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Found 105 results

  1. Spayne81

    Visa options ... confused

    Hi this is my first post and I’m sorry if it’s been asked or I’m being silly basically we were applying to move to SA on a skills PV ( my husband is a chef) and the visa agency have just told us as we were finishing off that this is not available and nor is the temp 491 SA visa and our only option it to live to Victoria is this true, is there any other option as we really wanted to be in Adelaide near my family ( I’m not the main applicant so can’t use them) thank you in advance
  2. Hi we have been granted a 4yr temp visa and are looking to buy/start a business. Need the business to meet the various criteria to gain perm resi. Do we buy a business that already meets the criteria or start fresh?:mask:
  3. Hi Folks, With the big move looming, its time to start looking at temporary accommodation. Heading for Sydney on the 9th April and although my bro lives there and has offered us a room, I think its a good idea to rent somewhere short term and have our own space! Just wondering, from peoples experience, how long to book the temp rental for? I was thinking 3 weeks but could be way off! Advice is greatly appreciated as always! :wubclub:
  4. Guest

    Studying on a Temp Spouse Visa

    Hi! Still waiting for my visa to be finalized, but I wonder if anyone here has any experience with studying on a temporary spouse visa... I mean will I def be classified as an overseas student... I am not sure if I am reading this right or if there is any time restriction on my visa? Who is an international student? In the Australian higher education sector, an ‘overseas student’ is a person who: is not an Australian citizen; and is enrolled, or will enrol, in a course of study with a higher education provider. But does not include: a person entitled to stay in Australia, or to enter and stay in Australian without any limitation as to time a New Zealand citizen, or a diplomatic or consular representative of New Zealand, a member of the staff of such a representative or the spouse or dependent relative of such a representative. Thanks alot for any answers:arghh:
  5. Hi I just wanted to check if anyone else has been recently applied/been granted for the permanent spouse visa 801, following been on the 820 temporary spouse visa. I rang immigration this week and they said that they will contact no sooner than the 2 year mark or anytime up to a month after. Is this the usual thing they say even though I have heard many people receive letters from immigration 2 months before the 2 year mark to request an update on the situation and to apply for PR? Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  6. Hi All, Still loving this forum, I don't post much but its still a great read! I've finally secured myself a job but it doesn't start till the beginning of Jan 2012. I was just wondering if anyone had any casual work or knows of any until then in the Sydney/Bondi area? Would be nice to get some money in for xmas. Any advice welcome. Cheers
  7. Hi all, currently awaiting the outcome of my de facto partner visa application. Fingers crossed if all goes well I'll be moving over to Aus to be with my partner. We are hoping to buy a house asap with a joint loan. He being an aussie and good job should have no problems but I was wondering if we are likely to experience any problems as I'll be a temp resident? Has anyone had any problems with this? Will we have to wait until I am a permanent resident? Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  8. Hi, I've recently moved to Adelaide on a Working Holiday Visa and am looking for casual/temp admin work. I have previous experience working for the Home Office as well as in media and property. Anybody think they might be able to help out let me know. I can send my CV/ring and have a chat. I can work up to 6 months in one job at a time on my visa at the moment. Cheers, Matt
  9. Checked out of the serviced apartment for good tonight. I'll miss seeing the Manly ferry come and go. Our stuff is in Sydney but still waiting on customs...we'll be managing with next to nothing for a week or so. Sleeping with kids blankets and eating take out for the most part. It's been a tough but good month.
  10. Guest

    Temp Work - leaflet delivery?

    Hi All, I'm looking for some temp work for about 3 weeks while I get a job sorted. Anything (within reason!:wink:) would be considered. Leaflet delivery would be a great option as I would be able to get outside at the same time. Anyone got any ideas!? immediate work wanted really. Thanks Mike
  11. Hi all, I've just discoved that I'm on a course in Rozelle, Sydney from 24 Oct - 23 Dec 11 and that accomodation is not provided. As I currently live in Adelaide a daily commute is out of the question. Also as I've been unemployed since arriving in Australia money is extremely tight. I'm leaving the family in Adelaide and am looking for the cheapest flatshare / houseshare / hostel available. I'd rather not "hot-bed" (but will if I have to) but all I'm looking for is cheap and close to Rozelle. I've looked on Gumtree but most of the flatshare / houseshare adverts seem dodgy to say the least - not a single word spelt correctly, almost impossible to understand the advert, no clue as to what you actually get for your money etc. Is there anywhere else you would recommend me looking (backpacker magazines, local rags, trade magazines etc. - obviously even better if they're online). Alternately if anyone is looking for a short term lodger / flatmate / housemate in the Inner Western Sydney area who is very clean and tidy (ex-Infantry Officer, shared many types of accomodation with no problems) and will spend all his time on his course, studying or at rugby / boxing traing then please PM me. Thanks in advance, Gareth Probert
  12. We'll be staying our first month about a block away from Manly Beach. Hoping to find a rental around that area as well. We like the looks of Manly, Curl Curl and Dee Why.
  13. I contacted a emigration expert about moving to Oz, we decided over the phone prior to a personal consultation that the best way was for me to apply for a 457 temp visa (2years) sponsored by the state, the problems are it would be tazmania or Perth, first I would have to get a level 3 Ozzy qualification (take a test in the uk) The questions I have are If I get the 457 visa can my wife work either part time or full time in oz? If I struggle to get welding work can I get what ever work i can? After 2 years what happens are we likely to be told to leave Oz? I wanted to start a new life for me and my family in Oz, but is it wise to sell everything we have, including the house to come on a 457 visa? Is there alot of reliable employers in perth taking on welders? Or is there another way for us as we can't seem to make up enough points. many thanks in advance:biggrin:
  14. Hi everyone, I'm 26 years old, have been married to my Australian spouse since February 2010 and we've been together for nearly 5 years. I have been living in Australia for 4 years with a gap back in England for 1 year in the middle. (2 years here, 1 in UK, then 2 more here so far). I originally came here to study, then moved back here to marry my partner. I'm here now on a spouse temporary visa, and I think a decision on my permanent visa will be made around February/ March. Things are not going very well in the relationship. We are arguing a lot, and my husband has developed depression. I'm also showing some symptoms of being depressed. We love each other but we have been talking a lot recently about where things are going and sadly the future is not looking bright for us at the moment. If I'm honest, I am not happy in the relationship and if it weren't for the visa, I probably would have ended it a few months ago. I am SO settled in Australia, I've been in my full time job for 18 months, I have a great network of friends, and I'm so happy here. I also brought my cat with me from England, and if I had to leave Australia there is no way I could afford to take him back with me, which breaks my heart. So basically, if we break up and I had to go home, I would lose literally everything I have worked so hard to build up over the last 5 years. The fear is consuming me and I don't know where to turn. I have been saying for a few months now that we just need to stick it out and stay together and see how things go. I'm scared however that when it comes to the decision on my permanent visa, do we have to attend an interview? If the relationship were to end, does anyone know what my options might be? If I tell the department that we have separated, Is there ANY chance that I would not be sent home, if I can prove I have strong ties and I'm settled here? I have been thinking about seeing a migration help office, but I thought it couldn't help to try and see if there is anyone out there that can tell me where to start with this. Thank you so much for your time.
  15. Hi, Please can someone help me. My husband and I are looking to live/work in Oz for about 5 years, possibly longer and are finding the whole visa subject confusing. My husband is an engineer and I am a childminder and wish to move to the Brisbane area. What are the benefits from applying for residency which I think is a 175 visa compared to a 457 visa which gets you up to 4 years of work time. I have heard people have problems with being sponsered although this process is quicker. And do you need to have a job lined up to obtain a 457 visa. I presume with residency we can get out there and find jobs? Although I am thinking of taking a 3 week holiday to go out and line up a job for my husband as his job will score us the pionts to get in. HELP ME......................:arghh:
  16. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good tax accountant in Sydney who has knowledge of the tax laws between Australia and the UK? There are loads of tax offers about but I would like to know I am paying someone who knows a fair whack about owning property in the UK etc, not just a standard tax return I could do myself. I am boggled - not sure if I have to declare my rent and mortgage (and a few dividends) in the UK as I am still a temporary resident here (waiting for decision on perm res application at the mo). Would like to know I am doing my tax right from the start (this is my first aus tax return, emigrated in Aug 2010) and not end up having to pay heaps back for not declaring things I have to. Any advice/recommendations? :eek:
  17. Hi! I am moving with my o.h to the Sunshine Coast from Hervey Bay at the end of July. He has already secured a job in I.T and i am hoping to get something once i go up there. I am looking for reception/admin work. Does anyone have information on temp/contract work in the Sunshine Coast? Or have any recomendations of what agency to apply to? Ive tried seek.com but sometimes they dont advertise the temp jobs. any tips appreciated. Cheers
  18. Hi There, We applied for a subclass 309 visa back in July 2009. At this time we have been married for 4 years and 7 months. Now it has been more than 5 years since we got married and the visa is still being proccessed. our question is: When the visa is hopefully granted, will it be a permemnant visa (Subclass 100) or a temp 2 years years vis (Subclass 309)? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi, My hubby is due to arrive in Perth in the next month or two (dates to be confirmed). He will be completing a 3 month probation period before the rest of the family join him and will be looking for temporary accomodation. Any tips or advice would be appreciated. We want to keep costs down and have heard of shared accomodation options like Studen share....any advice in this area? Thanks.:biggrin:
  20. Hi, My British husband is on a temporary spousal visa which he activated by entering Australia in July 2010. This means we have to wait 2 years before applying for his permanent visa. I am now 7 months pregnant and due in August 2011. I thought that once our baby is born, my husband could apply immediately for his permanent visa, and we would not have to wait the full 2 years (and as a family have the security of his permanency). We have spoken to others in the same situation who got their permanent visa early (thats what they told us anyway). I called Australian Immigration, the man I spoke to seemed vague and unsure, but said he thinks my husband still have to wait the full 2 years to apply for permanency. Can anyone offer us some advice? Once our baby is born can my husband apply early for his permanent Aussie visa? Thanks for your time! Fredandginger:confused: If it is possible, what branch of Aussie immigration do I contact?
  21. I would like to come to Melbourne working for a term or so starting Jan 2012. I have looked all over for advice on visas, jobs (part time or full time) teaching ICT or Hockey coaching or both. My school in England will need an ICT teacher while I am away. So i would like some advice on anything that can get me closer to jobs/exchanges. Thank you very much. Deborah
  22. Hi all, My husband has been offered a job on a temporary 457 visa subclass. I wondered if anyone has done this themselves and how we would do this as the agents are charging a lot and we want to try and save what we can on costs like this. Or is it easier to just get an agent to do it? Any feedback/advice is greatly appreciated! :huh:
  23. Hi All, An employer offered my Husband a 2 year contract role in Brisbane (Financial Controller) on a temp visa - 457. I'm worried now from reading a few threads that this could have problems with regard to Health Insurance,medicare, school fees,childcare etc. Could someone tell me exactly what it wont let us avail off as we have to work out what the cost of this will be on a yearly basis. My husband mention to employer that he would like to apply for Perm Visa, 856 I think, and the HR told him he should seek legal advice before doing so as it could cost him from a tax point of view. Any info would be great.:confused: AM
  24. Hi I just wanted feedback on the processing time period for the permanent residency visa after nearly 2 years married please. I believe Immigration contact you 2 or 3 months beforehand to request a completed application with proof of an on-going relationship, so how long have fellow PIO's applications taken before they have got PR. Thanks Smiler :biggrin: