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  1. Guest51810

    Safe Travels and Good Luck Stacey

    Nah I'm still here. I don't fly till 1.45am. I thought it was earlier! I'm off out to hunt for some food, I can't cope with just having rice again
  2. Guest51810

    Safe Travels and Good Luck Stacey

    thats basically what happened to me. First night I had a Indian which was ok. Yesterday I went to maxwells hawker court but it was soooo busy and I couldn't get a seat at all so I had to leave. I ended up at China town and went into a place that looked ok.. I ended up with this plate of chicken that was cold and I noticed blood on a few bits. So I didn't eat that. I ended up with a place of rice. Then me and the American girl went to a hawker place for dinner that her hostel told her about. Most of it was closed so we went with the place that looked half decent. Omg I wouldn't have served rascal this stuff. The chicken was just bits of crap, like bits of fat and really horrible bits. So I ended up with rice and the sauce again. I went to McDonald's yesterday after that blood chicken, just for chips but I didn't eat much of those either. I'm hoping I can find something a bit better today. Would like some chicken satay
  3. Guest51810

    Safe Travels and Good Luck Stacey

    He's not very friendly, I said hello when I walked in and I never got a hello back from him. The American girl was lovely. Dinner was not though!! I've had such bad luck with my food since I've been here. i suppose I should start a proper travel thread
  4. Guest51810

    Safe Travels and Good Luck Stacey

    I'll get you back!!!!!!
  5. Guest51810

    Safe Travels and Good Luck Stacey

    Oi how did you change that! Witch! I won't be chatting anybody up. His little bed area is so tidy and mines looks like a bombs went off haha. My mum was right about me being messy! Im off to meet an American girl for some food. We have a mutual Facebook friend so he put us in touch since we're both here alone
  6. Yeah I def think there's something going on with me. I kept getting stabbing pains in my stomach although they've eased off a bit now. Trying to drink more but I'm probably still not drinking as much as I should
  7. Guest51810

    Safe Travels and Good Luck Stacey

    Haha no the hostel isn't dodgy! Well from what I can see anyway. I just noticed the new guy in my room has an Australian flag on his suitcase. I'll try chatting to him later
  8. Guest51810

    Safe Travels and Good Luck Stacey

    Haha not really! The taxi driver was asking last night if I have a friend here and I said no. I think he tried to say I like a challenge lol. Someone with guts wouldn't have a meltdown on the street like I did last night :laugh: a guy I met in London messaged me last night saying his American friend is in Singapore alone too so I think I'm going to meet her tonight. Maybe get some dinner or something
  9. Guest51810

    Safe Travels and Good Luck Stacey

    God why didn't I think of that! If I go out tonight I'll call it mount Sophia because the taxi driver says that's what most people call it around here. I said to him "how much do I owe you" and He started laughing and said "no i owe you because you are feeding me". I bet I was!!!! But I was just so glad to get home and he was really the only one that would help me. If I come back I'll get a hostel somewhere more central
  10. Guest51810

    what are you doing right now?

    i don't mind my own company a lot of the time. It's just night time I struggle more with. And I wish I'd got a hostel more central instead of letting silly sta travel suggest it
  11. Guest51810

    what are you doing right now?

    should I even ask what it was. Nightmares about cases..?
  12. Guest51810

    Finding work

    Thanks! I've found a few agencies I can register with
  13. Guest51810

    what are you doing right now?

    What's wrong with me like?! Haha only joking. Thanks, I'm sure I'll enjoy the rest of it. Maybe just won't want to go out too late at night. Maybe would have been better going to Hong Kong with the Manchester girls but I never really fancied going to HK. Thanks for your concern x
  14. Guest51810

    Safe Travels and Good Luck Stacey

    nah this is in a quiet residential street. If I went back out looking for stuff I'd just get lost again and it's almost 2am
  15. Guest51810

    Safe Travels and Good Luck Stacey

    yes there's one in the other bed but he's the one that's snoring! I really want a Chinese lol. I didn't have anything on the second plane and didn't eat much on the first. Then I didn't eat much of my dinner tonight so no wonder I'm so hungry