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    World Cup Thread

    There's no need to see AFL (or RL for that matter) as the enemy. One of the bonuses of living in OZ is having four professional football codes to follow. I'm postponing going out for dinner to watch the end of Giants v Richmond as I type. Sydney's second team, the Giants and some of my friends are at the game. Later on I shall watch Spurs v Spurs (England v Belgium).

    Aussie weather

    What fools you is that the inside temperature is often colder than outside so you rug up and then see people in T shirts and shorts as I did in Sydney today.

    Where to live in Sydney, NSW

    I see my 'burb, Surry Hills is at no 6 in the search for sales and no 2 in rentals. Living in Surry Hills is like living at the hub of a wheel with the spokes leading out to every other part of the city. Ten minute walk to Central station and then twenty five minutes to Parramatta where I work. Five minutes on the bus to Redfern from stop outside my door to go the dentist and podiatrist. ten minute walk up to Crown Street for the doctors. Twenty minutes walk to Town Hall or a couple of stops on the train, one to Town Hall and Museum, two to Wynyard, Martin Place, and St James, three to Circular Quay. Scores of pubs, cafes and restaurants all within walking distance.
  4. I find it incredibly difficult to walk past my local pubs when I get back to Central at 10 pm. I know the names of most of the staff and they know my name. Perhaps it's living on my own that does it. I am not lonely but in the evenings after work I don't want to come home. I never used to go out every night. When I was a young bloke I stayed in Monday to Wednesday but I got single-mindedly drunk on Friday and Saturday nights. I have two or three cafes and two or three pubs where I am a local. I did the same when I went to Perth in December and January, Health Freaks cafe in Ardross and the Windsor Hotel in South Perth. After six weeks I was a local and I am going to try to do the same thing for six weeks in Applecross from next Saturday. It started in the middle of my 12 years back in England circa 2000 when "discovered" the snooker club in my village was open till midnight every night, 1 am on Friday and Saturday so I could go after work at 1030 pm and not be squeezed out at 11 pm. Oh, the guilt. I gave up smoking in 1977 unlike my brothers who carried on into their fifties and beyond - one of them is still vaping.

    Commonwealth Games GC2018

    I prefer the Commonwealth Games to the Olympics because all the countries I dislike are excluded. I see indigenous protesters are doing their bit to improve relations between the indigenous community and the colonialist, imperialist community by blocking the path of the baton.

    South Africa vs Australia 2018 - Test Cricket

    I wish England would play their one day 50 over a side team for the tests.
  7. As far as renting a car goes, in both Perth and Sydney, the best place to go is "No Birds" (Bayswater Cars) because they rent new cars and do not rip you off on things like top cover insurance. I'm renting a new Corolla for five weeks at the end of next month and I doubt if I would get a new car from anybody else for the same rate. The trouble with many of the other hire companies is that they invariably quote you exclusive of top cover insurance so it seems like a good deal until you add the insurance on. It's a bit like saying "beer is $5 a glass but you have to pay an extra $4 to rent the glass. I spent nearly seven weeks over Dec and Jan in South Perth and I rather liked it there but this time I'm staying a little further south at Applecross. I'm quite familiar with that area already but I did not really walk around there as I was mostly driving between South Perth and Ardross. I could carry on using the Windsor hotel at South Perth as my "local" but I may try for another, not Raffles but perhaps the pub on the Canning Highway - Macy's Fish Bar?? There's a bar in Ardross I don't mind too - Bad Apples. Your Itinerary Location PERTH Pickup Date/Time 28/04/2018 @ 15:00 Return Date/Time: 03/06/2018 @ 11:00 Vehicle Type Toyota Corolla Hatch - NEW Options: Top Cover (damage excess $0), ADDITIONAL DRIVER Total: $1501.00

    South Africa vs Australia 2018 - Test Cricket

    One of two bouncers per over instead of every single ball? Sounds like cricket's form of Russian Roulette.

    South Africa vs Australia 2018 - Test Cricket

    I have the Cricket Australia app on my phone which I think is free to listen to commentary but you pay to watch the game. I just worked out that I'm paying $93 a month for Foxtel, $80 a month for Optus/Fetch TV and $59 a month for my phone with Optus including EPL.
  10. MARYROSE02

    South Africa vs Australia 2018 - Test Cricket

    But "Chin Music" means fast bouncers deliberately aimed at the "batsmens'" (i.e. tail enders) heads. I can't see any difference in intent behind Bodyline or Chin Music. Steve Smith was gloating about using it during the Ashes but what would happen if there is another Phil Hughes type incident? Two or three batsmen did get nasty balls to the head during the Ashes. One of my friends told me the bowler to Phil Hughes was exploiting a perceived weakness in his (Hughes) ability to play hook shots.
  11. MARYROSE02

    South Africa vs Australia 2018 - Test Cricket

    I have the Cricket Australia app on my phone which I think is free to listen to commentary but you pay to watch the game. I just worked out that I'm paying $93 a month for Foxtel, $80 a month for Optus/Fetch TV and $59 a month for my phone with Optus including EPL.
  12. MARYROSE02

    Possible move to Sydney

    I think my Surry Hills one bedroom unit with garage is worth about $600,000 and would rent for around $600 a week (although it needs doing up for rental) and in Perth I saw similar units, with two bedrooms, in similar locations for half the price and half the rental. I don't know if Surry Hills has an equivalent in Perth? Northbridge perhaps? Leederville? Subicaco? South Perth where I stayed is as close to the CBD as Surry Hills but it's different, quieter, although I grew to like it. There is a little strip of cafes and the Windsor Hotel on Mends St which is expanding. I"m going to stay in Applecross just up the road next time I go. It is quieter than Sydney of course, no going to the pub after midnight except on Friday and Saturday but I adapted!
  13. MARYROSE02

    Possible move to Sydney

    Perth was where I first started in Australia back in 1978 and I loved it but I could not get a job so I moved east, ultimately to Sydney. I went back to Perth in December last year for the first time in 21 years and I loved it again especially when comparing it to the crowded roads, crowded everywhere of Sydney. As I often tell people, in Perth you can go for a drive for pleasure. In Sydney you endure the roads to get from A to B. And house prices are very favourable compared to Sydney too. If I did not have a job I like and family nearby I think I would try living there. I am going back for another holiday at the end of April.
  14. MARYROSE02

    Possible move to Sydney

    Did you make a decision on Sydney (or Perth?) I was just looking through the NSW pages and saw your thread from September, 2017.
  15. MARYROSE02

    Surburb advice

    I am always happy to push my own suburb - Surry Hills 2010 - right on the city's eastern and southern "doorstep." Advantages? You can walk just about everywhere including into the city itself though it's a 20 to 30 minute walk - hot in summer but hardly onerous. The public transport is excellent with buses, trains - Central - light rail to the Inner West - Central, and the new light rail network to the Eastern suburbs "soon" (I don't believe it) to be finished.c And of course the cafe scene you mention is extensive as are the restaurants and bars. Disadvantages? You won't get a free-standing house here so it will be either a terrace or perhaps a town house i.e. a bit like an apartment but with a small garden/courtyard. You might get a nice house but without a garage and definitely no pool. I used to have a car but now I'm happy to use "Go Get" cars which you can rent by the hour and are located every 100 metres or so in Surry Hills. There is an excellent swimming pool in the equally excellent Prince Alfred Park and the Eastern suburbs beaches, both harbour and ocean are mostly 7 or 8 kilometres away. There are a few places in your price range although it is dear here. I did a search with an upper price range of $1.6 million: https://www.domain.com.au/sale/surry-hills-nsw-2010/house/?price=0-1600000&excludeunderoffer=1&ssubs=1&page=