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  1. Tickled Pink

    Wicked Campers Australia banned in Queensland

    I first came to Australia as a backpacker in 2007, while doing some travelling in Melbourne/Adelaide area in a camper myself (not one of these) I met an older couple (early 60's) who had booked one of these for their trip and hadn't realised what it would have on it. I can't remember the slogan, but it was pretty bad. They were mortified. The company refused to refund their money so they had to just suck it up and do their trip... they parked it behind every tree or in every corner of a carpark they could find. I felt really sorry for them... especially since they'd also discovered it leaked and had a dodgy windscreen wiper.
  2. Tickled Pink

    How did you get your 457??

    Husband works in a very niche area, despite a search within Australia the company couldn't fill the role with anyone suitably qualified. Was offered two different posts in two different states after Skype calls. The 457 was used to get us over here quickly to start work (for 2.5 years I worked in same place also, they employed us both), we were fortunate that we were given a relocation package etc. too. Paperwork for permanent residency via employer sponsorship was in within 3 months of being here and we're citizens now.
  3. Tickled Pink

    moving to aus as a speech pathologist

    In my area of nuero, finding a speechie that has knowledge and working experience of eye gaze/AAC is really hard. I end up stalking the few I know who are good at it to help my patients... if you're up to date on that kind of stuff and the modern technology on the market (e.g. Tobii) that'll put you ahead of many others and will be a selling point when looking for work.
  4. Tickled Pink

    Transferring from 457 to 186 visa and child care rebate

    The lump sum payment they are talking about may be standard. There are a couple of ways you can manage your CCR. You can either pay your provider by direct debit every week or fortnight your share and the other 50% is claimed directly by them so no money comes to you. Or you can pay the whole lot yourself in quarters and then a lump sum is paid back to you to the sum of 50%. I know some people do it this way so they get a lump sum every quarter for holidays or Christmas. I wouldn't expect to get a big lump sum for back payment, because its not a means tested benefit its processing time is really quick as the only criteria is eligibility like visa status/citizenship. I think ours took less than 10 days to process. We are citizens, but I don't think that'll make much difference as PR visa holders are no different for CCR.
  5. Tickled Pink

    Proof of immunisations - Adult

    Whooping cough has to be done again. Even from pregnancy to pregnancy it has to be redone.
  6. Tickled Pink

    leaving children in uk to live in australia

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think its impossible for a 5 and 4 year old to make a rational decision of their own on which country or parent to live with?? Even the older two... This is just an odd post.
  7. Tickled Pink

    leaving children in uk to live in australia

    What visa are you coming on?
  8. Tickled Pink

    The right to die

    I work with people who have Motor Neurone Disease. The people who wish this was an option usually wish to simply die with dignity. Before they lose all willfull body movement, before their ability to verbally communicate is taken from them, before the lose the ability to swallow and the pleasure of eating, before they essentially become 'locked in' and before their respiratory system begins to shut down. There are few people I come across who do not have family support... Obviously I am unable to have this conversation with them as I practice in a non permissive country. I am obliged to make them aware it is illegal. However, what I am able to do is listen. Let them talk about their regret for how they are forced to see this terrible disease out with no choice, no cure, and all that can be offered is some symptom management. I know people will go and commit suicide alone for fear of anyone present getting into trouble, instead of dying with loved ones all around them, this denies them the opportunity to say final goodbyes and it leaves people left behind with regret they didn't say a final few words... they are denied the opportunity to have their body treated with care, respect and dignity after their death.
  9. Tickled Pink

    Suburb demography in Melbourne

    Ummmm all those people could be Australian you know...
  10. Tickled Pink

    The right to die

    In a certain place in the world where this is permissible there is an entire process that has to be followed, with no skipped steps. Briefly, it goes along these lines: - A person must sign up and register interest - This is followed by a mandatory cooling off period - First visit with paperwork validating and confirming the medical side of things. During this visit they must meet various criteria and be signed off by a medical doctor and a psych. - Cooling off period - Second visit. Second Dr and Psych - Visit to die can be booked. The entire process takes a period of time, the person undergoes a number of evaluations, and has time to change their mind. It can't be spur of moment. An argument I have seen against is that people think a family member could get someone 'euthanised' (not my term, the one I saw used in this context) if they were mentally impaired (e.g. Downs Syndrome). This would not get through any of the stringent procedures. There have to be rules around it. But people should be able to choose.
  11. Tickled Pink

    The right to die

    Should be a choice. Sadly this question impacts almost every patient I work with...
  12. Tickled Pink

    PhD Jobs in Melbourne

    Absolute rubbish! My husband and I both have PhD's. He is a senior academic in a University. I work in a non University position, but with links to working with several. We have a large number of friends who are also PhD's. I would not have my job and he his without it. Majority of Universities are now not recruiting anybody in a position above level A without a PhD. Its a essential pre requisite. I work in both the academic and clinical field and am well known and highly regarded for my specific level of knowledge and expertise in a particular medical field. This knowledge was developed and gained directly through the PhD process. I was an invited speaker at a conference week before last... In a nutshell, and without going on, I would not be where I am without my PhD. It has opened doors for both my husband and my career that would have been exceptionally difficult/impossible to get through otherwise. My husband and I both have our PhD's from a UK institution. He was headhunted for his first job here 5 years ago because they could not find anyone in Australia to fill the position, and they tried for a number of months. As long as you pick your subject wisely, then yes, you could very well be sought after highly in Australia. As an aside... I'm quite upset that someone might think my qualifications and expertise are 'a waste of time/money' as I'm not working in academia... maybe you need to widen your view as to what this qualification means for people. I think the patients I work with are very grateful for what I know and how I can help, saving them a whole lot of time and money going to someone who isn't able to cut to the chase, trouble shoot and manage their condition as effectively.
  13. Tickled Pink

    Any info on Ipswich?

    I would cross off Mt Ommaney or Jindalee. The commute along the Western freeway can be annoying (I used to live at Kenmore and work towards Ipswich way). all the other places are worth looking at though. With a young family being near Springfield would be good. Big shopping centre and water park, lots of green space. But I've heard nice things about Ripley too. Good community/family feel with all those areas. Quite a lot of community/family events going on. We looked at Brookwater to buy, some lovely houses round there. I like Lowood and surrounds from my road cycling point of view, however, as a parent of a youngster I would feel a little isolated I think.
  14. Tickled Pink

    Parents not on birth certificate??

    Unless you have a different situation (like stated above) you can order a full certificate online. Mine took about 3 weeks to arrive. You'll need it for both the 186 and citizenship.
  15. Tickled Pink

    Living in Springfield Lakes, QLD???

    By larger plots I certainly don't mean acreage. I don't have acreage. I have a nice sized garden to go with my property. Smaller plots tend to build the house right up to the fence line to maximise house space, whereby the windows are often looking directly into the neighbours, and due to close proximity of houses have what I would consider little privacy. The OP will be able to see this when they drive around. In the uk semi-detached houses don't have windows that look into each other and are usually double brick built so sound does not travel in the same way. Some of the more recent areas of Springfield were built mass produced and not with the same sound proofing in mind. Anyway, I've said my thoughts based on about 12 months research on buying, with this being one of the areas we included in the search (including lots of visits to area, research into houses built there and the building companies quality, reviews of people living or having lived there etc etc... only my views...