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  1. Ballaratburd

    187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa Questions

    He is a submarine engineer funnily enough. Any tips on the best place to look for jobs for him?
  2. Ballaratburd

    187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa Questions

    I think most likely south Australia but they haven’t even got as far as looking for jobs yet as I had advised that getting the visa first was the best option, however that was when I thought his job was eligible for a 189
  3. Hi all, asking a few questions on behalf of a friend who visited me in March and has been talking about moving here ever since. Her husband is a marine engineer which is on the skills list but only eligible for the 187 RSMS visa. Am I correct in saying that he would need to secure employment first then apply for this visa? Is it possible to get the visa application in motion then try to apply? Does anyone have any experience of this visa living in regional Victoria? Since I live in regional Victoria I figured I would start my research based on that. Thanks again
  4. Ballaratburd

    Applying for child’s citizenship when both parents PR

    Possibly the most diplomatic way I have ever heard Australia Post described haha
  5. Ballaratburd

    Applying for child’s citizenship when both parents PR

    Thank you. It’s good to know it’s not a long wait time.
  6. Ballaratburd

    Applying for child’s citizenship when both parents PR

    Oh I found a lot of things in life simpler in the UK. Not saying that I preferred living there, I love living in Australia but Australians have a knack of making even the most simple thing complicated [emoji6]
  7. Ballaratburd

    Applying for child’s citizenship when both parents PR

    Not really simpler. It appears i need to apply for a citizenship certificate for him, and have to send in an identity form for the baby, proof of our PR status and his birth certificate (all certified of course) not that any of this surprises me. If there is a way of making things complicated the Aussies will always do it [emoji849]
  8. Ballaratburd

    Applying for child’s citizenship when both parents PR

    Thank you. I was afraid that was the case.
  9. Sorry if this post is in the wrong place. Both my husband and I are permanent residents and our baby was born in Sep 2018 in Melbourne. I need to apply for an Australia passport for him and it’s unclear online whether I have to apply for the citizenship certificate for him or if his birth certificate is sufficient evidence. Can anyone shed some light? I don’t want to pay $190 for the certificate if I don’t need to. TIA
  10. Ballaratburd

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Can’t offer any advice re Perth as I’m over in Victoria. Cost of living is higher but then so are the wages, it depends what you want and where you live, we moved to a country town so we could get a cheap mortgage but our wages remain the same as if we still lived in the city therefore more disposable income. If your job is on the skills list I would definitely look into getting your skills assessment done and applying for a 189 visa, if granted this gets you and your family permanent residency so when you do move over you don’t have to worry about getting sponsored to work. Re opportunities in Australia vs the UK. Some people on this forum are very quick to shoot this phrase down as you have seen. Australia is not the land of milk and honey as perceived by many however there are many benefits to raising kids here, the weather brings a different lifestyle, kids are more interested in sport, there are a lot of good schools here and it’s not just the elite or the genius working class kids who get the opportunity to get a really good education, I come from a very deprived area in the west of Scotland so I can appreciate what your wife means by “better opportunities” not everyone on this forum will know what she means. Are you close to your family? It can be hard raising kids on the other side of the world and it’s a big reason many ex pats move home, you have to weigh up the benefits of living here (of which there are many) over not having your children grow up amongst family and close friends.
  11. Ballaratburd

    Honest opinions of nursing in Oz

    I’m not disagreeing with you that the care was poor but I suppose it’s important to keep in mind that in Australia (well Victoria at least) nurses look after 4 patients in a public hospital whereas in all likelihood your relative would have been one of anywhere up to fourteen patients with one registered nurse looking after her.
  12. Ballaratburd

    Melbourne suburbs for young families

    By about 3/4 degrees maybe [emoji23]
  13. Ballaratburd

    Bringing Cat into Brisbane Area

    Aussies hate cats. I know that is an extreme generalisation but it really shocked me when I moved here the amount of rules regarding cats and most Australians I know think of cats as pests. It has been mentioned above about cats being trapped and taken to the pound but I’ve heard so many horror stories about cats being trapped and killed. Every other day I see flyers tapes to lampposts about missing cats. I came here with the intention of shipping my two cats over at a later stage, however after being here for a while and realising the rules (cat curfews etc) I decided it wasn’t fair to fly them out here just to keep them indoors and my sister agreed to keep them. Of course that isint always an option for everyone. If you did decide to take your boy here I would seriously consider keeping him indoors until you can build him a cat run. It’s getting common here for people to put mesh up so they can be confined completely to the back yard.
  14. Can I just say they have an absolute cheek, I know it doesn’t help your situation but the UK nursing and midwifery training is miles ahead of Australia! I have had plenty students here and the amount of placement and contact hours they have is laughable. Good luck with it all [emoji106]
  15. Ballaratburd

    Scotland or Melbourne?

    Thank you so much. Even as I was looking online at jobs and houses back in Scotland I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that it was just hormones and my current feelings making me go a bit mad! The minute my husband got the email to tell him about the police residency rules it was like something snapped me back to reality. I think I just need to accept that whilst I will never have those deep connections with people like I do at home, I am fortunate to have a lot of good friends here and I just have to start speaking up that I am a bit lonely as a new mum and need more contact with people. I’ve also decided that I will return to work one day a week come July as I think that the interaction there will be really good for me.