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    Australia and Climate Change

    Australia is not an insignificant country but if it destroys its coal and other mining operations it may well be.

    Australia and Climate Change

    I have shares in Woodside - mea culpa! That sounds like good money although I am not sure if the extra money outweighs the possible drawbacks of FIFO work - relationships, being away from home, for example.

    Australia and Climate Change

    Fine, but let the other coal producing countries close their mines first and their fossil fueled power stations then when they have showed us how easy it is we shall follow, and if it does work we can steal their markets, win win.

    Australia and Climate Change

    You have to be a global player to show global leadership. The "big" countries will not care what we do and the other coal producing countries are just waiting to steal our markets. I don't think PB had a very nice time in OZ.

    Australia and Climate Change

    When will people stop this BS about Australia being the biggest contributor to emissions "PER CAPITA." What rubbish. Emissions are a global problem and Australia's contribution is tiny. What would happen if Australia reduced its per capita emissions to equal that of China, India, the USA? Nothing or ab best 1.5 per cent becomes 1.0 per cent.

    Australia and Climate Change

    I saw a commercial today, admittedly from one of the number one enemies of the planet, BHP, which said you need coal to produce steel. Is that correct or is it possible to make steel using wind and solar power? Iron is an ingredient of steel? (Showing why I failed all my science O levels). What I don't get is why the greenies want Australia to set an example by closing down all its mines before any other country does it. MInd you, Australia has already set an example of what happens when you close down your coal/oil fueled power stations before you set up the renewable fueled ones; you have power cuts and the cost of power goes through the roof. Wonderful example to the rest of the world. Wonder why they are not so keen to follow our example?

    Australia and Climate Change

    And because climate change is a GLOBAL problem Australia's 1.5 per cent is barely noticeable hence the greenie tactic of using Australia's "per capita" contribution to prove that Australia is far far worse than China, India and the USA. If Australia reduced its per capita to China's per capita what would the effect be on world emissions? If you can show me any examples of countries with similar economies which have successfully closed down their coal and oil fueled power stations and transferred to renewables, fine. Australia could have had 100 per cent nuclear power by now but again the greenies hate nuclear power and suddenly change their tune about climate change being the greater threat and say that nuclear power is far too dangerous. If Australia stopped exporting coal would that encourage countries to stop using coal or would they simply buy lower quality coal from other countries? Oh, we have to set an example that nobody cares about.

    Sydney - where to live?

    You can rent this two bedroom flat with a security car space for $800 per week. It caught my eye because it is in my own apartment block in Surry Hills: https://www.homely.com.au/homes/24-2-goodlet-street-surry-hills-nsw-2010/6236336 As it is my own block I know that Central station is a ten minute walk and then one to three stops to Sydney CBD (one to Town Hall and Museum, two to Wynyard, Martin Place, St James, and three to Circular Quay), four stops to North Sydney (Town Hall, Wynyard, Milsons Point, North Sydney), and three stops to Domestic terminal and four to International terminal. I Googled the Sydney Airport link - Green Square, Mascot, Domestic, International. https://www.airportlink.com.au/ Buses are outside my door to a number of suburbs including two with beaches - Coogee and Maroubra. You can do most of the Eastern Suburbs beaches in 30 minutes drive, or less, depending upon the traffic. Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte (my present favourite) Clovelly and Coogee are all around 7 or 8 km from Surry Hills. Everything you want is in Surry Hills and mostly walking distance - pubs, restaurants, cafes, etc. I shall go for a coffee in a minute and two cafes are outside my door. I don't own a car now and use Go Get cars whenever I need one, e.g. a swim at Bronte when I rent one for 2-3 hours. I only put that flat down as an example and my block is 30 years old now. There are new ones going up all the time. Harder and dearer to get the three or four bedrooms although some of the terrace houses will have them.

    Mountain biking in Derby,Tasmania

    I don't fancy extreme mountain bike riding but I do miss cycling generally on quiet country roads and I have not ridden a bike since returning to Sydney a decade ago from the UK where I was always out on my bike in the New Forest.
  10. MARYROSE02

    Australia and Climate Change

    Regarding birth rates I was under the impression that are falling in most capitalist countries, hence aging populations. Regarding the capitalist obsession with oil, I presume that people who are against oil are getting rid of their cars and heating if it relies on oil? And of course they can guarantee that electric powered cars, plus of course "renewable powered energy" are not manufactured using oil or coal power.
  11. MARYROSE02

    Australia and Climate Change

    Many of those "right-wing capitalists" must be in Communist China given that they are the worst culprit when it comes to emissions.
  12. MARYROSE02

    Australia and Climate Change

    There are so many things that I do not understand: If climate change is an international problem not a national problem and Australia only accounts for 1.5 per cent of the global total then reducing our contribution to zero, would make no difference to weather extremes in Australia as long as the likes of China and India continue to increase their emissions. China I believe has no intention of doing anything until at least 2030, if that because of its developing nation status? Australia has always had bushfires and drought so why is climate change and climate change alone being blamed for the present situation? What guarantees do we have that climate change IS the sole cause? Instead of protesting why don't the protestors do something positive like, in the case of school students, ban the use of air con and heating, cars, mobile phones, anything that is produced using coal power? If it is a CLIMATE EMERGENCY why are we not in World War Two mode with the political parties putting aside their differences to form a coalition government and rationing the use of vehicles and power to reduce the harm from fossil fuels. Just as a matter of interest what are the rest of you on PIO doing to the alleviate the climate emergency? Have you given up your vehicles and turned off the heating and airconditioning?
  13. MARYROSE02

    3 months in the uk

    I read your post three times and then ruminated about it and I noticed part of one sentence which I highlighted -....... " and missing our home in Aus" . I wondered if it is specifically your house that you miss in Australia - because you don't like the one in England, or more generally "home in Australia?" Perhaps you could draw up a list of the pros and cons of both countries which might help? I am single so I have never had to consider the needs of a partner although I did suffer guilt for splitting the family up when I came to Australia. My two brothers and I came one by one between November, 1978 and September, 1979, leaving my parents at home with my grandmother. I never saw my grandmother again after saying goodbye at Gatwick. I went back to England for twelve years, not specifically because of homesickness, just circumstances, losing my job after fifteen years, having my parents still there. I got a good job there, settled back in after a while, and after my parents passed away, eventually decided to come back to Sydney as my brothers were here and there was nobody back in England. That's three times that I've moved and it always takes time to settle, maybe like digging up a plant and re-planting it and seeing if it will "take" or not? Perhaps give it a few more months, Christmas first, see how you both cope with winter. See if England "grows" on your partner, and you, and see how much you miss Australia?
  14. MARYROSE02

    Is There a Point to Royalty?

    I must admit that I may well have voted SPD had I lived in Germany whilst I would never vote Labour/Labor.
  15. MARYROSE02

    Is There a Point to Royalty?

    Which one of those countries would you choose over the UK, or Australia?