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  1. Tappers2oz

    Poms in Adelaide

    Hi Admin I registered on to the PIA site last month (might have been longer) but it won’t let me log in. Still says awaiting approval. I cancelled the registration and tried to resign up but it’s saying my email address and username is already in use (by me). Can someone have a look at it for me? (I will pm my details when this post is seen/replied to by admin). Thanks
  2. Iknowc (some might), but I’m just popping in to say that after a looooong time of being around here and wanting to/trying to emigrate, I have finally got a foot on the ladder. Skills assessment submitted 1st March.
  3. Tappers2oz

    Cat import permit

    Thanks for the reply. That def makes sense (about safe to fly and health hazard thing). Will keep fingers crossed.
  4. Tappers2oz

    Cat import permit

    Wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation. My cat is an over groomer. Neither me or the vets know why, lots of ‘could be this, could be that’. (No it’s not fleas as he is regularly treated with flea medication and we’ve not seen a flea in the house in years and years). He is also an indoor cat so the chances of having fleas in the home is very low. He’s been suffering this on and off for a few years. Sometimes he lets it grow back, then it’s gone again. He’s well in himself other then he looks a bit like a plucked chicken on his back legs and stomach at the moment. Could this be something that he might fail his health check/import permit on?
  5. Tappers2oz

    Easiest English Test

    I recently did the PTE. Decided on that one as I’d heard it was easier/better then IELTS. Studied using jay at e2 language (both on YouTube and their month free trial on their website) and passed with superior marks first time. It’s def very much about knowing how to structure the answers.
  6. Hi guys. Some of you will remember me, some of you won’t. I tend to dip in and out and ‘read and run’ these days. But I wanted to say that after 3 very long years I have just completed my nurse degree! I already have my English test booked for next month (to try and get as many points for a visa as possible). I know times are difficult and I don’t know what the future holds. Chances are won’t get PR from here, but will instead try for a 491 and then go for PR onshore. Time will tell but I’m closer then I’ve ever been before at making the move. [emoji3526]
  7. Tappers2oz

    Is it the right thing?

    I think that’s pretty much where I’m at, we love our life in Cornwall (just wish we had better paid jobs and a house of our own!) but the thought of not trying is what keeps me clinging on.
  8. Tappers2oz

    Is it the right thing?

    But that’s not for you to judge what others do. Since posting this and being on a bit more again a lot of your posts seem to be quite negative, condescending and judgemental. Being an ‘old school’ forum member (and actually being a member longer then you) I have seen this behaviour from many people and it doesn’t stop me posting. If I was new to the forum and has posts practically demanding my financial history/status I think I’d have left to find another forum. The majority of people here are adults. Quite a few are starting out on the journey (not me) and are looking for advice. You don’t seem to give advice, you seem to question and judge. I’ve seen what you think of parents wanting to emigrate and I think that’s why I’m getting your questioning, judgement and vitriol. Because YOU think it’s not the right thing for MY family. I’m not sure how you would have any idea what’s best for my family but apparently you know what’s best for everyone given most of your replies to people. If you’re so unhappy in Australia/with Australia, change your own life. Thats the only theory I can come up with for why you post like this. Your quote from another thread about families. “If you're single or a couple with no ties, that's absolutely the best attitude. However, once you're married with two or three kids, you can't afford to be so gung-ho. Do you realise that for a famliy, the visa application fees alone are about $9,000? And they can easily spend twice that again for air fares, shipping, buying and selling homes, cars etc etc. That might not matter if you're rich, but some families have to use their life savings to finance the move. You don't throw away your life savings on an adventure, you make damn sure you've researched the pro's and con's of what you're planning to do. Or you do if you're a responsible parent.”
  9. Tappers2oz

    Is it the right thing?

    I’m trying!
  10. Tappers2oz

    Is it the right thing?

    Thank you. We aren’t quite that close yet (unfortunately) but I’m aware the woofer will need his rabies jab. I think he’s out of date from his last one (we do the ‘usual’ vaccinations but haven’t worried to much about the rabies one) but would need to check his vaccination record to be sure. Don't think the schooling distance learning. It’s not something I’ve asked but I suspect the answer would be a no. Worth thinking about though.
  11. Tappers2oz

    Is it the right thing?

    Actually, I have a lot of options I’m thinking about at the moment. The point of my post wasn’t asking opinions on which visa I could go for (I’ve done a lot of homework and have spoken to 2 agents already) or indeed my financial situation. Which quite frankly is none of your business or concern. It was asking about if the feelings of the ‘right or wrong’ reason changes/goes away etc. So I’d prefer you not to make assumptions or judgements when you can’t even seem to read the original post properly.
  12. Tappers2oz

    Social Media - Pack Mentality

    I like FB for being able to keep in touch with friends. It’s been great for uni as we have a fb group where we can all chat and ask questions and I don’t ‘have’ to add 80 odd people to get info about sudden class changes etc. But I hate it for people sharing so much crap, fake/spamy posts. Missing people (who were found within half an hour of going missing but no one checked the comments), all the posts like you mentioned PQ about ‘this person has done this awful thing’ and then the mob mentality starts. I also spend far too much time on it and wish I didn’t.
  13. Tappers2oz

    Is it the right thing?

    I didn’t realise you’d never been back! We know so many who have gone over without visiting, the ones we personally know (not necessarily from the forum) have all stayed and have all told us they wouldn’t come back to live. Not even if they were paid.
  14. Tappers2oz

    Is it the right thing?

    None and none.
  15. Tappers2oz

    Is it the right thing?

    It’s complicated, and stuff I’m not going to disclose here. But this isn’t on a whim and has been a long time in the planning. Believe me I know how expensive it’s going to be.