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  1. SeanCRM

    Anybody instantly regret the move back?

    Soo many arguments for and against, pros and cons. I think many of you are right, I shouldn't make a rash decision while at such a transitional point in my life, and especially given the current Covid situation, I shouldn't be in a rush to get back. I just kind of feel like reverting to my comfort zone while going through a tough time. There are some thoughts scratching away at me which I just can't shake. I wonder if any of these resonate with you? Family back home - there will be a time soon when my mum needs someone to take care of her. She'll have nobody else and she won't come here. Covid has just made Perth (the most isolated city in the world) feel even further away. Can't even visit now and there would be two weeks of hotel quarantine if we could. If something happens back home and I need to get back in a hurry, who can I get to look after my dog? I can't even leave her to visit family for a few weeks. Perth Pro's Covid free Economical paradise Very affordable housing Beautiful spring season and sunshine The parks and the beaches! The modern and clean feel Friendly Low crime and great family vibe Great food Perth Con's So far away from anything Summer is too hot - actually made me crave the winter. Can't walk the dog on hot pavements. Sunburn. Hot car etc. Constant same weather all the time. Ugly, dry countryside. I hate camping! Perth drivers Lack of culture Lack of diversity, every suburb feels the same (same shops etc.) Mosquitoes Flies UK Pro's Close to family and old friends Have roots and history there Europe! I've REALLY missed vacations that don't involve camping. Comfortable climate - never thought I would have missed it. Much better nightlife. UK Con's I left for a reason Feels like a huge step backwards Higher crime, more violence Covid Constant grey skies annoy me more than constant blue ones. Expensive housing and lower salaries. So there's still a huge tossup going back and forth for me. But for now, at least until Covid calms down a bit, I will try and stay put with the intention of reassessing my feelings at the end of summer. But I think, ultimately, it will be the UK. I just can't seem to settle here and commit. Can't imagine growing old here, or dying here. I feel very alone in Perth.
  2. At a real crossroads now as to whether to move back or not. Given Covid, and that I'll be travelling with a dog, this is a life changing decision. I can't afford to become a "ping pong pom". After nearly 5 years and a huge pull towards moving back to my family and friends, I feel I need to decide whether this is for the best long term, or whether it's just severe homesickness. It's not like I can just go for a holiday at the moment and explore how I feel, but currently going through a tough break up with my Australian partner and feel that maybe it's time to go. How many of you moved back and regretted it as soon as the novelty wore off? How many of you are glad you took the dive?
  3. SeanCRM

    Stuck! (Perth/UK)

    Came to Australia first in 2014, travelled the East coast before moving to Perth. Couldn't wait to get back to Europe. As soon as I got back I regretted it, and worked my way up to move back to Perth. I've now been here 4 years, but seem to have a real issue committing to the place. 4 years on and still no real friends. Also, I hate camping. I'm more of a nice hotel/swimming pool kind of guy. So driving the same roads for hours either up or down the west coast to sleep in a sand filled tent while being eaten by mozzies has no appeal to me. Seems that this is pure camping culture (I guess we are the most isolated city in the world). I literally feel like I'm on a different planet here and life's passing by. The thought of dying here actually repulses me. But...it's so good here? Huge houses, disposable income, cheap fuel, great beaches, parks, climate etc.....it's all so good! I think about moving home to the UK sometimes, to try and pick up my old life, but when I look at photos of the wet ground and the grey skies, I start to feel that I can't go back either. Has anybody else been in this situation? What did you do? Any regrets?
  4. SeanCRM

    801 Visa Interview

    Thank you for the replies. I do have every intention of remaining in the relationship, but I'm just trying to establish my options should something go wrong. It's very hard to settle here when going through a 5 year visa process and having the possibility of getting visa cancelled should my partner decide it's not working at any point. It's like walking a tightrope. I'm just hoping for no interview as this process has already been a challenge for our relationship and I want it to impact my partner the minimum amount possible.
  5. SeanCRM

    801 Visa Interview

    I have finally received an email from DoHA saying that I am eligible to apply for Stage 2 of the partner visa application (Permanent). The thing is, my relationship is currently quite rocky and the final application is going to bring up some serious issues. Could somebody please help me: What is the likelihood of being interviewed? Is this common practice or random? If my partner and I split after the application has been submitted but before a decision, should I be expected to withdraw the application? How long did you wait after application until you were granted your permanent visa? Note: my paperwork is all in good shape and I am a UK Citizen residing in Australia.
  6. Hi, Currently living in Perth on an 820 Partner Visa. Eligible to apply for the permanent 801 visa in June this year. Has anybody been through this process? How long did it take for you to be granted the 801 after submitting your documents for the second time? Did you have to redo medicals and criminal record checks? Thank you
  7. We are looking to recruit a 1st class Machinist to relocate to Perth, Western Australia. Applicant MUST have long term experience working in a hydraulic cylinder repair or manufacture environment. Visa sponsorship can be offered for the right candidate. Due to visa conditions, the candidate must hold a relevant engineering qualification, and have superior English to pass the English test on the visa application. We are a long term employer, and we are only looking for candidates willing to commit to our company for 4 years or longer. We can offer a route to permanent residency. Hydraulic cylinders are the cornerstone of our business and for many years, our success has been based on our exceptional team of staff, which are both passionate and committed to doing their best. We are seeking a 1st Class Machinist to join the Callcott’s family, to grow with our company and be a part of our story. Good working environment – friendly, helpful staff. 40-60 hour weeks, long term employment position. Perth location – No FIFO – be at home every night with your family. Progression opportunities. The Role: As a full time employee, you will join our fast paced, multi-disciplinary team and utilise your engineering experience to perform a variety of machining duties in our large, comfortable workshop. Key Qualifications: Ability to use Manual Lathes, Horizontal Borers, Cylindrical Grinders, Cylinder Hones, Milling Machines etc. Be able to demonstrate post-qualification work experience, working within a heavy component rebuilding or hydraulic cylinder rebuild/manufacture environment. Be a fluent English speaker Comfortable measuring in metric and imperial. Have experience operating overhead cranes. Demonstrative ability to produce work from engineering drawings.
  8. SeanCRM

    Wanted: Machinist (Perth, WA)

    Thanks Gary, I have received your email and forwarded it on to our management team. Sean
  9. SeanCRM

    Wanted: Machinist (Perth, WA)

    Hi Gary, In the first instance, can you please send through your resume to crm@callcott-downey.com.au If you are a suitable candidate, then we can further discuss your visa situation. Our normal protocol would be to sponsor on a 457/TSS and then help you towards your permanent residency once you become eligible, although in your situation there may be other routes you can take. I would however recommend you give a migration agent a brief call if you need a quick answer to your question. Cheers, Sean
  10. We are currently looking for a 1st Class Machinist for our hydraulic cylinder repair workshop in Perth, WA. The successful candidate will be experienced in using manual lathes and we will give preference to additional skills on horizontal borers and milling machines. To be eligible for this position, you MUST be a skilled tradesmen with experience in HYDRAULIC CYLINDER REPAIR or HYDRAULIC CYLINDER MANUFACTURE. We do have the ability to sponsor for this position, but we are looking for skilled, committed and experienced candidates. If you feel you fit our criteria, and are willing to commit to us for a minimum of 4 years, then please email your CV/resume to crm@callcott-downey.com.au Note that only short listed candidates with relevant experience will be contacted.