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Found 33 results

  1. Hi there, I'm after some advice please. I have been sponsored on a 457 visa application since November 2016, and my employer and I have been intending to submit my application for PR via the ENS TRT 186 route for quite some time, however, this still hasn't happened. I am currently employed in a small legal business and my two bosses were/are the directors of the company. They are both leaving as they have been offered other jobs within the courts and their intention is to transfer ownership of the company to a different director of another law firm. It the new directors intention to keep my firm running and operating as it currently is, with the same trading name, ABN, client files, only he will become the director, we will also move offices and be based at the office of his other law firm. Would someone please advise whether this will impact my 186 visa application? We wish to submit it ASAP. I will continue to work on all of my current client files, I will be employed in the same position carrying out the same duties. I will just have a different boss and change of location. The business is small with only 3 of us employed there, however, I am integral to the business as I manage the operation of each of the files, have built strong relationships with each client and know the business inside out, and have done for nearly four years. Thank you so much in advance. T
  2. Hi All, I have questions regarding the businesses that sign off 88 days of rural work, I am currently going through the process of looking for rural work and am trying to sort my options as to what places qualify with the ability of signing off rural work. I understand that the business have to be located in a "rural" postcode and have to be in the below areas, and have an ABN -Plant and animal cultivation -Fishing and pearling -Tree farming and felling -Mining -Construction Are there any other requirements needed from the businesses to be able to sign off the 88 days of rural work? Can I work for two separate employers to cover the 88 days if work for any reason dries up at one of the employers? Does the business have to be registered as a rural company in any capacity or can I just undertake work that fits within the requirements using any company? If my payslips from the employers are listed as 7 days i.e 1st to the 7th but I have only worked 3 days due to the employer not having work on the other days, does that mean I can submit that as 7 days worked or do the actual days I have worked need to be disclosed? Any advice would be greatly appreciated with this
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know if you can set up as a PTY or an ABN before I get to Oz? I'm going freelance and need to bid for some UK contracts before I leave for Australia. My UK accountant doesn't know the Australia system but has advised I set up in Australia to keep things simple for myself tax wise. I've looked into getting a TFN, but can only see a few options - non-resident (which I will be for the next 6-7 weeks) or wait until I get there and get my TFN. Like I say my issue is I need to set up and get my company sorted before I arrive. Any advice gratefully received I'm moving to Sydney. I have a 190 visa.
  4. Bound4Tassie


    Sorry if this is in the wrong section....please move accordingly. ABN - Australian Business Number My future 'employer' mentioned getting one "if I chose to"- as if there was an option. Technically I will be self employed . I will pay part of my earnings to effectively rent the premises / equipment / staff . Do all self employed persons need an ABN? If not are there pros & cons to having one. Thanks in advance !
  5. venki5star

    TFN Proof of Identity

    Hi I applied online got the application summary on email. They are asking 3 proofs. I am from India and I can arrange only Passport and Bank Statement for the proof. Right of them are "Australian" citizen related proofs. Anyone done this recently? What are proofs and whats their points? Will they accept Photo ID Card provided by the state? Thanks in advance.
  6. iamwillcreative

    Obtaining an ABN on a subclass 186 visa

    Hello Poms in Oz community! I am currently applying for PR through the employer sponsored stream of the subclass 186 visa. I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer based in Brisbane. Whilst I was on my working holiday visa (over 2 years ago), I got an ABN and worked for myself for a while, then when I got sponsored as a designer on a 457, it meant that it was illegal for me to earn any money other than from the sponsored role. I am quietly confident that the PR application should be quite straightforward as we have done everything to the letter and followed the rules, it's more of a formality than a problem. Once I become a permanent resident, is it possible for me to be able to do photography on weekends and be paid for it as a legal side business? I'm not looking to leave my sponsored role but I currently have to turn down a lot of work I really enjoy as I'm unable to be paid and it would be wonderful if I was allowed to earn a bit of extra cash again and do it legally. If anyone has any info that could point me in the right direction, I'd be very appreciative. Thank you in advance.
  7. Guest

    Applying for PR with ABN

    Hi Experts, I have two questions of which I didn't get much info in official website of Australian Immigration. Currently me and my wife are in 475 regional sponsored visa. My wife is doing a job with her ABN number. That employer provides her payslip. My wife is a secondary applicant for our 475 visa. 1. Can she apply for PR after two years as a main applicant (for 887 visa so far I guess)? If yes what docs she will require to submit? 2. To do so if ABN number is any obstacle? Cause I heard from someone to apply for PR only job with TFN number will be accepted only not the ABN? Is it true? Thanks in advanced.
  8. Guest

    tax for whv on an ABN

    What implications are there for not paying tax in Australia when working on an ABN? The number of irish lads I have spoke to who are ‘doing a runner’ is ridiculous. Obviously it will mean they cant return to oz, but would it carry onto any other countries?
  9. Roberts13

    ABN on a 457 ???

    Hi I am currently on a 457 with my husband who is the sponsored employee. We have an 856 application awaiting allocation of a CO any time. My question is while on the 457 am I able to get an ABN number. I am qualified in beauty and want to start up mobile to work around my kids. Dont want to do anything illegally etc so just thought i would throw the question out there in case anyone has an idea? I'm happy to wait until we get residency if and when that happens but eager to get going mobile to build up a client base. Thanks in advance
  10. Greetings! :biggrin: I would like to purchase an Australian domain name but I believe there are strict criteria and one of them is having ABN. I am currently based in the UK. Does anyone know the best way to achieve my aim? Thanks for all your help in advance.
  11. Ditchcutter

    Anyone who used an ABN in the past?

    Hi all, Just wondering has anyone used an ABN in the past?I worked in Sydney 7 years ago and could only get work with an ABN,problem is i never settled my tax with the aussie government and went home.I also worked in Brisbane and paid tax but never claimed it back.Im Irish and like a lot of my fellow countrymen i didnt bother to clear this up before i left cause i could get away with it unlike people from the Uk who,I think,had to settle with the taxman before they left.Maybe im wrong! I have secured my Visa for WA and plan to travel there in Janurary but am ****ting it at the thought of a huge tax bill when i look for a new taxfile number! Maybe i deserve it but is anyone else out there in the same boat?Derek:eek:
  12. owf

    ABN and 175 visa

    Hi My husband is a bricklayer. I'm just wondering if anyone else has come across ABN in so many job adverts? As I understand it, this means sub-contracting in brickie terms, which isn't possible for 2 years on a 175. :confused:
  13. sleepywombat

    ABN on a Bridging Visa

    Hi All Can I get my own ABN whilst on a Bridging Visa? (no end date, waiting on the Other Family Visas pile for maybe another few years...) Thanks Cx
  14. Hi there people. Ill keep this as short as poss. Me and the missus just waiting on nursing registration and visa, shouldnt be too long at all now, hopefully be there within the next month. Im a time served painter and decorator and Ive just completed my white card online. The thing im trying to understand about is this ABN (Australian business number). Most painter vacancies i see online require ABN card and own transport. Is it not common to work for a company? from what i gather this ABN looks like being 'self employed'. If there any other tradesmen or anyone with any tips/advice on this it would be much appreciated. Thanks :cool:
  15. On behalf of a friend I would like to know if anyone knows of a situation where the company that is sponsoring them (for a RSMS) has changed their ABN Number after the application has been lodged but before the visa is issued? The trading name is the same and all but one Director is the same too (The other directors bought out one of the original Directors I believe) Any help on whether this is going to be a probem or what she should do about it would be great, Thanks :biggrin:
  16. Guest

    tfn and abn

    hi can anyone tell me realistically it takes for the t.f.n to come through they say up to 28 days but places like this always say up to i need it so i can get my a.b.n because i cant start my work as a brickie without it. iv got a start but cant until i get this t.f.n and a.b.n its a nightmare just sitting waiting and do you get the a.b.n straight away oh my head is bursting lol:wacko:
  17. :eek: Hi i thought i already had this worked out, but i have one more question regarding working as a tradesman. I will be applying for my TFN (tax file number) soon as i arrive in oz, this can take up to 28 days. I will also need my ABN (australian business number) also, which can take up to 28 days. Apparently applying for both at the same time is not advised, so really this sounds like you could be waiting up to 2 months to be able to start work. Have i got this right? i have trailed the appropriate website but with no real answer to this. Any help or advice on this matter would be much appreciated :cry:
  18. Hi there people. Ill keep this as short as poss. Me and the missus just waiting on nursing registration and visa, shouldnt be too long at all now, hopefully be there within the next month. Im a time served painter and decorator and Ive just completed my white card online. The thing im trying to understand about is this ABN (Australian business number). Most painter vacancies i see online require ABN card and own transport. Is it not common to work for a company? from what i gather this ABN looks like being 'self employed'. If there any other tradesmen or anyone with any tips/advice on this it would be much appreciated. Thanks :cool:
  19. Guest

    ABN queries

    Hi can anyone help me or give me some advice please? I am needing to apply for a ABN number for fruit picking/pruning/harvest work! I have tried to apply online but it said the type of work isnt listed - i have been informed i need one so how do get one? Thanks Stacey x xx x
  20. hi can any tell me if its possible for me to get a blue card before i actually goto australia to work and wich website to get one from, also i need an abn but im not quit sure how to get one or know what one is could anyone please enlighten me thanks guys
  21. kissofthegypsy

    ABN on 457 Visa

    Hi everyone Can someone tell me if I can apply for an ABN even though I am on a 457 visa? Our PR is going through but we need to kick some things off in which the ABN is critical to us getting our business started asap? Thanks Sean
  22. Guest

    ABN Number?

    Hi All, Could anyone please tell me how i would go about getting an 'ABN' number (Australian Buissness Number) in WA please as i am not sure how to go about getting one Regards Dan:huh:
  23. are there any fully licensed plumbers with abn and drivers license and blue card looking for work on gold coast???? i know someone hiring lesley x
  24. Guest

    tfn abn querie

    hi after 2 months in qld we have decided its time to go home, cant get jobs, (496 visa.) what do we do about out tfn numbers, partner never worked, i got a few days cleaning so applied for abn number(not recieved yet), have told a worker they can split up what i made as it not worth claiming. dont want the hassle with end of year tax lodgment etc. do we still have to do this, do we cancel our numbers etc etc any advice appreciated. julie

    mortgage on abn

    Hi has anyone got a mortgage while working on a abn and how hard is it to get .. How much depost do they want with you been on abn.. Going to start to have a look next week , so was just wondering how others have got on.. Many Thanks