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    Is There a Point to Royalty?

    I must admit that I may well have voted SPD had I lived in Germany whilst I would never vote Labour/Labor.

    Is There a Point to Royalty?

    Which one of those countries would you choose over the UK, or Australia?

    Is There a Point to Royalty?

    Well, after Cromwell's "republic" which I think he tried to turn into a dynasty by making his son his successor (?). the decision was made to bring back the monarchy in the person of Charles II. I do not know the precise reason for that so I shall have to do some research. Having got rid of one king why would Parliament want to bring back another? Perhaps it is pertinent to look at the example of Spain, following Franco's death, making the decision to re-instate the monarchy. Why did they do that? In Britain's case, perhaps a fear of another revolution and the way that monarchs were removed - France, Germany, Russia, for example,. put people off abolishing the monarchy, Just as a matter of interest, given the choice, where would you prefer to live? Canada - constitutional monarchy, or the USA - democratic republic?

    Is There a Point to Royalty?

    There may not be a point to royalty but there is certainly a point to constitutional monarchy and it's not just in the UK and Australia and New Zealand and Canada but also Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark.

    Is Labour Finished?

    What if the people who voted for Brexit decide to take to the streets like in Hong Kong? Unlikely I know, but the Left hates it when the massses revolt against their rule - class enemies, counter-revolutionaries, proletariat who don't know their place.

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    It's odd, if that is the right word, but up until a couple of months ago, I had zero interest* in Brexit to the extent I stopped watching the UK news on Sky overnight because it seemed there was nothing else but Brexit. Perhaps some of you could bring me up to speed on the issues? There was a referendum in 2016 and the leavers "won?" is that right? I think the last referendum in Australia was on the question of changing from a constitutional monarchy to a republic and the result was a win for the monarchists. The republicans of course want to keep holding referendums until they win. Is that the same with the Remainers? Is it "People versus Parliament?" Why are so many MPs including ones whose electorates voted to leave Remainers? Why doesn't Corbyn want an election? What happens if Boris resigns (before Brexit)? Will Farage come back in force? * I should take an interest as I depend on income from the UK.

    Australia and Climate Change

    Well, all the people who demonstrate about climate change could make a start by stopping all their use of power unless it is renewable, giving up their cars, their mobile phones, turning off the heating and air condtioning in the schools - just the schoolies who demonstrate that is, and once they have shown the rest of us how easy it is, we can follow their example.

    Australia and Climate Change

    As I said, this "per capita" stuff is just bs. It's the total that matters and who the really big polluters are. It would be the same if Australia reduced its arms spending and production to zero. What difference would it make to the USA and China and Russia or to world peace.

    Australia and Climate Change

    The Pacific nations already blame us for non-existent problems like their islands sinking in the sea, whilst happily taking our aid. As for the South East Asian countries, well, I'm quite happy if we match their efforts as long as we are not destroying our own economy whilst they expand theirs at our expense.
  10. MARYROSE02

    Australia and Climate Change

    Show leadership? That old chestnut. Get rid of our nuclear weapons first and show leadership, as if the US, Russia, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel, etc, would give a damn. Ditto "Unilateral Disarmament" and appeasement in the 1930's.
  11. MARYROSE02

    Australia and Climate Change

    Who cares about the "per person" bs? It is the TOTAL that counts and countries like China and India are the main culprits which you would expect with 3 billion people and two countries trying to provide power for all of their peoples. 25 million people versus 3 billion and the two countries with the 3 billion are furiously building more and more power stations which need Aussie coal, no doubt. China is allegedly "meeting its target under the Paris agreement" but that also means that nothing concrete will be done until 2030 at the earliest.
  12. MARYROSE02

    Australia and Climate Change

    "Per Capita" is a bs statistic designed to make the figures worse than they really are. Australia is responsible for 1.5 per cent of the total, period. If it was contributing to the world total the way that China, India or the USA that would be different. Notice how the ACTUAL total contributions of those countries are ignored. If the other producers of coal and gas agree to stop producing at the same time as Australia, fine, but in the meantime why should Australia destroy its own economy? Plus, all those researchers you quote are biased, pushing their own agendas, unnecessarily scaring gullible people.
  13. MARYROSE02

    6 reasons that you came to live in Australia

    I have looked at this thread a couple of times already and each time pondered, uselessly, wondering why I came to Australia. Maybe I just wanted an adventure? I remember applying for a job as a male typist for BAE in Saudi Arabia and to emigrate to South Africa, and being rejected for both, (Thank God!?) The only Australians I was exposed to were the Aussie cricket team and they were all terrifying figures - Rod Marsh, Dennis Lillee, Jeff Thomson, Ian Chappell (who all seem rather pleasant fellows now!) I had zero intention of coming to Sydney, doing all my planning around, first Queensland, and then WA, but Sydney is where I ended up. I was out in a Go Get car today, not very far, Parra Road, Leichhardt, then over to Canterbury Road and left at I think Bexley Road and returning to the city on the Princes Highway - all with vile traffic made viler by the heavy rain, and in the middle of the day too, though Sydney's peak seems to be 0700 to 2200 7 days a week. Is there a worse city for traffic in Australia, or the UK? I've encountered Londoners who, rather patronisingly in my opinion, told me Sydney is a breeze, compared to London. The bottom line now, is that I just "live" here and I can't even be bothered to get into those once so enjoyable "yes it is, no it isn't" back and forths on the subject UK v OZ.
  14. MARYROSE02

    Australia and Climate Change

    Is it really true that Australia accounts for only about 1.5 per cent of all the emissions? If it is true then even if Australia achieved 100 per cent renewable energy and closed down all its coal and gas exporting industries, what then? I understand that China is not going to doing anything about its emissions until 2030 and its yearly emissions are many times greater than Australia's. I heard a guy on the ABC telling the presenter that because Australia is the number one exporter of coal and gas we are a major, if not THE major contributor to global emissions. I was hoping that the presenter would ask him what shutting down those industries would mean to both the Australian economy and the countries which buy the coal and gas? Would they just turn to other suppliers perhaps, ones who produce a lesser, i.e. more polluting form of coal. Oh well, if we believe the "alarmists" this is now "August, 1939" and we all know what happened in September, 1939.