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  1. LKC

    One way travel insurance

    Email me Loads has changed since we last spoke!
  2. LKC

    One way travel insurance

    I think we used insure4less too.
  3. LKC

    Urgent Move Back to UK Likely

    We went to Sydney from Suffolk, but moved back to Scotland where we'd never lived before (ex was offered a job here). The kids and I have had absolutely no trouble making friends at all. Not sure about ex, I don't really have much to do with him now. Obviously it was easy for the kids at school, but I had to get out and about. I joined the school PTA (and am now treasurer) and the village hall committee (and am treasurer for that too - I retrained as a bookkeeper/tax agent since I got back, so it's not as weird as it sounds!), so I've made friends there, plus some at the school gates, and also have some great neighbours. I didn't say no to any offer of coffee or a drink, and just made sure that I got out and about and joined in. I found it quite difficult to make friends in Aus, despite trying the same things, but here I've found it easy. I've probably got better friends here than I've ever had, and I couldn't have got through my separation without them. My closest family is about a 4 hour drive away, and the rest are 6+ hours, so I have no family close either. My separation was on the cards long before we moved back to the UK. I'm just thankful that we were home before it actually happened. Life is much better now, the kids and I are happy and settled, and the future looks very rosy indeed
  4. LKC

    Urgent Move Back to UK Likely

    I don't have an awful lot of advice to offer, but we moved back two years ago yesterday, and it has by far been the best thing we've ever done! There is some uncertainty about the whole Brexit thing, but day to day so far it isn't really affecting our lives. Sadly my husband and I have parted ways since we moved back, but even though we moved to a different area of the UK than we were from, I have found it incredibly easy to build up a good network of friends, who have been absolutely my rock over the past year or so. Just a quick note on the passports - If you have Australian passports, you can travel on those (i.e. show them to the airline at check in), but you can enter the UK on expired British passports, because that is exactly what we did. Our children were 1 and 2 when they had their passport photos taken, and were 9 and 11 when we moved back, and aside from the passport control man making a joke about how they didn't look like their photos any more, the only other thing he said was 'Welcome home!'. There is no obligation to hold a passport, and the fact that you have one, expired or not, proves citizenship to enter.
  5. LKC

    Canberra to Sutherland Shire High Schools

    It might depend a little bit on what you can afford to pay for rent/mortgage. Houses towards the rivers/ocean are more expensive than those slightly more inland, and obviously you'd have to be in the catchment for the school so house/rent price would be a factor. I only have knowledge of Engadine High and Heathcote High, having lived in that area, and although Heathcote High was our catchment school (and not a bad school, by any means), we'd have made a placing request for Engadine. There is a selective school in Caringbah, but there are entrance exams for that.
  6. LKC

    Making friends in Sutherlandshire

    I'm no longer in Sutherland Shire (move back to Scotland a couple of years ago), but have a look at the Facebook group 'Everything Sutherland Shire', or maybe even try Meetup.com. You might find a social group or something like that on there. You could look out for sport groups and things like that, if that's your thing.
  7. LKC

    Some advice and perspective from you wise poms in oz please

    And the point of no return can be with respect to other things too. My husband and I separated just over a year after we moved back to the UK from Australia. I shudder to think what would have happened if we hadn't made the decision to move back at the time when we did. I'd have either been stuck in a very unhappy marriage in Australia (because I'm not sure I'd have had the confidence to tell him it was over without friends/family at reasonably close range), or we would have separated but I would have been unable to move back to the UK with the kids, either of which would have pretty much destroyed me.
  8. LKC

    Counting down!

    My ex had a job interview via Skype (or it might have been Facetime) before we came back. He was really lucky with his new employer - he was headhunted by them, and they did things like look around a rental on our behalf so that we could move straight into a rental (we had two kids and four cats so AirBnB would have been difficult). I agree with Marisawright that you could start to sort and pack now. I started ours about nine months before we actually moved. I used an app (I think it was called Sortly) to log an inventory of each box and stick a label with a QR code linked to the inventory, so I always knew exactly what was in each box. It was a great opportunity to get rid of some stuff.
  9. LKC

    Counting down!

    Hi Libbye, it's a spam post which will have been reported and removed I should think, if there are any moderators around. It happens from time to time, but they're usually removed pretty quickly.
  10. My husband and I separated about a year after we returned from nine years in Australia. That was about eight months ago, and things are good now. Please PM me if you want a friendly ear to talk to. We have kids too, but honestly they’ve been fine (and one has autism).
  11. LKC

    The Shires VS The Hills

    The Shire for sure. We lived in Woronora Heights (next suburb over to Engadine), and were very happy there for the most part. Kirrawee I would probably avoid (very busy with traffic), and Cronulla you might find a bit out of reach on your budget, but Engadine and around that area (Loftus, Heathcote, Woronora Heights) are all lovely. There is a sticky post that I wrote aboiut Sutherland Shire at the top of the NSW page. Feel free to ask if you have any questions - I've been back in the UK for a couple of years, but I still know quite a bit about the Sutherland Shire area.
  12. LKC

    To all those who returned home for good....

    Similar to Amber Snowball. Relief, calm and peace. I will never forget how the man at Edinburgh airport, on explaining that we'd move back for good, looked at our (expired) UK passports, made a little joke about us needing to get them renewed, and then said "Welcome Home". It was the best feeling in the world, and almost 2 years on, having gone through quite a time separating from my husband, I am still 100% sure that we did the right thing. This is home, and I love it!
  13. Not sure how I missed this thread, but I absolutely agree with the others. If your relationship isn't 100% solid, please give it some serious thought before moving to Aus. We moved out in 2009, loved it at first, but after a few years the shine wore off and we moved back in 2017. Husband and I are now separated, and the kids only see him two nights per week. I shudder to think about what would have happened had we split when we still lived in Aus and he'd refused to let me and the kids return to the UK. In fact it would probably have killed me. I'm not saying this to put you off or anything, just to illustrate that two international moves is a massively stressful thing to do, and it broke what I thought was a very strong relationship.
  14. LKC

    Moving back with Pregnant Wife ?

    We had no trouble at all when accessing the NHS in Scotland. Just filled out the forms at the GP surgery, I think we may have provided our tenancy agreement, and that was pretty much it. The NHS were pretty quick to remind us about things like smear tests and vaccinations for the kids, so we must have got back into the system pretty quickly.
  15. LKC

    Leaving Oz after 8 years.

    We moved to Scotland from Aus almost two years ago, despite having never lived in Scotland before (we were from England) and it is absolutely the best thing we've ever done! We have found a really lovely village, near to Kinross, where we have settled well and made heaps of friends. We're all really involved in the community, and despite OH and I having separated since we moved back, I am so happy we moved here! The kids both settled really well, made loads of friends, and are both doing well at school. We've enjoyed exploring our new home, we love the weather, come hail, rain or shine, and have really made a home for ourselves here! Any questions, just ask!