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  1. Yes, I feel the same way about the inner city. Surry Hills is like a village in some respects with some very quiet streets away from the traffic yet walking distance to the "action" in Crown St. Living in the burbs can also be pleasant but a different sort of pleasant and you almost certainly need a car for every adult because it's too far to walk to the shops. Here, the cafe is downstairs from my flat as is the 7-11. My fave restaurant is 50 metres and pub 100 metres. I've driven a car once in two months and been on the tram twice, no bus or train. Better to go for a weekend if you want the country and definitely not on holiday weekend. I don't get it. Two days in 12 hour traffic jams on Friday and Monday for Sat and Sun away (Easter) better to stay in the city. I liked Surfers, not for the clubs and pubs although I did go to some of them but everything else, 3 supermarkets easy walking distance. Two or three minutes, tram stop same. Beach same, doctor, dentist. My brother hated the weekend crowds but I rather liked observing the excitement. Oh, reading those reviews there are always some who seem determined to whinge too!? The staff are rude, the food cold, the wait long etc ad nauseam. I read reviews of Surry Hills and thought "OMG I'm living in hell and I didn't know it.:
  2. I just spent 15 minutes typing one fingered on my phone, pressed something and lost it! I'll be briefer. You are right about second visit to Perth. I went in Dec 17 for 7 weeks, staying 6 of them in South Perth. I decided to come back in May with a view to asking for a transfer with my employer (Commonwealth Govt Dept) I had a friend there but I fell out In a big way with her. I fell out with her the first visit. Anyway, after that I was in strange mood. I had 2 weeks in Applecross, a week in Northbridge, a week in the country and a week in South Perth. I guess I gradually concluded that although I liked Perth, Sydney was home and if I stayed in Perth I would be "Living" there not on holiday. (Same feeling some of us get going to UK on holiday especially in spring/summer, "This is GREAT! I want to "live" here. I did that too! Went for a holiday and stayed 12 years. ) The difference with Surfers is I started 8 months so began to "live" there but 2nd time around could be different. Surfers is as you describe it but it is different too, quieter during the week, busy weekends. I liked the contrast and as a "local" I could ignore it. Other parts of Surfers are quieter. I rather like Main Beach, a little more sophisticated. Noosa is different too though I've not been there for a long time. Surfers had everything I wanted within a small square beach, doctor, dentist, pubs , restaurants, shops, and the excellent tram service. Drugs are always around but I wasn't aware of people pushing them. I knew guys in SP who did coke. I know guys who do it here and pot. Occasionally I'm tempted to have a toke. For me there are illegal drugs and legal drugs with booze and fags far worse but legal. I bumped into RE agent coming out of my complex and he looked at my unit. Said it would rent, maybe freshen up with paint. So, I may rent it if I decide I like Surfers. I've also decided to sell house in UK and use the money, well SPEND it. What is your intention? To move somewhere else?
  3. Yes, "Subjective" so wherever you are thinking of going or staying, read the reviews and if enough people say the same thing it may lean towards the truth!? I have been reading reviews of apartment/hotels in Surfers Paradise. There's one called "Chateau" which is in excellent location on the beach. I went in a couple of the flats. I had two mates who rented there, long term, not holiday rental, so I've got an idea. I know it's dated now but it's relatively cheap $750 a week (less for long term half that or less). I may go there. But when does "Subjective" become biased or prejudiced or untrue? Whom do you believe? I might go back to Perth for another look, see how I get on with my friend there whom I've not seen for 3 years. More choices - Sydney (Surry Hills), Surfers Paradise, or South Perth!?
  4. Although the only thing I miss about England is being walking or cycling distance from the countryside, here in OZ I want to be as close to the city as I can. So, in Sydney that means Surry Hills, on the Gold Coast, close to Cavill Ave in Surfers Paradise, and when I was in Perth - South Perth near to Mends St. Actually, Northbridge reminded me a little of Surry Hills and I liked Subiaco too but I was long enough in South Perth to become fond of it. I've been back in Surry Hills for two months after eight months in Surfers Paradise, wondering where I want to be. I describe Surfers as "Surry Hills with a beach" because the only thing I can't walk to in Surry Hills is the beach. I guess Surfers is the epitome (?) of "artificial?" I'm older than most of the buildings there but I liked it all the same. I was with my brother there and I'm contemplating going back on my own for a few weeks to see how I get on. Nicer winter weather there definitely. I don't know what to say about places becoming "dead" after 8pm. I'm single so I often go out to the pub rather than stay in but families usually make their lives inside their homes, at least after dark. Living out in the "burbs" is a trade off - nice house with a garden hopefully in a quiet area - my brother, my niece, my nephew, or a flat in the inner city where I can drink till 4am if the mood takes me. I don't know if Sydney has 24hr supermarkets like the IGA I'm Applecross? 24 hour convenience shops of course and servos with a Woolies attached. I stayed for a fortnight opposite that IGA with Raffles pub 200 metres away which I think was open to midnight which is usually late enough for me unless I want to watch the EPL. In Perth that meant the Casino. I guess it is all subjective.
  5. Isn't Mandurah something of a seaside resort, on the motorway, not that far from.Perth. I'm sure I went there.

    Surfers Paradise versus Surry Hills (Sydney)?

    I have never been to Miami and barely know Blackpool but I get the idea - Benidorm meets Waikiki. I've been back in Surry Hills for a month now and it's as if I've never been away. Surfers Paradise for me is a bit like Surry Hills with a beach. Sitting in the Strawberry Hills hotel after the trivia and I cab see trams pass the window down Devonshire St not unlike seeing them all day and night in Surfers Paradise. I never felt particularly unsafe in Surfers Paradise because there are always people about. The places which scare me are the quiet ones after the pubs close when there's nobody about. I'm not sure what I will do. I've got vague plan to return to Surfers for a month in May and see how I feel. O don't have a home there so I'll be interested to see how it "grabs" me. 8 months there was long enough to start feeling like a local. I made friends. People know my name. Perhaps I'll become one the people who flee the cold for the Qld winters.
  7. I thought you were living in a suburb of metropolitan Perth but it seems you are in a tiny village somewhere in the Outback? I know those country towns do seem to shut down early but surely not Perth? The 24 hour IGA at Applecross just off the motorway is not 100s of kilometres from anywhere in Perth and it is not the only 24x7 IGA in Perth surely? Am I permitted to ask the name of your "Beyond the Black Stump " suburb?
  8. There are things I dislike about Sydney - traffic jams seven days a week for eg, but lack of things to do after dark is not one of them. I'm in the pub now at 2145. This one closes at midnight though I'll be long gone as I came out early. If I was in the mood there are a couple of pubs down the road open all night. Plus those RSL/Leagues/Workers clubs which I don't actually like, plus the casino open 24x7.
  9. Those shows are still on, maybe not in Ingleburn RSL but certainly in clubs like Revesby Workers - I just had a look at their website - Queen, ELO, Bee Gees tribute shows. The smaller clubs may not put on this shows though the meat raffles are always popular. Much as I hate pokies they provide the big clubs with the bulk of their income. Just about every pub has a pokies room and / or TAB, Keno. I see RWC is open from 9am to 6am every day. Most of the mega clubs are out in the far burbs where I never go.
  10. I did not know that though it's a while since I was in Sydney. Occasionally I will walk thru the tunnel under Central railway then either go straight on to Darling Harbour or turn right on George St and walk to Circular Quay. I recall seeing the Duke of Clarence - is that in York St - down a kind of alley. Maybe it's time for another exploration but most of the time I stay in my part of Surry Hills. I see a number of "small bars" have sprung up there too.
  11. All the big clubs you mention are still running, expanding too, Revesby Workers, Bankstown Sports Club, Panthers, Castle Hill RSL, Dee Why RSL, South Juniors, etc etc. I was a member of Revesby RSL when my brother lived at Picnic Point. It was expanding when I was there building an extension. Bankstown Sports has such a large car park they send out little carts to pick people up. They are all still thriving, still putting on shows and gigs. I'm sure you can look up their websites and confirm this. They also stay open long after midnight and into the early hours. As to getting dinner after 830pm. Well many pub kitchens and restaurants close around this time and up till 930pm depending on their customers. That's par for the course I'm most places. Some also have a late menu.Chinatown and Thai town carry on till midnight and beyond. It's true many of the venues you mention have closed, for different reasons. I don't know why. There used to be many places to hear rock or jazz. Kings Cross and Darlinghurst were almost destroyed by the lock out laws rushed in after two young men were killed by "coward punch" attacks. The NSW govt has backtracked on those lock out laws now and places can open late again tho this in residential areas have to close at midnight. That is the case in my suburb Surry Hills depending upon which part of the suburb you are in. Some pubs close at midnight, some at 3am, 4am and 6am. The Casino of course operates 7x24. The lock out laws were selective too, applying to parts of the city and the Cross but not south in part of Surry Hills, nor in Newtown or Double Bay.
  12. The lockout laws destroyed Kings Cross but there are other places to go. Most country towns are dead before midnight but there are plenty of places to party on in Sydney. Four pubs in Surry Hills are open till 3am or 4am and it's hardly unique.
  13. MARYROSE02

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    Australia contributes such a tiny proportion of the world's emissions that even if we cut our emissions to zero it would make no difference to life in Australia or the world. That does not mean we should do nothing and in fact we are already meeting out emission targets (but the Left and XR deny this). We should have the cheapest and most reliable power in the world not the most expensive and unreliable. Let the major contributors to global emissions, the ones who really do affect our quality of life, China, India, the USA, dismantle their coal fired power stations and coal mines first. Then we will follow their example because they don't care what we do though China and India want to buy our coal, uranium, iron ore etc.
  14. MARYROSE02

    Surfers Paradise versus Surry Hills (Sydney)?

    I think Humble Pie did pretty well over the course of their career, album sales wise I mean? I wish he'd stayed with the Small Faces but then again they enjoyed further success as the Faces / Rod Stewart and the Faces. I never paid much attention to the "progressive" bands but I did buy the various music papers avidly and got to know the names of bands and their members that way. The music papers have all gone apart from NME? PS God knows where the impulse came from but I suddenly thought "Cherry Red" Groundhogs! I Googled it to make sure but I've no idea why I thought of it.
  15. MARYROSE02

    Surfers Paradise versus Surry Hills (Sydney)?

    PS, my tastes are a mixture. I'm not ashamed to admit I enjoyed listening to some tracks from Let It Bleed lay night in the pub but I equally enjoy "bubblegum" - The Archies, Ohio Express, 1910 Fruitgum Co.