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    Australian winters feel worse than UK winters

    14 degrees Centigrade here in Surry Hills (same as Sydney) at 1925 and it does not feel too bad in my flat. I've got my usual three layers, T shirt, thick shirt or fleece, and "flanno" jacket, plus "beanie". I had shorts on earlier and over in the park - Prince Alfred - it was like summer - until the sun went down and everybody beat a retreat. Sometimes I sit with a blanket over my legs when I've got my shorts on. I was up in Surfers last month and the temperature was just a little bit more pleasant than Sydney, mild during the day, cool enough for a jacket after dark but I wore a baseball cap instead of a beanie. A move up there might be nice. I stayed in Surfers itself in December, next to Florida Gardens tram stop this time. Broadbeach might be my next stay. I had a shocking cold and cough just before the trip to Qld but have avoided the flu so far. When I've got colds I start to get defeatist and say that's it normal to have a continuous cold from May to September.

    Ideas for places to stay

    I rather like Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest - stayed in hotel motel there with my brother a couple of years back. https://www.teagardenshotel.com/

    Heart disease, stents, triple bypass, etc.

    My brother is out of hospital today - Thursday 8th November which is good news. I still have not been to see him because of my bloody cold. I went back to the doctor who listened to my chest again and said "no need for antibiotics." I am actually a bit better. In the meantime my other brother flew in today and needed a wheelchair from the plane because his gout flared up. He was worried about DVT though I think the doctor he saw today said all the blood thinners he's taking would prevent that.

    Am i mad!?

    If you were single I'd say "do It" although I'd also caution you that a holiday in summer is not the same as living and working there all year round. Also, based on my own experience, each time I've gone to either England or Australia it's been like emigrating all over again.

    Looking to make good friends!

    Well, that depends on who you class as a "local?" Born and bred in Australia? Born and bred overseas but "gone native" (as I perhaps have). When I hear English accents I often ask where they are from. I was sat at one table with my Aussie mates and on the next table were 4 young English guys and I heard one mention Hampshire so I asked him where in Hants? Andover to which i said "Home of The Troggs" which drew a blank look until I mentioned "Love is All Around." Whenever I go to pub to watch Tottenham play it is a 50/50 mix of Pommies and Aussies. Reminds me, if you follow a football club that is another way of building a social network, including following Australian clubs.

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Did someone really say that it is possible to hate Israel but love the Jews? Must be from the left but not a Corbynista. They hate both Israel and the Jews.

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Weak democracies you mean. The Weimar Republic was weak, hated by everybody. The Communists hated it and paid for not supporting it when Hitler won power. The more moderate rightists thought they could control Hitler. The Western Allies gave the Weimar Republic no support either.

    How is Trump doing so far?

    That was pretty well what I thought. The Founding Fathers wanted to prevent a tyrant from ever acquiring absolute power. Throughout 2016 I believed the media like everybody else. Trump cannot win.

    How is Trump doing so far?

    She is funny, talented, a lawyer by qualification I think and the left hates her as they do Trump but what the left does not get is that ordinary people like them. Look at some videos. See her in action. Anybody who can talk to the Oxford/Cambridge unions has got to be able to think on their feet.
  10. MARYROSE02

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Being right wing does not equal Nazi. Opposing illegal immigration does not equal Nazi. Voting Liberal or Trump does not equal Nazi. Ann Coulter is not a white supremacist whatver that means. Street fighting, stopping people from attending from lectures, or shouting down the speakers are all Nazi tactics. And most lefties despise Israel which equals anti semitism and thereford equals Naxism.
  11. MARYROSE02

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Very much so. And opposed of course to any "Safe Spaces" for people they hate. Watch Ben Shapiro and explain to me why he is a Nazi. Or Ann Coulter.
  12. MARYROSE02

    How is Trump doing so far?

    So you believd that ANTIFA alone have the righf to decide who is a fascist? ANTIFA are the true fascists. Watch any video on YouTube and see how they ALWAYS use violence to try to prevent people THEY decide are fascists from speaking. They say they are stopping the Nazis but who are these Nazis? Ben Shapiro - Jewish, Milo - gay, Ann Coulter - woman with a sense of humour. Why do ANTIFA always wear masks? Two reasons: They intend to break the law and they do not want to be identified.
  13. MARYROSE02

    How is Trump doing so far?

    You know full well that The Grauniad (sic) or rather British CNN hates Trump.
  14. MARYROSE02

    How is Trump doing so far?

    USA, USA, USA! Music to my ears especially as ANTIFA and all the other snowflakes and social justice warriors hate it.
  15. It is entirely typical that just I have been whingeing on another post about my colds one of my brothers is in hospital recovering from major heart surgery - triple bypass I think. Is that what it means if all three arteries are blocked/almost blocked? He had operation on Friday and has moved from ICU to CCU today, hopefully. Both my brothers have had heart problems and both suffered chest pain and both chose not to go straight to A & E. One had a stent put in last year and the other is experiencing the more serious operation now. I suppose it is a measure of my having better control of health anxiety that I did not rush off to my doctor demanding tests. I'm the oldest one too and it seems to have come in order of youth. I was already taking a statin and 100 mg aspiring every day and unlike my brothers I gave up smoking 40 years ago. My doctor told me that "it's not all in the genes" and I am not showing any symptoms. I remember my other brother, staying with me at the time, asking if I had any antacids. I never realized he had been experiencing chest pain for a few days. I think he was experiencing angina whereas the one in hospital now was very close to a heart attack.