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    Perth or Sydney?

    He might be but that one in QLD seems obdurate and determined to destroy their main economy (apart from mining which im sure she would like to do too). My friend in Perth texted me yesterday with a link to, what it called, Ellwood Holiday Village? South East of Bridgetown, and a suggestion we stay there once the lockdown is over. I stopped at Bridgetown driving up from Albany. I just checked - got a stubby holder in the pub there "brass monkey coldest place in WA?" (Most country pubs but few city pubs do stubby holders?) I got one in Walpole, another in Donnybrook. I really wanted one from the Freemasons hotel In one of those towns but they did not have one. Im not a mason but a mate is. Funny thing is I went to the Masonic office in ?West Perth, feeling embarrassed as I rang the buzzer and said I wanted to get souvenirs for a mate in Sydney and lady buzzed me up and gave me some stuff! You are right about South Perth tho I've not been on that ferry yet and no bus trip lk and one train ride from Canning Bridge to Perth. I'm not anti public transport but when I stayed in South Perth I had my hire car and unlike Sydney it was pleasant to drive. Plus in South Perth i used to walk tho not so much in high summer during the day. Here in the inner city in Sydney I walk, get the bus or train if I can and occasionally get a car share for a couple of hours, the last time being a month ago. They are everywhere here so pointless buying a car. Different out in the burbs of course. I walk to the supermarket and use local shops too. Lady in one of them orders stuff in for me and I'm happy to buy it from her. Which beach do you live ? My first Aussie swim was at Scarborough! Reminds me of the big and crowded Sydney beaches like Bondi, Manly and Cronulla, all wonderful by the way. I think i liked Cottesloe but I admit I've not explored all of Perth's beaches. I stayed in the pub at Cottesloe for 2 nights in 1997 en route via Johannesburg to Sydney.

    Perth or Sydney?

    I've never really experienced Melbourne though the company I worked for in 1979 flew me down and I stayed 2 nights in Mont Albert as their head office was in Box Hill. In 2009 I went on a road trip and had a cup of coffee in, I think Elwood, where I thought, "This is nice, reminds me of England too." I love Sydney but it never reminded me of England except for driving along New South Road, Rose Bay which reminded me of some seaside towns. Come to think of it, in 1980 I was on my working holiday visa and planning to go to Melbourne but then the Aussie govt announced the amnesty on illegal immigrants - i wasn't illegal but inside the cut off date - so stayed in Sydney with my 2 bros. All the Sydney people I know love Melbourne too and I prefer AFL to NRL but my NRL team is Melbourne Storm. Probably too late for me to "emigrate" again though. One of my brothers has been in Sydney since 1979 and I have a little social network here in Surry Hills. One friend lives opposite me. It is not a village in the sense of being surrounded by fields but i live my life like a medieval villager rarely venturing beyond walking distance of my home. I don't mind the Sydney summers either! Mostly I stay in the shade and venture to the beach in the evenings. I'm hoping to make another extended trip to Perth tho. I guess it is a subjective thing - why one hates one place and loves another. But once I've established a pub and cafe I'm set! I

    Perth or Sydney?

    I would not do the long distance buses again. I remember going up to Brisbane from Sydney in 1979 and waking in the morning with a hangover the day of the trip, something I would never risk now. It might be nice to get the Indian Pacific one day as long as I had a sleeper of course. I thought the Indian Pacific was the only way to get to Broken Hill by train but a guy I know who works for Sydney Trains told me there is a NSW service. I looked it up and it leaves about 20 past 6 in the morning and gets to BH 12-13 hours later. Perhaps I'm a little sentimental about Perth because I was there two years ago this month and thirteen weeks was long enough for me get to know it quite well. My friend inviting me to stay with her was also appealing although I fancy I'd be happier in my own place nearby. Perhaps, in my heart I know it would be nice to spend a few weeks there but Sydney is home. But if I get a chance to come again it would be nice to see what the vibe is like. I watched your Premier on TV last night and the way he was talking it sounded like he wants to close the borders permanently! It made me react in my own parochial way and vow to stop buying wines from WA and SA and specifically look for NSW wines! You are probably right. I could get a nice place in Perth if I sold my Sydney flat (and UK house) and bought a place over there. I think you mentioned living in Como for a year and it was 20 minutes drive to Freemantle? So, not unlike Surry Hills to the Eastern Suburbs beaches for me - 20 to 30 minutes to Bronte and Clovelly (7-8km). I love the beach but prefer to live near the city and South Perth fits that bill, although not exactly like Surry Hills. Is there a Surry Hills in Perth?! Freo perhaps with its old homes and Northbridge had a little of the same vibe.

    Perth or Sydney?

    Where do you live now Marissa? I seem to recall you were in my home town, Southampton for a while? Woolston?? I'm now in my eleventh year back in Surry Hills (Sydney) after twelve years in The New Forest, though in a different village - Marchwood - to the one where I was brought up - Blackfield. I still own the house in Marchwood, which used to be my parents. I think I should have sold it after my Dad died but I was too sentimental. I've not been back to England.


    It must be hard working FIFO especially when you have a family. I suppose if you aim to save a heap of money in a short time and if you are single, it might be good? I guess that even now researchers are studying the long term effects of working FIFO? Mind you, they have probably accumulated much material on the effects of Covad 19 on the entire population? I wonder too what the long term effects on both mental and physical health losing jobs and businesses the extended border closures will have? The premier of Queensland is talking about September at the earliest and I guess WA is much the same, perhaps much longer than September too. I shall just have to holiday in NSW, which is hardly a chore but I would have liked to have spent the lock down in Queensland with my brother, and I would not mind spending some time with my friend in South Perth. I got to like South Perth (and Applecross) on my two visits to Perth. I live my life, wherever it is, as if I'm in a village, and I try to walk everywhere. Today, the furthest I've been is to cafe 100 metres away where I spent an hour or so in the arvo. This evening, I was even closer in two restaurants next to each other and 50 metres away from my home. The last time I was in a car was the middle of April when I drove to Bondi Jn to see a friend. I could have got the train too - five stops. I don't own a car and just hire them short term by the hour from Go Get (which may not operate in Perth?) It's not so practical out in the burbs but where I live the cars are ever 50 to 100 metres with the closest nearer than my own garage. I hired a car in Perth from "No Birds" (whom we also have in Sydney) but that was mostly for afternoon drives, and driving is pleasant in Perth compared to Sydney. The place I stayed in South Perth - cannot think of the name - Peninsular maybe, on South Perth Esplanade - was a short walk to Mends St and the Windsor hotel and cafes. In Applecross I was over the road from the IGA and 100 metres from Raffles hotel with cafes nearby. My friend lives on the Canning Highway side of Angelo Road (Street?) which has its own cafes and a bar. I've been to the bar but I think it's changed its name - opposite the school? I don't know if I could move to Perth though. I like it there. It's nothing to do with the isolation that some people go on about ad nauseam. It' s just that I've moved from England to Australia twice and I don't know if I want to do it again, having built up a social life in Sydney. I just looked on the map. My friend lives on Elizabeth St which looks close enough to Angelo St - Tipsy Monk is the name of the bar opposite Wesley College. The Como Hotel does not look too far away either. I've been to the bottle shop but not the pub. I shall just have to see if your Premier ever opens the border!
  6. I had to resort to a "Pommie" shower after running the water and then seeing a Huntsman scuttling along the edge of the bath half under the shower base. If it is the same one I've seen "him" in my lounge room too. I won't kill him but they do scuttle about like large coackroaches. Which is faster I wonder? This one is still in my bathroom and he was hiding behind the mirror which I took from the wall to reflect under the shower ledge. "Where is he?" Then I glanced up!

    Perth or Sydney?

    My Australian life started in Perth on 3rd November, 1978, and I loved it but I could not get a job. I might have still been living there now If I'd got a job. I went over to Adelaide on the Greyhound after a month, decided to go back to Perth after a week there, then changed my mind again and went on to Sydney on an Ansett Pioneer bus. I went back to Perth in December, 2017 for the first time in 38 years and stayed there for seven weeks, mostly in South Perth (but with a few days in Margaret River). I liked it and went back again three month later. This time I stayed in Applecross, Northbridge and South Perth again, with a week driving down to Albany. That second trip was more of a reality check because I realiized that if I moved there (which I was thinking about) I wasn't sure if I could go through the "emigration" process again. I've got family and friends in Sydney but nobody bar one friend in Perth. She has invited me to stay which is tempting although the border is closed, seemingly forever more?! I still like it in Perth and if I was starting off I'd pick it over Sydney. I don't understand many of the criticisms of Perth. Too isolated? But it's five hours closer to Europe and with a direct flight to LHR. Who needs to go to "the Eastern States" on a regular basis? I rarely go to Brisbane, Melbourne or Adelaide. Homes seem to be cheaper than in Sydney and compared to Sydney's peak hour (which is seven days a week, twelve hours a day) driving is relatively pleasant. I did the same things I did in Sydney - finding cafes and pubs to go to turn into my "locals". English football is often on at an earlier time than in Sydney and I could get all the games in the casino if the pubs had closed at midnight. I guess it is all subjective though?


    I have not been up there for a couple of years but I always thought it was nice and Newcastle East (I just looked it up on the map) always reminded me a little of my home suburb in Sydney - Surry Hills. The photo of that area looks very nice too, close to beaches, river and CBD. Your son is living a long way from you now though and until your premier opens the border he may not be able to come home? I guess he would be OK as he is a direct family member? The QLD premier is talking about not opening "her" border till September. My brother is in Surfers and I can't visit him and I have a friend in South Perth who invited me to stay with her and I can't go there either!
  9. I had to resort to a "Pommie" shower after running the water and then seeing a Huntsman scuttling along the edge of the bath half under the shower base. If it is the same one I've seen "him" in my lounge room too. I won't kill him but they do scuttle about like large coackroaches. Which is faster I wonder?
  10. MARYROSE02

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Even if I hated everything about Donald Trump, the fact that all the lefties, Democrats, media bar Fox/Sky and swamp dwellers hate him even more is enough for me to wish I was able to vote for him.
  11. MARYROSE02

    Off Topic Coronavirus 2020

    I thought "non-whites" had cornered the market in using the term "terrorist" as "freedom fighter" (lovingly condoned by lefties everywhere, e.g.when freedom fighters shot down a civilian Rhodesian aircraft and then murdered the survivors.
  12. MARYROSE02

    Off Topic Coronavirus 2020

    I shall dig out one of the two "poems" (inverted commas in case they are just prose set out to look like a bad poem) on Covad. Actually, the first one was laid out like a sonnet whilst the second one is more, "free verse" (unless I mean "blank verse?) Before Covad I was living the mostly happy life of a singleton ("aged" singleton I should say, tho' I wish I could say "roue" instead). Right up until March 12th I was living a normal life - coffee at the cafe, drive to the beach, dinner in restaurant followed by pub. The next day I woke up with what I thought was a cold but could be worse, and decided to self isolate. By the time my 14 days was up we all had to self isolate and then I realized that for me, self isolation under Covad rules was solitary confinement in an open prison. Melodramatic I know but all the places I used to go to escape from being on my own were taken away. In fact, going outside is often worse than being inside. "Reflections?" I have had problems with those. We had to do one for each assignment and I mucked up both. I have two friends, both male nurses. One quit his nursing home job to go travelling just as Covad struck so cancelled his plans and did the Covad hot line instead for a few weeks. The other works I think at one of the hospitals "out West" (of Sydney). I shall try and post a poem: I was trying to copy and paste but all that happens is I get a single line!
  13. MARYROSE02

    Off Topic Coronavirus 2020

    What is essay on? Where and what are you studying? Sorry for being the Stasi! I'm interested as I restarted my Open Uni degree. I'm no longer actually bothered about studying for a degree as such, just doing units I like - creative writing - no essays thank God, and little footnoting. Presently doing a poetry unit from Curtin uni in Perth (on line of course). My birthday was on Anzac Day (66) and I drove from Surry Hills to Bondi Jn to see friend who had just moved there. We got takeaway burger from Grilld. Then I drove home and crossed road to see another friend. A week later all 3 of us were allowed to meet up. Single people live isolation 24x7. Covad19 rules turned our lives into solitary confinement in open prison.
  14. MARYROSE02

    No international travel until 2021

    Oh? That's nice. My brother has been living in the Hilton Apartments in Surfers for 3 or 4 months now. 3 months without a drink too. My other brother went up before the virus but I left it too late. I also have a friend in Perth who invited me to stay with her. Hmmm. Easier to get to SP than Perth and warmer (I think) during the winter, so maybe SP till August then WA for spring and the flowers? But I still have a contract for a job, a good job too and I've been staying away isolating. I've been edging towards complete retirement (at 66). I do the Open Uni to give me something to do. I'm such a ditherer.
  15. MARYROSE02

    The Beer Connoisseur Thread

    I rather like "real ale" when I am in England but I just cannot get into "craft" beers in Australia. That "hoppy" flavour always turns me off. Of course I could just be a beer Philistine as I like Blue Moon and VB.