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Found 99 results

  1. This timeline and info thread is for those who have lodged their applications post 1st July,2012, under the new skillselect scheme. The Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186) is for skilled workers from outside Australia or skilled temporary residents who currently live and work in Australia. It is part of the permanent Employer Sponsored visa program. To apply for this visa, you must: be nominated by an approved employer be younger than 50 years of age meet the skills and qualifications requirements meet English language requirements. If you are nominated to apply for this visa, you must lodge your application online within six months of the date the nomination was approved. When you apply, you must select one of the visa’s three streams. Choose the Temporary Residence Transition stream if you are a subclass 457 visa holder who has worked for your employer for two years in the nominated occupation and your employer wants to offer you a permanent position in that occupation. Choose the Direct Entry stream if you have never, or only briefly, worked in the Australian labour market and have not held a subclass 457 visa for the last two years, or if you are applying directly from outside Australia. Choose the Agreement stream if you are being sponsored by an employer through a tailored and negotiated labour agreement or regional migration agreement.
  2. Big bird 12

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi guys After spending years trawling through PIO website I finally have reason to post. I have recently been offered A job & RSMS visa (187) in Canbera :biggrin: My problem is I was much more familiar with the 119 visa but sine July 1st that has all changed. I am wondering is there anybody out there in the process of applying for the 187 visa and if so can you tell me how long it might take to be processed ect.. My friend recently went out on the old 119 visa and it only took 5 or 6 weeks.. Also is there any major changes to this visa that I may have missed.. just worried I may no longer be eligable or something.. i won't believe all this is happening until we are actually in oz I think.. Thanks for you advice Bigbird
  3. I was on 457 for 2 years and have approached my employer regarding the 186 application. Everything went well, we agreed to apply but now it's been close to 1 year but my employer hasn't finished their documents and my agent can't lodge the application yet. In your experience, how long did your employer take to get your 186 documents done?
  4. r2kremo

    Australia PR Query

    Hi, Here's our current status: we are a couple from New York, USA on work visa being employed by global organizations who have footprint in Australia as well. That said, we are thinking of applying for Australia PR. What's the best possible route (path of least resistance) given our situation? What visa types should we be considering? Thanks.
  5. Hey Guys im a bit unsure of how the process time works, My MA advised me to wait until my nomination was approved until I lodged my application. Is the 15-17 months including the Nomination. My nomination lodged Nov 2017 Nomination approved/visa application lodged Aug 2018 do I know have a further 15 months? all my crim checks and medical and form 80 lodged but no case officer, how long until case officer looks at case? Thanks
  6. Can anybody add me to the spreadsheet- Subclass 186 Transition Stream Application submitted on 04th Feb 2018 Status : Received Role : Software Engineer
  7. With the introduction of SAF I was expecting that processing time will be decreased as there would be less document to verify. Is this the case?
  8. Hi (ENS )cook visa application and nomination lodged on 27th june 2017. My nomination refused on 10 th may 2018. The reason no new documents been upto dates. Wht i need to do now guys? Thnks
  9. Hi guys, I create a new topic for us chefs and cooks, so we can share easily our timeline and updates. We applied on the 30 June 2017 as chef, nomination and Visa same day 186 TRT low risk country Till now NO news... I hope something will happened very soon ??????
  10. Hi all, Lodged 11th December still waiting....Any pattens in recruitment consultant waiting times 457 to E186 employer nominated. MA keeps sticking to his word on 12-13 months but ' has seen them approve before' I feel like a stage 5 cling on, I've asked every possible questions - I just need an average of months ffs! Love and light to all x
  11. Mohammed

    489 visa EOI

    Hi saravanakumar, I have also applied 489 visa for NSW last week. I have one question at the time EOI I claimed 5 points for Australian experience for less than 3 years. But today when I check my skill select account its showing 10 points for my experience. The problem is I have the payslip from the present restaurant from 2.5 years but not having any payslip or any kind of proof from other restaurant where I had worked previously for 6 months and now that restaurant also closed. I think the system has updated and increase my points by adding this 6 months also. My question is do the case officer will ask for payslip during visa time. Please advise me. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thought I would get one of these going as all the cooks and restaurant managers are taking over ? ? Nom applied: 12/6/17 Visa applied: 26/6/17 Low risk, TRT, 1 person Major company and approved industry sponsor. Status: Received Heard nothing at all.
  13. Hi guys. I'm on a 457 (which expires Jan 2018), and my employer and I submitted our 186 application in July. I would just like to know what options are open to me should either part of the application be refused (either my employer's sponsorship or my application)? There are a few questions regarding whether immigration will be satisfied that we meet the training requirement, as a lot of our training is provided free by our vendors, although as they are worldwide, we do incur significant travel expenditure to attend (greater than 1% of payroll) which I know can be counted towards the benchmark. If however we're refused, what are my options? I only have about 6 weeks left on my 457 before the Bridging Visa kicks in. Can I appeal against a refusal? What about other types of visa? Can I get a study visa and go to uni instead? What options are there which mean I can stay here? I just can't bear the thought of having to leave my partner and family here in Australia and go back to the UK - I've been here for 3+ years and built a life here :-( Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Neil PS: Owing to age and education I can't reach enough points to qualify for a 189 visa, so that's not an option
  14. Hi, I am on 186 visa since May 17. My contract with my sponsor does not specify hours per weekm. Can I work with other employer part time as well during the first two years of the 186 visa, when I am obligated to work for the sponsor? Thanks for your help Lio
  15. kredav

    Including Partner sc 186

    Hi, I really just need to know if My partner needs to be on my 457 visa before including her in sc186 application
  16. Hi everyone, After being a silent reader for a while, I do want to share my frustrating visa story with you and seek kindest advice: Both of my 186 TRT nomination and visa application were lodged on April 13th, 2017. (My nominated occupation: 'Conference and Event Organiser') On September 7th, 2017, two officers from Immigration Department visited my company to conduct an interview with me and have a quick chat with my boss too, which went quite well. They also told me that my application was on the way to be decided, which would be finalised within two to three months or even shorter. HOWEVER, there have been no updates from the Department since then. And the application status in ImmiAccount still shows 'Received'. I have been waiting for my application to be finalised for nearly 13 months. My MA helped me to send an e-mail to the Department in November 2017, and, surprisingly, the reply said 'my application is not yet allocated to the case officer'! But how come I was selected to be interviewed if my case is still untouched yet? My MA sent another enquiry e-mail last week, and received no response yet. I recently called up the Department, and was told that 'my case is still under process'. However, the ImmiAccount status still shows 'Received'. Is there anyone in the forum encountering similar situation like mine? Anyone got interviewed by the Department after lodging your 186 TRT application? Any reply or comment is highly appreciated! And I do wish each one of you can receive your PR very soon!!! Thanks in advance! Hilary
  17. Any Restaurant Manger (141111) applying for 186 through TRT?
  18. Restaurant Manager 457 visa approved on 1st April 2017. I will apply 186 through TRT in last week of April 2019. Country: Pakistan Any one here similar with my case?
  19. Wahid85

    cook oct 2016

    HI It is very hard to wait so long. As time is passing, it is worrying us. The govt also is very hard to immigrants,it looks like. I applied for 186 TRT cook,Oct 2016. No update is still showing except RECEIVED. As I know ,many people are waiting like me. It looks like CO is scrutinizing all files on the basis of new rules. But I am not sure yet,As we applied before the changes come, our should be processed on old rules. Everything is pending on lingeing the process. I dnt know how more long it takes. Hopefully everyone get a golden email.
  20. Hi, guys, My name is Kim L. I have an issue with my 187 VISA recently and I literally have no idea to deal with this. I hope any of you professionals can help me with this. I have been worked for my employer in a regional area for three years already, start from Jan 2015 till now. I start with my 457 visa from 2015 and I have got my PR since July 2017. I have worked very hard for these three years and because of that, my body condition is getting worse and worse. I suffered a lot of symptoms and I went to see the GP as well, he suggests that I should quit my job to avoid further injury. I have talked to my boss and he agreed to let me go ( I know this is against the 187 condition which is employee should work at least two years for her employer after she got PR). My boss said as an employer, he cannot dismiss me due to my medical condition, if he do then he will be in trouble. The only thing I have to do is hand in a resign form and then I can leave. However, I am very scared of my PR might get canceled by this condition. one the one hand, I really cant work and on the other hand I am scared my visa might get canceled if I resign. Please, I need advise......
  21. Hello everybody, first of all let me apologise If I have started a new topic where I shouldn't have, I have never used forums before. . I submitted the nomination and application for 186 direct entry on Jan 21 2017 as a graphic post press trades-person. I have been waiting for 13 months and my lawyers have not been contacted once ! The only thing my lawyers always say is to wait. This uncertainty is nerve wrecking , also this occupation apparently is no longer on the list. Does anyone knows if this affects the application and / or processing times? Do we know if the processing times for 186 direct entry vary according to occupation.Thanks in advance for any info.. Any advice would be appreciated. I have posted this message in other topics but I don't have not received one reply, so my best guess is that It is in the wrong section of the forum. This wait is really affecting me and my dependant.
  22. Sirius Damarovic

    Sponsored visas. Is it true?

    Greetings people, I have understood that it's basically impossible to get a job offer in Australia if you're not in the country. Is this true? If so, then why does the visas 186, 187, 190 exist? Or do companies grant their positions to people living outside of Australia only if you have an exceptional and outstanding achievement in your profession? On the other hand, how do you get nominated by an employer or by state or territory government agency? (I'm an engineer, by the way) Looking forward to your response. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi, i have a question about the academic transcript that is required by the tra. What does a successful one look like? How much info do they expect?The school where i did my apprenticeship (full time at school, practical and theoretical parts, not half paid employment, half school (btw. is that going to be a problem?) ) has got a document that outlines the content and hours of the course for each year in detail, but it is over 40 pages long. That would cost a fortune to have it translated to english. Could I write a summary of the document with key words and hours completed and have it signed by the school??? cheers
  24. Jamie58

    Visa 186 TRN

    Daft question please bear with me. I've just applied for a 186 ENS permanent. The government agency that has employed me did my trade assessment. When i passed everything they lodged my labour agreement then supplied me with a TRN for the visa application. All filled out and submitted. My question is the visa uploads recommends trade assessment, skills paperwork and a whole bunch of other stuff etc. I obviously don't have this as they did it all in Australia so my question is does my unique TRN number have all this information for the case officer to see when they look at my application? I can't find a straight answer anywhere and I'm baffled. Ta in advance folks.
  25. Hi everyone, Today i submitted 186 direct entry visa application form online with myself as main applicant and my family unit (spouse and daughter ) as dependent applicant. I made payment however i havenot received acknowodgement letter. Additionally i cannot see my name for document attachments page while i can see my spouse and daughter name with document uploading tab. Is it possible for main applicant not to have document uploading tab ? i am a bit worried. Do you have any experience with this? kind regards chilli