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    Does dating get harder the older you get?

    I was just pondering the question - Should I be totally honest in my profile or should I "gild the lily" aka "lie?" Should I say that I like going to the pub and watching footie and cricket, or should I say I like walking along the beach at sunset and going to the theatre, IKEA and Bunnings? There is no end of how cynical you can be if you want.

    Does dating get harder the older you get?

    No, I never tried that, singles dances, singles cruises, singles trip to the Hunter Valley, all fun, but all in the past. I don't know. Was it my profile? Or was my experience entirely typical for most blokes, including Brad Pitt. Was I too honest in my profile? Should I have "gilded the lily" more? Are women turned on by honesty or turned on by lies?

    Does dating get harder the older you get?

    I was remembering how it was when I first started on RSVP. I would do a search based upon my preferences, then I would carefully look through all the profiles, reading them intently, thinking "This lady is perfect for me." Then, I would send out two or three contact "kisses." The next day I would look and see that each contact had said "Sorry, not interested" or words to that effect. After repeating this sequence of rejections I thought I'd try a new tack. Ignore the profiles, and send as many kisses as I could. Result? Much the same, but, if i sent enough kisses out, I would get one or two positive replies. THEN, I would read their profiles carefully before deciding if I wanted to invest in a "stamp" and send a bespoke message. I remember a young guy showing me how Tinder worked. You do your search then you look at all the results and ether flick left to say "interested" or right to say "interested" except he did not do any left flicks. He just flicked his finger like a machine gun to the right. I inferred that he was using the same tactic I used on RSVP, ie most women would say no, so concentrate on the 'yeses."

    Does dating get harder the older you get?

    It's a process. You make first contact, see if the other person responds. Some don't. I don't to be honest. It's the easy way out but at least you don''t have to say "Sorry, I'm not interested." I do very little internet dating now but a few years ago I thought it was great, arranging dates, going out to meet people all over the city. Then I got bored with it. Sometimes, after a few drinks I might send out some messages but even after getting replies I can't be bothered to make dates. That's why I'm single I know! I know one young guy who sets up three dates a day via Tinder, Bumble or whatever site he's using, lunchtime, mid arvo, evening.

    Does dating get harder the older you get?

    True, in the long term, as a couple get to know each other, but in the short term, say in a pub or club, you don't know what a person's interests or values are so you judge them by their looks and body, And most people internet dating expect too see a picture rather than an interesting profile.

    Rail signal electrician

    I guess if you want to work in Queensland then this is the site for you? https://jobs.queenslandrail.com.au/ No doubt the other states have similar websites.

    Move to Sydney

    My advice, for what it's worth, is to find a place as close to where you are working as possible, and if you don't want to live close to where you work, then find both work and home on a railway line.

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    Perhaps travel is free once you get to Centrelink pension age AND you pass the means testing for the pension, and in turn, other benefits? Once I turned 60 I got my Senior's Card which entitled me to $2.50 max travel in NSW and QLD.

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    Free bus, train and ferry? How come? I have my Seniors' card which means $2.50 max in NSW and QLD but not free? Yes, I get my UK state pension, albeit "frozen" and my Royal Mail pension "unfrozen" i.e. I get cost of living increases. So far as I can tell, there is little difference between the NHS and Aussie public hospital and medical systems. If you need an op and you don't want to go private then you have to wait in both countries?
  10. I did a little Googling - not sure if this site has some of the info you need. I assumed that the UK degree would be very similar to the Aussie one. https://www.smartteachers.com.au/node/90
  11. MARYROSE02

    Does dating get harder the older you get?

    You know how RSVP works; you send out "kisses" which are free messages and women either reply saying "yes, I'd love to hear from you" or, much more often, "Sorry, no I'm not interested." In my experience, I'd be lucky to get more than one or two "love to hear from you" replies compared to eight or nine "not interested." Studying each profile, wondering whether they sound nice, then deciding whether to send a kiss or not is a waste of time, and depressing too getting your hopes up only to be rejected. Far better to look at their photos, then send the kiss, and keep doing this until you reach the maximum allowed - thirty I think. Delete all the "not interested" replies and then study the profiles of the ones who are interested to see if you want to invest in a stamp and pursue things further.
  12. MARYROSE02

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    Thanks, I asked my brother yesterday if he'd been up there and he said "no." I know I have been there before, maybe in 1985 when I came up with my Mum to stay in Tweed Heads and we had a hire car for a week. It sounds like somewhere to stay for a few days rather than a day trip. I remember reading about an English style pub up there or near there? My brother is talking about moving on somewhere at the end of March and If I stay for a while I might hire a car. Mostly I've been happy to stick to Surfers itself and occasional rides on the tram. We are going to Northcliff Surf Club tonight so will probably get the tram there - two stops - then walk a few hundred metres and walk back to Surfers later. I imagine there is probably a local rambling, sorry, bush walking group? I've not done that for a long while. I was in the Ramblers in England and bushwalking groups in Sydney. I'm not sure what I'll do if my brother moves on. I think he's planning a trip north with my other brother which I could join them on. Or, I'll stay and see how I get on living on my own here and see if that "pushes" me back to Sydney.
  13. MARYROSE02

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    I wouldn't say any of those things are better than in the UK and it's the middle of the northern hemisphere not the middle of the world. Unless things have changed, GPs mostly work Monday to Friday whereas here they work seven days a week at least in the urban centres and $2.50 to travel on buses and trains and trams is hardly onerous. You pay for your state pension via NI whereas you pay for your pension via super and if you don't have any assets or super then you qualify for the Centrelink pension which is paid by the state
  14. MARYROSE02

    Does dating get harder the older you get?

    You may be right but I always feel that in a coffee shop I am being "interviewed" and in a pub I don't feel like I've failed the interview because I stay and have another drink or two whereas I never want a second coffee.
  15. MARYROSE02

    Does dating get harder the older you get?

    Women have two lies - "All my friends say I look ten years younger" and "All my friends say I have a great sense of humour". My big lie is saying "football and going to the pub are not important to me." It did not happen too often, someone walking out on me. Probably my fault for not allowing them to "vet" me first on the telephone. I do HATE calling people and try to arrange dates by text. Single is my default position which sets me up for failure, at least where relationships are concerned. On the other hand it does mean that I cope being on my own better than people who have always been in (and out of) relationships? I always liked RSVP although I did not like the imbalance whereby one party is expected to pay for "stamps" irrespective of which one instigates the contact. It would be a "fairer" system is everybody had to pay to join, rather than being "free to join" which is like saying it's free to read the menu in a restaurant. I remember enraging one woman by telling her I never read the profiles, just look at the photos. But then again what is the point in reading the profiles if they are not interested in talking to you. Far better to look at the photos, make contact, then, if they are interested in you, then look at the profiles to see whether you are going to make further contact with them.