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Found 124 results

  1. Hi. A friend of mine had his nomination applied for subclass 482 back in June 2021, and haven't heard anything yet. His employer suspects the agent is holding back information, and would like to check the application himself. Can the employer create an Immi Account to check the nomination status? My friend created an Immi Account but seems to be able to import the visa application only, not the nomination. Thank you.
  2. Hi, My employer is intending to nominate me soon under the skills shortage list occupation - Electronic Instrument Trade worker (Special Class). I have received my successful skills assessment and am gathering my last few bits and pieces myself and my employer need before lodging the nomination. I have one thing I'm unsure of regarding my job title. My job title is Weightometer Technician (Servicing/Calibrating conveyer weighing scale systems). This is what my current contract title says and its the occupation title on the job advert my company has posted to show that they are actively looking for someone to fill the role. My job description/duties I am 100% confident can be proven to match the job description of Electronic Instrument Trade worker if I am questioned on it. However I'd like to hear from anyone else who may have been in a similar situation. Would I be best off getting my contact updated to state my job title as exactly what it's called on the skills shortage list? and presumably get my boss to update the ad aswell? My boss will have no problems with it I'm sure, but I'm curious to know might it get processed faster if I update it Thanks
  3. Yadav M


    Hi, 186 TRT (Victoria non regional) Nomination applied - 25 March visa applied - 22 April Case officer assigned for nomination (NSW centre) and s56 Requested for further information On June 26 and not submitted yet. Main visa application status is still Received. Some of the information requested were submitted with main visa. In your experience, will the case officer be same for both nomination and visa application or could/will there be different case officer assigned for visa and nomination? I am overwhelmed both with excitement and worrisome! When can I expect for further action and decision? Thanks
  4. I am general accountant, currently under 457 visa and completed 2 years with the employer and still working. My employer is willing to sponsor for 186 visa but unfortunately his annual turnover is less than 1 million. There is caveat for accountant that annual turnover should be over 1 million. But this caveat was not before and I was approved 457 visa without turnover of 1 million. So can you please recommend me if I am eligible to apply for 186? Thank you
  5. I have applied both nomination and 186 visa for the job of General Accountant. The case officer has requested for license/registration for the job. I work under the license of my employer however I have tax agent registration license under my name. I have registered in CPA as ACPA. What license/registration do they need? I expect for your reply and recommendation. Thanks
  6. Hi! I am on a 482 TSS visa (Registered Nurse) . Last week I have resigned from my employer and I am shifting to a new employer who is willing to sponsor me and my tss 482 visa. My question is, how long does it take for an accredited sponsor to transfer my nomination for me to be able to work for them? Does anyone of you have the same experience? Last week my new prospective employer lodged the requirements for the transfer of the nomination. Any feedback or information would be greatly appreciated. 
  7. Applying for 190 skilled nominated, with Victorian State sponsorship. I was recently informed by my agent that in order to meet the Victorian State Sponsorship criteria I would require a job offer to support my application and show commitment to Victoria beacuse we have links with another state. My husband's family live in NSW and we have made a few visits there over the last 20 years. My husband also lived in NSW as a student for 18 months in 2006. I have checked the website and for my occupation (French Teacher) there is no requirement for a job offer. Does anyone have any information regarding this? Thanks
  8. Hi guys It has been about 13 months since I lodged my visa as a cook. I’ve got requested for medical checkup 2 days ago, but my colleague who lodged visa before me has his nomination rejected 4 days ago. I thought my nomination will be rejected as well but I got requested for medical so I got really confused. Do you think my nomination is safe or not? When CO is assigned? Do you think the person who send me the “s56 request for more information” is my CO? When CO is assigned, can I tell my nomination is passed? I thought they only request further information when the nomination is cleared. My immiaccount says the status is still “recieved” . No “initial assessment” or “further assessment”. I’m really worried that my nomination will be rejected after paying $hundreds for medical check. Is it possible for my nomination to be clear when the other nomination is recently rejected at the same workplace? Give me some thoughts please! Cheers
  9. Jenny Cogjen


    Hi all, I am desperately searching for the information about my visa... I am located in Perth, WA. My migration agent lodged my RSMS nomination and visa application as a financial broker nec in Feb 2017. RCB was approved before RSMS application. However, nomination was refused in June 2017 and the migration agent advised me to apply for the AAT so we did. But she did not do anything about my visa application. I found out late that my visa application was refused and she did not lodge AAT for my visa application. She only lodged AAT for the refused nomination. Now, Perth has been removed from the locations for RSMS since March 2017 and my visa application was definitely refused (did not lodged for AAT). Just in case the nomination was approved after the hearing from AAT, can I still lodge my visa application? Hopefully someone can advise me on this matter... thank you very much in advance.
  10. Hi, We're currently awaiting for our sponsor to conclude Labour Market Testing, submit a nomination for our TSS visa and provide us with the TRN for our visa application (assuming job is still there). Due to sponsor's internal processes not keeping up with recent changes to the Labour Market Testing requirements, the sponsor has had to re-advertise the job because the original wasn't online for long enough; they realised this before they submitted the nomination. Our plan was to submit our visa (all ready to go) as soon as the nomination TRN is received but I'm now wondering what happens if the sponsor makes another admin error and the LMT isn't right? Would the nomination get refused and if so would our visa be automatically refused and we lose our fee? Not sure whether to wait for the nomination approval before submitting the visa, but would be yet more delays. However I have visions of the sponsor submitting the LMT evidence with the nomination only for it to be bounced back and re-run for a third time and then for the job to go and we've already paid our application fee. Thanks
  11. Hi all Just after some opinions or thoughts on the impact of my previous employer not withdrawing my nomination for a 457 visa. To keep a long story short my husband and I came over here in Jan 2017 on student visas, found an employer to sponsor me as a sales and marketing manager and we submitted our 457 visa application on 28 June 2017. The decision to date is still pending. After 9 months we decided we cannot work for the company any longer. The bullying and way they treat employees just got beyond a joke. This was not directed just at us, 15 people left the company within a 12 month period and the number of employees normally sits around 16 people. Most people seemed to last no more than 6 months. To leave as amicably as possible we told them we were returning to the UK due to unexpected family reasons. They accepted this reason without question as knew how much we loved Australia and wanted to stay. . Anyway myself and the company used a really good immigration lawyer. I contacted them to advise we have left and filled out the relevant form. They have then contacted my employer and asked them to confirm they wish to withdraw the nomination. No answer, so for two days the lawyers and myself chased them. Finally the have responded and said they do not wish withdraw the nomination and to leave it on the system. The lawyer advised that if they do this there is no way I can work for them as will not have a visa and this will simply cause immigration to contact them and question that decision once they look at the nomination in the coming weeks or months. Can somebody shed any light on why they are doing this? it seems of no benefit? We hope to return in a few years (we are heading home to retrain and hopefully come back) will this impact us down the line? Thanks for any help
  12. Hello everybody, first of all let me apologise If I have started a new topic where I shouldn't have, I have never used forums before. . I submitted the nomination and application for 186 direct entry on Jan 21 2017 as a graphic post press trades-person. I have been waiting for 13 months and my lawyers have not been contacted once ! The only thing my lawyers always say is to wait. This uncertainty is nerve wrecking , also this occupation apparently is no longer on the list. Does anyone knows if this affects the application and / or processing times? Do we know if the processing times for 186 direct entry vary according to occupation.Thanks in advance for any info.. Any advice would be appreciated. I have posted this message in other topics but I don't have not received one reply, so my best guess is that It is in the wrong section of the forum. This wait is really affecting me and my dependant.
  13. My employer nominated me to 186 through direct entry stream and I also lodged a 186 application. Now my employer nomination is refused because the company is too small and it doesn't have sales and market. And I received an invitation email from immigration to withdraw my application. If my employer submitted another 186 nomination, then whether I can link my current 186 application to the new nomination? By doing this, I am able to extend my bridging visa and Medicare.
  14. Hi, My EOI points got auto-updated today to reflect increased work experience (8 yrs). My NT nomination application is already submitted. Do I need to update MigrationNT about my increased EOI points? or will they be able to see it in their system? Do I need to get my skills assessment updated? or do I just send NT my latest salary slips? Please help! shirl_nt
  15. Hello everyone, I'm just starting the NT nomination process. I need some clarification. After submitting the EOI successfully, do I need to wait for some approval before proceeding with my NT nomination application? From what I read, there doesnt seem to be a reason to wait if I have all docs ready for NT nomination application. Any clarification on this would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. m_ahsan

    Partner Visa points

    Hi I got skilled assess in accounting and my wife skilled assess in hairdressing, my skill is in MLTSSL and my wife skill is in STSOL. can we share partner points ?? while we are applying for 190 or 489 strem ? we both have 6 each ielts, both 45 less, and already assess our qualifications. Thanks
  17. ShaunR6883

    ENS 186 Nomination Question

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone can help me with my question? My manager lodged my ENS 186 nomination in March this year. I also lodged my visa application a couple of days after (without using a migration agent). My problem is that my manager is never around at the moment as he is so busy with business meetings and overseas trips, so I never see him to ask if he has had any news on the nomination application. My question is, is there a way to view the nomination progress through my IMMI account? All I see is my visa application. I have tried emailing and texting my manager but I don't want to sound too pushy! I know it's only been a few months but I'm worried that if anything goes wrong with the nomination I will lose my fee. Would I hear something through my email about the decision of the nomination? Also everyone seems to be using agents, am I the only person not? It was purely a financial reason why I chose not to use one, hope it doesn't back fire on me??? Thanks Shaun
  18. sonal patel


    hi Guys i applied my RSMS visa and nomination file together on 29 June 2017. MY question is i want first RCB approval or not. because my lawyer already put file. how long RCB time to approve. and how long for nomination and visa takes time to approve or its approve together. if without RCB we can lodge nomination and visa file or not. please reply or anyone put file in june 2017 thanks
  19. Hello Guys, I will finish my PhD study in field of computer science from a governmental university in Malaysia soon, I am interested to apply for Victorian state nomination for international PhD graduates program, do you know how should I start the process?Do I need to send my PhD certificate for assessment before applying? Hope someone can provide some hints here. Thank you in advance Myti
  20. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has applied for a 190 visa (Melbourne) in May this year, if so how are they getting on? Ours is currently sitting at recieved and appears nothing has happened so far..
  21. SKJB

    mistake in nomination

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help... My partner and I are applying for the RSMS on our own, without a MA. Our employer applied for for an RCB, which was approved within a week. The employer then completed the nomination form, attaching all required documents, however when asked whether we had received RCB advice, he put NO as an answer! We have attached the RCB approval document but there is no way of getting back into your nomination application to change that answer. Does anyone have any advice? Can you contact immi to ask them to change the nomination? No sign of a CO yet! Will this delay our nomination from being approved? Thanks in advance!
  22. My application for state nomination is just approved. I certainly know, I will have to wait invitation from EOI to apply for the Visa now. So can anybody please suggest how long it will take to get EOI invitation after having state nomination ? Does it go to the same frame as the process of 189 or in different way ?
  23. Hi All I have been working for the employer for nearly 2 years . i have got assessment from Engineers Australia And from TRA , IELTS 6.5 . Unfortunately Company going to terminate the full time contract with my and now I am on gardening leave ( still in company but no pay) because they are trying to find another suitable position for me. I had an interview recently and now waiting for response . The point is that the position is fixed term, 1 y, and it means that I can stay on 457 visa for a while but my application is not valid any more (I pay AUD 540) . It is known that I have to find the job and sponsorship within 90 days but seems not much position on job market. Looks like company wants to save money by keeping me in business otherwise they have to pay for 6 weeks (as I am redundant ). big mess this days for my family . If anybody had this challange kindly just give your suggestion in that kind of situation. Thank you , guys in advance and wish you had no experience I am having now
  24. I am currently sponsored by my employer on a 457 visa...I have accepted another job and the new employer has applied to take over the nomination..this has not been granted yet however I dnt foresee any problems...I know if I remain with current employer then I dnt need to reapply for my 457, just transfer nomination but what if I was to leave my current employer now while waiting for immi to approve new nomination? Would that cancel my visa and therefore mean I would have to reapply for another 457 from scratch? I know about the 90 days, working notice n work restrictions but im unclear on this...I knw its a risk in case new nomination refused but could nomination still be transferred even though i would have left current employer? Hope that makes sense. I just want to leave current job as soon as Thanks
  25. Just asking for a bit of advice, I have just found out about the new visa fees and we are in the midst of preparing an ENS 186 application. The employer nomination was lodged and paid for in May - does anyone know if the new fees will apply for our application (I suspect they will) or if, as the application has been started, so to speak, the old fees will apply?