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  1. Russ1976

    What did you do in Tassie today?

    Out for a walk this morning with one of the dogs who live with us. From Mickey’s Beach, to Randall’s Bay, and through Randall’s Quarry. Beautiful day today.
  2. Russ1976


    It took me two attempts to achieve my 79+ on all sections. First time around with little study I failed on the written section. I purchased the PTE study package, learnt and understood the structure of an essay, and then retook the exam and passed. From when I purchased the study package to completing the exam second time around, I think it was about 5-6 weeks.
  3. Russ1976

    What did you do in Tassie today?

    Our ‘local’ beach, 20 mins from Cygnet. Spent a couple of hours here today. The water is beautiful, the air temp around 29/30, so very warm.
  4. Russ1976

    What did you do in Tassie today?

    Yesterday afternoon, I was very fortunate in watching my first duckbilled platypus, close to where we are staying. I will try to get a picture on my next walk that way. Fairywrens, goldfinches and a rare saddleback bandicoot all on the land I am staying. What a great welcome to Cygnet for us.
  5. Russ1976

    Rental Property Hobart and surrounds

    I think you forget we travelled from the UK! Seriously though, the weather is no bother for us, it certainly doesn’t detract from a beautiful area.
  6. Russ1976

    Rental Property Hobart and surrounds

    We have, they arrived on Sunday, a couple of days after us. They were very relaxed and happy. I think we were more excited than they were when we picked them up. The whole process was managed superbly by PetAir, no problems at all.
  7. Russ1976

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    Our dogs have recently flown to Tasmania from the UK. The whole process was managed with PetAirUK. They were fantastic and very well organised. Everything went according to plan, and our dogs were relaxed and happy once we picked them up. I would recommend this company to anyone.
  8. Russ1976

    Rental Property Hobart and surrounds

    The rental we secured is fantastic. The location and surrounds are beautiful, Cygnet is a cracking place.
  9. Russ1976

    Car hire

    We eventually hired a car from leisurerent.com. They have been very easy to deal with, answering any concerns we had. The car they supplied for us was clean and tidy, exactly what we ordered. We picked the car up out of hours, with instructions being emailed to us a couple of days in advance. Cost wise, I think it’s what we expected, certainly not expensive.
  10. Russ1976

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    186DE nomination approved today. Painter & Decorator Tasmania lodged 14/09/21 good job as well, we fly on the 12th October.
  11. Russ1976

    Travel Insurance

    We arrive on our 1 year tourist visa in October. Can somebody explain to me if we require travel insurance for the whole period or if we apply for a Medicare card on arrival. We are more concerned with the ‘health’ side of insurance.
  12. Russ1976

    Car hire

    After reading a few posts, it seems car hire is expensive in Tasmania, likely due to a shortage of car stock post covid lockdowns. The quotes we have so far equate to around £750-£800 for a 2 week hire. We definitely need a vehicle for use until we purchase one due to our location on arrival, and the fact we need to pick our dogs up from Hobart airport a couple of days after we arrive. Does anyone have any ideas to a cheaper alternative?
  13. Russ1976

    Rights of Way, Footpaths

    Thanks for the link. Take no notice of ‘people being attacked by cows’, it’s as regular as ‘people being eaten by sharks’. I walk pretty much wherever I want here in the UK, 99% of farmers are cool, as long as you aren’t cutting through the middle of their fields. So can I assume there are no equivalents to public footpaths?
  14. Russ1976

    Rights of Way, Footpaths

    In the UK, we have OS maps available, paper form and digital, showing us footpaths, bridle paths etc. Is there an Australian equivalent? Thanks for reading.