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  1. I have been enjoying it so much I forgot to log into Poms in Oz and discuss my experiences. I started off here in 1978 and I went east partly because i coiuld not get a job and partly because i was worried i might go home without seeing the SOH & SHB & Bondi Beach. This is first time here in 21 years.What do I not like about it? The beaches which all seem to be blowing gales and all have signs to beware of snakes/effluent/submerged rocks/rips and pubs which close even earlier than Pommie pubs. The only place i can find to watch English football after midnight is the casino. What do I like about it? What passes for a traffic jam in Perth would not even rate a traffic report on Sydney radio. I go out on the north south freeway regularly from my base on Mill Point Road in South Perth and it never seens to have a jam. i stood on the wharf at Mends St at 815 am on a weekday watching the non existent crowds getting on the 815 ferry to Elizabeth Quays (i think?) i can go for a joy ride in Perth. In Sydney you endure the roads to get from A to B. What did PB and others hate about Perth? Too isolated from the Eastern States? Who cares? What do you need to go there for? And Europe is closer - soon a non stop i go in Windsor pub and have turned it into my local. Exactly as i did in Sydney ditto the cafes. So? What am I missing?!
  2. Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

    Three days! Did not even stay long enough to get over their jet lag! I guess it's a shock to the system when you travel from winter in UK to high summer in OZ, or the reverse for that matter. I got used to the winters in England when I went back to live there but going back at the end of November one year for a holiday was a shock, shivering at Heathrow in the grey gloom of a damp morning waiting for my parents to pick me up, but once I'd invested in some warm clothes - overcoat, gloves, hat, scarf - I was OK. By the time I came to the end of that holiday, in late January, the days were getting longer and the snowdrops were out. I'm over that feeling of limbo because my parents have passed away and I no longer have a reason to go back. It's a week of anniversaries for me, 8th December 1978, I arrived in Sydney by bus from Adelaide, and Perth before that, and I think 11th December, 2008 was when I left England for the second time, so I've been back here nine years (and not been back to England since). It's often hard when you have your family in another country. I was just thinking about the young guys i was in the pub with last night - all of them with parents elsewhere, one in Brisbane, Northern Ireland, England, Pakistan. Most of them are settled here although two of them are making plans to move to other countries. There's another thing - young guys texting me to come out for a beer, not something I did when I was their age and guys my age now were basically parents. And in the local cafe at weekends, the two young sons of the owners come in, four and six, and they come running up to me "Hello David." I've been practising drawing faces with them. Their parents are from overseas but they will grow up as Aussies!
  3. I've got a feeling that I've been away too long to have any connection left though the hostel where i stayed in 1978 in Newcastle St looks the same in the pictures. I read my diary and it's full of stuff about things I can't remember doing.
  4. * I would normally say "five more days" but I've noticed from the cruise forums that excited cruisers refer to "sleeps." I'll be interested to see how Perth "grabs" me this time around. When I first arrived in November, 1978, I loved it although I couldn't get a job. The last time I was there, in January, 1997, I only had a couple of jet-lagged days so it wasn't really enough to get a handle on the place. I'll be making my way to Perth itself from the airport to pick up my hire car from "No Birds" (Bayswater Cars) so no booze on the plane. I might be on Valium anyway depending on whether I'm still a nervous flyer. There is a bus from the airport to the CBD I understand? The lady from "No Birds" (contradiction there?) told me about that. It's possible that the lady I'm meeting in Perth might pick me up from the airport although I've not asked her to do so. I may try to do without a car some of the time. I think the essentials - cafes and pub - the Windsor - are walking distance from my apartment - Assured Waterside Apartments, in I think, Melville Pde. Pub trivia on Tuesday nights at the Windsor. If my friend is busy I might go to Paddy McGuires in Subiaco to watch Spurs. I think the plan is for a week or so in Perth, followed by five nights in Margaret River, then back to Perth again. I wonder if Perth will seem like a smaller version of Sydney or something completely different. Do Perth people look down at "Easties" the way that we in Sydney look down on "Westies" (people who live west of Parramatta). I hope to find out although to be honest, since I worked at Penrith, and now Parramatta, I rather like the west, and the south west where my brother lives near Camden, even if it's like going to the bush to get there - 55 km to Penrith and similar to Campbelltown. My brother likes suburbia but I don't care for it, preferring to live very close to the city with everything either walking distance or with good public transport. I should have asked PB to come out and show me around!
  5. Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

    The majority of the people going back are sad WHV who were unable to extend their visas.
  6. Bondi Public vs Bondi Beach Public schools

    I'm presuming you already have the websites for both schools - easy enough to find, and will probably come up in these sites below which I thought might be of help if you have not already found them. https://www.goodschools.com.au/compare-list https://www.myschool.edu.au/ http://www.dec.nsw.gov.au/
  7. Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

    They mentioned Perth's new 60 000 capacity stadium on the cricket a few times. With a four test series next year, the Gabba might lose out? I'll be interested in how Perth "feels" to me. I seem to recall lots of "whinge-fests" about Perth - too isolated, too boring, etc.
  8. Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

    Now I come to think of it, my young Pommie friends are the most sport obsessed I've know - flew to Auckland on two weekends to catch the NZ v Lions tests there, up to Brisbane on another weekend for boxing, never miss a UFC, bet huge sums on anything that moves. Aren't there 30 000 Poms either here or coming here for The Ashes, and I imagine the same number went to NZ for the Lions tour. Then again my Aussie sister-in-law will spend the entire weekend watching every NRL game.
  9. Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

    The bottom line is that people who are unsettled in Australia and/or have returned home are "whingers" who hate to see other migrants (the majority) who love their lives here. Do Australians love their sport? Of course?. More than British people? What? Brits don't like going to the races? Brits aren't obsessed with football especially the Premier League, the most popular in the world. And some sport loving Brits are not willing to embrace AFL and rugby league the favoured Aussie footie codes, which I think is blinkered. Why have only one football code when you can have four? (Including rugby union). Can you have a life free from sport in Australia? Of course. Waiting for the Spurs v WBA game to start at the Surry Hills hotel I chatted to two ladies from Canberra who had come to Sydney for the weekend to watch two musicals -Muriel and the Carole King Story - on successive nights. Yes, you can embrace "culture" on Australia, but again the whingers are blinkered. I went to see see an excellent Aussie production of My Fair Lady recently with a friend who unsuccessfully tried to persuade me to see Carmen with him. What was the other whinge I saw? Oh, the Aussie working culture, allegedly different from the UK. Rubbish! But, again, if you have not settled you don't notice the good. I work in a wonderful office. We work hard just like in Britain. We enjoy the same conditions. We have a good social side to it too, pay week lunches, people bringing in food, etc. But I'd hate to have any of the whingers in my office. Personally, I've enjoyed life on both countries, adapting to local conditions with ease, as do most of us.
  10. Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

    I can't recall if I've already said my piece but you are not reading more and more returning to the UK posts. Count the number of subjects and the number of replies on any given day and you will understand. Of course, if you are worried about your move you might be paying more attention to these posts which can be unsettling.
  11. Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    There is no licence fee in Australia so all the commercials pay for it. It's up to you whether you turn the television on or not. I can't record free-to-air but if I'm watching Foxtel and there are ad breaks then I record the show and fast forward thru the ads when I watch the recording. That is the sensible thing to do if you have free-to-air and the ability to record the shows. The other options are to put up with the ads or put the TV on mute during the breaks. I rarely watch free-to-air, unless there is something specific, like the one game a week SBS is entitled to show from the EPL live.
  12. Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    And bad as Aussie (commercial) TV is, it is also free.
  13. Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    That is sad! I can't even remember a UK ad and I ignore the Aussie ones.
  14. Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    Somebody was whingeing about bogans which made me think of chavs. As I've said before, if you are unsettled and unhappy in a place you tend to accentuate the perceived bad and not see the good. If you want "culture's in Australia it's there. What do people think the Sydney Opera House was built for? As a tourist attraction? The rehearsal studio and props department for the SOH is next too my apartment block. Sydney and Melbourne might not be the West End or Broadway but they are certainly not lacking in theatres and concert halls. I have a friend who goes to 12 plays a year at just two of Sydney's theatres. And with people from all over Europe and the world here if you want to immerse yourself in the language and culture of a country there are ample opportunities to do it. I don't feel starved of European football because I'm 10 000 miles away.. In fact, more games are shown live, including every single EPL game unlike in England itself. Though I wish I hadn't watched Spurs last night now. And I embrace the local football too. When the rugby league and AFL stops the A League starts so it's year round footie. But if you are unhappy you just see the A League as inferior quality and denigrate the NRL and AFL.