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    Aussie weather

    I drove down to Neilsen Park last night and was shocked to see a sign which said "Shark Net Damaged"(by last weekend's storms), so, despite there being other people in the water, I drove to Watsons Bay where (I hope) the shark net is better made. Actually, I know that the one at Watsons Bay (or is it "Watson's?") is a permanent one whereas Neilsen Park's is taken down from May to October. The beach at NP is called Shark Bay mind. I'm becoming ever more wimpy as I get older as I retreated from Clovelly last week because I thought the water was too rough, and Bronte too crowded. I went to Neilsen Park that night which is an extra few kilometres from Bronte, via Bondi Jn where I always get lost.

    Pommie t.v programmes

    I do like Silent Witness although I tend to set a series to record then forget to watch them. I liked the first series of Cold Feet. I must have a look for that. I just started watching an excellent part British, part Japanese serial on Netflix - Giri/Haji. I watched Broadchurch last year on Netflix too which I also enjoyed. https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2020-01-10/giri-haji-review/

    Pommie t.v programmes

    The ABC shows a lot of Pommie TV shows but the commercial free-to-air channels are more into American programmes and home-grown soaps and reality shows.

    Australia and Climate Change

    So I've figured out how "per capita" works out. Using per capita Australia is one of the worst polluters on the planet and if we reduce our contribution from 1.5 per cent to say 0.5 per cent that will reduce the total percentage by a massive 1 per cent. We can then "donate" that to China and I suppose get some form of carbon credit.

    Australia and Climate Change

    Number two being "third world nation' China?

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    I've never been there, the furthest north being to Gympie.I just Googled it. I think my brothers are going up to QLD next week so I'll tell them to check HB out.

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    Judging by the date of your post you must already have made your move? How did it go?

    White Privilege?

    That sounds wonderful and I do not doubt it but the lefties would deny that Australia is any less racist than the USA.

    Living in Newport / Bilgola

    I would have stayed in Narrabeen had I been able to cope with the commuting, or perhaps got a job up there and thus never needed to go to the city. I always feel nostalgic and sentimental about Narrabeen as it was the last time that I lived with my parents and my brothers in the same house. My parents bought a townhouse in Pittwater Road opposite the old Royal Antler hotel. I felt isolated when I lived there on my own however although perhaps I've just adapted better to living on my own now. Come to think of it, that is probably true as I felt isolated living in Surry Hills too when I first moved here. When you have not grown up in a place perhaps it takes longer to put down roots. I turned left coming back to the city at Mona Vale and went past the hospital, wondering what they were doing there. My Mum had an operation there in 1982 I think. Once or twice a year I drive up there, sometimes just as far as Narrabeen, sometimes all the way to Palm Beach. Go down to the lake and over to the beach at Narrabeen, much the same as going back to England and going round where I was brought up, although I've not been back there in a decade.
  10. MARYROSE02

    Australia and Climate Change

    So, we allow China and India to industrialize by giving them continuing "developing nation" status even though climate change is a global problem? I don't mind personally as we get to sell them plenty of Aussie coal and China has said it will do nothing untll at least 2030. Of course, the alarmists want Australia to destroy its coal mining industries to encourage China and India to buy coal from our competitors who have no intention of destroying their coal mining industries. I read recently that China apparently has more millionaires than the USA now.
  11. MARYROSE02

    White Privilege?

    Well, as I said, when I grew up, my schools were almost 100 per cent white. Explain how white privilege worked in that situation. And in some countries there is still a high degree of homogeneity, Japan for example. Do those societies have the equivalent of white privilege I wonder or is it only in white societies?
  12. MARYROSE02

    Living in Newport / Bilgola

    What is the situation with hospitals on the Northern Beaches? Have they closed Mona Vale and others to centralize everything in that big new place in Frenchs Forest? I remember reading about teething problems in the Sydney Morning Herald. I lived in Narrabeen in the 1980s which I liked but did not like commuting to the city.
  13. MARYROSE02


    I work there which takes about 30-35 minutes on the train from Central station in Sydney. Parramatta is undergoing massive redevelopment at the moment. It is just about the "true" geographical centre of Sydney being, I think, about the same distance west to Penrith as it is east to Sydney CBD and the Blue Mountains trains stop there which makes Penrith a quicker journey than on the normal western line trains.
  14. MARYROSE02

    The UK and Climate Change

    Isn't being rooted in the 17th century what the likes of Extinction Rebellion want. They do not want nuclear power of course but unproven windmills and solar panels.
  15. MARYROSE02

    The UK and Climate Change

    They say that they do! If you are using central heating in the UK and it is not powered by renewables, and airconditioning in Australia, and it is not being powered by renewables, and you are worried about it, just turn it off. Show the rest of us how to do it and take the pressure off our grid.