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Found 2,014 results

  1. Hi all, So my partner and I (both in our late-20s/early30s) are moving over next year after securing permanent visas. We initially decided to go to Melbourne, but after reading pages of complaints about the weather, we are reconsidering it (climate was one factor influencing the move, as we both enjoy warmer climates and this was what I was expecting from Melbourne, at least for half of the year...). We currently live in Southampton, but are both originally from the north of Scotland. How will we find the Melbourne weather in comparison? I keep reading how it is "cold and grey" for "half the year", and honestly don't think I want to experience any more of that! But when I look at the weather forecast (for what is technically the start of their Spring), the weather looks more like June weather for the UK (a bit up and down but mild). Is this just a complaint from Australians who find Melbourne cold in comparison to other Australian cities, or is it a legitimate complaint? We are considering to go to Sydney instead so any insight would be hugely beneficial from fellow expats! Thanks.
  2. Hi there We run a successful bathroom and laundry renovation company in Mordialloc, Melbourne and have some positions available at the Victorian Bathroom Company. Originally from the UK, we moved to Melbourne 10 years ago and the Director/Owner is a Licenced Plumber and a Registered Builder. If you're interested in viewing the position details, and to apply, please follow the Seek link below: https://www.seek.com.au/job/59429987?type=standout#sol=5815e9c9c266576fb191117d1232f30bb5debe3e We look forward to hearing from any suitable applicants.
  3. Hi - we're about to land in Oz for me to do a PhD at Deakin U. I was meant to be based in Warrnambool but since my OH will almost certainly need to work out of Melbourne (I.T.) I've been offered an office out of the Geelong campus. Having spent months learning about Warrnam am now in a bit of a spin. We're just looking for a rental, but not student digs - a nice place to settle in. Could anyone provide advice, tips or opinion on particular areas? I fly out in 3.5 weeks! In the UK we live in the rural Cotwsolds (have a mini smallholding) but thinking we'll want to have more of a social life in Oz/easier to fit in etc, so possibly living in Geelong or suburbs might suit.. (Geelong doesn't exactly look like a major metropolis, so maybe it's a nice liveable city?) I've seen online a few nice looking properties in Belmont and Newtown - would anyone recommend these areas? Or anywhere else? On the other hand, rural life does call, so Ocean Grove and that area also looks very nice (and doesn't seem too isolated - is it?). We're originally from the coast (used to live in Cornwall) and am hoping to re-connect with rowing and maybe sailing (dont' think surfing is on the cards). We don't have children so no issues there. Re living on the coast, a concern going south of Geelong would be the additional train commute time for OH, if he was trying to get back and forth to Melbourne - is it much additional time? And does the train from Geelong to Melbourne make commuting reasonable? Thanks for any and all tips!
  4. Hi All, my partner and I are looking to relocate to Sydney or Melbourne. My partner has 12 years experience in construction ranging from project management, quantity surveying and managing projects up to 50 million pounds in value. He owns his own construction business with his own staff and contractors and turns over about 2 million a year. I'm a Town Planner and have 7 years experience and I am chartered. We are wondering how this would translate in terms of job opportunities, salary expectations and if anyone else reading this has any tips or information they could share? Ideally my partner would try to get sponsored before coming as his job is in high demand but is that difficult to do? Thanks for any responses all.
  5. I am considering buying a house (PPoR) while on my 188b visa in Australia. Would love to hear thoughts and feedback from fellow 188 visa holders. 1. Are 188 Visa holders generally advised to wait until they secure PR in order to make a house purchase? 2. AFAIK, if you wish to buy a house while on a 188 visa, you need to (a) secure an FIRB permission (approx. cost 12K for a 1.5mln property purchase) prior to buying (b) pay an additional foreign citizen stamp duty (approx. cost 95K for a 1.5mln purchase in VIC). Are there are any other hoops to jump through? 3. Processing time to secure a PR (transition from 188 to 888 visa) is about 25 months currently. If you were granted a 188 visa in Jan 2020, that means you will secure a PR only by May 2026*. With property prices being hiked by the day one worries what your money can buy at that time (in June 2026). What are your thoughts? 4. Have any other 188 visa holders purchased a PPOR (Principal Place of Residence) already? Kindly share your recommendations, advice and experience. Thank you very much. *188 visa duration is Jan 2020-April 2024 >> transition to Bridging Visa for 25 months while waiting for PR grant >> secure PR in May 2026.
  6. Are you a qualified electrician with your VISA ready to come to this wonderful country called Australia? Are you looking for a job before you book your flight? I am a recruiter (originally from the UK - West Midlands), and looking for a Field Service Technician to work in and around Melbourne, some interstate travel, and possibly some overseas travel (Singapore). If you are interested in exploring further / apply, I have attached the job link below. Good salary with fully maintained vehicle. https://www.seek.com.au/job/54836546?type=standout#searchRequestToken=9d9f1ac9-f767-4248-947b-619fc1c5bfe1 Please feel free to message me if you want any further information. Jo Right Recruit
  7. Barryinmelbourne

    Melbourne or perthshire(Scotland)

    Hi there ..I’ll make this story short,the long version is very long ..I came to Melbourne as a 16 boy (1999)to live with my dad who had emigrated to Melbourne years previous ..my dad has since passed and I now have no family in oz. my wife is Aussie born and bred , she has been to Scotland multiple times and loves it .she says she would happily go home with me ..however as much as I feel I need to go home to my family I can’t imagine how my wife will be/cope ...I’m very worried I will be putting her in the exact position I am currently in ..does anyone else have this worry about going back ??
  8. Hi folks, I am a mental health nurse. I am torn between taking a permanent post and going down the agency route when I arrive in Melbourne. Ideally, I would go agency initially to afford me some flexibility and time for fun in building a home in a new place. Does anyone have any insight on good nursing agencies? Looking for a balance of fair pay, good staff support and regular shifts. Many thanks, Emma
  9. Hey! If you've read my other house post I said my family are probably moving back to Australia in the near future and I posted on here just to get an idea of some good town areas in Southern Australia. This isn't urgent or anything, and my family has a general idea of what we are looking for, but I'm just on here for some additional insight from anyone living in Oz! The statement is quite vague sorry! But basically I'm wondering what town areas are 'good' to live in near the Adelaide area and also the Melbourne area. Somewhere near to the water (if possible), not too far away from main cities (we will have a car and don't mind driving around 40min-1 hour to get to the big city but would prefer it to be nearer if possible), ideally with a few shops/food places (because I'm a teenager and don't want to be bored ). This is a difficult question that I'm sure would be hard to answer, but if you live in or have visited any towns in those areas what would their pros and cons be in terms of quality of life, accessibility to main cities & stuff like that, stuff to do etc. Anything would be appreciated! Again, sorry for the extremely vague question! Thanks, have a good day!
  10. Hi im a fully qualified plumber from the uk(20 years exp.) and have been here in melbourne with my wife for a year now. my problem is im finding it impossible to get a job plumbing/heating, ive done all necessary procedures ie plumbing registration,safety white card. when i arrived i kept getting the same story from agencies/companies " how long have you been here? u dont have any australian experience, you just have to get your foot in the door" ( ive worked in uk,jersey,france croatia and new zealand as a plumber over the last 20 years without any hassle). so i took a few labouring jobs over the past year to get by and now i still get the same old s**t... When we left the uk we were under the impression plumbers were critical/in demand. well i can tell you this a load of bull. its just another aussie ploy to take your money. i have now joined the plumbers union in the hope that they may understand and maybe "get my foot in the door" and move me up the long list! just as well my wife gotta decent job when we arrived. Has any1 had similar experience????:arghh: NOT GIVING UP HOPE YET!!!!!!
  11. Hi, Little bit about myself, I am a 28 year old Brit and a HV/LV cable jointer with 8 years experience. Having visited Australia for year on a WHV my girlfriend and I endeavoured to return permanently. At the end of last year I applied for the Skilled Independent Visa 189 as a technical cable jointer and thankfully received my visa in early May! We have booked our flights for the 29th of December 2019 and are extremely excited to start our lives in Australia. When I get to Australia I want to be ready to apply for jobs as soon as possible but i'm having trouble finding out about licensing and/or registration for Technical Cable Jointers in Victoria. I have sent many emails to various Distributors and to the ESI scheme but have received no helpful information back as yet. Any information on what I need to do next to be ready to apply for jobs before or upon arrival would be greatly appreciated. As part of the visa application I completed a Migration Skills Assessment. Does this count as anything going forward or is it just part of the application process? Thanks, Jake.
  12. HI all, Has anyone here ever released some equity in their UK property to buy a property in the UK? I just want to gauge everyone's opinion/experience on this whether it is an option worth considering or not for me. I recently was granted the PR (100), and intend to keep my property in the UK whilst gearing up to buy a property in Australia in the near future (once my wife & I are settled there with job/life etc, in the interim will be staying with the "outlaws" ). I'm keen to keep my property in UK for quite some time and have a fairly low LTV (Loan-to-value), and can scrape just about enough UK savings for say a 20% deposit in Melbourne. I just want to lay out all the options in case I have missed any, and pros and cons of each one: Option A: Rent out UK property; no equity release; use UK cash savings for a 20% deposit in Australia Option B: Rent out UK property; release some equity; use UK cash savings and cash from equity release for a bigger deposit in Australia Option C: Sell UK property; use cash from UK home sale for a outright purchase or large deposit in Australia The factors I've been thinking out loud are FX risk, tax implications, hassle (time and effort), interest rates UK vs Aus, Brexit ... etc. Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback!
  13. Hi there, Been a member for a while but I think this is my first post. My wife and I are moving out to Melbourne at the beginning of May. It's our intention to rent out or property in the UK and in turn rent out a property in Melbourne for the first year. I have a couple of questions and wondered if anybody could offer some advice. I'd read / heard that most people tend to sort out some sort of temp accomodation (say 4 weeks) which they give themselves to find a rental property. In peoples experience does it really take that long to sort something out. I'm not planning on starting work for 1 - 2 months after heading out so I'm going to have plenty of time to look. I'd thought that perhaps giving ourselves 2 weeks (we don't have kids so we can be pretty flexible and adaptive if need be). Also with the work situation. Like I say I don't intend to start working straight away. I was wondering how estate agents / landlords may view that. I have statements from my mortgage company to say that my payments are up to date and I can show bank statements that prove I will be able to pay the rent. I simply want to have a bit of a break when I get out there and try to sort things out with a little less stress than having a full time job would add. We headed out for a visit in November and had a look round all the suburbs so we're pretty clued in on where we want to stay and the type of property we are after. I guess I just don't want to get lumped with a bill for temp accomodation that after hindsight we may not have needed. Serviced Apartment charges seem astronomical in Melbourne.
  14. Hi all I was wondering if anyone here has shipped household goods from Malta to Australia and whether they used a company in Malta they'd recommend. More generally, anybody have any recommendations for shipping companies in Australia, as I may opt to hire an Ozzie company to manage the move instead. Thanks for any help
  15. theonetruechris

    house moving firm in melbourne

    Hi we are due to move at the end of the month. more packing and moving while trying to work is going to be a nightmare since the new place is over an hours drive away from where we are. anyone ever used a removal firm to do a local move? If so, whos recommended?
  16. The best schools are located in predominately the east and south-east of Melbourne. There area also a couple of other great performing schools on the Mornington Peninsula and Werribee.
  17. Can anyone recommend a good hairdressing salon? I have been here since 1st March and the time has come to experience my first aussie haircut :unsure:. I had the same hairdresser back in Scotland for years so would appreciate any recommendations for good salons in the Melbourne. I live in Berwick but don't mind travelling into the city. Thanks Fiona
  18. The Pom Queen

    Mount Eliza - Melbourne Suburb

    Mount Eliza Mt Eliza is 48km from Melbourne CBD or 7km to Frankston which is the largest town close by and has the train station taking you to the City. The population of Mt Eliza is around 18,000. 77% of which are Australians born and bred, 12% are from the UK. Mount Eliza is both a seaside town and an outer suburb of Melbourne, situated between Frankston and Mornington. The area offers its residents spectacular views and a friendly communal atmosphere. Its coastline is generally comprised of rugged cliffs, although there are some sandy beaches that offer fantastic swimming spots. The suburb is popular with retirees, as it is not far from the city, and it is also close to the spectacular Mornington Country Golf Club. Property Rentals Whilst there are some stunning properties in Mt Eliza rentals are hard to find. A 3 bed will set you back around $480pw and a 4 bed around $620pw http://www.realestate.com.au/rent/in-mount+eliza,+vic+3930/list-1 For Sale Mt Eliza properties are always in high demand, you won't find many new builds here, only older established homes. A 3 bed house to buy will be around $730,000 and a 4 bed will just be under the million mark. This is current in Feb 2016. http://www.realestate.com.au/buy/in-Mount%20Eliza,%20VIC%203930/list-1 Shopping The commercial centre of town surrounds the intersection of Mount Eliza Way and Canadian Bay Road. Here there are boutique shops and cafes, including the ever-popular cafe on the Mount. There is also a large IGA supermarket and a Woolworths. The main shops can be found 7km in Frankston Mt Eliza Farmers Market The market is held once a month within the Village Green, right in the heart of Mount Eliza. Depending on the season, shoppers will find both organic and conventionally grown vegetables, stone fruit, berries, free-range eggs, meat, smallgoods, bread, boutique beers and wine. There are hot food stalls and free entertainment. Schools Families will find there are also plenty of schools, including a campus of the Melbourne Business School, the highly reputable Peninsula School, four primary schools and the Mount Eliza Secondary College. Melbourne Business School Secondary schools The Peninsula School Toorak College Mount Eliza Secondary College Primary schools Kunyung Primary School Mount Eliza Primary School Mount Eliza North Primary School St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School Transport Mount Eliza is served by two major roadways, the Nepean Highway and Moorooduc Highway. The Melbourne bus routes 772, 773, 781, 784, 785 & 788 also serve the area. Recreational Parks The Mount Eliza Regional Park, accessed via Two Bays Road, incorporates the former Moorooduc Quarry and offers views across the surrounding plains. At the southern end of the park is a lake with picnic areas and a playground. The Mornington Tourist Railway, which offers steam train rides, has its Moorooduc station located adjacent to the park.
  19. Gary90

    Suggestions on where to move

    Hi there, Myself and my partner are looking at potential places to live in between Ballarat and Melbourne CBD, nothing is certain I’ve just had a potential job come up in Ballarat, but my partner would be working in Melbourne CBD, I was wondering if any one has and suggestions or experienced living in the suburbs between both, we ideally would like an equal distance and have been looking around Melton and Eynesbury. any information would be great thanks Gary
  20. The Pom Queen

    Mornington - Melbourne

    Mornington Mornington is a wonderful spot to live and it’s well renowned for being “a great village” to live in. Not only for its beautiful beaches and parks but for its shops, cafes, schools and recreational activities. Mornington’smain street is an iconic location with vibrant shops that allow you to stroll around. There is so much to do in Mornington making it a very attractive spot to live, for example you can play bare foot lawn bowls with beach views, golf, visit day spas, sail, play tennis or walk along the clifftop walking tracks. It doesn’t end there, it’s known for its spectacular parks, beaches and boutique shops. Both Mills beach and Fisherman’s beach are located at the end of Main Street Mornington where you will also find the Mornington Yacht Club. Mornington has a vibrant nightlife with pubs, bars and resturants which is warmly welcomed by locals for a night out. Belura Hill Estate is close to Main Street and the beaches making it more expensive than the other side of Nepean Highway or Mt Martha side of Mornington. Good news is that even in the estate off Benton’s road you have access to the large variety of shops at BentonsRoad. I have lived here for over 8 years and love it. There are plenty of schools/kinders/childcare centres and facilities so it’s well worth a drive to take a look around. You will love the lifestyle of Mornington Peninsula because you an walk to shops, browse around and feel the nostalgic vibes. There is always something happening in Main Street, markets occur on Wednesdays and there is also another crafty market at Mornington Racecourse,which are absolutely fantastic. How could I forget Mornington also have a racecourse which is home to the Mornington Cup. Mornington is a rural suburb , which has areas that are very ‘horsey’, you will see stud farms and trainers based in close proximity to the Racecourse. Mornington is no longer a secret, people identify it as one of the top places to live. Neighbourhoods close by to Mornington include Mt Eliza and Mt Martha these house many neighbourhoods and high numbers of permanent residents. Transport in and around Mornington is excellent, serviced by buses, freeways and trains that link to the city which is just 50kms to the North. Many workers commute to the city daily and say they won’t move closer because Mornington provides them with an opportunity to de-stress, unwind and live the lifestyle they choose. The area is a fantastic spot to bring up a family. It has outstanding state schools positioned near by and private schools such as Toorak Colledge and the Peninsula school located in Mt Eliza. Families like the fact they have the opportunity to give their children an opportunity to grow and reside in an area with outstanding amenities and services normally only seen in inner urban suburbs. You will have your choice of house type finding beach shacks, mansions, town houses and residential houses in and around the coast. Several new estates have also been established in the suburbs around Mornington such as Mt Martha which are more affordable to young families and couples.
  21. Hello everyone, I am writing because I would like to know if those who already worked at fantastic framing can give me a testimony of what they did. Also maybe you can give me more details about the accommodation they give? Am I taking risks in this company ? This company seems to have the "dream job" but I am not sure. Thanks for your answers
  22. Hi There, we're young family with 2 kids (3 yo and 1 yo). we're from Indonesia and recently received our Australia citizenship. we're planing to move from Jakarta, Indonesia to Melbourne or Perth. still don't know which area to decide. we're looking to a safe place to raise kids, a friendly people, good education for the kids, good jobs opportunity in warehousing/barista/communication industry. we have visited melbourne last year and stay there for quite some time. we love the city, but the real estate price is quite something. $400-$500k house is about 1-2 hour train from melbourne CBD. so we really need some informations about this 2 cities to decide which one is better to live. thanks before ?
  23. Hey Friends, I am planning to start a business of mug printing and for that, I need to build some contacts, do you guys have any reference from where I can get some good quality custom mugs and with same day mug printing facility. I search on the google with this phrase and some of the websites were there: check them out and recommend if you know any of them: https://www.bigwphotos.com.au/products/standard-mug https://www.photobox.com.au/shop/home-gifts/photo-mug https://www.printyo.net.au/personalised-mugs Please suggest me a good company from any of these or else
  24. Hoping someone is able to help me out and offer advice! Little bit of a different topic. So I've been over to Australia a couple of times and fell in love with it. And in typical British fashion, would love to up sticks and move there. I've got quite a lot of close family friends and school friends who live out there so luckily I wouldn't be completely alone over there. I'm currently studying a Masters in Professional Acting in London and for the last year, I have been contemplating moving after I have graduated. It's now or never right? But my main concern is my career choice. I'm well aware that the acting industry is tough and very competitive no matter where you are - however I was wondering if anybody on here knows a thing or two about the Acting Industry over in Australia - specifically Sydney, or even Melbourne? If so, I have a couple of questions. What is the industry like? Is it a good place to be for a career in Acting? How tough is getting an agent? And are the agencies good out there in terms of getting you auditions? Do you get many opportunities in terms of Film & TV? Is it possible to get representation if only on a Working Holiday Visa? Do they offer opportunities to audition for US TV shows & Films? Any advice would be amazing!! Would massively appreciate it as it is hard to find advice on this through google. Thank you, Zoe
  25. elderberry

    Freezing in Melbourne

    This is my second winter in Australia and although Melbourne is generally a great place to live, the winter is hard going! Is it me or is this year colder than last year? I'm not sure I could cope being in the UK over winter now