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  1. LKC

    Counting down!

    Hi Libbye, it's a spam post which will have been reported and removed I should think, if there are any moderators around. It happens from time to time, but they're usually removed pretty quickly.
  2. My husband and I separated about a year after we returned from nine years in Australia. That was about eight months ago, and things are good now. Please PM me if you want a friendly ear to talk to. We have kids too, but honestly they’ve been fine (and one has autism).
  3. LKC

    The Shires VS The Hills

    The Shire for sure. We lived in Woronora Heights (next suburb over to Engadine), and were very happy there for the most part. Kirrawee I would probably avoid (very busy with traffic), and Cronulla you might find a bit out of reach on your budget, but Engadine and around that area (Loftus, Heathcote, Woronora Heights) are all lovely. There is a sticky post that I wrote aboiut Sutherland Shire at the top of the NSW page. Feel free to ask if you have any questions - I've been back in the UK for a couple of years, but I still know quite a bit about the Sutherland Shire area.
  4. LKC

    To all those who returned home for good....

    Similar to Amber Snowball. Relief, calm and peace. I will never forget how the man at Edinburgh airport, on explaining that we'd move back for good, looked at our (expired) UK passports, made a little joke about us needing to get them renewed, and then said "Welcome Home". It was the best feeling in the world, and almost 2 years on, having gone through quite a time separating from my husband, I am still 100% sure that we did the right thing. This is home, and I love it!
  5. Not sure how I missed this thread, but I absolutely agree with the others. If your relationship isn't 100% solid, please give it some serious thought before moving to Aus. We moved out in 2009, loved it at first, but after a few years the shine wore off and we moved back in 2017. Husband and I are now separated, and the kids only see him two nights per week. I shudder to think about what would have happened had we split when we still lived in Aus and he'd refused to let me and the kids return to the UK. In fact it would probably have killed me. I'm not saying this to put you off or anything, just to illustrate that two international moves is a massively stressful thing to do, and it broke what I thought was a very strong relationship.
  6. LKC

    Moving back with Pregnant Wife ?

    We had no trouble at all when accessing the NHS in Scotland. Just filled out the forms at the GP surgery, I think we may have provided our tenancy agreement, and that was pretty much it. The NHS were pretty quick to remind us about things like smear tests and vaccinations for the kids, so we must have got back into the system pretty quickly.
  7. LKC

    Leaving Oz after 8 years.

    We moved to Scotland from Aus almost two years ago, despite having never lived in Scotland before (we were from England) and it is absolutely the best thing we've ever done! We have found a really lovely village, near to Kinross, where we have settled well and made heaps of friends. We're all really involved in the community, and despite OH and I having separated since we moved back, I am so happy we moved here! The kids both settled really well, made loads of friends, and are both doing well at school. We've enjoyed exploring our new home, we love the weather, come hail, rain or shine, and have really made a home for ourselves here! Any questions, just ask!
  8. LKC

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    That’s what I heard. I’ve a slight tan at the minute, we’ve had some absolutely beautiful weather up here in Kinross!
  9. LKC

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    Pleased to hear you're settling back in! We've been back 20 months now, and I don't regret coming back for a second. That's not to say that I regret moving to Australia at all, we had a great life there in the main, but Scotland is the first place I've felt truly at home.
  10. LKC

    Where to live Sudney

    When we first moved over we thought we'd be at the beach every day, but the reality is, when you have work, school and so on, you really only go at weekends anyway, and even then not every weekend. We really loved the beaches in the Royal National Park, and also a bit further down the coast towards Wollongong and beyond.
  11. LKC

    Where to live Sudney

    You could also have a look at Sutherland Shire. Rents (and house prices in general) tend to be a bit lower, particularly if you're away from the beachside suburbs. Even in the more inland parts of Sutherland Shire you're still only 25 minutes or so from the beach. It's a nice area, easy to commute to the CBD by train, family friendly, good schools, all services and so on that you'd need. We lived near Engadine, and really enjoyed our time there.
  12. LKC

    Moving back to the UK car insurance

    I got my Aussie insurance company to write a letter stating that I'd had no claims in the five previous years, and my UK insurance accepted that as proof of no claims. Could you do something like that with the company that your work went through? ETA: We were with AAMI in Aus and are with Aviva here. No problems for either company to do this.
  13. LKC

    Starting Out in Sydney?

    I’d echo what Marisawright says about the climate/humidity in Sydney. The air isn’t really fresh at all, particularly inland, and it can feel a bit like trying to breathe soup if it is humid. I have never had respiratory troubles until I lived there, turns out I’m allergic to mould spores of which there are plenty, being a damp place. I used to get two to three colds a year, and would be plagued with a chronic cough for weeks on end after each one. That said, we were slightly inland and surrounded by bush. As far as I can see, yes you would have to pay school fees. You need to look carefully at the schooling, because the curricula between the UK and Australia aren’t directly comparable, which may cause difficulties with your eldest son in particular, given that he would be starting year 11 on your return. Our girls grew up in Australia, we moved to Scotland when they were 11 and 9. Scottish children start school slightly later than English children, so ours went into P5 and P7 - in England eldest would have gone straight into secondary, where here she had almost a full year of primary first. This gave her time to fill in any gaps in her knowledge (of which there were many - simply because the two countries are out of sync with each other, not that one is better than the other) before she hit high school. With year 11 being a very important year, I would very carefully consider your choice of schooling and so on. We left Aus 18 months ago, so I don’t really know what the rents are like now, but finding somewhere decent for $700 per week would most likely be a bit of a challenge in many parts of Sydney. If you look at some of the southern suburbs, for example those in Sutherland Shire, it might be doable, but you’d probably struggle to get anywhere on the coast for that. Sydney became extraordinarily expensive in the years we lived there. We were in the Engadine area, which is a nice family-friendly part of Sydney, about a 20 minute drive from the coast.
  14. LKC

    The pommie winter

    No, not too far from there though. Crook of Devon area.
  15. LKC

    Your favourite city in the world

    I'd only been to Glasgow once before, to sit some exams at the uni, and wasn't impressed, mostly because my boss had booked me into the dodgiest hotel in the worst area, I think! However, this was quite some time ago, and actually I really liked it this time. I'd definitely like to go back for a look at more of it. I don't think you could compare it to Edinburgh, but it seems like a nice place.