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Found 153 results

  1. JunaidTahir

    ACCA Member Internal Auditor

    Hi, I am new to this forum, I have tried searching for the required answer but I couldn't so I decided to create my account and post my question. I am turning 32 next month. Become ACCA member in March 2019 Got Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business in January 2014 Working As Internal Auditor since June 2015 in UAE, multiple organizations. Based on my education and experience, should I apply for Internal Auditor or Accountant (General)? From the posts of other member on this forum I came to know that I can get bachelors 15 points based on my ACCA membership. But can I claim all my experience years based on "Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business"? Appreciate if anyone can help.
  2. Hi, I am currently on a subclass 482 dependent visa working as a plant & equipment valuer in a reputed organisation in Australia. My organisation is willing to sponsor my PR (186). However, since I have less than 3 years of experience in Australia, they have asked for a positive skills assessment. I understand that a valuer is a category A occupation and VETASSESS requires a positive skills assessment in both education and experience. I have around 4 years of experience as a valuer across different organisations in India and Australia but I have not undertaken a formal study in the field of valuation. I am a Mechanical Engineer and have post grad degree as an MBA. Would VETASSESS consider my application without a formal study undertaken in the field of valuation? Separately, a lot of work that we do is for accounting and taxation purposes for the client. I have tried applying with CPA for skills assessment as an accountant but they have noted that I do not meet certain criteria and have asked me to complete a foundation exam on Financial Accounting and Reporting. Does the different authorities CPA, CAANZ and IPA have different criteria of judging? Do they talk to each other if I were to apply a skills assessment with different authority? What is the best way out of it?
  3. hiranipk

    186 VISA

    Hi all. my employer wants to sponsor me for the 186 direct entry visa . I have been waiting long for an invite in 189 and 190 stream but there has been no invites in the last year for accountants. I have worked for the same employer for more than 3 years full time know as an accountant in the telecoms industry. I have most documents from my side all ready - English requirement, degree assessment, work experience assessed, Natti done, professional year completed. i would like to know what documents are required other than above to proceed with the application. i would also like to know what documents shall be required from the employers side so that we can start preparing for lodgement.
  4. Sejal

    Pathway to PR

    Hi, I have completed 2 semester of MPA in Sydney based Uni and working as an Account Assistant. I am planning to move regional (SA) to complete my study. Would there be any chance for getting 190/491 i get a job in Accounting sector after graduation? As it is really tough to get PR from Accounting.Most of the Migration Agent also suggested me to do Masters in Early Childhood or Graduate Entry in Nursing. Which path is more reliable to get PR?
  5. Hi Guys, Hope someone can advise - I'll keep it short. Qualified Chartered Accountant from Ireland, looking to move to Sydney in 2022. I want to travel and work during the first year, then settle down and work full time. I am aware I can go over on the Working Holiday Visa, which will allow me to do the above for 8/9 months until I will need to begin the relevant regional work for 88 days (I believe it has to be done within the first 12 months). Given my qualifications, is there an alternative VISA I can apply for, which will allow me the freedom to work and travel as I wish - without the requirement to do the mandatory regional work to obtain a 2nd year VISA? I hope you guys can advise or part with some experience Thanks Alan
  6. Hi, I'm a 25 year old Midwife in the UK. Have been qualified 4 years and have done maternity care in hospital and community settings, CoC and now have a Specialist Midwife Band 7 post My partner is 28, qualified Chartered accountant (ACA). Does anyone know of an excellent immigration advisor to liaise with? Just wondering whether we should go on my visa, and whether it should be an 891 or a working holiday? My job is easy to change after 6 months but accountacy not so much.. any advice appreciated, thanks!
  7. I am general accountant, currently under 457 visa and completed 2 years with the employer and still working. My employer is willing to sponsor for 186 visa but unfortunately his annual turnover is less than 1 million. There is caveat for accountant that annual turnover should be over 1 million. But this caveat was not before and I was approved 457 visa without turnover of 1 million. So can you please recommend me if I am eligible to apply for 186? Thank you
  8. Hi just at the start of this journey and looking for some help! I’m a qualified CA with a body that has a reciprocal agreement with the Australian equivalent but what I’m not clear on (and the department involved hasn’t been overly helpful) is whether I need a work skills assessment in addition to noting my qualifications? I’m a bit confused! I’ve got 60 points between age degree and language skills but I’ve read I need at least 70 to be on the accountant nominated occupation. Any help or experience would be appreciated!!
  9. 186 TRT Nomination & Visa lodged early December 2018 Nomination approved today 28 March 2019 2 applicants NSW How long does it take for visa to get approved after nomination?
  10. Mamma Midwife

    Just saying hello!

    Hello! I have just joined your lovely forum and have had a good look around. I have dreamt about making the move to Oz for at least a decade! And I've finally managed to convince the hubby that it is a good idea!! (I hope I'm not wrong ) We are just starting our in-depth research now so I know we are a while away from the big move. We are thinking of relocating to Perth, however this would be dependant on the availability of jobs for us both. We also have 4 children (ages 6, 8, 11 and 13) so at least 2 of them will be teens when we move. Has anyone else successfully made the move with teens? Any tips on making the process easier for them? I know it can take a while before you are in invited to apply for your visa after submitting your EOI so would you recommend submitting asap just in case? My concern is that it all happens to quickly and we won't have time to complete our research - I know this is unlikely, but I'm just being cautious! Perhaps it would be better to wait until we've done all our research before submitting the EOI? Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading your replies
  11. Tash82


    Hi all, I am at a bit of a crossroads so to speak. After putting my Aussie dream on hold for move to Essex i am very out of the loop. I have 2 plans. One to finish my 3 ACCA exams and become chartered or two, look into becoming a primary school teacher. I have a degree in accounting and have worked in accounts since 2007 so for me this would be the favoured option. I don't think either are now particularity in demand from what I've read, particularly accountant as there are huge pools coming in from Asia. My husband and 2 children were hoping to get a visa for WA - Perth ideally. With the points having increased i think we may struggle. Any advise would be greatly received as there seems to havebeen so many changes. Best. X
  12. Alan Collett

    Tax accountant/s wanted!

    bdh Tax is looking for a person (or two) with knowledge/experience of UK tax return preparation, based in Australia. You needn't be fully tax qualified, and can work from home if preferred, albeit that attendance at one of our offices periodically will be desirable. We are happy to help you upskill in Australian tax return preparation, including paying for a suitable course or two. If you are interested and would like to know more please feel able to send your CV to tax@bdhtax.com Best regards.
  13. ALIK

    Accountant - Plz Help

    Hello everyone, I need some help to understand am I eligible for the accountant category to claim points. Plz review my profile below: OBU (bachelors) Sep 2012 Started work Jan 2013 Masters (M&A and Private equity) Jun 2016 ACCA membership Jul 2018 Based on the above dates, from when will the authorities consider counting my experience. Appreciate support provided. Thanks
  14. Hi everyone! I'm looking to hear other people's experiences with the processing time for the 189 visa. I logged in recently and was gutted to see that it has increased from 5-8 months before Christmas, to 6-10 months now We have 75 points with my husband as the main applicant, who is an accountant. We submitted our EOI in the summer and quickly received an invitation to apply. We initially submitted our application in on the 5th September 2017 and later received an email asking us to upload our character forms and police checks. We submitted all of the required information on the 4th November 2017 (beware of the button you have to click once you've uploaded your docs, I missed it and only noticed when I logged back in later!) We have heard nothing since and the wait is agonising. We want to put our house on the market, but don't want to risk selling up without a concrete decision on our visas. Our medicals expire at the end of September and my husband has a 3 month notice period at work, so if we don't have a grant by June, it's game over for a 2018 move I have heard that sometimes grants are issued with an initial entry date that is only a few weeks away it would surely be impossible for most people to pack up and leave in that time, especially if you have property to sell... Do we take the risk and sell up without a grant??? We'd need to get the visas by June, how likely is that? Keen to hear from anyone else who is in the same boat! Tina x
  15. netneo21

    Accountant - Work experience

    Hi all, Just new to here. I got positive assessment from CPA for General Accountant (did not ask CPA to assess work experience) But I have more than 9 years working experience including 14 month in big four as an auditor. My question is will these 14 months consider as highly related to General Accountant work experience? Thanks. Neo
  16. Shauna H

    Skilled Visa

    Hi, Myself and my husband are looking to move to Australia on a 189 visa, I am a qualified Accountant and he is a qualified Electrician we are both 32. Can someone please help me with the following queries : 1. Are we better applying under my Husbands trade or mine? (I was told the market is saturated with Accountants) 2. Can anyone advise of an agency who are successful - I know there are so many people claiming to be the best. Any advice at all would be a great help. Shauna
  17. Hi all, I am new to this forum and have been doing as much research as possible. I am aware that in the last invitation round no accountants were invited and it's looking grim until the new year resets in July. I have a few questions that I would be eternally grateful if somebody was able to answer as I am looking to submit my skills assessment to the CPAA by Sunday. I called a MARA agent for advice but they never called me back in time unfortunately during the day. 1) At what point does my skilled work experience begin? I am ACA-qualified, finishing my exams in November 2013, but becoming time qualified in 2014, whilst my certificate says April 2015 (after all paperwork was submitted). Would they consider all experience after exam-qualification (in November 2013), as post-qualified work experience? 2) I ACA-qualified at EY as an auditor, and left after three years to work as a Finance Analyst (then Finance Manager) in industry until now. I assume these are sufficiently close to Account (General) such that I can apply for this skill at the CPAA? 3) If I am considered as having 3 years+ experience (depending on my first question), it looks like I will have 70 points (+5 for subclass 190). Assuming I am able to lodge my EOI in April, does it seem likely that I will be able to be invited anytime soon? I am aware that sub-75 seems a no go for Accountants at the moment, I am conscious that the wait for visa processing, i.e. after invitation and application, now says 9 months. I wanted to move in January 2019, does this seem realistic? 4) Suppose I submit my subclass 189 + 190 applications, and I am waiting for my visa at the end of the year. Is it advisable to head out on a WHV if I don't want to wait too long into next year? What are the implications if my permanent visa is granted whilst I'm in Australia on a WHV? My apologies for starting a new thread. I did look for relevant information and was able to piece some together, but I am just conscious of time now as I know the quicker lodged the better. Best Regards
  18. I'm pulling together docs for my skills assessment with CAANZ. Two of my employers (combined 2 years experience) have policies in place that only allow references confirming dates, salary, job title and won't provide anything that details my role and responsibilities. I understand you can provide a statutory declaration in this case but who needs to provide one? As a further sticking point comes from the fact other employees (e.g. former line managers) won't provide such a declaration as they don't want to breach company policy either. Do I have any other options? I basically won't receive an invite to apply if I lose that 2 years of experience (as I would end up with just 65 points). Thanks.
  19. Hi. Hoping for another little bit of help! I’m applying for a skills assessment under ‘accountant’ and whilst I’ve got 6 years experience in a Finance role I also had 8 years post qualification experience with PWC after getting my CA qualification. My question is will the assessing authority look at the PWC experience as technically it’s external audit or do they look at it as general accountant experience? Just trying to understand if I can get an extra 5 point or not for 8-10 years experience. Thanks for for any help!
  20. Stayorgo

    Accountant on 189

    Wondered if anyone had any thoughts/experience on how long it may take to get an invite for a 189 visa as an accountant (general), code 221111. We have 75 points and lodged our EOI a few days ago. A friend submitted his 11 months ago (late january 2017)for the same occupation and same number of points and he was invited on the first round post submitting his EOI. (Very lucky!!) However from what I've looked at recently on skill select there seems to be a few months months wait on 75pointers for accountants despite the doubling of accountants being invited this year?
  21. The Pom Queen

    Accounting Job in Perth

    ACCOUNTANTS - Why not relocate to Perth, Western Australia! - We have fantastic weather with a low crime rate, Friendly people and great beaches - If you are an Australian Citizen or visa holder and have experience within Tax + Business services or SMSF or Audit I have many vacancies for you! - Part or full CPA or CA - Junior + Intermediate + Senior + Manager roles - Boutique to National firms - Perth CBD + Suburbs and Fremantle + W.A country locations - Top $$$ Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  22. Joanna82

    CPA Accountant Assesment

    Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone has gone through this: I want my qualification to be recognized as an accountant through CPA Australia. According to the website, the standards are the same as for an associate CPA membership. Let me quote: Since I dont have a degree with a major in Accounting I will not meet all 9 curriculum areas. However, when applying for CPA Australia membership, you can take exams to make up for the missing areas. My question is, can I become a CPA Australia member and then use this towards getting my skills recognized or will I still strike out since it wasnt part of my degree? Thanks for your help, Joanna
  23. DIBP have issued a statement saying that there will be no invites issued to accountants in the next invitation round. Seems likes it's taking them a while to sort out the mess of the last round with suspected fake EOIs going in bringing the points up to 85. So gutted as I should have got the invite last time [emoji22] Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  24. Sam3011

    Onshore Visa Advice - 189 & 457

    Hi, I'm very new to the forum and looking for some advice on visa's. I'm currently in Australia and have been here since Mid June on a working holiday visa, but now I would like to make the switch to a PR visa if possible but I'm worried about the processing times. I am an accountant with 70 points (provided English test goes well) and will hope to lodge my EOI by November, delay as it takes 4 weeks to get a date for the Pearson English test and then another 4 weeks to get my skills assessment so I probably wouldn't be ready until then. Although I would be applying to get this visa as a single applicant it seems like the current wait time for someone with my points is somewhere between 9-12 months, purely based on this forum. But as I'm with an employer now and there is potential to get sponsored by them, would it be possible to continue with the 189 on my own even if being sponsored? As ideally I would like to be free from the hold of any employer. It may sound bizarre but I would like to sort my own PR asap so I am free to move jobs if I wish to. Does anyone know if I could continue to await my EOI if I were sponsored? As I am only allowed work for one employer a maximum of 6 months, I would need to be sponsored to stay on with my current employer beyond the 6 month period. Also if I wasn't sponsored and didn't get my EOI before June 2018 when my working holiday visa is up, is it possible to return on once my EOI is released? I know I would automatically go on to a bridging visa if I were to receive my EOI during my working holiday visa but with the current wait times for EOI, it may not be possible to remain in Oz. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sam