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  1. Arcadia53

    Cost of living

    Hi all , Could some one just give me an rough idea of the cost of living for a family of 4 living in WA. We know about mortgage cost but am hoping I can get a new grasp on new costs for everything else . Thank you in advance , Pete
  2. Arcadia53


    Thank you all , massively appreciated
  3. Arcadia53


    Out of interest what are those costs ( roughly ) . We have an idea but may be way out . Also if you have posted before re costs apologies
  4. Arcadia53


    Brilliant thank you . That’s fantastic to hear that you are both settling in well. How do you find the distance from parents , family etc is ? The clock is ticking for us as my wife who is the main visa applicant is 44 October so we are crossing our fingers
  5. Arcadia53


    We are looking at Perth but our migration agent has asked if we would consider SA which we would . We are waiting until to July to see what the states are saying
  6. Arcadia53


    Yep all sounds good to me and exactly what I thought tbf . Re sport we love it , I run my daughters football team , help coach my lads rugby team . Kids play rugby , cricket , football , they swim and do athletics amongst other things . I want to carry on the coaching when I’m out there as well . Oh and I still play football although I did find out yesterday I’m the oldest in our football group and was called gramps haha . The wife loves watching sport as well as doing the odd run as well
  7. Arcadia53


    Thought I’d posted this yesterday but appears for what ever reason it’s not on here . Hoping to get some reassurance advice from any expats that moved over to oz in their 40’s . I’m currently 42 and my wife is 43 . How did people find the move and how are they settling now ? Abu advice we should take ? The clock is ticking on our move but I’m crossing my fingers
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    No fighting
  9. Arcadia53


    Haha Marisa has commented on my posts before . On this one she has not been as blunt and a little insightful
  10. Arcadia53


    Thank you this has been very helpful in at least making me feel better
  11. Arcadia53


    I’m fairly up on the Aussie railway network and what you say is semi true. You are right the Aussie rail network is much like the uk rail network but is run via the state operators however the signalling design work that goes into that network is like that in the uk re private companies do carry this work out . Also like the uk the state operators have their own design offices or they at least do in Queensland . That’s my issue I know there are a lot of design houses on the east coast such as Siemens , jmd, alstom etc but not sure what there is in SA . There is also a massive government push on rail infrastructure all over Australia to the tune of tens of billions with a lot of that on the east coast . I also know like the UK they have a massive e shortage of signalling designers but also like the UK they offshore a lot of their work to India . Yep I have done a bit of research or more importantly pre covid had a few interviews just none in WA so I suppose I was hoping someone on the railway working in SA may jump on this thread .
  12. Arcadia53


    Not responded to our migration agent since last week when they asked what I thought of SA as been off work so will find out more in the next week
  13. Arcadia53

    Buying a house

    Thanks Marisa
  14. Arcadia53


    Thank you as that’s very helpful
  15. Arcadia53


    Yes I have just read re SA offering 18-35 year olds cheap travel down there to boost skilled migration but with the wife wanting time off I will be in need of a job ASAP . Think the wife will be okay but with no degree I’m unsure as to my prospects