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  1. LKC

    Shipping - how long?

    Ours took just over two months, if I remember correctly. Packed up first week of September, delivered mid November. That was Sydney to Scotland (Grangemouth) plus the time to arrange the UK end.
  2. LKC

    How to make the decision to stay or go

    I knew I didn't want to move back to where we'd moved to Aus from (Suffolk - just sort of ended up there after uni), or where ex's family (Kent) or mine (Birmingham) were from. We looked at Bath/Bristol area, Yorkshire, Northumberland, Lancashire areas, and Scotland. Scotland just ticked more boxes, and ex was offered work, so it all fell into place. I still can't believe that I found this place from the other side of the world Life is good, and we have been made more than welcome here, so I would definitely recommend Scotland. I know that a couple of other members/ex members of PIO have had similar experiences.
  3. LKC

    How to make the decision to stay or go

    I started to feel that tug home at around the seven year mark. We came over to thee UK on holiday, and I literally told my OH that I wasn't going to go back, and he should leave me and the kids, fly back and sort things out. In the end, we did go back to Aus, but within a year we'd moved back to the UK because the pull was so strong. Even though our marriage has broken down since we got back, I am absolutely sure that moving back is the best thing I've ever done! We moved to Scotland (where we'd never lived before) rather than England, but I've never regretted it even for a second. The kids settled easily, and it has been an amazing experience!
  4. LKC

    Moving back but lost

    We didn't have to pay six months up front because my ex had a job offer and could show his contract, so that might be worth bearing in mind.The schooling thing might be the difficult thing. It might be worth contacting a couple of schools in the area you intend to return to, and see if they can offer any advice.
  5. Yep, like tea4too says, no idea about the financial side of things, but we moved to Scotland from Aus about 2.5 years ago, having never lived here before, and it is the absolute best thing I have ever done in my life! We lived in Sydney for about 9 years, but the pull of home started to become too much to bear. We came over to the UK for a holiday in 2016, and visited Scotland as part of that holiday. I absolutely fell in love with the place, and pretty much cried my way down the A1(M) etc on our way back to my ex's parents house in Kent, where we were staying for the last few days before we flew back to Aus. We moved over in September 2017 (me, my ex, our two primary school aged children, and four cats), and moved to a gorgeous village to the west of Kinross. Husband and I have since separated, but the kids and I have found ourselves immersed in the most amazing community, into which we have been welcomed with open arms! I feel more at home here than I have ever felt anywhere in my life. Like I was always meant to be here! I have since retrained for a new career, have started my own business, met a lovely man, and the kids are happy and settled in their new life, with plenty of friends and both doing well at school. The people are friendly, the place is absolutely gorgeous (honestly I don't think I'll ever get tired of walking in the hills where we live), and I don't have even a single regret about moving here Have you any idea where you'd like to live?
  6. LKC

    Which removal company would you recommend?

    Yeah, they were pretty quick to tell us we had to pay extra to move our stuff to Dollar instead of Edinburgh, even though there is no difference in distance (in fact Dollar might even be closer). I've just looked back in my emails to see if I can find out how much they tried to charge and can't find the emails, but I think it was something like £1000 extra they wanted - it's almost like they were charging us for a full move from Edinburgh to Dollar or something! The other issue that we had, was that as part of the original quote from Chess, they were to unwrap and take away all packaging. I'd already marked any boxes/furniture that we wanted to keep packed and stored in the garage (because we figured we'd move from the rental at some point, and there was no point in packing up again), but they didn't unpack/unwrap any of the other stuff that we wanted in the house. I spent weeks driving back and forth to the tip to take the cardboard, wrapping paper and stuff to be recycled! That said, the Chess end were absolutely outstanding. They packaged everything up really well, and nothing was broken at all.
  7. LKC

    Which removal company would you recommend?

    They used Britannia Movers. We did have a couple of problems this end, although they were sorted out. When we accepted the quote and booked the removals, we didn't have an address at this end, so we just said 'Edinburgh area'. In fact my ex got a job in Dunfermline so we ended up in Dollar area. Britannia tried to charge us more for the removal from the dock at Grangemouth to our rental house, until we pointed out that in fact Dollar is no further from Grangemouth than Edinburgh. Our rental was up a narrow lane, and the container wouldn't have fit up the lane, so we had to pay extra for it to be offloaded into two smaller vans, which from memory cost us about £500 extra. It was all good in the end, and when we received our belongings it was like Christmas! I used an app called Sortly to create an inventory of what was in each box, and then printed out QR codes for each box so I could use Sortly to scan amd know what was in each box without trying.
  8. LKC

    Which removal company would you recommend?

    We used Chess too. It was really straight forward. They packed/wrapped everything on day one, and then packed it into a shipping container on day two. It cost us a little under $8,000 to ship the contents of a five bedroom home from Sydney to Scotland.
  9. LKC

    Aussie Electrical items in UK

    We just replaced the plugs. That was only small stuff like lamps though - we didn't bring TV's or kitchen appliances back. The only thing I did bring back and haven't done is my sewing machine, because I'm not sure it'd work, with it having a motor (and I've not had chance to do any sewing anyway!). I thought it might affect the timing of the machine, and therefore the stitch quality.
  10. What a fantastic update! I'm so happy that you managed to take your son with you! It all sounds wonderful, and like you had a really amazing time The first time we took our girls back to the UK on holiday was magical too. They were gobsmacked by everything! We've since moved back (to Scotland), and they love it just as much as I do, even though they grew up in Aus.
  11. LKC

    For anyone worried about changing systems...

    And to anyone thinking about moving to Scotland, the system here is a bit different. The cut off date for birthdays is the end of Feb, but the education system is quite flexible here in that you can hold a child back if they have a Dec/Jan/Feb birthday and feel it will be beneficial. They also start school slightly later, have 7 years of primary (and part time nursery before that) and 6 of high school. Our eldest was almost finished Y6 in Aus (and so about four months off high school), but because she is an April birthday, when we moved to Scotland she moved back to the beginning of P7, and so had almost a full year of the last year of primary to settle in before hitting high school (we moved in September, but the school year here starts in August, so she'd missed a month or so). This proved highly beneficial for her, because she is autistic and needed a bit of extra time to adjust. Our youngest daughter is a February baby, and we decided to hold her back to the year below. In part to maintain the two year difference in school years between the two of them, so that she would be the eldest in the year rather than the youngest), but also to give her a bit more settling in time. She is the eldest in the school now (she's in P7) and has got bucket loads of confidence and is doing really well academically. There were gaps in both of their knowledge and there were things that they were a bit behind on, but the teachers here (in Scotland anyway, where we don't have sats or anything) just seem to teach to the individual, and tailor the work to the pupil, rather than teaching the same thing in the same way to the whole class. Our school is small, and so it is all composite classes anyway (youngest is in a P6/7), but the teachers just seem to be able to do that. They both caught up really quickly. I think the hardest thing was the Scottish history, because they'd only done Australian, and being English I hadn't really done any Scottish history so couldn't help much!
  12. LKC

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    No, no extra homework or anything. The gaps just got filled in in class. It hasn’t affected them academically at all, and they’re both doing well. They’ve not been bullied for being foreign at all, remember that the UK is generally accepting of migrants. There was curiosity from the other kids, and lots of questions (like did you have a kangaroo as a pet), but they made friends easily and were just accepted for who they are. A bit over two years on and they’re both doing well, and although I’d thought they’d have lost their Aussie accents, they still speak the same as the day we left
  13. LKC

    Moving back : how to get rid of possessions ?

    I posted on local Facebook groups. I sold some stuff, but much of it I gave away for free. I figured that it'd cost me to ship it, so it didn't matter if I didn't get anything for it.
  14. LKC

    Any help....I’m totally stuck !!

    One thing that I'd like to add, is that moving to Australia (and subsequently moving back) put a massive strain on what I thought was a very strong marriage. We've been back in the UK for just over two years, and ex and I separated just over a year ago. Moving to Australia (or moving back) wasn't the reason for the split, but the stress involved, physical, mental, emotional and financial, certainly added fuel to the fire. I would imagine that this would be magnified if both partners aren't 100% committed to it.
  15. LKC

    Returning to UK

    I like the winter more since we moved back. I think I appreciate the big differences between the seasons a bit more. I live on the southern edge of the Scottish Highlands, and we had our first sight of snow on the hills by my house the other day. It's cold, but clear with blue skies and bright sunshine at the moment - my perfect kind of weather! I can get rugged up and go out in the day, and I can spend cosy evenings snuggled up on the sofa with the log burner going. I think winter is a time for cosying in, reflecting on the year that has passed, and looking forward to the new year ahead. It feels like the days are very short, and they will get shorter still, but it's actually only a few weeks until it switches over and will start to get lighter again.