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    Embarrassing injuries

    Well i was just reading the paper in work yesterday,reading about some medical programme thats on the telly,i dont watch medical shows tbh,this is reality a show it said. So apparantly this is going out on TV and the crank in question allowed it to go out on the show,this is what happened according to what i read..........................?? The crank goes to the hozzy with a toilet brush firmly lodged in his ar7e:wideeyed:,i can just imagine the conversation...DOCTOR "please take a seat and explain what the problem is pls" CRANK "well i'd rather not thx:twitcy:,you see ive got a toilet brush about a fortnight up my anus doctor:cute:" DOCTOR "and how did this happen pls?", CRANK "well what happened was the bathroom floor was wet and i slipped and ended up being impaled on said toilet brush,it was pure chance it ended up there,i was just unlucky doctor":wubclub: THAT was the cranks excuse! he slipped and ended up embedded on a toilet brush :laugh:wtf! Why didnt he just go to ann summers and buy one of those grenade launchers they sell and half a best butter if thats what he's into?! a toilet brush..eeeeeuuuuw! I'd DIE! a woman doctor it was as well:no:,i was thinking "how do you walk to hozzy like that? did he drive?,no cant have driven,did his car have a sunroof because he would have been a bit higher in the seat and maybe stuck his swede out the roof,or get a cab and lie on his side or what?" all very concerning tbh:biggrin: So what embarrassing things have you done or seen injury wise? ive got stitches all over me swede thru drink tbh(the kerbs are massive in lanzarote),and i tend to run down the stairs in ours,done it one nite after a load of whiskey and used me head to play every stair on the way down to the back door like a xylophone,not good like,load more staples to add to the ones inflicted by various ex GFs with hammers and stilettos. But the daftest one was when one of the lads dropped a block on my shoulder from about 10 foot above me,fuming i was! "yer stupid ~~~~" i shouted,and booted the nearest thing to hand in temper,a spade lying on the floor,the blade end of the spade!:rolleyes:,so me big toe is split in two kinda thing,goes the hozzy,blood everywhere and a cartoon big toe like a banana,"you'l have to go for Xray" the nurse said,"ok sound" i said,and goes to walk to Xray, "no you cant walk,you'l have to get in a wheelchair" she said,i said "i dont need a wheelchair,i'l walk",she said "you wont walk",so i ended up sitting in a wheelchair getting pushed from one end of the hozzy to the other by a tiny little fridge magnet of a nurse,with me leg stretched out and me cartoon big toe on display:embarrassed:,all the while me two mates who took me were literally crying their eyes out at the scene,me 6ft3 and 16 stone getting wheeled around by a tiny nurse over a toe ffs!followed us all the way to Xray cracking funnys and screaming with laughter:mad::laugh:,thats one of mine,whats your EMBARRASSING INJURY?!:unsure:
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    You tube thread

    Just a lighthearted thread of you favourite youtube clips,whatever the subject. Could be a clip of knitting for all i care,but not music or sport,theres threads for that. So just clips you like,could be your hobby,rockclimbing,surfing whatever. Just things that amaze,annoy,infuriate,up to you. The lad in the shop is now a big hit on the net and been on various telly shows. If yer dont follow footy yer wont understand it ,but he's got them off to a t [YOUTUBE]C2QEm028lKA[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]uEN11CcTSOM[/YOUTUBE] Love watching this fellah,extremely brave or extremely nuts:goofy: [YOUTUBE]AlPqL7IUT6M[/YOUTUBE] Im amazed at anyone can do this,i only tried it once on a hired wooden board in cornwall and sank in 4ft of water:biglaugh: [YOUTUBE]VJnxYsZNzwM[/YOUTUBE] First thought this was a set up,but dont think anything else could pull him like this,nutso!
  5. Just posting for any reds over there,or those planning a reccie who might want to go the match This according to the echo anyway,a normally well informed source obviously http://liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liverpool-fc-pre-season-reds-set-8441038 Might be an occasion to catch,if the Melbourne game was anything to go by,even if you're not into footy The link probably won't work knowing my I.T skills:rolleyes:,so! the echo reckons two games,one in Adelaide(me mate's there will like that),the other in Brisbane,July this year [YOUTUBE]aSy5fvpJUzo[/YOUTUBE] YNWA:notworthy:
  6. pablo

    Cowboy builders?

    Building a wall for a cpl this week:dull:,next to a wall we built for their neighbours last yr(didn't have time to do it until now)in an affluent area on the other side of the river,on the Wirral Anyway,a woman about 60/65 came over to me today and asked could we look at some pillars to be built for her daughter,on the same road,so i said yeah i'll come and have a look So i walked down the rd with her,and she was telling me how her daughter had paid a bricky upfront:no:,to rebuild 3 pillars that were dangerous,he'd only built one and a half then never came back,this is a young girl with a baby,who was concerned they might fall on her baby in the garden, nice girl too btw When i checked the other pillars that the bricky had told her were safe(which basically involves nothing more than giving them a really good shove as hard as you can:laugh:),they had both gone,they are about 8 ft high,and 2 brick by 2 brick,so a hell of a weight if it falls on yer! This bricky also billed the girl £500 for a skip! "not" the cost of the skip "and" to fill the skip with rubble or brick he'd knocked down working,no,he had "made" £300 on her just for ordering a skip!a skip is roughly £200 with a permit,unbelievable So i told her what needing doing,how many brick,sand and cement etc,then i seen the mate i work for,told him what happened to her. We both went back over later,me mate the magnet,who can be a tight arse at times:mad:,with other builders mainly tho tbf,so that's allowed really:smile:,he told her he would organise everything for her,materials,skip,give me and the labourer Ben the use of his mixer etc Then he said to me,"i dont want nothing out of this,so just charge her what you want for you and Ben" So i said" you want me to just do it as a foreigner then,yer don't want me to put a copper on for you or go through the books?" "Nah,she's had a bad enough time as it is,i'll sort the job,you sort your dosh with her" the magnet said So i started laughing,said "wtf's up with you,are yer sick,yer door hinge"?!:twitcy: He said "i've got a ......ng heart yer know!:mad:",and he has!:confused: Long and short of it is,he probably could have thrown £500 on the job for himself but never,so i told him "nice one,i was hoping you'd say that,but wasn't sure if yer would tbh,me and Ben will just do it for a normal day rate then,i wont charge her extra for doing it of a weekend" So i've told her all the gear she needs,gave her our reasonable normal day rate,i put £20 a day extra on for Ben because its the weekend,and because that is what i pay if i have a labourer,the magnet pays labourers £20 a day less than me. So,i've left it with her,builders would probably charge her 2 or 3 times more,so if she wants it doing,we will. So for all the bad builders(according to some?),there's decent ones like me mate,or have you had any bad experiences with builders that make you hate us all?:wideeyed::wubclub:
  7. Don't look at the post's,nimps isn't it?
  8. I actually feel a bit sorry for you tbh,always focusing on negatives and misery,,,,sad tbh
  9. I'm very lucid tbh,maybe the V+T you had luv
  10. You must sit down sometimes and think,"wtf am i doing?!i'm a middle aged man,with a wife and kids,and my whole life revolves around winding people up on pio,dissing aus and aussies,and focusing on every negative news story in the world!!lighten up ffs,the good far outweighs the bad
  11. Hope your proud of yourself weirdo
  12. You must loathe yourself?you must do,if you had any conscience anyway,how do you feel about lying to good people,no shame or guilt?cringeworthy
  13. Yes,best you give up on wriggling your way out of the foreign invasion sensationalism,just digging the hole deeper every time,no matter. I don't distinguish between the two,you're exactly as you come across,just own up to it,don't hide it,you'd be due a bit of respect for being honest at least
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    Sorry to say goodbye

    Shame he has to ban me now,mwah mwah mwahhhhhhh
  15. And what?what do you suggest we do?,what would Plato have done?