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    In this new and woke age which I would normally hate, I was happy to say that the only reason I got my last job was because I fitted the quota ie old.

    Wordle (and other word related games)

    I've added Octordle and Secordle to Wordle and Quordle. They are all different.
  3. I had similarities with you though I always had to file both UK and Australian Tax returns because I had incomes in both countries all regardless of where I was living. (Aussie pension, rental income, stocks and a job in the UK, then back in OZ, UK pensions and UK rental income.) Those two UK pensions may require you to do UK tax returns. I still have to complete my CGT return which I started last week. It's late but I could not log in for some reason.
  4. I think you may still need to open a CGT account on line via the HMRC website and report the sale regardless of whether you are liable for UK tax or not. You may have to file a UK tax return too. I have a online account for self assessment with HMRC because I have UK income from pensions and until recently rent on my UK home. Since I've sold my UK home I've opened a CGT account but I've not completed it yet. You can phone HMRC on 001144 135 535 9022 for CGT enquiries. Possibly 001144 161 931 9070 for self assessment enquiries. I have a copy of my Govt Gateway letter from 2011 with various phone numbers and other information scribbled on it Google "HMRC capital gains tax account" and "self assessment" and you'll probably find your way there. I've only just created my own CGT account. You need various forms of ID to do it, ditto the Self Assessment account. I have an idea of how much CGT I will pay based on the difference between 2015 value of my house or similar and today. I need to do the self assessment for 21 / 22 too then probably have some tax to pay the ATO too when I do that return. I've not lived in the UK since 2008.

    Where to live in Sydney

    I recall a mate who lived in Surry Hills meeting a girl on Tinder who claimed she lived near him but it turned out she meant Glebe. I shared his outrage.

    Where to live in Sydney

    Stacey Street? I didn't Google it though. Runs from the Hume Highway and eventually carries on past Padstow and then over the river (George's?) to Alford's Point, Menai, etc


    So, like chocolate, pubs, beer, jokes, TV, supermarkets and "Indian" restaurants, IKEA in Australia just does not "taste" the same as in Britain!? I vaguely recall reading that IKEA in Rhodes has a "Husband's Club" where nerdy guys can pretend they're it pub an play computer games whilst their wives take their credit cards on tours of the stores. Is Bunnings a pale imitation of B & Q where even the sausage sizzles are pale imitations of "real" Pommie bangers? I had an excellent sausages, mash and peas in Flinn McCools pub in Surfers yesterday, pork sausages unlike the vile beef ones the Aussies like.

    Ping Pongers

    Imagine if you were single just like me and there was no quandary about going back to England or Australia, you could just say, "Sod this, I'm leaving TODAY". I did it too, 12 years back to England, and now four months in Surfers on holiday which so far, has not ended. But would the partnered people WANT to be "Just like me?"


    Having 4 kinds of footie, 5 if you include American - is a positive advantage - "Triple 'S'" in my case - "Spurs, Storm & League Swans" - football, Rugby League, Aussie Rules. When the English football season finishes next week, I'll have RL And 'Rules' to sustain me till August. I'm not so keen on RU but NSW, QLD and ACT all have teams in the Super League (?) NSW and QLD - both RL states also have 2 Aussie Rules teams which compete in the AFL and Melbourne, hotbed of Aussie Rules nevertheless has a thriving team - Storm - in the NRL. Some people can be "one-eyed" about the code of football they like - "aerial ping pong" , "bum sniffers", "wog ball" - Aussie Rules, both types of rugby, soccer (because of it's "ethnic" popularity. Some Pommies are the same. "I'm not interested in that Aussie crap." Which I think is a shame because once you find a team to follow, like me, you have something to talk about. I asked two young larrikins from Wagga to help me with my NRL tips in the comp at the Surf Club. The club runs two tipping competitions for both NRL and AFL and some people do both. They'll usually have an NRL game on one screen and an AFL game on another. I watched the Giants v Carlton in Finn McCools pub yesterday with a friend who likes Carlton whilst keeping an eye on NRL games and another AFL game. Next month is "Origin" - ie State of Origin, "state against state, mate against message", QLD v NSW, arguably more important than Australia v England and my favourite sporting event. You can often find a pub, bar or club which shows the English, Scottish and European football games and supporters' clubs which meet to watch games. I think my team Tottenham is having its "national" meet up in Newcastle (NSW) now. So, depending on whom I'm talking to and whichever code they like I have something to talk about with them. And if they like more than one, so much the better. Many of the Spurs fans I meet are homegrown Aussies, not homesick Pommies.
  10. MARYROSE02

    Where to focus on Sydney suburbs

    Home for sale in Paddington for 2.5 to 2.95 million at 32 Jersey Road, terrace house, no garage or off street parking but you don't need a car in the inner city. Just book a Go get car by the hour. Buses to CBD or Bondi Jn, walk to either in 15 mins, pubs, shops, cafes, restaurants all walking distance. Google it. Probably posher than my suburb, Surry Hills though I prefer Surry Hills . This was in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph which I'm reading in Surfers Paradise Surf Lifesavers Club. Into my fourth month here now. Epping has the advantage of being on the Central Coast and Newcastle line as well as the "ordinary" Sydney trains line so you can get a limited stop train to Central via Strathfield (handy for Western Line trains to Parramatta and Penrith and Blue Mts. Oatley is nice!
  11. MARYROSE02

    Wordle (and other word related games)

    I've been experimenting with whatever word comes to mind, eg "Vivid" which I saw on a hoarding at Broadbeach Soccer Club, walking by on my Sat Arvo. I got out in 4 when I've failed using 5 different letters.
  12. MARYROSE02

    Hecs loans

    You get the loan but if you're income is over the ATO threshold you have to pay Hecs when you do your return. I can't remember the cut off. 55k or is it lower? It goes up by degrees too.
  13. MARYROSE02

    Wordle (and other word related games)

    I just discovered Octordle, maybe one, or rather four games too far. I run out of time doing them later in the evening as the clock ticks towards midnight. A few weeks ago I was exultant from completing the Times Cryptic and now I barely look at it.
  14. MARYROSE02

    Where to live in Sydney

    I rarely had any reason to go on that line. When my brother lived in Picnic Point I got the East Hills line. Sometimes I'd do the Hume Highway then left on??? Can't remember the name of the road that bypassed Bankstown. I've been away too long.
  15. MARYROSE02

    Wordle (and other word related games)

    Got out of Quordle on the 9th go. Wordle may be more fun.