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  1. M1cha3la

    Post a random picture of your day

    Fitzroy Island, Qld. I could of sat on that beach all day
  2. Just popped in to say hi ??
  3. M1cha3la

    12 month update

    Haha, thank you I do understand the sentiment of it being a little mad, but there are always pros and cons of buying any house. I definitely agree with you, we wanted to buy and as we can't turn the clock back 15 years to pre boom prices, the current market felt like the best time for us. I am just glad it is not at the height of a boom, then I really would of cried with shock Really, I shouldn't of put the value in my post. It was just an honest review of our experience that I hoped would help others. But it is not the case for the whole of Perth. VXRH is right, there are cheaper houses out there if you go further out or to different suburbs. Prehaps what I should of included was that we did not live near a city in the UK and we got tired of the hour long commute each way to work, so this time we decided we wanted to live as closer to work. But I could go on forever with details and my first post felt long enough as it was
  4. M1cha3la

    12 month update

    Um, wow ok. Well I guess firstly as you don't know our full financial circumstances or our motivation to buy where we brought, that your post could be taken as a little, erm, rude? Am I mad, maybe. But then maybe I am a millionaire. Is any job ever 100% secure? No. No one would ever buy a house if they thought as such. But we do know our financial situation and are perfectly comfortable with it. And for all accounts it takes us 20 minutes to get into the CBD from our local train station. I didn't fancy Butler, even if we could afford a 10 bed up there, but thank you for the reply though
  5. M1cha3la

    12 month update

    Hi Collie, Thank you for the lovely reply. I totally agree with what you said about the boom and bust. It is all relative really. We knew it would be tough and had many conversations over timings, but in the end we figured if we can make it work here at its worst then we can survive anything. It is slowly all coming together. We brought NOR near Duncraig. What brought you over from Sydney? Good luck with the job search too. My hubby is ACCA (the enemy haha) and CPA, I am sure he would be more than happy to offer any advice, tips and contacts that could help
  6. M1cha3la

    12 month update

    We are English, so we shall moan about the weather Most people can not understand why I feel so cold. But like you say, 6c in a morning when you get up is cold. And if your house is anything like ours, it is probably 4c inside. And while yes it does get colder than that in the UK, you rarely feel it, because of central heating and double glazing. Radiators are the last thing I thought i'd miss Good luck with the potential move, it is very exciting. Have you visited Perth before?
  7. M1cha3la

    12 month update

    Sydney house prices are terrifying. Perth is not cheap but compared to Sydney it is. I think the weather will be better. When we visited Sydney in December I nearly died, but it was because it was humid. Perth is dry heat, so I never really feel too hot. This last 12 months have not been my definition of hot at all though. Winter carried on forever last year. My friends (work colleague) said they are normally in their pool by early October, but had to wait till mid November last year. Then there wasn't really the month of 40c + that is also known as January. I was really looking forward to it, so naturally I am feeling short changed it is endless sunshine here though. Well not today, its raining. But usually it is sunshine
  8. Oh wow your garden sounds amazing how lucky to have all those lovely fruit trees. You can't beat freshly picked fruit. We have orange, nectarine, grapefruit, passionfruit, avacado, mango, lemon, mulberry, figs, apples and butternut squash. I am going to have to learn how to be a gardener very quickly Thank you for the tips, I will grab some Jamsetta today. Juice is a great idea though, I hadn't even thought of that. It might be the way to go. I can even use it to make cocktails then You are a genius
  9. M1cha3la

    what are you doing right now?

    The best kind. How beautiful
  10. IKNOWC but I am trying to learn how to make marmalade. Our new house has several fruit trees and I have about 50+ oranges at present I hate to see things go to waste and I can't give them away quick enough, so marmalade it is. On another fruit note, I gave up counting the avacados on my tree. I hate avacados but given the cost of them here, I need to calculate if I can some how retire and become an avacado millionaire
  11. M1cha3la

    what are you doing right now?

    Oooh I am excited for you. The courting phase is so romantic. I hope you have a fab time xx
  12. M1cha3la

    what are you doing right now?

    Haha I found that out recently too and thought the same. Bee vomit on toast, yum
  13. M1cha3la

    12 month update

    Thank you everyone I have really missed this forum and all of the support it offers. Xx We are not overly worried about the jobs. We knew it was going to be tough with the current climate in Perth and was very thankful to get work. It is not the dream job, but it is not forever. It is hard to not let it taint the other areas of your life though and after reading my post back from last night, it makes me a bit sad that I come across so down as we do really love it here. For us, Perth is a great place to live.
  14. M1cha3la

    12 month update

    I turned into a whinging pom thanks for the kind words
  15. M1cha3la

    12 month update

    And because my first post sounded so miserable, lets have some lovely pictures, which show without words, why we moved here and why we love it here