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  1. 3FatCats

    Mind all over the place...

    Hello there, it dawned on me it is my 1 year anniversary of being back in the UK! So, I just wanted to check in to say Hi, and also to check out, as I don't really have time for the forum much these days. Good luck to all who are still on their journeys. I have no regrets at all and am daily thankful to be here! :wubclub:
  2. 3FatCats

    Never been so glad we MBTTUK

    Big hugs, such a shock....
  3. 3FatCats

    Some information from returnees please.

    I came home last July after 3 years in Sydney and have been very happy with my decision. Found work after 3 weeks and have settled in back to the NW of England.
  4. 3FatCats

    Being turfed out...

    Good luck, UK or France are both amazing places!
  5. 3FatCats

    what are you doing right now?

    Had an amazing day at Donington, saw Guy Martin and met all the Tyco-Bmw riders :wub:
  6. 3FatCats

    Some observations

    Sounds wonderful! I have always loved Sweden. Enjoy every minute.
  7. BMW 1 series 2.0 diesel but it is the sport model :cool: used mind, so not very pricey at all. I just picked it up :wub: headoverheels :wubclub:
  8. nice one Lindor! I also pick my new wheels up today, am a little bit excited!!! :jiggy:
  9. Italian/Irish :cute: and a teaspoon of English too
  10. 3FatCats

    Please help a fellow member

  11. 3FatCats

    Back six weeks - was it a mistake??

    Knew you would settle in fine, grand being back isn't it? :cute: 9 months for me and I still have the honeymoon vibe! Spring is just around the corner and it is going to be wonderful!
  12. 3FatCats

    When did you first discover

    I have several, one being the ability to shop for shoes but appear to have owned said shoes for some years :daydreaming: I have had much practice at this special art. My preferred superpower is selective deafness, very good for the soul :cute:
  13. 3FatCats

    Wow!Think I've heard everything now!

    Is he called Jack? :laugh:
  14. Shoes and me are best friends, I will not tell you how many pairs between winter, summer, boots etc as even writing it down would be too shocking :eek: Let's just say I need a large variety to cater for the multiple facets of my job and personal life :laugh: