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  1. North to South

    Moving to Adelaide

    Hi, I honestly don’t know how the zoning works, but we looked at Marryatville High School for our daughter and the zoning was very specific. I’ve also seen that on some other schools we liked, but regardless of the zoning they were not taking any new students. We’ve made the decision to go down the private route as it takes the zoning out of the equation and gives us more flexibility on where to live and with most schools having bus services it makes the school run that much easier. I would recommend finding a couple of schools you like then seeing how the enrollments work. I know it’s difficult from the distance away, but most schools we contacted were very helpful and very welcoming when we visited them.
  2. North to South

    Moving to Adelaide

    Hi Clare, We stayed in Henley Beach for a week in October and it’s a lovely place, much quieter than Glenelg, but still with some nice cafes and a gorgeous beach. We’re moving in July and whilst we liked the coast are planning to settle in the Eastern Suburbs or around Stirling as we’ve selected a school for our daughter (14) in the East. I spent a lot of time researching areas online before I went the first time and once you’re there you realize how far some areas are out of the city. In October staying at Henley Beach took about an hour to cross time at peak time to Glen Osmond which really forced us to decide on the East to be nearer the schools we liked. Take a look at Bettereducation for schools and I’d contact some of them to see if they have specific catchment areas as a lot of the best schools we’ve seen do which does limit areas you could live. Most important for us is schooling so that’s what we researched first and found all of the schools we contacted very helpful and provided more guidance than just education. Take a look at Stayz/Homeaway for places to stay as I prefer them to Airbnb. I wasn’t sure about Adelaide at first over Melbourne or Sydney, but having been there twice now it’s a lovely place with everything you could want on your doorstep. Someone described it to us as the Manchester of Australia and that’s probably true. It doesn’t have the glitz or glamour of London, but makes up in charm, friendliness and for us a much easier way of life. After all, why would you want to pick the same life up as you might have in the UK and have a long commute to work, longer hours and higher cost of living. We met some recruitment companies whilst there and again they were quite open and honest about the challenges in finding new roles, we’re both Accountants, but having those discussions reassured us that it’s not as bad as some people portray jobs in Adelaide, so I’d maybe contact some local businesses just to try and get some insight into your specific roles. I’m no expert having only spent two separate weeks there but happy to give any help I can. Enjoy
  3. North to South

    Taking food when you move

    Hi, I know there are many restrictions on taking food into Australia, but just wondered if anyone knows if you can take old wedding cake that’s been kept sealed and for sentimental reasons. It’s 15 years old and is a rich fruit cake and whilst it’s never going to be eaten I’d hate to see it thrown away before we move. Any thoughts / comments would be more than welcome. Thanks
  4. North to South

    Moving to Adelaide Suburbs

    Hi, I've been to Adelaide a couple of times and we're looking at the Eastern Suburbs (Around Burnside) or into the Hills (Stirling/Aldgate). We've picked the East as there are some good schools for our daughter which has been the main driving force on the areas to live. We stayed recently in Henley Beach and that was lovely, also previously I've stayed in Sheidow Park near Hallet Cove, but even though Hallett Cove is nice, it did seem a trek into Adelaide CBD. Other areas that I like are Belair as it's very scenic and has a few shops, Blackwood is also good as there's a nice selection of houses with good shops and also a train link into Adelaide. Craigburn Farm is a new development with lovely houses and an open feel to it with nice parks for children. Whilst it's further out it has a lovely feel to it. We've put schools as our main priority and then looked for areas around those. I wasn't too fussed about not being by the beach as most of the time you can drive to them in 20/25 mins if you want to go and being nearer the hills and open space had slightly more appeal. I think if I had to choose a beach location it would be West Beach/Henley Beach as they are a bit quieter than Glenelg. Also, have a look at places like Golden Grove which is North and although it's further out does have some good facilities. Mount Barker also is further out in the hills, but has some good houses and schools - It's about 30/40 mins into Adelaide CBD. Hope some of this helps. There were few areas that I haven't liked there, but I know the difficulty you face in choosing from afar
  5. North to South

    Bringing Prescription Medication

    Hi, I'm interested to understand whether there is a maximum amount of medication that you can take with you from the UK to Australia when you move. I suffer with mild Asthma and have about 6-8 months supply of inhalers (preventers and relief) and I'd like to know whether that would be permitted to enter Australia with. All comments would be most welcomed. Thanks :)
  6. Hello, I wanted to gain some guidance on whether importing a car to Australia really does make any sense after all the import duties/modifications and what's likely to be a lower value on a PX in the future. We have a Porsche Cayman which is only a few years old, has very low milage and we keep thinking let's take it, then it's no, not bother for the reasons above. Yet, we know the cost to buy a similar one in SA is not cheap so just thinking once more before we bight the bullet and sell it here. All help / guidance would be most welcomed. Thanks
  7. North to South

    Removal Company - UK to Adelaide

    Hello, Just seeking any recommendations on removal companies from the UK to Adelaide. All recommendations/guidance would be most appreciated. Thanks
  8. North to South

    Cost of Medication

    Hello, I'd like some guidance on how the cost of prescribed medication works in Australia and what the most cost effective way is to obtain medication. I have to use 2 inhalers for Asthma along with 3 other types of medication for minor ailments each day. In the UK I have these on a prepayment so it costs about £9 a month and I want to work out how much roughly I'd have to pay each month in Australia and also whether 'bulk billing' (not sure how this works) is the best way to go. Appreciate any guidance. Thanks
  9. North to South

    Cost of Living

    Hi, We are a family of 3 and have been offered the opportunity to relocate to Sydney, but concerned about the cost of living and income that would be required to have a relatively nice lifestyle. I’d also like ideas on good areas to live that would be within a 30/40 minute commute of the CBD where there would be good private schools along with good family housing. Appreciate any thoughts as I’ve been asked to put forward salary requirements and not sure what number to put forward for Senior / Exec level Accontant/Finance roles. Thanks
  10. North to South

    Where to stay for a week

    Hello, I’m visiting Adelaide for a week in October with my 12 year old daughter ahead of moving next year. We’ve never been to Adelaide before although Aus isn’t new to us. We want to spend the week looking at areas we could live in and also schools, but also to have some fun too. I’d appreciate some views on where we should stay that’s close to restaurants and places we can walk too, but not ultra busy. I know history doesn’t predict the future, but what’s the weather typically like in late October. all help would be most welcomed. thanks
  11. North to South

    Parenting Forums

    Hi, We're moving to Adelaide and would like to know if there are any parenting forums that we could use/join to get some first hand knowledge on schools in the area. If there are any such forums it would be most appreciated if you could let me know. Thanks so much.
  12. North to South


    Hi, We're heading to Brisbane for 5 days and thinking of heading north to Noosa and wondered if anyone had any thoughts on the area or other areas we could consider staying in and around Brisbane , but north the Gold Coast. Thanks, Rich
  13. North to South

    Private Schools and Suburb Advice

    Hello, We are looking at moving to Adelaide from the UK and at the top of our priority list is our daughter who starts senior school next year so we want to make sure we're in an area that can provide the best schooling. We are only looking at Independent/Private schools and would appreciate any guidance on which ones we should look at / which ones are the best and why? We have a budget of about $1 million for housing which will leave us mortgage free, but will look at extending this for the right house in the right area. We are not to concerned about being near a beach as being near the right school is our priority and would therefore appreciate some views on what areas would be the nicest to live in with this budget - We need a 3/4 bedroom house ideally. All comments would be most welcomed.
  14. North to South

    Advice on Darwin

    Hi, My wife has been offered a job in Darwin out of the blue and whilst Darwin was not our first choice the offer is very attractive so we are seriously considering it. We've never been to Darwin/NT and would really appreciate some inside advice on what life in Darwin is like on a day to day basis. We know it's not Sydney or Melbourne, but we also know these offers don't come along very often. We have a 10 year old daughter and she will be paramount in making this decision as we want to ensure we provide the best opportunities and education for her ahead of ourselves. If we move we will be looking to buy a house rather than rent and have a budget of about $650-$700 so any advice on good suburbs and schools would be most welcome. I'd really appreciate the real pros and cons of living in NT so please all comments would be most welcomed at this stage. Thanks so much.
  15. North to South

    What does living in Australia mean to you versus living in the UK?

    Its great to see some varied responses on here I wonder whether if the climate in the UK was more like that of Australia if so many people would make the move? I know for us we've had to delay and delay our move, but desperate to go as we feel it will offer us a more outdoors life, our daughter a chance to grow up in a different way to what she would in the UK, the fortunate chance of being able to buy and not have a mortgage as we do in the UK and through this work less and spend more time as a family unit. Yes, we could move to other parts of the UK and gain the same financial benefits, but I don't think that would bring the same life experiences as moving overseas would bring us. Our delay though has caused some re-thinks on where to live. We were set on Melbourne, but have then considered NSW along the central coast and now maybe thinking Perth. We've been to all and love Melbourne the most, but we are not hiding the fact that we are making the move for a slightly better climate and wonder does Melbourne offer that versus Central Coast or Perth. I know we'll get there one day and hopefully be as happy as some of the posters to this thread:)