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  1. Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

    I can't recall if I've already said my piece but you are not reading more and more returning to the UK posts. Count the number of subjects and the number of replies on any given day and you will understand. Of course, if you are worried about your move you might be paying more attention to these posts which can be unsettling.
  2. Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    There is no licence fee in Australia so all the commercials pay for it. It's up to you whether you turn the television on or not. I can't record free-to-air but if I'm watching Foxtel and there are ad breaks then I record the show and fast forward thru the ads when I watch the recording. That is the sensible thing to do if you have free-to-air and the ability to record the shows. The other options are to put up with the ads or put the TV on mute during the breaks. I rarely watch free-to-air, unless there is something specific, like the one game a week SBS is entitled to show from the EPL live.
  3. Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    And bad as Aussie (commercial) TV is, it is also free.
  4. Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    That is sad! I can't even remember a UK ad and I ignore the Aussie ones.
  5. Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    Somebody was whingeing about bogans which made me think of chavs. As I've said before, if you are unsettled and unhappy in a place you tend to accentuate the perceived bad and not see the good. If you want "culture's in Australia it's there. What do people think the Sydney Opera House was built for? As a tourist attraction? The rehearsal studio and props department for the SOH is next too my apartment block. Sydney and Melbourne might not be the West End or Broadway but they are certainly not lacking in theatres and concert halls. I have a friend who goes to 12 plays a year at just two of Sydney's theatres. And with people from all over Europe and the world here if you want to immerse yourself in the language and culture of a country there are ample opportunities to do it. I don't feel starved of European football because I'm 10 000 miles away.. In fact, more games are shown live, including every single EPL game unlike in England itself. Though I wish I hadn't watched Spurs last night now. And I embrace the local football too. When the rugby league and AFL stops the A League starts so it's year round footie. But if you are unhappy you just see the A League as inferior quality and denigrate the NRL and AFL.
  6. Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    I thought "bogan" was just the Aussie word for a "chav!?" But I suppose finding extreme difference between two sets of very similar people , assuming we are talking about white Brits and Aussies, is the mark of someone who just has not settled. I'll be in Surry Hills hotel tomorrow night watching the N London derby and there will as usual be an even mix of Poms and Aussies and I won't be able to tell the difference. I imagine it will be the same in the Gooner pub.
  7. Opal card - capped fare

    Does the Opal card still have that free rides system once you have done Mon to Thurs? I have an Opal card, Gold ie seniors so my fares are capped at $2.50 per day. I always keep a spare (ordinary) Opal card in my work bag just in case I forget my regular one. I like the Opal card but dislike the way at Central there are no ticket offices and often long queues for the solitary machine, actually two machines though one could be for top ups. The other for single trip? I'm sure I read somewhere that if your Opal is close to zero once u r on the train u can come out the other side without worrying about a negative balance, particularly useful at the airport stations with their rip off prices?
  8. Suburb Help Needed Please

    My own recommendation, heavily influenced my my aversion to commuting and driving in Sydney, is to live as close to your workplace as possible, preferably walking distance, which is sometimes attainable. A second requirement, for me at least, is to live close to public transport and amenities, with the caveat (is that the right word) that living walking distance to a station can mean they your street will be a parking lot for commuters. Of course, some streets can become parking lots at weekends when families with 4 or 5 adults all with vehicles are at home. Reading about some of the places mentioned I feel like a stranger in my own city! How is construction on that new rail line going? Here in Surry Hills where I live the construction of the new light railway is interminable. Devonshire St is about a kilometre in length but you'd think it was the distance between Sydney and Perth the way the roadworks are going. I work in Parramatta, about 25 min by train from Central 10 Min walk from my home. Parramatta is perhaps the true centre of Sydney with bus and train links everywhere so that could be a suitable area to live though most of the new build seems to be apartments.
  9. Port Stephens?

    I spent two nights in Tea Gardens - at the hotel/Motel and rather liked it. The drive back to the Freeway and around the Bay to Nelson Bay or Newcastle could be tedious if doing it every day. Nelson Bay is more lively but also can be more crowded.
  10. You could always rent your house out instead of selling it. I spent 12 years back in England, and now 9 years in Sydney and both times I've rented my property out. It's hard saying goodbye to family and friends and I still feel a measure of guilt about splitting my family up and never seeing my grandmother again but my parents got to see and experience Australia and NZ. Australia is a nation of immigrants who all have to deal with those feelings. I hate to offer advice in these situations but having made plans to come to Australia you have already separated yourself psychologically from people who will never contemplate emigrating (there's nothing wrong with that either) but if you change your mind you might regret it - those "what if we'd done it" feelings.
  11. Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    Being able to spend a few months of the year in both countries sounds pretty good to me - in summer anyway - the life of a professional cricketer, or even a surf lifeguard spending their northern summers in Cornwall. I could handle June to September in the New Forest. I don't really get the "Aussie v Pommie" them and us thing, except perhaps during the Ashes. Perhaps it's different living in Sydney where so many of the people I interact with are neither English or Aussie, though their kids are. The three cafes I frequent are run by Vietnamese, Chinese, and Ukrainians. My hairdresser is Chinese. My tax agent from Bangladesh. My work colleagues are Philippines, Indian, Sri Lankan. There's no Europe on our doorstep but there's all the Pacific nations, some of which I've visited. Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia (still part of France so you can get yr French fix without a 24 hour flight.) I could handle a month on Noumea, the capital, as I could do so in Suva, capital of Fiji.Then there all the Asian countries to visit too. My brother has learnt to speak Mandarin and is presently on China. I've emigrated three times now, England to OZ, OZ to England, England to OZ and I don't know if I could handle the upheaval a fourth time. The roots might not take this time.
  12. Look at the same quote from Ace without their insurance and "window and tyres" (How come that is not included in their insurance anyway?) Add on the $234 insurance that I got a separate quote for - 867 + 234 - much more reasonable - if it's "kosher." Check price details Promo code? Daily rate 28 days x AUD $30.44 AUD $852.32 Additional Driver 1 x AUD $15.00 AUD $15.00 Deposit Payable Now AUD $867.32
  13. I've always liked Bayswater cars and you can see from that quote $70 for Top Cover, $50 for a sat nav (I wouldn't bother with that either but my friend might like it). I think my friend would prefer another car hire company too.
  14. I'll have a car from day one, and we'll be driving down to Margaret River too, although in Perth, where practicable, I'd be using public transport or walking. I have not missed my car these last seven months in Sydney. Actually, I chose this location for its closeness to my friend's place in Applecross, but if I was going on my own I would have looked for a place in Perth itself.
  15. I was wondering about travel insurance with it being a trip entirely within Australia. I always take it out if involves travelling overseas even if it's a direct flight to the UK, but I thought that in Australia, an accident means going to an Aussie hospital, non-emergency medical care to an Aussie doctor, who may or may not bulk-bill. I shall have a think about travel insurance now.