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  1. Munchkinella

    I know no one will care but...........

    So sorry to hear this JD :hug: She sounded like she was an amazing lady. God bless xxxxx
  2. Munchkinella

    Queensland Floods 2013

    Sending my love & prayers to all who have been affected. :hug: Please keep safe. Jxxxx
  3. Munchkinella

    PR granted!!! :)

    Many congrats! :cute: Jxxxx
  4. Munchkinella

    New Mod

    Welcome Rupert! :wubclub: Jxxxx
  5. Munchkinella

    Its all about to begin!!

    Hi Mike :cute: Welcome to PIO. Good to have you with us. Jxxxx
  6. Munchkinella

    Ill for 304 Days a Year

    I've never had a veruca! :laugh: but I could add many more things to that list lol
  7. Munchkinella

    I know no one will care but...........

    Sending lots of :hug: WW Dont let them get you down my lovely.....they're the ones missing out. Re the job....something it out there just waiting for you I'm sure. As for the Baileys........they sell ice at Coles! :wink:
  8. Munchkinella

    Things just got real!

    You'll be fine Chris. :yes: It's anticipation and excitement. Wishing you all the best. Jxxxx
  9. Munchkinella

    Leaving the forum.....

    Well maybe if you ask nicely lol :wink:
  10. Munchkinella

    Are newspapers a thing of the past?

    Haven't bought a newspaper for years, catch up online. OH likes to read the free papers in coffee shops though. Usually when I'm trying to talk to him lol
  11. Munchkinella

    Perth for Singletons?

    You'll have what you're given my girl! :mad:.................:laugh:
  12. Munchkinella

    What films.........

    Really want to watch this. Just seen Les Mis. I enjoyed it but OH was more moved by it than me lol
  13. Munchkinella

    2 years in Melbourne - warning long post!

    Fantastic update! :biggrin: Will be helpful to many I'm sure. Great to hear from someone loving Melbourne! Jxxxx
  14. Munchkinella

    Shut your mouth! (so says Oprah)

    Truly inspirational :notworthy:
  15. Munchkinella

    So worried :(

    Oh my lovely! Sending lots of :hug: for you all. My boy broke his wrist playing football at school and carried on playing for another hour! He said it only hurt when he got home lol