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  1. patricia2019

    Agents fees

    Thank you to everyone who commented, very much appreciated. With the figures we had from researching everything, we had a round about sum of $20k...then allowing for $4/5k agents fees so not too far off what we've been quoted I guess. @Dukeninja, thank you for the ANMAC tips, very useful & we will begin the process of that ourselves as it was the initial cost of $4500 through the agent that scared me to be honest!! We already have most of the uni info, just awaiting a letter with breakdown of hours from them now. Received reply from agent to confirm what has been generally said on here: "The estimate fees is for Assessing Body, State Nomination Fees, Government Fees and our service fees, it does not include registration costs as we are not able to assist you with registration, medicals costs, English tests costs etc" Thanks again and I'm sure I'll be back on here for advice soon!
  2. patricia2019

    Agents fees

    Yep, all kids under 18. Definitely had a $10k figure in our notes for the actual visa application. Had a figure of approx $4/5k for agents fee in total which yes, did bring our total costings of around the $20k figure and were quite realistic & happy to proceed with that as very aware of work involved & the need to get it right. It's more the vagueness of if medicals etc (everything) were included in that also which pir figure had. I'm unsure if I want to proceed with paying $300 for a full breakdown only to discover these extras aren't included. I've replied to the email now ask if that figure was for everything and not just those general items listed. Thanks for your reply x
  3. patricia2019

    Agents fees

    Hi Ausvisitor Certainly does sound reasonable and was a ballpark figure we had arrived at when totalling up costs ourselves. Just a little apprehensive at the difference in figures we had for ANMAC and for the visa application. I will reply to their email & enquire if that total amount accounts for ALL costs such as the medicals etc. Regards
  4. patricia2019

    Agents fees

    Hi wonderingaloud I'm taking it from that info above that is including the fees for all included. I'd certainly hope so for that cost! I'm a little (a lot) apprehensive at the $5k hike on the visa application plus the $4k hike (I'm assuming here on what info I've gained from researching) on the skills assessment. My husband is a nurse so will need ANMAC skills assessment, looking at their pdf online application the full skills assessment fees are $850, quite a difference from $4500! Or maybe I'm missing something along the way? As the 491 would be our only Visa option we do want to make sure its completed correctly hence why we contacted an agent. To be honest we first contacted them in December, outlining all the info we have gleaned over the years of researching & awaiting the info on the new 491 visa, we know we will not qualify for any other visa (points wise) bar the temp Visa which is a route we really didnt want to go. The reply we got today was not the reply we wished for after waiting for 6 weeks, they detailed each visa available on the immi website & its requirements, the above info I posted on the costs & informed us if we wanted a further detailed breakdown on costs/timelines they would need a $300 payment to proceed. We are confident enough to begin the process ourselves but were also happy to enlist an agents help/guidance through the process to ensure it was done correctly for reassurance. If there are any agents on here who could help with the process I'd be happy to hear from them.
  5. patricia2019

    Agents fees

    Hi, recently contacted a migration agent to enquire about help with the 491 Visa process. Received email today with breakdown of fees payable to agent as shown below: 1. Skills Assessment: AUD4 500 including Assessing Body Fees; 2. Expression of Interest: AUD750; 3. State Nomination: AUD1 250 including State Fees, if applicable; 4. Visa Application: AUD14 500 including Government Lodgement Fees. Whilst there would be 6 of us (2 ad 4 ch) by doing our own research for quite a while now, we knew the Visa application would be the largest cost but had it at $10,000 going by the immi website plus the skills assessment fee seems extremely high also! Just wondering if this is the going rate for these things or is it the use of an agent making it quite extortionate?