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Found 39 results

  1. Hello I am planning to apply for Australian P.R. Been getting some mixed and confusing information on various things. I am ACCA Member and have cleared CFA Level 2 exam in 2017 attempt with almost 5 years of experience. My sibling is Aus Citizen. Following are my queries, Does 3 papers exemption due to CAT route to ACCA has any impact on ACCA qualification assessment? Will work experience count after ACCA Affiliate status or after ACCA Membership status? I have heard from someone that applying as Internal Auditor is preferred compared to general accountant. I have almost 3 years and 10 months mainframe internal audit experience, however, my current job is although audit based it is Titled as A.M Accounts and Finance. How can i claim internal audit experience for my current job, will writing my job details make my experience counts towards audit? i have also been working as Financial Controller for USA client. (20 hours per week). Can i use my Financial Controller role in Management Consultant category. If not, is there any way i can positively use it in application process? Been awarded Masters in Commerce (M.Com) - 16 years education equivalence by local degree awarding body at time of ACCA membership. Will this equivalence be of help in my application process. Temporarily resigned form my ACCA Membership from late 2019. However, it can be reinstated any time required. In process of application, do i need to reinstate my ACCA membership status? My sibling (blood relative) is Aus Citizen, how can it benefit me in application process? Regards
  2. Hi all, My name is Susie and am hoping to move to Australia with my boyfriend James. I’m an occupational therapist and James is a registered nurse. Our heart is really set on Melbourne and we are hoping to get a 190 skilled VIC state nomination visa with James as the primary applicant. James has 9 years experience as a Registered Nurse in the UK, he has a diploma in nursing but currently doing a top up course course to bring this to a BSc which ends in May. With 9 years experience as an RN James would have 85 + 5 points for 190 in VIC and meet the 2 year work experience requirement. (I can’t be the primary applicant as VIC requires 10 years experience for my occupation which I do not have). BUT we are worried that James’s 9 years as a registered nurse will not be recognised before his BSc bridging course. This would reduce our points significantly and mean we would not be eligible for state nomination from Victoria as they require 2 years experience. Has anyone been through this similar situation? I have been through a few threads, it seems that ANMAC will accept this experience but there is a chance that migration might not? Thanks for your help! Susie
  3. Hi everyone, I have a question in regards of claiming work experience. So I have a friend who is currently working as a chef. His pay rate is in line with the hospitality industry awards. He works Fri, Sat & Sun. He's a casual so his weekly working hours vary, it can be 17, 18 or sometimes even 20+/week. He still abides by the working hour restricted rule, here's an example of it: 1st week of September: He worked 19.25h 2nd week of September: He worked 19.25h 3rd week of September: He worked 20.5h 4th week of September: He worked 19h The problem is, according to what I understand, in order to claim work experience, the applicant needs to work at least 20h/week. However, his agent said that even though he did not strictly work 20h/week every week, he still could claim the experience. The agent said when the CO asked for proof of employment, normally only payment summary and letter of employment confirmation/employment contract were needed. The CO may require payslips as well, but he (my friend) only needs to submit 12 weekly payslips which shows that he works 20h in the period of 12 working months (In the example above, that would mean he would use the payslip of the 3rd week of Sep). So here's my question. Is what the agent said true? Or besides payment summary and letter of employment confirmation/employment contract, the CO will require EVERY SINGLE payslip for every working months that you claim you have worked? I'm looking forward to any clarification. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi folks, I am a nurse with one year's post-grad experience. Since successfully submitting an expression of interest to skill select, 65 points 189 and 70 state sponsored, I have been reading about needing 2 year's experience. This did not impede the EOI and I still got the points. I am registered with AHPRA. Has anyone out there been in a similar situation? Any help appreciated! Emma
  5. Hello forum members, I have been following this forum for a while. Thanks a lot for all the informative info. I have a question about Vetasses skill assessment for work experience while studying, if anyone could please take the time and answer I would really appreciate. I am looking to apply for skill assessment with Internal Auditor which falls under Group A and requires a minimum 1 year of post qualification work experience. I have been working as an Internal Auditor since 2012 to date. However, I completed my bachelors on December of 2017. I continued my work while I was studying full time from 2014 to 2017. I am still employed as an audit officer with the same company. So my question is will Vetasses only count my work experience after graduating from Uni or will my work experience before and while studying be counted too? A break down- working as internal auditor with the same company from 2012 till date. 2014-2017 studying at uni while working at the same time. 2018- to date still employed with the same company under the same occupation (Audit officer). Please let me know. Thanks
  6. Hi, I have 7 year xp of permanent job but in between i have taken break and done free lance work - 2 month Work Experience. so can it be calculated by ACS while assessment of f my profile?
  7. I have created an account to submit EOI in Skillselect but got stuck with work history. I have about 8 years 4 months relevant post graduation experience in an engineering field. I also have a positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia, however I do not have an assessment of "relevant skilled employment". I believe I have all the right documents listed in subclass 189 document checklist which is issued by DIBP: employment references, contracts, pay slips, tax returns, bank statements, letters of termination. The question is: Does DIBP deduct a few years from everyone's experience (like ACS does) no matter what evidence one may present? Should I put one year of my relevant experience as non-relevant just to play it on the safe side? If yes, would I be getting questions from CO as to why a year in the company is not relevant and other years are? Would it be considered "misleading information" as it pertains to DIBP terms and conditions? p.s. I am not in need of an extra year, nor am I in hurry to get invited (the only difference would be 65 vs 60 points and an invitation round ahead).
  8. Hi everyone.I received my IELTS results today and luckily have gained 20 points. I am now going to lodge my eoi but I have a few queries before I do. I hope you can help.I am not claiming points for work experience as I only have 11 months post qualification therefore do not have enough for points. 1. Do I still include all jobs iv had in the last 10 years and tick them as not relevant. 2. If doing this should I include the unpaid work experience I did as part of my study as I have this on my cv.Thanks
  9. Ashfaqur Rahman

    Skilled Nomination - Visa 190

    Hello everyone My wife is an "Electrical Engineer" who is going to apply for NSW sponsorship she is thinking to claim points on the following criteria Age: 30 Education: 15 (Oversees Masters degree) English:10 (IELTS 7) NSW Sponsorship: 5 -------------------------------------- Total 60 now i have 2 questions 1. she doesn't have any work experience. So is it possible for her to apply for migration now?? (she met 60 points). Or she needs to have minimum 12 months work experience to apply? 2. She finished her "Bachelors in Engineering" from outside australia. Can she get points for that or not? In the immi.gov.au, they mentioned that australian uni or "recognised standard" to claim 15 points. your answer is highly appreciated. Thanks Ash
  10. Good evening, This is my first post so apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I can't find it. If anyone does have a link, that would be great as well. So my partner and I are looking to move to Australia, and have been looking at the 189 Skilled Independent Visa. This won't be for a couple of years yet, as we have to aim for something on the SOL. We have been looking at Accountant (general) for my partner, as there is a good chance he can complete the ACCA in 2, possibly 3, years. By that time, he will have: Age: 30 points English: 20 points Educational: 15 points (I have scouted round and found that ACCA is equivalent to Australian Bachelors) Obviously he won't have experience working as an Accountant by the time we apply, but is this a problem? For skills assessment, is just the ACCA enough to claim that? Are people asking about pre-degree experience just because they would like the extra points? Or is it essential he has experience for his skills assessment? I'm having a hard time finding that bit of specific information anywhere. I also do understand that Accountant (General) may very well not be on the SOL by then, but I'm working towards a degree followed by PGDE which could allow me to apply as Secondary Teacher for 189 visa if need be (again, I know it might go away at anytime!). I think I got all this out coherently! Many thanks for any help or pointers anyone can give me. I know it's a long time away(ish) but I would like to know we are on the right track so less chance of problems in the future. Thanks! Ferg :err:
  11. Hi all, I am looking to go out to Australia on a 489 State sponsor visa for Hairdressing CSOL. I have already done lot's of research but there are a few things I am unsure of. I would be so grateful if someone could please help me. What can you use as proof of your work experience? Can you use bank statements or does it have to be P60 and pay slips? Last year I worked self employed (in salon) can I count that as work experience? Do you need a certain amount of money in the bank to show you can support yourself whilst out in Australia to be accepted for 489? Many thanks, Sarah
  12. Hi everyone, can anyone explain how work experience counts for visa 189 (permanent independent) my situation: 2010 - Diploma in IT straight after I started to work as Software Developer and started bachelor degree course. I was working 1.5 years part time (20 or greater hours per week, paid) during studying than I was awarder by scholarship and was working as intern next 6 months- it was part of my degree such as industrial project, but still full-time and paid as soon as it finished, I obtained degree and started in new company where I have worked for 1.5 years (full-time, paid) Both Diploma and Degree were evaluated as Majors in IT by ACS Question: Do I have 3 years of work experience for 189 visa? Thanks for answers and comments.
  13. Hi all, I have a few questions and I am hoping that someone may have an answers for me. I have a degree in Graphic Design from Curtin University, WA (from September 2013) but I do not have at least 1 year paid work experience instead I have some paid freelance graphic design jobs behind me and a year of voluntary design work done for the university. I have written my IELTS and will get my results on Thursday (I am sure I have passed) My questions are: Is it possible to still pass my skills assessment based on the work history I DO have? Has anyone passed skills assessment with little or no work experience but with an Australian qualification? Which migration agent is the best to approach who actually has successfully helped anyone achieve their skills assessment pass mark? I would be very grateful if anyone could help me in this area. Thanks :biggrin:
  14. Hi all, I wanna claim 5 points for my work experience in Australia. I have been working with my company for 1 year. I understand that I need to obtain a company employment reference letter to support my claim. My company has written me a letter stating the entire period i have been working with my title, pay and duties. However, I cant provide payslip for the whole year. I only have some payslip. And also I did not get pay for the beginning 3 months but I get reimbursement for lunch and transport instead. Is it still ok to claim for the point? Thanks for answering. Regards, Hong
  15. Hi All, I have some queries regarding Work Experience Assessment by Engineers Australia (EA) and EOI. It would be much appreciated if some of you can help. Here is my situation and timeline: December 2013 - I had a standard occupation/qualification (Australian Qualification) assessment done by EA, and successfully received the assessment outcome letter. Jan 2014 - Worked with my current employee in Australia for a year, which can give me an extra 5 points towards my EOI (makes a total of 65). Then I started preparing docs to get my work experience assessed by EA. 17 March 2014 - Submitted docs required for skilled employment assessment to EA. According to EA, I had to return the original outcome letter received previously, so to enable EA to issue an updated letter to incorporate advice on my work experience. 21 March 2014 - $330 additional service fee deducted from my credit card. No confirmation email received from EA yet. Now - I want to lodge my EOI before mid-April, but not sure when I can receive the updated assessment from EA. So, My concerns are: 1 How long will my additional work experience assessment be processed by EA, given that I already have my qualification assessed previously? The turnaround time for standard qualification assessment is approx. 8 weeks as shown on EA website, but this turnaround time is not applicable to my case. I was wondering what will be a practical processing time to expect in my case. Has anyone of you had the same situation before? 2 Worst case scenario, if it is taking too long for EA to finalise my update assessment. Is it okay for me to lodge my EOI only based on my standard skill assessment which was issued in Dec 2013, even though I have returned the original letter back to EA, which I'm afraid that the previous assessment outcome is no longer valid as I requested for an additional assessment. I hope my explanation is clear, and again your help is much appreciated. I'm desperate for an answer. Thanks!!!
  16. Hi, I am new to this forum. Could anyone please help me about caiming points for local work experience as an accountant. I have got 1 year of work experience and got positive skill assessment through ICCA and would like to claim points in order to apply for 189 visa. Also please let me know what are they really specific on. Anybody with this experience please advice. And also does anyone have any idea if we can submit EOI for 190 visa for July 2014? Regards AS
  17. I'm applying for PR under 186 direct entry stream, with my employers assistance. One of the requirements is I need 3+ years work experience, where this is based on a 35 hour per week full time employment. I have around 2.8 years with my current employer, however I do 40 hours per week and this is also noted in my contract. Would the case officer take this into consideration? I'm really hoping the additional hours can be taking into account and justify the 3 years requirement. Any comments or thoughts?
  18. Hi..I am thinking about applying for 190 visa and im reading myself round in circles...I dont need work experience for extra points or for my anmac skills assesment but do I need it for the visa itself?...I do have experience but not 3 years..I've read you dont but on queensland goverment website (the state i want to sponsor me) it says 3 years work experience needed so im confused. Can someone clarify for me please? If I need 3 years then I'll need to apply for 189 n suck up the ielts again and get the extra 0.5 I needed in speaking my visa should be straight forward enough but im getting stressed the more I read n go on different websites lol thanks
  19. wanderingwheels

    Points for Employment - subclass 189

    Hi everyone, I'm based out of India and looking to apply for the 189 Skill Independent Visa. Following is my Points assessment: Age 23y - 25 points Education - B.Com (2010), CA India (2011) and ACCA (2011) - 15 points IELTS - R9, L8, W7, S7 - 10 points At this stage, I have 50 points under my belt and need an additional 10 points to pass the Points Test. Work Ex - This has been an enigma for me. I have been in continuous employment since 2007. I started off as part-qualified right from mid 2007 (it was paid employment and 35 hours a week) and graduated in 2010 followed by qualifying as a professional accountant in early 2011 (ACCA). So how many years of experience can I claim towards the Employment points? If considered from 2007, I score 10 points for >5 yrs of work exp which is what I require. However, if part-qualified experience cannot be considered towards the points test, I may have 0 or 5 points only. 2007-Present (10 points) 2010-Present (5 points) 2011-Present (0 points) I'm not sure how much will be considered by DIAC. All of this experience was however in my occupation (External Audit). Can anybody suggest based on their prior experience or knowledge as to how many points can be claimed towards Employment in such a situation? The Booklet 6 on the immigration page (http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/visas/subclass-189/#skilled-employment) doesn't seem to make any clarification on part-qualified work-exp. Another option I have is to retake the IELTS and score at least 8 on each band and then claim 20 points towards English Language ability. But this is expensive and there's no guarantee that'll I'll end up with 8 on each so I'm not very keen going this way. I'll have to reconsider if I'm left with no choice. Further, applying under which ANZSCO code would make my application have a higher chance of selection? Any inputs are much appreciated. Thanks
  20. please can anyone clarify. to get 5 points I need to work for 3 years over 20 hours a week on a contract. I have worked as a nurse 22 hours a week sometimes extra on a contract for the last 4 years. is the three years experience needed for points based on full time hours as I was told on my ANMAC skills assessment that my work would only count for approx 18 months. does anyone know how this is calculated, is full time 35 or 37.5 hours a week? and how I can calculate how many more months I would need to work for to be considered the equivalent of 3 years full time? thanks:biggrin:
  21. Hi Guys, I have my cousin who applied for 190 EOI with – age 25 - points 30, AQF III Points 10, State nomination point 5, Work Exp 8 plus years point 15 altogether 60 :cool: However his 8 years are including 3 years of Full Term Apprenticeship :mad: My concern is whether time served as apprentice counted towards work experience As Full Term apprenticeship is a delivered on “On Job Training” model, this should be counted as relevant work experience. He has been asked to provide evidence that he reached the required skill level prior to completing the qualification and are therefore eligible to claim points for this work experience. How to overcome this one? Pl help
  22. Hi, I applied for ACS assessment with event type as RPL on March 23rd and got my result last weekend. I am confused with the ACS result. Following is the message "Your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under the 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer) of the ANZSCO code". "Your Bachelor of Technology (Electronics & Communication Engineering) from XYZ University has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor degree with a major in computing". However, only the last few years of my employment have been acknowledged. One of projects that I was working on, spanned 3 different companies (due to transitions). But ACS has considered only the employment duration of the last company among the three. As a result only 2.5 yrs of my employment is acknowledged, though I have 6.3 yrs in total. Could someone please help me understand how exactly is ACS assessing work experience and if I am eligible for applying for 189 visa. - Jana
  23. Hi everybody. I am new to the forum and want to find out how to prove the years of experience while applying for 175 or 176 GSM visa? My brother has applied for a RPL from ACS and is expecting a positive assessment soon, based on the correspondence till date. The RPL requires 6 years of experience. His total experience is 9 yrs+. In order to obtain the 15 points for overseas work experience, he needs to prove his relevant work experience to be more than 8 years. We believe ACS will certify that he has more than 6 years of experience based on the RPL reports. What is the way to establish the balance years if ACS does not mention that in the assessment result? Any suggestion/opinion will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance becky
  24. Hello. I am just finishing my PGCE and looking into the process of emigrating to Australia. I have been advised by an agent that I can apply as soon as I have finished my PGCE and do not have to work for a year as I previously thought. Can anyone confirm if this is correct? Thank you for your help.
  25. Hey all! Hope everyone's well! I'd like to know a couple of things about the work experience requirement for immigration application: 1. I attained my work experience during my studies. Is this acceptable for attaining the points for overseas work experience? Or is it a must that the work experience must be post-qualification? Please provide me with a link to this info if you can 2. Is it a must to submit payslips for the work? I don't have payslips for all 3 years of my work :err: Thanks all! Cheers!