heavily multi school there is the possibility of being bullied for being white or a pom. Im not saying only to stick with your own--just make it easier for your kid--if he/she is multi racial check them into a place that is not predominantly of one race type--thats all. At the end of the day we can only do so much--they've got to live in the real world around them and develop coping mechanisms.
  13. whoiam

    Has poms in oz had its day

    Oh No! It has many more 'days' in front of it -- long may PIO live and prosper:laugh:. At the end of the day its a great forum because of the great people on here and I think the owners are blest to have such a dynamic group of PIO lovers out there in the nether world and we indeed are grateful to the owners for such a wonderful portal--for offering a 'jack of all needs' kinda place! All the very best for many many morrows.
  14. Prices are exorbitant yes--but you are looking at one of the most popular cities in the Southern hemisphere! I think You can get nice new modern estates built entirely for the modern family --places like Stanhope Gardens etc there are communal halls for entertaining, swimming pools etc--each for a street or two. On the other hand there are plenty of older homes--some fibro--which you can buy and renovate if thats your cup of tea. Somewhere in between you can easily rent a duplex--3 or 4 bed home with all modern amenities and a yard or back garden depending on budget. From what Ive seen in my recent property search is that many of the older homes too are being renovated for the rental market with new kitchens and wooden flooring throughout---so again thats another choice if you like. But what you would be hard pressed to find is rows of 1930's and 40's homes brick built etc like you would in England. one has to understand that the weather in Sydney is different to England and that it is indeed an asian country by weather standards at least. Commuting is the norm here and there is a good enough system of rail so you will be surprised at where a one hour commute will get you. All in all -- the choice is there--one just needs to look. Sydney is more a collection of smaller cities mind you--then one comprehensive whole.
  15. I think it will be great to join in the celebrations regardless of nationality, even if its a private barbie - just for the fun of it. Just hope the rain does not drown everything this year.