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      1. Hi Guys, Well by God's grace things seem to be progressing well and hopefully if we clear our Health Check then we seem to inch closer in acquiring a 489 Visa and considering it would take 5 to 6 months i.e. May - June we should have our visa in our hand. If things go as per plan then we intend doing our landing in Sept - Oct 2018 but I have many queries on how to go about it? We are a family of 4 (2 children aged 9 and 4) which suburb in Adelaide do we decide to live in and what should be the criteria while choosing a suburb ? (close proximity to the city, schools, public transport etc) considering that there wont be any income when we reach, what is the monthly outgoing should we expect? We plan to rent 2 bedroom apartment / house. can my children get admissions in a government school? ( i know it wont be free as I am on a 489 visa) and what would the fee structure be like? (Grade 6 and Grade 1) what is the best way to scout for jobs? appreciate if anyone can share a template of CV's that are normally followed. are rental properties normally furnished or unfurnished? can we get a short term rental where we can be flexible to move out once we decide on the suburb we want to live in? I would also appreciate any additional info that you think can be useful, like from your own experiences, lessons learnt, do's and don'ts etc. Thank you. KPG
      2. Hi All, We lodged 489 visa on Sept 04th 2017 for South Australia. A case officer was assigned on Oct 04th asking for PCC. We uploaded all documents on Oct 11. Please help us assess the timeline for grant. Anyone else here applied for 489 visa?
      3. Hi All, We have just filed for 489 Visa, South Australia On Sept 4, 2017 with 75 points. (Management Consultant Job Code) We are done with our medicals and getting PCC on coming Friday. Any idea about the existing timelines for CO to be assigned. And visa grant timeline? Thanks in advance. Also, I would like to connect with any members on the forum who are already in Adelaide for clarity on certain things like expenses, jobs etc.
      4. Hello everyone, my name is Andreas and this next november-december I am going to travel to Australia. My problem is I do not know where to go. I studied something related with construction and my experience in that area in my opinion is medium. Where I do not have experience is in english language. I have to say that will be a big problem for me at the beginning but I am sure I will solve it quickly because I love english. I am under 30 years old, I like big cities but does not necessary have to be Sydney or Melbourne, I think small city (1M people) can be better to find a room and know the differences little by little between my country and your country. I looked for information about Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. At the end, all the information I have found about them is: it is okay but they are not Sydney or Melbourne... During my Visa time I can move around the country as much as I want, so I prefer arrive in a small city, spend there (2,3,6... months) to speak and understand your language better than the first day and then if I have a good feeling move to Sydney (for example). What is your opinion about my idea? During that first stage I assume I will work in unskilled work, but it is okay for me. Now knowing my profile which of those cities I told you before would you live in? Thank you for your time, sorry for my write mistakes I thank you for your help. Andreas
      5. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/business/jobs/premier-admits-sa-has-appalling-reputation-for-unemployment-will-double-down-on-plans-to-create-new-jobs/news-story/4e730f1a9848d2c622e401e08ba316aa Nation’s worst: SA jobless rate up again Jobs department faces huge cut Caleb Bond: Worried about your childrens’ future? You should be PREMIER Jay Weatherill has admitted South Australia has an “appalling” reputation across the country, but says he will “double down” on current strategies in the hope of creating new jobs. With the state’s jobless rate now at 7.3 per cent and leading the nation by a clear margin, Mr Weatherill on Tuesday warned even more people will “cascade” into the unemployed queue when Holden closes in October while hinting the State Budget will lift debt to fund new infrastructure. Mr Weatherill said the economy built by former premier Sir Thomas Playford was “unwinding” and would end “in a very sharp and sudden fashion” when Holden shuts in late October. “The truth is that SA’s reputation around the nation is appalling,” Mr Weatherill told an industry lunch. “You would hear it, anyone who travels interstate, that we’re the butt of jokes.......
      6. Moving to Adelaide

        Sydney and Melbourne housing affordability woes: Is it time to move to Adelaide? ABC "Housing out of reach", "The death of the Australian dream" — if you're a young adult living in Sydney or Melbourne such headlines might be enough to make you give up trying to own your own home. Key points: Young adults moving to Adelaide to buy housing Adelaide praised internationally as it transforms Job opportunities still the biggest challenge outside Melbourne and Sydney House prices in Adelaide, however, remain affordable and with international travel guide Lonely Planet laying praise on the city in recent years, along with economists, perhaps it is time for a closer look at the festival city. Cameron Kusher, CoreLogic's head of research in Australia, said Adelaide's median house price was $455,000 at the end of February. Sydney by comparison was $895,000 and Melbourne $680,000. "We're talking Sydney prices almost double what they are in Adelaide, but you certainly don't get double the wage for the same level of job in Sydney," Mr Kusher said. In fact, to service an 80 per cent loan in Sydney, it would cost a homeowner 44.5 per cent of their annual median income, compared to 37.9 per cent in Melbourne and 33 per cent in Adelaide. Just saving a 20 per cent deposit in Sydney will cost somebody 168 per cent of their median annual earnings. In Melbourne it will cost 143 per cent but in Adelaide it is a relatively smaller 125 per cent. "It's much harder to get into the market in Sydney, and it's a similar story in Melbourne," Mr Kusher said. "And once you're in the market, you've got to dedicate a lot more of your income to paying off the mortgage." PHOTO: SA was endorsed by the Lonely Planet guide as one of the top five regions in the world to visit in 2017. (Facebook: South Australia) Is it time to move to Adelaide? The housing figures make an isolated argument for an interstate move, but mention Adelaide to any parochial Sydneysider or Melbournian and it is more often than not met with scoffing, invariably by those who have never travelled there. "The big brother or big sister will always knock the little one into place," Melbourne-based Lawrence Mooney said, an Adelaide fan who visits regularly. "People need to feel superior in some way or another. That's why Adelaide's picked out. They might call Adelaide a sleepy town with a disproportionate appetite for weird, headline-grabbing murders; an ageing place full of baby boomers who block innovation and refuse to retire; or a town full of hardcore football fans who harbour a chip on their shoulder for losing the grand prix to Melbourne. Such descriptions are correct, of course, but unbeknown to Sydneysiders equipped with blinkers, or Melbournians reciprocating an unassailable football rivalry, Adelaide has transformed significantly over the past seven years: A rivitalised CBD is bursting with small bars and start-up businesses The famed February/March Fringe Festival has exploded into the second largest of its kind in the world A revamped Adelaide Oval is bringing tens of thousands into the CBD all year around After years of letting it languish, the State Government is finally investing in public transport and reinstalling a city tram network The transformation has not gone unnoticed overseas. Lonely Planet recently listed South Australia fifth on it Best of Travel 2017 list, citing its wine regions and beaches as drawcards, just three years after it endorsed Adelaide as one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit in 2014. And in 2016, the Economist Intelligent Unit listed Adelaide as the fifth most liveable city out of 140 cities surveyed worldwide. Melbourne was listed as number one; Sydney dropped four places to move out of the top 10 altogether. PHOTO: Adelaide's east and west are separated by the busy Rundle Mall shopping strip. (ABC News: Nicola Gage) Young adults making the move Rita Horanyi, 34, moved to Adelaide from Melbourne in 2010 to do postgraduate study and now lives there. "It's true that Adelaide didn't have a great reputation when I first moved, and back then it was understandable why that was the case," she said. "In the last five years the city has improved significantly. Adelaide's bad reputation lingers, but friends of mine from interstate who visit for festivals and so on do notice the changes and are pleasantly surprised." Warner Music media manager Bret Woods, 35, moved back to Adelaide about four years ago after spending his adult life in Sydney. "Working in the music industry, I'm seeing there's more than enough stuff going on," he said. "To me, it almost feels like when Sydney had that small bar scene five or six years ago. Adelaide's in the same situation." Having recently bought a house in Adelaide, Mr Woods simply laughed at the idea of buying a house in Sydney. He added that perceptions of Adelaide interstate were starting to change, with several friends from the UK and Sydney having recently visited for the Fringe Festival and the Clipsal 500 car racing carnival. "And obviously our wine regions are pretty highly regarded, and at least do their bit to hold up SA to the rest of SA [outside the festival months]." PHOTO: Wineries, such as Bird in Hand, draw crowds to Adelaide's wine regions with events all year around. (Supplied: Bird in Hand/Felix Forest) News Limited journalist Stan Denham moved to Adelaide from Sydney five years ago. "The kind of lifestyle you can have in Adelaide is not attainable in Sydney, unless you are earning megabucks," he said. "I was up there last weekend and was struck again by the beauty of the city, but then very few Sydneysiders get to really enjoy that. "Most of my time was spent working and commuting." Dubai-born surgeon Annika Mascarenhas, 27, moved to Adelaide from Perth in 2013, having visited the year before. "I've been here while things have started to boom," she said. "I think the misconception exists that Adelaide's a sleepy city. It exists in Perth as well. "The Oval opened, the Fringe got a bit bigger, more wineries are advertising good weekends ... there's plenty to do." Adelaide's biggest challenge is jobs Before Adelaide can expect a major influx of young adults chasing the homeowner's dream, however, it does lack in one area that Sydney and Melbourne has in spades — job opportunities. Most of those jobs have been in the services sector, financial services and the health care sector. "But unfortunately for the rest of the country, the jobs growth story hasn't been as strong," Mr Kusher said. Until recently, South Australia suffered the highest unemployment rate in the country, due largely to a downturn in mining and the decline of large-scale manufacturing. Start-up businesses and small bars are unlikely to produce the same levels of employment, but the State Government has been working hard to transition the city's employment base. This includes securing major, long-term defence contracts, spending big bucks on a medical research hub, and courting emerging industries such as self-driving cars. But Melbourne and Sydney also benefit from being the headquarters for the big end of town in businesses, multinational companies, banks and financial institutions. "It would be hard to move them away from those cities for somewhere like Adelaide or Brisbane or Hobart," Mr Kusher said. "Those cities need to look at ways to attract different types of business or to find ways to attract big businesses to move part of their functions to other parts of the country." Mr Kusher added, however, that as more and more businesses started to allow their employees to work remotely, there could be a shift of workers moving to places where the housing is more affordable, "in markets like Adelaide".
      7. Where to live in Adelaide

        Around three-quarters of Adelaide’s houses are detached. Generally speaking, the North and North West of the city are industrial – some areas might be described as “less desirable”. An Adelaide newspaper, The Sunday Mail, singled out some locations in the North and North West as the least desirable areas of the city. These are Angle Park, Athol Park, Ferryden Park, Mansfield Park, Woodville Gardens and Woodville North. Unemployment is worst in the northern, outer-northern and outer-southern suburbs – in areas such as Angle Park, Elizabeth, Smithfield, and Christie Downs. Managerial and professional classes are concentrated in the eastern and hills suburbs. The outer-northern and southern areas have high proportions of skilled workers and trades-people. Most areas in Adelaide are pleasant to live in, varying in price and character depending on location – for example coastal properties tend to cost more than those inland. Streets are clean although graffiti is becoming an issue in many locations. Houses in Adelaide have often been built on generous sized plots. Many migrants find it unusual that houses in Adelaide are built with single-glazed windows and little or no insulation. This comes about because winters in Adelaide are very short. Nevertheless, winter nights can be chilly, though frost is rare. Wood-burning stoves are used in many houses to heat living areas on the coldest days. The easiest solution to warming your house when it’s chilly is to buy a few electric radiators. Gas heaters are liable to cause condensation. You could have central heating installed but it would not be used for most of the year – most people consider central heating is not cost effective. Much of the city’s water comes from one source – the Murray River. Although the water is safe to drink, it’s heavily treated with chemicals; it has a poor taste. You can buy a water filter for your tap; these are not expensive and remove the chemicals to leave fresh-tasting drinking water. Adelaide’s Pros and Cons Port Noarlunga Beach, Adelaide If you can find a job and you don’t want to live in a trendy city, Adelaide is a very pleasant place to live – offering an easy, relaxed lifestyle. Commonly held pros and cons for Adelaide are as follows: Adelaide Pros Cheap houses A sunny, warm, Mediterranean climate with low humidity Lovely beaches Pleasant suburbs with easy traffic An exciting variety of excellent, inexpensive places to eat out Good public transport Attractive hills and national parks around the city The world famous Barossa valley lies just 60 km away Adelaide is Australia’s most affordable big city. Adelaide Cons Sea water temperatures are cooler than around Australia’s other cities, except for Melbourne. Some summer days are just too hot. Adelaide has higher unemployment and, on average, lower wages than other major cities in Australia. There are too many boy-racers on the roads.
      8. Special Interest Schools in Adelaide

        Special Interest Schools:Music Brighton SecondaryFremont-Elizabeth City HighMarryatville HighWoodville HighAgricultureUrrbrae HighLanguagesAdelaide HighIgnite Programs for Gifted StudentsThe HeightsGlenunga InternationalAberfoyle Park HighDance/DramaCharles Campbell SecondaryGolden Grove HighSports and Physical EducationWirreanda HighHenley HighWirreanda also coordinates the Southern Vales Physical Education and Sports Program involving Christies Beach High (aquatics), Morphett Vale (cycling) and Reynella East High (basketball and hockey)In addition, eight secondary schools in conjunction with the respective state sporting associations, have established special interest sports programs:Seaton High (baseball)Pasadena High (Basketball)Blackwood High (Netball)Marryatville High (Tennis)Brighton High (Volleyball)Heathfield High (Volleyball)Mount Gambier High (Cricket, Football and Netball - NB Australian Football that is!)Single Sex SchoolsGepps Cross Girls HighMitcham Girls HighVocational CollegesWindsor Gardens Vocational CollegeSouther Vocational College (at Christies Beach High)Australian Science and Mathematics School (enrols students in years 10,11,12)These were listed in the Govt brochure: If anybody knows any more, perhaps add them and then we can buld up a good list.
      9. Adelaide Meet Up

        After talks with moneycorp this weekend we are considering a get together in Adelaide like the one we have in Perth. So far I have 15 people interested, if you would like to be kept up to date of any developments please let me know below.
      10. SALES JOB Adelaide -- advice please

        Hi everyone! My husband and I are moving to Adelaide in July 2015. I have a job as an agency nurse however my husband who has 6 years experience in sales is finding it very hard to find a job. He currently sells and manages multimillion accounts within construction. He also has sales and account management experience in different areas. He is the top seller at his current company and is earning a good wage. Not one person has looked at his CV or shown any interest and its a very good CV. He has even applied for temporary jobs which are completely below his level and experience yet no one will take him. We are hoping that once we are over he will find it easier.???????????????? Everyone is saying 'its not what you know but who you know in Adelaide" or 'its Adelaide go to Melbourne" but we have family in Adelaide and our hearts are set on it. Why is it so hard to get a job in South Australia? can any one recommend any agencies to work with or any ways to approach future employers? Thanks
      11. Beautiful glass and wood dining room table with 6 leather chairs for sale. $550 (the leather chairs have a few scuffs/scratches so this is reflected in the price) will need to arrange your own pickup/delivery
      12. Hi I had lodged my visa on july 16, CO assigned 26 sept.its 21 oct today, had already uploaded every required docs beforehand. no correspondence from the CO. Since the case is taking more than 3 months as specified in the website. Mailed some queries to the co with the case number on the title but no response what-so-ever. Did anyone face similar kind of problem.
      13. Adelaide or Melbourne

        hey guys, I planed to make a Work n Holidy trip to australia, traveling the eastcoast upward to the north in one year (enough time... i hope ). I´m asking myself were to start.... Melbourne or Adelaide?! Were would you starting the trip? Which one of these cities/territories has more intresting sights (heard Kangoru Island is awesome)? Were is it easier to get a job? ...and which one would you personally prefer? ...thanks previously for your answers and sorry for my bad enlish skills :cool::wink:
      14. hey guys Were emigrating to OZ next year on my 457 visa hopefully Ive previously worked in OZ as a nurse so hopefully AHPRA wont take long. Im a specialist HDU / recovery . surgical nurse Q - where are all the Adelaide nurse jobs though? Theres hardly any advertised and even when you go into employers main recruitment, it states NO vacabcies at present Worrying as Adelaide is where we'd like to move to:frown: PLan B is Brisbane as the Mater there do a lovely relocation assistance package Which leads to my next Q Has any nurse been successful in gaining any relocation assistance in SA? Thanks in advance
      15. Hi Pet air - Were booking flights London to Melbourne with Singapore airkines as they have the shortest stop over time - What happens to the pets in the cargo during this time (which will likely only be 1.5 hours) Who transports them? What if our flight was late from london and we miss the next flight? what then becomes of the animals in the hold? Ta Mogs&Rovers
      16. Hi all, We have got the 176 visa and are planning to move on late September 2014. Could you please provide me with some advice like - 1. Which one should be the best area to live for a family of 4 (two little children aged 8 and 2) 2. How much would it cost to rent? 3. Is it possible to rent it BEFORE our arrival so that we can go there straight away? 4. where can I get help in renting the ideal home? Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.
      17. Hi, We are offering our flat to rent due to a moving overseas (we are breaking our lease). It's a big duplex located near to tram and buses (the city is 15 min away) and Glenelg Jetty road (lots of shops and supermarket). In the first floor you'll find the living room, dining room, kitchen and the laundry (with a second toilet). Upstairs you'll find 2 bedrooms with built-in-robe and the bathroom. One of the bedroom is very spacious (you can easily fit 2 king size bed) and the second one is slightly smaller (you can fit a queen size bed and still have space). In the bathroom there is shower, a bathtub, toilet, and a sink with a large cupboard (lot of storage). The flat can be furnished (we are selling our furnitures). It will be available the 2nd of april for a 6 or 12 months lease with Mc Cammon real estate agency. If you are interested and want to visit it feel free to contact us on 0439 901 976 ! ps : we are also selling all our furnitures
      18. We are selling our Toyota Corolla Conquest due to moving. We bought the car 6 months ago from Jarvis Toyota. We are the second owner. It's a Corolla Conquest Sedan 2002, colour silver, automatic, 4 Cyl. , 90 000 km. Rego until 02/04/14 (with possibility to extend it for another 3 or 6 months). A/C, CD player, power steering, power front windows, power mirrors, driver airbag. Great on fuel. The car is under a 5 year warranty from Jarvis Toyota (4 and half years remaining and the warranty is transferable to the new owner). The last service was done mid-february (next service is due in 6 months, before the 18/8/2014 to keep the warranty going). It comes with the service history book. This car is in perfect condition outside as inside. It's a very good and clean car, well looked after. Never been in an accident. $ 9 000 ONO
      19. I met my girlfriend a year ago on holiday, she's English but an Australian resident as her family immigrated there several years ago. She was living and working in Surrey and I was in London and we started going out in February 2013. We never lived together - mainly as her job was as a 'live-in' nanny, and I was renting a room in a shared house in London. We could not afford our own flat. Around June she left her job but stayed with family up north, although she did stay with me for a while - however as it was a shared house nothing was in our name and we had no joint post, bank account etc. In September she moved back home after being homesick, to Adelaide. I stayed behind to look for work to save more money to go over, and to help my mum with her house after my dad died unexpectedly. I recently visited her in Adelaide, albeit on 'holiday' as opposed to the 3 months originally planned, and am currently working to save some money up for the mammoth visa application fee (just under £3,000?!?! - why is it so much?!). Reading the terms and conditions - it states de facto, which in Australian law is living together. We did not - is it even worth applying? What we DO have is lots of evidence that we have been in a genuine relationship. Unfortunately most of our correspondence was via texts and Facebook, and I don't know how you could use that, but I have also kept several emails from her. We have also travelled twice together to Europe, and she has met my family and friends and I have met hers and I'm sure they could all provide statements about our relationships and the times they met us together etc. She was also with me at my father's funeral and we had the same boss for a few months, an esteemed Professor who could also provide a statement. But would any of this be good enough without having lived together or shared a bank account? Regarding the application process - I lived in Australia on a working visa for a year, would I have to get police checks from both there AND the UK? How would I get one from Australia from here? As for the medical - only private firms seem to be listed on the website, does anyone know if any of this can be done on the NHS? Can I provide prior evidence (for example I recently had blood tests done)? How much does this cost? Do you have to be in Australia to apply for this, and once you do I understand it takes 12-15 months to process at the moment. Is it likely to be less? How/when am I allowed to work after making the application? What if it is refused - can I appeal, and how long do I get to leave? What if I am working if/when it is refused? I have several more questions I currently can't remember. Obviously I want to be with my girlfriend but I am also terrified of my life savings being wiped out on the application and medical alone..
      20. Painters and Decorators wanted for immediate start! - 457 Visa Available! Are you looking for 457 Visa sponsorship? Working with an Australian employer that has excellent opportunities for x2 qualified Painters and Decorators!! Expect highly competitive salaries, great team environments, and excellent career development. Please send your resume – detailing your experiences and qualifications Required to start immediately in Adelaide: Excellent opportunity for Painters and decorators, looking to move to Australia. Successful applicants must be able to work as part of a highly dedicated small team. Panel Beaters applying should have: 3 years of experience as a painter decorator . Confidence in their own abilities to painter decorator. Great communications skills. Positive attitude towards Australia Good knowledge of workshop safety procedures and practices. If English is not your first language, then you must have passed an internationally recognized English language test. These positions offer: Opportunity for overtime. Sponsored 457 Visa (facilitating the move for families, couples and singles). Applicants must be qualified and have three years experience in the trade.
      21. Thinking of migration to Australia? Are you looking for 457 Visa sponsorship? Working with an Australian employer that has excellent opportunities for x4 qualified Panel Beaters and Spray Painters!! Expect highly competitive salaries, great team environments, and excellent career development. Please send your resume – detailing your experiences and qualifications 4 Panel Beaters required to start immediately in Adelaide: Excellent opportunity for Panel Beaters, looking to move to Australia. Successful applicants must be able to work as part of a highly dedicated small team. Panel Beaters applying should have: 3 years of experience as a panel beater. Confidence in their own abilities to panel beat. Great communications skills. Positive attitude towards Australia. Jig experience is preferable but not essential. Prior experience in dent repair and use of chassis straightening equipment is advisable. Good knowledge of workshop safety procedures and practices. If English is not your first language, then you must have passed an internationally recognized English language test. These positions offer: Opportunity for overtime. Sponsored 457 Visa (facilitating the move for families, couples and singles). Applicants must be qualified and have three years experience in the trade.
      22. Hi everyone, My wife and I are thinking of the possibility of buying a place in Adelaide prior to our arrival. We intend to travel in her native Spain for anywhere up to a year before arrival; we would like to buy now and rent the property until we are ready to move in. Anyone know of a good broker able to arrange mortgages in Australia for UK residents abroad? Cheers, Tyson
      23. Hi I have been offered a job on a 457 in Melbourne, but have just have just been told about another location for the same job in Adelaide. To be honest I have not really considered Adelaide before and would be interested in peoples opinions on whether they would choose Adelaide over Melbourne and vice versa? I like the idea of living someplace that is not quite as big as Melbourne and get more for my buck, but I don't know if Adelaide has much going on about it. We have done a lot of research into Melbourne to accept the job, now this alternative office base has come along has given us a dilemma. Would be interested in any perspectives on both locations! Thanks, Ginge
      24. Hi I have been offered a job on a 457 in Melbourne, but have just have just been told about another location for the same job in Adelaide. To be honest I have not really considered Adelaide before and would be interested in peoples opinions on whether they would choose Adelaide over Melbourne and vice versa? I like the idea of living someplace that is not quite as big as Melbourne and get more for my buck, but I don't know if Adelaide has much going on about it. We have done a lot of research into Melbourne to accept the job, now this alternative office base has come along has given us a dilemma. Would be interested in any perspectives on both locations! Thanks, Ginge
      25. 1 Year Old Furniture For Sale

        Hi We came to Adelaide, SA in January 2012. We are a family of 5 - 2 Adults and 3 Kids. We moved into a lovely 3 bed house near the beach but had to buy all the furniture from scratch...Brand New. We are now going back to the UK in April and are looking to selling all the stuff...The big things that are just a year old are: 1) A Fridge with a small freezer on top. 2) A queen sized bed with matching tall boy and two side drawers (all wood) with mattress 3) Another queen sized bed ( white faux leather ) with a very good mattress 4) A white steel bunk bed with mattresses.. 5) An L-shaped suede sette..beige colour with footrest. 6) Glass dining table with 6 black faux leather chairs 7) 2 study desks 8) 1 office chair .....& lots more. In addition i have lots of pots and pans, ironing boards, a steam iron, airers etc.. Please feel free to pm me if you are interested in buying anything.... Thanks