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  1. desreb


    That’s true, but you get a carbon copy sheet with a faded line that says “clothing” per box, rather than something like this:
  2. desreb

    Moving week - checklists?

    Well, they came, they saw, they bubble-wrapped. 130 boxes of various sizes. So far, they missed a few minor items, but they also mistakenly took the kids’ clothes! We had several hold-all’s in a bedroom, and they took that one. Admittedly that was the least-bad one to take - nothing a trip to Primark can’t fix quite quickly - but it goes to show. I just kept going around with a roll of masking tape and a marker writing “SHIP ” or “LEAVE” on everything. Sometimes more than once. I kept checking, and if there was any doubt, I’d put another sticker on to remove that doubt. Masking tape and markers. Top tip. I’ll do that a day earlier next time. The thing is, they had three guys for a 3 bed house, and towards the end you could see they were tired and thinking about rush hour and home. In those circumstances you’d expect them to make rush decisions, or the wrong ones. Paying the extra for a better-resourced team can be worth it. The guys were here from 0830-1800. We also had much of the Ikea furniture go to ebay that day as well, but I arranged the pickups for the afternoon, when there was more space in the house, so it worked quite well. It was chaos though - the guys did an excellent job considering. Next time we’ll box things ourselves and accept the insurance liability. I use an app called “Sortly” and it’s been really good for keeping track of what’s in which box in both Australia and our loft here.
  3. desreb

    Best UK mobile for keeping while in Oz

    Whoa! That’s like £300 a year! I don’t want it that much :-) I did keep my old number with O2 the entire 6 years I was in Oz previously, on prepay, and it only cost me around £20 a year through ad-hoc top ups - so it’s not too bad. It used to cost me when I came back to the UK and I burnt through the prepay data, but there’s often some “unlimited” package for a certain amount per day. D
  4. desreb

    Moving week - checklists?

    Definitely being constantly armed with extra wide masking tape and a permanent marker, writing TAKE and LEAVE on everything, is worth it. Both for them and for us!
  5. desreb

    AU tax on a second P45?

    Thanks, that’s interesting. So probably they’ll issue the second on a 0T, and then PAYE will inform HMRC that i received a second untaxed payment, and I’ll need to declare that on my UK SA for that year? D
  6. desreb

    Moving week - checklists?

    Yeah, they come in 3 hours and we’re in a mess. I have a priority list of things to sort out, where everything is P1! My wife booked the Airbnb from the same day as the shipping, but I’m regretting it now. We really should have given ourselves 2 clear days with our luggage in the transit house whilst we prepared our old house with the possessions for shipping. We do still have 5 days before we fly out, but today will not be fun. D
  7. desreb

    Best UK mobile for keeping while in Oz

    Asda has a good deal, but as you say with Tesco, the interest in this service may wax and wane with a non-Telco provider. I’m thinking I should stick with the main telcos as it’s their main job.
  8. desreb

    Best UK mobile for keeping while in Oz

    Thanks, that’s really good feedback. I did consider using a roaming UK SIM in Oz for calls home, so really useful to see there’s a theshold.
  9. desreb

    Best UK mobile for keeping while in Oz

    Actually, this was another interesting thing. I was on Telstra until recently on one card, but damaged the SIM card. Could I get a replacement? No. Not without physically and personally walking into a Telstra shop with ID, in Australia. This was two months ago. I would be locked out of setting up new payees on the WestPac app until I came back. Stupidly, although Telstra won’t give you a new SIM, they will let you move to another provider. So I bought an Optus SIM from a UK eBay seller, activated it, ported my number across, and was back getting SMSs to my number in 15 minutes. All part of living a two-country life. Btw, I will look at Aldi mobile! I didn’t realise they were on Telstra.
  10. desreb

    Best UK mobile for keeping while in Oz

    Sorry, I should clarify - I do have Australian SIMs - both Optus. We’ve had them for 8 years and will move back onto them when we move back. That’s a case in point - I used them in the UK for logins for ATO, DHS, WestPac, Ubank - all send you an SMS to login, to an Aussie number only. Hence we kept them, turned them on when needed, and paid for an SMS or three. I had to pay $70 for them to get the prepay package that expires in 6 months - Optus call it Long Expiry. With $10 top up i would have lost the number in a month. I’m basically looking for a UK “low cost, rare use” contract to do the same when I move to Oz. Ideally one that doesn’t get annoyed that I only use it rarely, and “abroad”, and cuts me off. Many thanks, D
  11. desreb

    How to watch British TV in Australia

    One tip - I found that with BBC iPlayer, I could use the iPad app to start a download over a VPN. Once the download had started, I could turn off the VPN and it would continue downloading without issue, and often much faster because of the lack of VPN. Plus play without buffering of course.
  12. We’re moving to Oz permanently, but will likely keep UK mobiles for whenever we go back to UK, and for those tailing-off services like text codes for HMRC, some services we used to use, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations? I see many only need you to send a text or call once every 6 months to keep active. ASDA seems to keep your number for a year (but lock it after 6 months and drop your credit after 9). Three seems to allow “Go Roam” which gives free SMS receiving when in Oz, but will block your account after two months continuously abroad, which would count them out. Many thanks, D
  13. desreb

    AU tax on a second P45?

    Thanks Alan. If I can’t defer travel, then would it be an option to receive the commission on my AU payroll? Or would that likely cause other issues due to income being earned in one jurisdiction but paid in another? Many thanks, D
  14. We’re moving to Sydney next week, and starting to panic about house rentals. Basically, we’ve set our heart on Newport/Bilgola, and Bilgola Plateau primary. We’ve targeted the area since we visited a while ago and loved it, and since I work from home, the distance from the city isn’t too concerning. We intend to rent for a year to find our feet and familiarise ourselves, and then buy. However - there are just no rentals turning up there. I guess it’s to be expected - settled community, too far out of the city for much of a transient population, not much new build for investment properties to rent out... But it leaves us in a situation where we visited the area and school last year, met the head teacher, had a tour, thought it was great - but may not actually get into the catchment area before the start of the school year as there are barely one or two new properties on the rental market every week. We do have our heart set there, and I wonder if anyone can offer any tips for getting into the catchment area? I know in London people do things like rent a flat for a year, get their kid in, then move out. I guess we could do a similar thing. We do intend to buy in that area and be part of that community, but unfortunately the moral justification isn’t enough in itself, and we have limited time. Any tips would be welcome. Also, for proof of address, is it simply a case of presenting a utility bill for the property, or do you have to provide something more substantial? Many thanks, D
  15. desreb


    Our shippers are coming Thursday, and will (in fact insist) on boxing everything themselves. One thing my control freakness can’t handle is not being able to photo the contents of each box - we’ll do an inventory of what’s in the house before we go, I guess. Has anyone else done anything to address this (assuming you don’t box it all yourself!) Many thanks, D