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  1. Don't look at the post's,nimps isn't it?
  2. I actually feel a bit sorry for you tbh,always focusing on negatives and misery,,,,sad tbh
  3. I'm very lucid tbh,maybe the V+T you had luv
  4. You must sit down sometimes and think,"wtf am i doing?!i'm a middle aged man,with a wife and kids,and my whole life revolves around winding people up on pio,dissing aus and aussies,and focusing on every negative news story in the world!!lighten up ffs,the good far outweighs the bad
  5. Hope your proud of yourself weirdo
  6. You must loathe yourself?you must do,if you had any conscience anyway,how do you feel about lying to good people,no shame or guilt?cringeworthy
  7. Yes,best you give up on wriggling your way out of the foreign invasion sensationalism,just digging the hole deeper every time,no matter. I don't distinguish between the two,you're exactly as you come across,just own up to it,don't hide it,you'd be due a bit of respect for being honest at least
  8. pablo

    Sorry to say goodbye

    Shame he has to ban me now,mwah mwah mwahhhhhhh
  9. And what?what do you suggest we do?,what would Plato have done?
  10. Yes i do,and number 2,we were talking about imigration,you mentioned foreign invasion in that context,so keep ducking and diving,still smoke and mirrors,you have a dislike of Muslims and left leaning people.that much is more than obvious,why deny the undeniable?
  11. Good luck with the viewings,failure to sell was a massive part in my "not" emigrating,different catchment area though,sure you'll be fine