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  1. Firstly my dear friends, please accept my deepest apologies, for a few sins I have committed a) not posting since forever b) not answering any emails and c) just not being around .... But I do have good reason, since I opened my boutique in June last year I have been so busy & consumed with work, I have been concentrating on building my business and taking it to the next level, I feel as if I have been on a massive roller coaster ride ..... So much to tell, but I want to keep this post as short as possible, because I hate to bore people .... I still meet up ( from time to time with Millie ) and she's all good. i have moved premises once because I outgrew my original shop, and me being me am hoping to be on the move again at the end of my lease to an even bigger, better, brand new store, I am meeting shortly with the delveloper to discuss my needs .... I have built up my brands from a small handful to what will be nearly 30 by next season, my customers are 40 plus, I have made lots of friends and have a really cool customer base .... Beautiful girls who appreciate me & what I am doing, I create a lot of mix & match .... handpicked to fit in with today's busy lifestyles, I am a wYse stockist, I also stock Goondiwindi Cotton, Layer'd, Seven Sisters, Vassalli, MACJAYS, Boo Radley, Ridley, NYDJ, Cotton Diva, Tsonga Shoes, Sasha Drake due in January, Motto, Tani, and heaps more, see I said I'd been busy. i am in the process of getting my website together, but I'm too busy to look after it, so I've handed that job over to my computer guys, so hopefully it will pay off .... Again please accept my sincerest apologies, gone are the days when I was a bored housewife, now I'm too busy to put the kettle on .... hope everyone's well .... i will try to pop on again. Sorry Kate for shirking my moderator duties, really I am .... i did manage to fit a cruise in though ..... A photo of the shop, not dead current, but it gives you all an idea, plus it proves that I have been telling the truth ..... XXXXX
  2. LOL, I don't know, just a faceless tosser ..... obviously leads a sad life ....
  3. Love Shoes

    Would you dare! To change your hair colour to ...

    thank you ..... I do post out .... Can send images if you wanted the scarf, it's a violet & priscilla one, it's sweet .... I think it's less than $30 .... Let me know if you need photos hun x x
  4. Love Shoes

    Would you dare! To change your hair colour to ...

    Sounds lovely .... Inspirational... How's things babes x x
  5. Love Shoes

    Would you dare! To change your hair colour to ...

    Thank ni you babes, a change is as good as a rest, but as we get older it's hot to look really good, .... as it's not as easy to carry off, I rea don't suit vivid fashion colours but this is soft & really suits my skin tone ... If you feel like it, do it, if your happy with your current colour then stay with it, I'm staying with this, coz I'm happy with it ...
  6. Love Shoes

    Would you dare! To change your hair colour to ...

    Thank you babes, just been so really busy, I have never Ben one to stop still with hair styles .... Short, bed head and interesting colour, I don't suit dark hair, sadly, but I've fou an amazing stylist.... I have ladies come in & ask " where did you get your hair done " hows you x x
  7. Love Shoes

    Would you dare! To change your hair colour to ...

    The comments ive had, are " its so fresh " .....
  8. Love Shoes

    Would you dare! To change your hair colour to ...

    Another of a local celeb .... Wearing one of my dresses in my shop .... She is performing with Marina Pryor in one of my dresses next month
  9. Love Shoes

    Would you dare! To change your hair colour to ...

    One of my gorgeous All For Kat dresses
  10. Love Shoes

    Would you dare! To change your hair colour to ...

    going well, just about to relocate to bigger premises with my business neighbour .... You should give the hair a go .... Different is good
  11. Hopefully everyone is well, had a run in a few weeks ago with a tosser, so thought I'd have a rest .... im great, my business is going really well, just about to move to bigger premises...... got a couple of local Australian designers who have become friends as they love my quirky up front style .... their labels sell well, must post my ad, as just done a tv commercial
  12. Pnk, blue, ... changed mine a few weeks ago to a gorgeous shade of champagne pink blonde, after many years of being blonde, do many awesome comments, loving it .... Could you, would you ....
  13. Love Shoes

    Pic of the Day

    Chucky! That made me laugh! It does look really creepy ..... I can immagine the owner being dressed up like a doll weird I take it you won't be viewing
  14. Love Shoes

    Pic of the Day

    Thanks hun x x I am loving it! You must visit sometime x x
  15. Love Shoes

    Pic of the Day

    Sorry I haven't been to the beach, or lovely restaurant ... I have been working my balls off, getting my boutique off the ground, so no photos of turtles or fancy fish, just rails ....