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    Wordle (and other word related games)

    How many five letter words are there, though?! I use a different word every day, which is part of the fun for me. I was using the first five letter word I see, usually in The Australian but now I've changed to working my way thru the alphabet. Actually, I read in The Australian that "Angry" was the title of the new Stones' single, so used that, then the next day I used my xword app to find a "B" word - "bleat" so today will be a "C" word. I never knew there were playable words starting with "X" until I worked my way thru the alphabet. I use the same starting word for "Quordle" too which I play after Wordle. I failed Wordle once this week, and only got out on the 6th go on another day. Both times I had 4 letters but there were multiple choices for the final letter.

    Wordle (and other word related games)

    In One! That's a four leaf clover moment?!

    Wordle (and other word related games)

    You did it in 2?! I've managed that 11 times in 360 odd goes according to my stats. I've been playing W almost every day since February last year so I've played more than 360 games. I've had two "two-ers" this month. The first one, I was sitting in the Stairwell Cafe in Surfers, and the sign on the window opposite said, "Indulge, RELAX, Rejuvenate" so "Relax" was my starter word. For the second one, one of the staff from SteamPunk bar gave me a flyer which said "Book a TABLE", and I used "table." It's part of the fun for me to find a five-letter word* and I usually find them in the The Australian but anything will do, menus, signs. * Was there an Aussie band who did a song called "Five Letter Word?" (or similar) with a girl singer, 40 plus years ago? The Numbers, 1980, not a bad song.

    What Book are you reading??

    I found Razor Girl on my Kindle by Carl Hiassen and my brother's into him now. Flashman I loved. There's a good tv series there (?) but that movie was crap. There's also a novel called Mr American(?) about an American cowboy who I think inherits an estate in England early 20 century and meets an aged Flashman. I also found Ace Atkins on my Kindle and read a few of his. (I've got two Kindles, one on my phone and a "proper" one which my brother gave to me with a lot of books on it. Giles Blunt I think that's his name. Canadian and I enjoyed his books.

    What Book are you reading??

    I just Googled him and you're right about the western novels. I used to like reading westerns in the late 60s so perhaps I read some then. Rum Punch is the novel about Jackie Brown (Burke in the book).

    What Book are you reading??

    I'm rereading Elmore Leonard on one of my Kindles - Get Shorty, its sequel - forgotten the name, the book that Jackie Brown the film was based upon, not read that before, but like Get Shorty I picture the actors.

    The Ashes 2021-22

    Close defeat more like though we live in hope.

    The Ashes 2021-22

    The first two days of the 2nd Test I was watching avidly but after that collapse I've lost interest. I just check the score occasionally. When will the Aussies declare? 313 ahead at lunchtime. Stokes would have declared before lunch. 313 is probably lead enough. Unless the weather is parc, the Aussies will bat on and on, maybe declare before the close or tomorrow morning, unless they are bowled out. Of course I will grovel if England pull something off.

    The Ashes 2021-22

    I was worried when England declared on the first day. I just wanted them to bat on and, hopefully, on.
  10. MARYROSE02

    Premiership football thread

    I started with Foxtel when they had the PL, kept it for cricket and AFL when Optus took over, got Stan for European football, who's got the FA Cup? Prime? Paramount? I've got them both and now I need Disney too?! I've got some good non-footy shows to watch though, eg "From" on Stan.
  11. MARYROSE02

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    I had the idea that, in earlier times when people travelled by ship, they'd spent all their money by the time they arrived at Freemantle (Fremantle? There's a burb in Southampton), so they got off the boat there. I flew to Singapore and got a ship to Freo 45 years ago. I loved Perth but I couldn't get a job and ended up where I never planned on going - Sydney. Now, after a 16 month "holiday" in Surfers I've decided I want to stay here. I had a great time when I went back to England for a 12 year "holiday" and I could still be there now but I had family in OZ.
  12. MARYROSE02

    Premiership football thread

    That's the good points about Spurs. How about the bad points?! Actually, I don't think they're as bad as that. I remember when I was back in England in the mid 90s and Spurs really were "parc" and an 8th place finish was unbelievable. Mostly, we were mediocre at best and fighting relegation at worst, and all the time Arsenal were light years away. This century I've got used to regular top four or six positions and European football. I think this is the first season for a few years that Arsenal have finished above Spurs. I'd almost forgotten about St Totteringham Day! I don't care whether they call Ange Greek or Aussie. Spurs have a few Greek (Cypriot?) fans? And if he does well we might have a few Aussie fans too.
  13. MARYROSE02

    Netflix & Stan

    I Googled "OA" thanks. I watched my first Korean show on Netflix - "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" which was so good it inspired me to start learning Korean. My brother enjoyed it too and he's watching another Korean show called I think "The Agency" whilst I'm onto "The Glory" also Korean. The second series of "From" is out on Stan which I've started but gone back to the Korean shows.
  14. MARYROSE02

    Just can't settle here

    Someone, still usually the person identifying as a guy, has to make the first move, whether on line or on the dance floor?!
  15. MARYROSE02

    Just can't settle here

    Acquaintances may stay acquaintances or they may become friends. It's the same wherever you may live. You start at "A" and perhaps you end at "A" but then you might get all the way to "Z". Crossing the road to the Surf Club tonight I noticed a guy wearing an Arsenal shirt sitting on the verandah and I said, "Good luck against Newcastle" then I said, "Of course I want Arsenal to lose every game they play" and he laughed seeing my Spurs cap. His footy shirt gave me a reason to talk to him. He could have been wearing an AFL shirt or and NRL shirt and I might have said something. He was an Aussie but had he been a Pommie I might have talking to his girlfriend and asked him what part of England he was from. I don't care where people are from. Just doing some mental arithmetic. 36 years in England and 33 in Australia with two stints in each.