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    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Nothing underhand. I was at the doctors and mentioned that I wanted to get the vax but I was frightened of the Astra due to my long standing health anxiety.

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I go for night after night, week after week, having 4 or 5 drinks , not getting drunk the way I did as a young bloke on Fri and Sat, but still with the nagging feeling I was drinking too much.

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    If it's good enough for Anna it's good enough for me even if I'm not going to Tokyo.

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Yes, I can't shirk my responsibilities. Last year I was more scared of the lockdown but this year, so far, it's not been as bad as I feared. And giving up alcohol is a good thing?! Going to Qld for 8 months was not being "responsible". One the other hand my parents left their house on England for nearly two years to come here. No cat to worry about though. When I do get back up to Qld I might find that I don't like it and Sydney is "home" or I could have both ie Qld for the winters.

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I've had my two Pfizer jabs now, on 4th and 25th June. The only drawback was that I nearly went to Qld on 8th June but changed my mind so I could have that 2nd jab on the day the lockdown in Sydney started. Now I'm thinking 8th June, 2022. My anti vax brother did go to QLD and now he's in Paradise and I'm somewhere around winter 1940 with Gladys telling us she can only offer us toil, sweat, blood and tears or however Winston phrases it. When I had my first jab the nurse asked me if I was feeling OK and I said "I get allergies" and she said "we all get them. " Actually, the allergies seem to have vanished after two months of "Clayton's Colds" but I was thinking if I got tested every time I had even the slightest symptom I'd be living in a Covid-19 testing station - runny nose, blocked nose, sneezing, coughing but no temperature. I had a an allergy blood test and I have a slight dust allergy to dust but my cat is innocent. I've managed to quit booze, 16 days now since 28 June but still not experiencing the wonderful benefits the wowsers all extol.

    Does anyone else feel homesick when...

    Watch a State of Origin game if you want to experience passion (without hooligans). Rugby League is very much my third footy code after football and Aussie Rules but Origin is my number one sporting event. Hopefully a 3rd win tonight over Qld which will make up for losing Euro.

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I had my 2 Pfizer jabs in June, the second on the day we locked down in Sydney, or rather the last day of freedom. The pubs were like on NYE. My one regret that after the 1st one I booked a trip to Qld then postponed it until after I'd had my 2nd jab. My brother left on 8th June!

    Sydney property

    No doubt I will be thinking, "If only I'd waited till 2022 (when the pound was worth 3 dollars too?!) Near Southampton, but not a posh part of the New Forest.

    Sydney property

    Why the two years in Sydney? Is that where your job offer is then your visa requires you stay in Sydney for two years? Anyway, you MIGHT find that after two years in Sydney you like it there and don't want to move to Brisbane. Not that it matters of course. My brother went up to QLD two weeks ago and has settled In to Redcliffe, says he likes it. Beach 'burb 40 minutes north east of Brisbane CBD? I've not been there. We both spent time in Surfers Paradise which I loved and he hated. He hates Sydney too. I don't hate it. I "just" live here in Surry Hills. I've been back from Surfers for three months and was planning to go back to Surfers for another look to see if I still liked it. Covid-19 had other plans for me. I even booked a hire car one way but then thought "I'll wait till I have me 2nd Pfizer jab". Too late. My part of Sydney locked down on the same day as the 2nd jab and every state has shut NSW out. I decided to sell.my house in England and I may use some of the money to buy a place in Surfers, maybe spend the winters there. We shall see.
  10. MARYROSE02

    Ping Pongers

    That's pretty well my impression of Perth. I arrived there in 1978, loved it, but couldn't get a job and ended up in Sydney. 40 years later I went back to Perth for two trips, three months apart, seven and six weeks. I spent most of my time in South Perth, plus 2 weeks in Applecross, a week in Northbridge, and a couple of weeks in the country to the south and east. I admit to patronising Perth (in a positive way?!) by saying Perth's rush hour would not even get a mention on the Sydney radio traffic reports. But I liked driving in Perth whereas Sydney has a seven day, all day rush hour. Exaggerating I know. I was thinking of moving there, "emigrating" in a way, but the second of my visits was a reality check. I still liked it but I have friends and family in Sydney. I spent eight months in Surfers Paradise in 20 / 21 before coming back to Sydney three months ago to "sort things out" then go back there. Covid-19 has sorted me out instead. I could have gone but I postponed it for two weeks so I could get my 2nd Pfizer jab (25th June, Lockdown Day!) I had a chance to go to Perth too. @#$% happens. PS I have ping pinged too, doing 12 years back in England but since coming back to Sydney in December, 2008, I've not been back. Last week I cut another tie by putting my UK home up for sale. I get my England fix via Optus Sport and the Daily Mail.
  11. Middlesbrough in May is probably/possibly beautiful but I'm not sure if I would like to winter there. Actually, I was born in South Shields though raised in the "Deep South", but I would not mind going back there for a few weeks. No preference regarding Melbourne or Manchester but again would prefer summer to winter in either. Here's an interesting "what if?" Imagine you are DESPERATE to return to your "home" and you are granted your wish, BUT, you cannot go back to your hometown; it has to be, in my case, South Shields not Southampton. Would it still be home or another alien place. You can play the game imagining you are homesick Aussie in UK as well.
  12. I thought "Manchester" was something to do with cloth or linens and assumed Mandurah was too.
  13. Melbourne has parc beaches and weather but good arts scene. Perth has parc arts but good weather and beaches? Let Paul be the arbiter!
  14. I'm not into ballet, dance or plays either but if I was Perth does have them all, just not as much as Sydney or Melbourne. I just Googled them all and it's not "amateur hour" either. Plus, unlike Melbourne, Perth has beaches!
  15. Clancys Fish Pub. That's the name of the other pub in Applecross. I was trying to think of it. I did 2 weeks at an Airbnb there and went to Raffles every night, occasionally to Clancys. It's a great way to get to know a burbs spending a week or so there. I did a week in Northbridge in apartment near WA Police HQ, and week revisiting South Perth and the Windsor hotel. South Perth has the magnificent view over the Swan to the city.