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Found 95 results

  1. We are a family of six. We have 4 kiddos (4, 6, 10 & 13) trying to decide between Mandurah or Bunbury. Our kids are into soccer and little athletics, we enjoy the beach weekly and love having a strong community to plug into and be apart of. We don't need quick access to Perth for anything. Just looking for a good place to raise our family that's pretty chill and beautiful.
  2. Hi New here, and joined to get help with my decision. 50 yr old single professional, Bit by brith been here in Nelson NZ for 16 yrs. Beautiful place but honestly bored of it, smallish town, isolated, and feel like a change. I have the possible option to sell my house here, buy in Mandurah / Bunbury / North of Perth perhaps?? and start a new chapter. I know the grass wont be greener, than here anyway lol, and Im not naive, but ready to make a big change and make the most of it. Just want any thoughts on the areas, Mandurah, Bunbury, or North - Hilary or up that way. Im temple to just make the move as a permanent one - sell here and go, then I hav to make it work, otherwise paying rent and having the option to leave means I may not be 100% committed to making it all work. Worst case I cold always move again.. life short have go for it! Any ideas, advice or opinions much appreciated.
  3. Hi all PomsInOz, We are moving fairly soon to the Bunbury area and are looking at schools in the area. Kids are 4, 6 and 9 and to be honest I don't even know where to start. Help! Happy to fee-pay if that means better education. My 9 year old is introvert and likes his maths, my 6 year old is pretty good at reading and writing, would like to be an 'author' and write bout science, that tells you enough, and my 4 year old hasn't gone to school yet but loves scribbeling and singing and drawing.... Any good advice is welcome. AlandEs
  4. Hi we are hopefully moving to the Bunbury area next year and are deciding where we would be best to settle, so far we have looked at Australind, Eaton, Dallyelup and Gelerup. We have a 10yr old into football and cricket and a 7yr old into dancing and horse riding, so we want to find an area which would have enough going on for them. Any advice/opinions most welcome!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm suffering from this all consuming, obsessive condition called "Australian WHV idea!" And I am applying for my WHV in the new year to hopefully fly out sept/oct 2014, I'm currently aiming to save approx £6000 perhaps more to, firstly, visit family in Bunbury where I can stay for as long as I need or want then, ideally, I would like to get my 'specified work/agricultural work' out of the way ASAP so I qualify for the 2nd year visa. I have worked in a garment/fabric dying and packaging warehouse for 9 years (since I was 16) and have done labouring and painting and decorating on building sites and privately, on-the-side - so am no stranger to hard graft. I can show my employment references etc (which would be praising I hope!) so; hopefully I won't struggle to find work? With regards as to where to go after Bunbury/Perth, I have no plans apart from Ayres Rock, Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday islands (cliché I know), maybe a crazy road trip, or motorcycle trip, and I love cities so I'd like to see as many of the big ones as possible, but like I said nothing is concrete and I have no idea in which order to do any of this in! I would like to return to Perth for XMAS NYE however to be with family. So in conclusion, I am 25, have always dreamed of doing this, I have family to fall back on; if needs be, will have a fair bit of cash to take with me, like to work, and like to party, so finding work will be definately needed as i am not one for scrimping - i like to enjoy myself, the only thing is I will possibly be heading out alone as none of my mates are bothered by the idea (crazy I know) so, if any of you guys have any advice, tips, work related websites, or are thinking of doing the same kind of thing around the same time, drop me a message! Thanks, Tom.
  6. BradfordBull

    Life and Nursing in Bunbury?

    Hi Folks, We've just got our migration agent confirmed and sorted our finances out and we've come to the conclusion Bunbury/surrounding area's ticks all our boxes...We'll be landing with a 7 year old and a baby (tell me about it!) - and a dog. My partner is a surgical nurse at a teaching hospital in the UK and is keen to kick on with her career - does anybody have any experiences with the hospitals in Bunbury? She's worried that she might be better off to at a hospital near the bigger city's. As she has the 'proper' career (I make TV shows) - she takes the priority when settling on professional matters. I've read that the South West Campus Hospital has/is about to build new wards for cannot source any testimony from any current nurses? W/r my career needs - as long as I finish before five and there's a pub nearby - I'm sorted. (is there a tea-time craic about or do the lads congregate around the BBQ?!) Adrian.x
  7. Hi, just after advice regarding schools in or around the Bunbury area, we are hoping to be over there around March 2011. At the moment they are in Y6 and Y2, so I am also having to look at secondary schools over here just in case!
  8. mamfa0345

    Newbie wanting to say hello :)

    Hi I am new to this forum/site and heard good things so thought I would give it a go. Me, my fiancee and our two boys are getting close to finding out the outcome of our visa application. We were one of the applicants that were stressing over the July 1st 'dreaded deadline'. How stressful! Luckily, a few weeks of rushing round like headless chickens paid off and we got our ITA two days before the cut off point. We should be hearing back in the next week or so that we have a DIAC caseworker. Hopefully they will be kind and not too picky :eek: My fiancee is a first class welder and I am a web designer/content copywriter. We have two boys ages 3 and 9 and are looking to move to WA. Ideally Bunbury / Bussleton area. I hope everyone's application is running smoothly? :biggrin: Sam
  9. Hi my name is Adrian and I work for an international consulting engineering company. We are actively looking for the above engineers to work in our Bunbury Office in South West WA. The office is based two hours south of Perth and is classed as a region and after the recent announcement by the Govt that they will require new migrants to work in regions this will assist you in obtaining your visa. The company will look to sponsor you on a 4-5-7 visa and will assist with your relocation and application. Please PM me if you would like to be considered for our vacancies and I will pass your cv onto my Director. thanks Adrian Principal Technical Officer/Project Manager GHD Bunbury
  10. My partner and I are considering a move to Bunbury area from Sydney, where we've been for the last 18 months. The big motivation is that my OH wants to retrain at TAFE, and Bunbury seem to do the best course. Plus we love the outdoors, and aren't 'big city' people anyway, so never planned to stay too long in the big smoke. Our main concern is around work and living.... I am an experienced marketing manager for the not-for-profit/government sector, and earn good-ish money in Sydney. I know this kind of work will be very unlikely to come up in Bunbury, but I am ready and open to a change, from admin type jobs (I am very organised and a good project manager) to even something like cafe work. Very much seeing it as a chance for a total life change, and would be quite happy not to sit in front of a desk all day! We've obviously researched rental costs and so on, but most jobs advertised online in the area don't give any idea of salaries or hourly pay. Does anyone know what the going rate is for cafe work? Or a fairly simple office job? Or, conversely, how much you would want as a minimum salary in the area to support two people (while OH is studying)? We're both very frugal with money, and ready to try a different way of life, but equally don't want to be idiots about it! Thanks, StS
  11. Guest

    anyone in bunbury!!??

    Hello just moved tr.. as i'm new to bunbury, looking for new people to chat,socialise or whatever as i'm new here its pretty scary.. i'm 21 came here from the UK with family.. be nice to here stories of people who imigrated and how long did it take you to settle in.. apperciate all advice/stories.. Many thanks Aisling :biggrin:
  12. Hi every one! This forum has been a source of information for me the day I started applying for my skill assessment to the day I was granted 475. Now when the time of making a move is close i.e. November 2012, I am a little bit confused about where to head when I land in Perth. I am a Civil Engineer with 4+ experience and my wife is International Project manager in Telecom Industry with more than 7 years of experience. we have a one year old baby girl too. I must quote that I am not a person who would prefer living in a fast and busy city life. So I shortlisted Bunbury and Albany. Now I want the forum members to tell me the goods and bads about both the cities. Or any other city that can suit us. Some of my questions that needs answer are : As a Civil Engineer where are more chances to get a professional job? If initially I dont get one, where are the chances of getting a casual or part time job? Where the living is economical? Which place has good schools and hospitals? We have no issues with language or settling in a new place as my wife and I have lived in Europe too but I am sure Every place is different from each other. Your precious opinion is awaited and will be much appreciated. Please do reply and do help. Love to all Regards Shaw.
  13. Hi there, Just wondering which mobile networks have good coverage in South West (we are thinking to move to Bunbury) for calls and also mobile broadband ? Any advice is much appreciated!
  14. AhmedAndEmy

    Moving to Bunbury Soon

    Hello Ladies/Guys, My 457 granted 3 weeks back and i will be moving coming Jan to Bunbury. I would like to meet new friends. I love partying, sports and going out.. I'm not sure yet if i am going to rent or share any advises or recommendationn Thnkxxx
  15. Hi All My husband has a sponsored job offer on a 457 visa. We are planning to move to Bunbury early next year, we have 3 children age 15,12 and 9 all girls hoping to make a better life for them, like all other parents we are worried that they will be able to adjust and make new friends and that the Australian kids will accept them. The kids are currently in afrikaans schools and can communicate in english how difficult will it be for them to adjust ? What is your oppinion, should we first visit Bunbury before moving there? (people here in South Africa are trying to discourage us.) All we want is the best for our children and hopefully a safer future. Everyone is so excited and can't wait for everything to get finalised. Please Help? Thanks MarieSa and Family:goofy:
  16. Hi We have just received a positive response from Vetassess but they only gave my OH 7 years work experience which means we have 50 points in total. We did want to apply for a 190 VISA but my OH doesnt want to do the IELTS test as he doesnt think he will pass (wont even try) so our other option is a 489 visa and to live in a designated area outside CBD. Having looked at the postcode list i think our best option is Mandurah (first choice) or Bunbury. The other thing is i have family in Joondalup so dont want to be too far from them so i can visit. Our last option is to wait until May 2013 and then my OH will have 8 years work experience and 55 points and we can apply for a 190 and live where we want. We are unsure what to do, while i dont want to wait until May to lodge our visa and then wait to see if it gets accepted. While no one can make our decision for us i appreciate any help and info you can give Thanks
  17. Guest


    hi there this is my first timeon this site is there anyone from bunbury or surrounding areas. john..
  18. Hello looking to meet new people as i've just moved to bunbury hopefully get some replies this time
  19. Guest

    schools in bunbury area

    hoping to move over next year to bunbury area with my 15 year old son, where would be the best area and school
  20. Guest

    Bunbury versus Mandurah

    We were all set for a new life in bunbury, but having looked at this and other forums, lots of people in our position (young family) are heading towards Mandurah. Any thoughts or opinions on the two areas would be greatly appreciated. We initially thought Bunbury had everything we needed: schools, jobs, outdoor life, social scene, interests for kids that grow up too fast (over here anyway!). the greater bunbury area offering cheaper housing etc.... Anything that will help us focus our decisions would bebrilliant. Thanks Sarah and Matt
  21. Hi my names Aisling I'm 21, just moved to bunbury saw this site and well its hard meeting people on your own as ive moved from london with my family.. I would like to meet people in bunbury.. so if there are people in the same position or just looking for friends don't be shy to contact me
  22. Hey, Started a thread about Rockingham and Mandurah and got loads of replies. Now it looks like we have to go Rural which rules Rocky out. So looking at options like Mandurah and Bunbury. I know some people just want to use the word Bogans ( by the way this is a scottish word) But looking for advice, There is me I am in sales my wife is a Hairdresser and my 5 year old Daughter who love her clubs like Dancing and Tae kwon do. Looking for somewhere safe and peacefull a big change fro the west coast of Scotland. Jobs have to be had maybe not in what we do just now. I will research things like schools and real estate but somethings cant be looked up on the net. Any help would be great. Jason:smile:
  23. pete2011

    Bunbury in the New Year!

    Hi new to this, hopfully be in Bunbury in the New Year, be great to hear from any one out there. Pete2011
  24. Hello my name is Aisling I'm 21 ive just moved to bunbury with my family from london.. and well I didn't realise how scarey it would be.. I would like to meet new people that are in the same poision as me and also looking to met new people as its quite hard.. so don't be shy love to hear from people of all ages.. thanks
  25. Hi my name is Aisling i've just moved to bunbury with my family from london, I'm 21 and I havn't yet met anyone and i would like to meet new people in bunbury maybe people in the same position as me as moving to another country is scary so maybe a drink in the pub or on the beach.. laid back and meet friends