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Found 108 results

  1. Barryinmelbourne

    Melbourne or perthshire(Scotland)

    Hi there ..I’ll make this story short,the long version is very long ..I came to Melbourne as a 16 boy (1999)to live with my dad who had emigrated to Melbourne years previous ..my dad has since passed and I now have no family in oz. my wife is Aussie born and bred , she has been to Scotland multiple times and loves it .she says she would happily go home with me ..however as much as I feel I need to go home to my family I can’t imagine how my wife will be/cope ...I’m very worried I will be putting her in the exact position I am currently in ..does anyone else have this worry about going back ??
  2. I don’t know much about these types of visas... So my Dad lives in Cairns, Queensland. He moved over on a marriage visa I think, his wife is Australian. I’m 24, my partner is 28 and my son is 1 and a half. Is there any way I could move my family and I over permanently as my dad is a permanent resident?
  3. Hi i have recently moved to North Lakes just a few weeks ago and was looking for anyone in a similiar situation that would like to meet other mums in the area for a meet up with the kids and a coffee. I have looked for mother n toddler groups in North Lakes where mums to be can go but so far cant find any. I have a five year old little boy who has just started prep and i am due my second baby in April so ideally would like to meet up with mums with children of similiar ages so the kids can play together. If u fancy meeting up let me know:smile: Susan xx
  4. Hey, is anyone living in the Hills District of Sydney? I've been here just over a year with hubby and boys aged 4&6. Both now at pre school/school so looking for things to do!! Give me a shout if anyone would like to meet up for cuppa!!
  5. Hi I am a Mum of 2 girls, 10 and 8 and we live in Roseville Chase. I have been in Sydney for 2 years now. As yet I haven't met many British friends. I was wondering if there are any mums out there who fancy an evening out? I like Sydney, but I miss those nights out with my friends at the pub, having a good old chin-wag! Let me know if you fancy catching up one evening, maybe in Chatswood, or even the city somewhere?! Catherine
  6. Hi all, I work for an on line parenting website called Kidspot. We are currently recruiting for part time staff (hours to suit) in our Directory Team in the Melbourne Office (off St Kilda Road) The work involves making/receiving calls to prospective advertisers to the Directory. Full training is given. Pay is approx $20+ per hour PLUS uncapped bonus.! I have worked for Kidspot for a year and love working here. If anyone wants a job description or further information please let me know. Elaine
  7. Hi Everyone ! Me and my finance and our little 1 year old girl are moving to Perth in October Im 20 years old and looking to meet other young mums to make friends with. Anyone out already or going out soon, let me know x
  8. Hello. Well have made it through the first 6 months and the festivities but am starting to feel a little homesick. However I am determined to stay positive. I need ideas of how my son and I aged 12 can get out together and meet new people. Can anyone make suggestions? :err: Thanks Jane
  9. I am looking for info on good schools around Ipswich and surrounding state and private as I am not sure. I have a 12 soon to be 13 year old son in final year of primary but from what I understand he would be jumping straight into secondary so I am looking for a school that is not too intimidating but good and friendly as he is currently in school in a small irish village. He is outgoing and loves sports by the way. On the other hand I have a daughter who will be 11 in her second last year in primary. She is quiet and doesnt like huge crowds so a big school might be difficult. I would appreciate any information as I am getting more confused on locations to settle. I just want to make sure we settle in a place where they can get a good school. If there are any Irish who have moved to this area with kids I would love to hear your views on the schools and education system and if it is a big transition from what we are used to. Thanks in advance D
  10. Mummy Mann

    Help!! Mum wants to come too

    Hi, I am after some advice please if anyone can help. I lodged a 175 PR application in June and with the pace DIAC are working at at the mo I am hoping that by the end of December we will have a case officer. The thing is my mother and father in law are getting divorced and my mother in law wants to come to OZ too. Has anyone got any advice on how she could do this? She is 53 and would have around £50,000 savings once her house is sold. If i am right I understand that once we have been in OZ for 2 years we could sponsor her to come over. Am I right? Or would there be another way she could come over sooner. We are hoping to be in OZ by September next year. Any info would be much appreciated Cheers x
  11. They were reminding people what to do in case of snake bite on TV today, after that poor woman in Qld was killed this week. I was out walking in the bush today and spoke to my daughter who was with me about it, and it turns out she knew how to do the first aid (given that you know about it that is). Without panicking, it's worth knowing about I think.
  12. Guest

    Brisbane Mum - New!!

    Hello everyone! My name is Philippa - but everyone calls me Phee. I'm 27 and from Southend in Essex. I'm married to an Aussie and we have a 14 month old Son called River. We moved to Brisbane in November 2010 and are currently in Bulimba but are moving to The Gap in 7 weeks time. Looking to meet new friends, who would like to form a little group for coffee, shopping, chatting and having get togethers with the families! Be great to hear from you all! Phee
  13. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone could recommend a nice place for a group of Mum's in their 30's for a good night out of dinner, dancing & fun. In Williamstown, Point Cook or maybe the city. Thanks :jiggy::jiggy::wink::laugh:
  14. Hi guys! To set the sceen ... I am 29, I have two chlidren (6+4). My dream is to live in Australia for a few years min, possibly settle down there. My problem is leaving my childrens father behind in England. I was raised my just my Mum and have no problem with how the kids could adjust, because as long as they are secure they can adjust. My problem is I have just given 9 years of my life to this man, we fell out of love and now I want to take his kids away. I am not sure how to start talking to him about this or how to answer the questions he is bound to have like, when will he get to see them, will he have to pay maintanance still ... or maybe it would be a good idea for him not to pay maintanace but save up to visit us instead? I need to be sure in my mind before I can talk to him so am asking for any advice ... I have also looked for advice on being a single parent and emigrating but can't find any. I am not even sure where to start on that one.
  15. I'm emigrating with my daughter and my mum. Just lodged my 457 application. Obviously DD is a secondary applicant as my dependent cos she's 5! My mum is 64, lives with me in the UK (her house but I pay the mortgage and bills and household expenses as she can't afford it)...so she's effectively financially dependent on me. I've included her as a secondary applicant on my application in the hope that this will be approved. Anyone moved over with parents on a 457?? Thanks!
  16. Hi i am 28year new mum to be looking to meet other mums in the wollongong area i have been in wollongong for 3 weeks and relocated from WA on maternity leave as my husband is orignally from wollongong so moved here to be closer to his family and have the baby here. I have been Australia for 3 years now and i love it. Its just all new to me moving to wollongong as i have left all my friends back in WA my husband currently works in WA he is a fly and fly out. I am hopeing to join a mother and baby group.
  17. Guest

    about to become a new mum

    hey im about to become a new mum in the gold coast area, i havent been here long and dont really know anybody. just wondered if anyone else is in the situation as me or if there is any "mums meetings" that happen in or around gold coast as i dnt want to get stuck indoors with a new baby and would love to meet some new friends lou x
  18. As the tile says, we kind of have to take the old mum in law, cannot leave her on her own here, so where is the form on the DIAC site where I can add it to my current 176 visa? im sure its there somewhere, any pointers would be kindly recieved:wubclub:
  19. Guest

    How can I get my Mum into Oz

    First post for me!!! My husband has been offered a job in Adelaide and they're offering us a temporary visa but we're pushing for a permanent visa. I'm a New Zealand Citizen but live in the UK and I'm planning on travelling to OZ using my NZ passport. My mother is a widow, age 59 still healthy and able to work but I couldn't leave her in the UK and take her 2 only grandchildren away from her...dilema. Does anyone know whether I could get my Mum into Australia using my NZ passport? She lived and worked in NZ between 1975 and 1981 and her older brother still lives in NZ but her other brother lives in the UK and she would still have a son in the UK, although we're trying to convince him to move too. She just can't afford to go for the Contributory Parent Visa and I really don't want to leave her here on her own. :sad: Any help would be great appreciated
  20. jsnowling

    visa for my mum

    :chatterbox:Hi wondered if anyone could give me some help and advice .... we have recently arrived in oz on a 175 pr visa. My elderly mum is back at home - she is 79 this year....she said she would be ok as she has one or 2 friends in Uk - I know she was just saying this but felt I had to live my life with my husband and 4 kids. However, she is so unhappy without us and I do feel very guilty - wondered about getting her a visa to come and live with us but have read some stuff on diac website and getting a bit confused with visas she could apply for - help anyone?????
  21. Guest

    new mum cheltenham area

    hey I am new to melbourne cheltenham area, I am a stay at home mum with 3 kids, kian 3 nearly 4, kate 2 and alexander 6 months. I am 33 from Scotland, my husband is from New Zealand we both laid back people. Looking to meet people for coffee/ socialising etc. look forward to hearing from u Anne-Marie:biggrin:
  22. Terrible story: The young children of a mother who was bashed unconscious in her Melbourne home and left for dead stood by her hospital bed and desperately tried to wake her up, the murder victim's distraught twin sister has revealed. Sally Brooks, 48, was due to fly to her native England on July 11 to start a new life there with her three young children after living in Australia for 16 years. Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/they-tried-to-wake-mummy-up-twin-tells-of-heartbreak-at-sisters-bashing-death-20110715-1hh4v.html#ixzz1SG5evIfX
  23. Hello - if you're new to Perth or thinking of emmigrating to Perth I run a Mum's meet-up group in Perth. We meet 2 - 4 times a week at various parks, beaches, farms, zoo's, play centres, aqua parks etc.. we also have family picnics and BBQ's at weekends, camping holidays, and even daddy days out. If you'd like to join please PM me for the details. Thanks Lorraine
  24. Morning all. My partner visa is pretty much ready to send but i have one question. Its about the sponsors working history. My wife is Australian and since the birth of our 2 girls, one in 2005 and one in 2010 my wife has been a full time mum. I have always been in work and support our family fully. She is eager to get back to work when our youngest is old enough to go into school. I am going to secure a job before we get there so i can start work straight away. Should my wife attach a statement saying that i will be working as soon as we get to Australia and once our youngest is in school then she will go to work also. We also have friends and family over there who said they would be able to help us if it came to it. Should i mention all this in the statement? Thanks in advance everyone Marc
  25. Guest

    Mum to be- in Elwood

    Hi there, Wondered if there were any other mum's/ mums to be in the Kilda/ Elwood area that fancy meeting up for coffee and a chat sometime?