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Found 80 results

  1. NatDaw

    Schooling in UK (Scotland)

    Hello All, I have a 3 year old that’s about to start school in Oz next year. We are planning to move back to UK in a few years, when she is 7 or 8. I mentioned to my mum the booklist of things I needed to buy for my daughter going into kindy next year ( specific pen, glue, scissors, etc that the school requires us to buy) and she said that when we went to school in England when we were little, she didn’t have to buy any of that for us, that it was all provided by the school. Is that still the case? Reason I ask is many public primary schools in Oz now-a-days require parents to purchase their child an iPad come year 4 ( which my school is saying will be around $1100) and want to know for budgeting reasons is this the case in Scotland? Or are computer rooms still a thing? What schooling associated costs should I be aware of for primary and secondary school in Scotland? (Looking at government schools only) Thank you!
  2. Barryinmelbourne

    Melbourne or perthshire(Scotland)

    Hi there ..I’ll make this story short,the long version is very long ..I came to Melbourne as a 16 boy (1999)to live with my dad who had emigrated to Melbourne years previous ..my dad has since passed and I now have no family in oz. my wife is Aussie born and bred , she has been to Scotland multiple times and loves it .she says she would happily go home with me ..however as much as I feel I need to go home to my family I can’t imagine how my wife will be/cope ...I’m very worried I will be putting her in the exact position I am currently in ..does anyone else have this worry about going back ??
  3. Hello, I am a newly qualified learning disabilities nurse, looking to migrate to Australia in the near future. I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations of migration companies within Scotland, that could help me? Thanks, Kennedy.
  4. Been a couple of years since last here. My hubby is from Scotland has a house and also has a friend who is prepared to offer a job when we are ready to return. We were going to return a couple of years ago but decided to stick it out in Australia. Here in Oz I get a partial disability pension basically only covers medications on health card due to our incomes as I work part time. I hope to get part time work when we go to Scotland if not I can work from home in photo restoration work. But what concerns us is I have a genetic condition that limits me with working full time - will this go against us in our visa application that Im not of full health - how will this play with getting our visa for me. I have had conflicting info told NHS will cover me as in the visa there is a built in amount to cover the NHS ... to there is a reciprocal arrangement with Australia and as I have medicare here I would be covered there. I need to see a dr at least once a month for medications (bp, pain meds and thyroid), out here I see physio to help with dislocations approx once a month, I know i will have to pay for physio as i do here. My question does anyone know where i can get some accurate info from ? I have a friend whos a dr in UK but psychology is his field and he said it should, he works at a hospital and says as far as he knows I would be covered but we need to know more... someone said I would need to take out private health insurance as well as the visa extra amount .... but Im unsure on levels over there. I just need somewhere to start as there are so many different web pages and all say different conflicting things ahhhhhhhh My hubbys gran died late last year and hes even more homesick than before so we would really like to go back to where his home and family are. My family are no where near by here so it will be nice to have close family to lean on when needed etc and to support his mum too so she has her son back on the same side of the world. Thanks for advice n help its all greatly appreciated
  5. Hi all 2 questions: Ive been living in Melbourne for almost 3 years now, on a 457 visa. Im 25 weeks pregnant, and realising I dont know anyone who is going to be on maternity leave at the same time as me who lives nearby. Kinda scarey not having family/old friends on hand. Anyway, if anyone else is in a similar boat, please get in touch. Im from scotland, age 31, living in Yarraville since April. Will start mat leave august 1st. Other is a more general question to those on a 457 visa who have taken or plan to take maternity leave. My contract only runs until April 2015, which means if I took all of the paid maternity leave that im entitled to, from my employer (32 weeks at half pay), my maternity leave would take me very close to the contract/visa end date. Does anyone know if this matters to immigration or not? e.g. ive read somewhere, you have to earn a mimum amount per year for visa to remain valid. I hope to apply for PR under the general skilled program (my employer does not offer permanency sponsorship) once the baby is born so if granted I would no longer be tied to work anyway. Ive been waiting to speak to Immigration dept for an hour and giving up waiting today! Cheers
  6. Hi, just wondering if anyone has used meadows move in scotland for shipping and whether they recommend it or not? I've got stuff waiting to go but he seems to be a bit slow on getting it all organised for boat, paperwork done and payment sorted etc. Hopefully everything will get here safe and sound and then the slowness wont be such a big issue! Just looking forward to seeing my things again!
  7. I am moving permanently to Australia and am selling my 3 bedroom semi (fully furnished) and car in FK10 postcode area of Scotland. Looking to leave UK end June. Not sure if this is the right place to put this thread.
  8. Playghirl

    Coffs Harbour- any pomsinoz?

    Hi We are coming up to a year in Sydney now but realise that we will never be able to buy a 3 or 4 bed family home. Rent is now 700 per week in Leichhardt. Scottish hubby currently has almost constant work driving a manitou and clearing 1300 per week. Will be doing a crane course this week which will certainly improve his employability if not his wage. I am a teacher earning about the same.... On our wage we should be able to afford a nice property in COffs / SAwtell/ Reston/ urunga and surrounding areas.... But what is the employment situation like??? i Am also interested in what people's views are like to live in this area. Hubby is SCottish, and we have two girls not at school yet.
  9. Anyone used any good and reasonably priced shipping companies in Scotland? Trying to get some quotes and decide on the best company to use! Any tips would be appreciated!
  10. Sent all my documents off after months of making them perfect...then get told the transcript isn't right (even though it was) so i got onto uni and NMC to send out alternative, neither of which has been done yet but i got in touch with the AHPRA woman who's dealing with my application to just ask if anything else was needed, she didn't answer that exactly but just said "The application is with the nursing professional for assessment, once i have the result i will email you." So i asked if that means they have all documents required or if thats what their checking before they put it through to be assessed for eligibility? She replied "Assessment to see if the documents meet AHPRA requirements to allow the letter of eligibility to be sent" Does this mean they don't need the extra transcript now or what? And is that it now at the last stage before eligibility letter sent? i just don't know lol i don't want to keep asking her and i don't know what her answers mean anyway! Although the good thing is since that womans been emailing me shes been keeping me updated and replies to my emails within 10 minutes...even if i don't always know what shes going on about lol I'm so excited and feel sick at same time lol so am i just waiting to hear if I'm eligible or am i waiting to hear what other documents i need?? does anybody know? Thanks
  11. Hi Folks, Hoping to emigrate to Perth Wa Autumn/Winter 2011 My Wife Angie, Myself Jamie and our Young kids 5 and 2, Anyone from Aberdeen Scotland planning on moving there to? Be good to hear from you if you are Cheers Jamie
  12. Guest


    Hi folks I'm Stevie and me and my family live in Scotland. I've been saying for years "we should move to Oz" and finally I think she's listening...I'm 46 in a week or so and my wife Vicky is 45 in Oct, we have three kids, two under 18. Maybe we've left it to late but I got some good IT qualifications and possibly a profession that's listed on the Skilled Occupation List. If anyone has any advice or information for us we'd really appreciate it and love to hear from you. And by the way, I've been twice in the last ten years or so. Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns and Darwin..Love the place
  13. Leeannetricia

    Uk food not available in oz

    Hey, moving to Canberra in a month! Much excited Anyway was thinking are there any uk food we don't get in Oz that I can bring with me Or are there any foods/snacks that are really expensive! Lol Was going to bring my friend over some wee Scottish treats as she moved over in November Any help much appreciated Cheers now Leeanne 1month away from The big move
  14. Hello, Am planning to move to Oz in May - anyone going to the event in Edinburgh on the 18th? Megan x
  15. smitsav

    One way flights Scotland to Perth

    Hi, Any idea on best airline to fly one way for emigration to Australia? 2 x adults 1 x infant 1 x baby From - Scotland To - Perth Fly - Sept 2012 One-way only(return ticket if cheaper than one way) All comments and advice welcome Thanks
  16. This is one of the most famous murder cases of all time. There have been Endless theories, Books, Documentries, Films & Dramas made concerning the Jack the Ripper murders & currently Scotland yard are trying not to publish their "secret files" The case is 123 years old should it be discussed openly now as part of criminal history or aught the files remain secret ? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/8514000/Scotland-Yard-fights-to-keep-Jack-the-Ripper-files-secret.html
  17. Jlew

    Howdy from Scotland

    Hi, been lurking for a few weeks and decided it was time to sign up. Currently looking at the option of a move out. We have our reccy trip booked and will be arriving in Sydney on 30 march. Will also be in Melbourne for a week. We have two young sons and looking to rent a house for the Melbourne week to try and experience it a bit more realistically than from a hotel room. Mornington looks a reasonable option, but would be grateful for some suggestions. Looking on the homeaway.com.au site, but again would appreciate some suggestions. Most importantly for the moment though, hello!
  18. Guest

    From Scotland to Australia!

    Hi all, I have just registered to this site, I am looking for some advice and some info on what it takes to move so far from home! Our visas are already being processed, my husband has a job that he will start in January and I think in the bieginning I will stay st home with my son in the uk and we will travel over every couple of months, but we do not know yet. As he will be working out on sites across australia we can pick pretty much anywhere to stay in the country and my first question i need answered is where area there good places to live without sky high living costs? I will go read a few posts and hopefully gather some info, Emma x x
  19. Williamsons

    Transporting pets from scotland

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help. We have been looking at various pet transporters to take our beloved Molly the mutt to Perth. Our quotes are coming back based on flying her out of Heathrow - has anyone used a reputable company that has an "all-in-price" from Scotland (Ive been told she can't fly from Scotland so it would be transit to heathrow)??? Thanks. Sarah
  20. Hi guys, We're moving to Griffith NSW in 7 weeks and I've finally started to arrange shipping! I'm getting a quote from Crown and Anglopacific. Can anyone recommend any other decent shipping companies that have bases in Scotland? Thanks! Debs xxx
  21. Hey All, I'm 23 years old Scottish guy and moving to Sydney with my Girlfriend in the coming months. We arrive in Melbourne at the end of October (She has family out there) and then will be making our way to Sydney. I'm employed in I.T currently and will be looking for positions in Sydney (and likely have alot of questions on these boards) and my partner has just finished her Masters in Politics and will be looking for positions too. Would be interested in meeting/chatting with any other I.T emigrants and Sydneysiders!
  22. theonetruechris

    England Scotland game

    Does anyone know if anywhere's showing the England Scotland game on Saturday in town. It's going to be hectic as I'm planning on going down fed square for the granny and then I've got tix to go see shaolin monks in St Kilda that night so need somewhere to watch Scotland partake in a rugby lesson of the highest order. Then on top of that there's the meet up at Mornington the next morning.
  23. Guest51810

    missing scotland... not!!

    hey guys anybody missed me? :cute: holidays great - weathers roasting and the drinks are cold lol. dont want to come home! the only things i miss are the two mutts lol hows everyone getting on? i heard the storm wasnt as bad as people expected - good news! speak to you all when i get back if dave doesnt let me have another shot of the laptop lol cheerio:jiggy:
  24. Hi, the time has now come to start thinking about shipping our black russian terrier murphy as we have a provisional date of march 2012 for flying out. we would be very grateful for any carrier/agent recommendations that we dont have to travel to far to use (though if we need to then so be it) we live near glasgow airport so obvs this would be easier thanks in advance jen x
  25. Hi does anyone know if the Scotland Euro qualification matchs against Czech Republic and Lithuania will be shown on TV or locally in any Canberra clubs. The worst thing is I bought tickets for both games last summer before the visa came through but can't now watch the games. ;0( HELP PLEASE!