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Found 140 results

  1. Hi guys After spending years trawling through PIO website I finally have reason to post. I have recently been offered A job & RSMS visa (187) in Canbera :biggrin: My problem is I was much more familiar with the 119 visa but sine July 1st that has all changed. I am wondering is there anybody out there in the process of applying for the 187 visa and if so can you tell me how long it might take to be processed ect.. My friend recently went out on the old 119 visa and it only took 5 or 6 weeks.. Also is there any major changes to this visa that I may have missed.. just worried I may no longer be eligable or something.. i won't believe all this is happening until we are actually in oz I think.. Thanks for you advice Bigbird
  2. Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone knew whether it is possible to apply for a 482 whilest waiting for a 186de offshore? We have been waiting 5 months and my husbands employer is getting impatient is there any way we can get out there quicker? we are so worried we will lose his sponsor because its taking so long
  3. This timeline and info thread is for those who have lodged their applications post 1st July,2012, under the new skillselect scheme. The Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186) is for skilled workers from outside Australia or skilled temporary residents who currently live and work in Australia. It is part of the permanent Employer Sponsored visa program. To apply for this visa, you must: be nominated by an approved employer be younger than 50 years of age meet the skills and qualifications requirements meet English language requirements. If you are nominated to apply for this visa, you must lodge your application online within six months of the date the nomination was approved. When you apply, you must select one of the visa’s three streams. Choose the Temporary Residence Transition stream if you are a subclass 457 visa holder who has worked for your employer for two years in the nominated occupation and your employer wants to offer you a permanent position in that occupation. Choose the Direct Entry stream if you have never, or only briefly, worked in the Australian labour market and have not held a subclass 457 visa for the last two years, or if you are applying directly from outside Australia. Choose the Agreement stream if you are being sponsored by an employer through a tailored and negotiated labour agreement or regional migration agreement.
  4. kinse2020

    482 visa and route to PR

    Hello clever people I will be moving to Australia soon (hopefully!) on an employer sponsored 482 TSS visa (medium term) which says you can’t apply for the permanent residency visa 186 until after 3 years working there. What are the chances of not being granted a 186 visa after the 3 years working in Australia? Has this happened to anyone here? Second question…is it possible to be in Australia on a 482 visa and apply for a PR visa like a 190 or 189? I am just thinking worst case if I wait for the 3 years and my employer decides not to go ahead with sponsoring me for a PR 186 visa and I need to go an alternative route that required the points test I will have lost 10 points as I turn 40 just before the 3 years is up. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi guys, need advice on which pathway to follow: I'm currently working as a Mechanical Engineer in Australia. However, that is my first working experience after my Bachelors Degree. Apart from this, I'm also a Mechanical Engineering Technician with 3 years of working experience offshore. I'm in doubt of which ANZSCO I use for the visa. Mechanical Engineer 233512 186DE: Probably not eligible due to the 3 years working experience after graduation. 189: Eligible but low EOI score. 190: Eligible but low EOI score. 482 Medium Term: Probably not eligible due to the 2 years working experience after graduation. 494: Probably not eligible due to 3 years relevant work experience in your nominated occupation. Mechanical Engineering Technician 312512 190: Eligible and higher score compering with Mechanical Engineer. 482 Short Term: Eligible. However, short term does not offer pathway to PR. I would need to ask my company to change my function from Engineer to Technician. 494: Eligible. Pathway to PR after 3 years. However, I would need to ask my company to change my function from Engineer to Technician. Seeking for any advices. I am planning to see a migrant agent but want to explore my options before spending any money.
  6. Hi all We are here on TSS 482 visas. British citizens with a reciprocal 'visitor' medicare card (yellow colour). Were referred for IVF. Clinic very happy to treat us but said we needed to wait until we had full medicare. The visitor (yellow) medicare card excludes ART (assisted reproductive technology). We have today applied for PR and I gather we are now eligible to get a blue (interim) medicare card. The medicare helpline today told me that the blue card is equivalent to the green card that citizens and PR get, and the bloke seemed to think it would therefore be worth us applying for that to get the ball rolling with the IVF. He didn't seem quite sure though.. I can't find any clear answers online because I am not 100% sure if Brits who already have the yellow medicare card are even eligible for the blue card! Or if that is for people from countries where there is no reciprocal agreement. Can anyone shed any light? Thank you
  7. tamam1986

    186 Visa for Management Consultants

    Hi all, I am just starting my journey for the ENS 186 TRT visa, under Management Consultant (224711) and I was wondering if there are people in this forum who could share their experience of progressing through / getting the visa. My organization just verbally agreed to sponsor me after nearly 3 years of work with them under TSS 482 Medium Term (4 year) visa. I am trying to prepare myself as much as possible before they initiate the process. Any suggestions is welcome. Also, I had a particular question regarding the differences between 186 Direct Entry (DE) and 186 Temporary Residence Transition (TRT). How do the employer choose between them? What are the differences in the process and costs? I have been working for 3 years and 186 TRT seems the obvious choice, but I was wondering what would stop them for going for 186 DE instead. Does 186 DE needs more documents / costs? Is the process easier or more difficult? Longer or shorter that 186 TRT? Thank you so much.
  8. Hi Folks, I'm looking at acquiring a skills assessment for the Engineering Manager occupation. Has anyone had any experience of doing this either through IML or EA? I'm not sure if my profile would qualify and which assessment body would be the better option. Background: * Roughly 4.5 years of total Engineering relevant experience including the last 3.5 years in Australia on various 482 Visas (and currently on an Engineering Manager 482 visa) * Employed in the Engineering Department in 3 different Engineering relevant roles of which the last 2.5 years have been in a Manager capacity (with direct reports) and reporting to the Head of Engineering (Executive Management) of the company * I have a 3 year BEng (Hons) in Civil and Structural Engineering from the UK * I have a dual degree global Masters in Management (GMIM) and International Management (CEMS) Thanks in advance!
  9. I am current working as a management consultant (Supply chain and operations) close to completing one year. I have finally got my employer to sponsor 186 (direct entry). I need some advice on getting skill assessment and which category should I apply ? All my career I have been involved in improving operations - before Australia it was in the manufacturing sector , in Australia its in the health sector. I have an existing skill assessment as a production engineer, but haven't been able to get my work experience assessed previously. Can I use my skill assessment with Engineers Australia as production engineer and get my work experience also assessed ? or Should I get a new skills assessment as a Management consultant (operations) ? both would cost me approximately the same. to lodge my 186 visa.
  10. Hi there, Do we need to have 3 year experience after qualification to be eligible for visa 186DE? I'm a Chef: - 2 year experience as a Cook - 3.5 year experience as a Chef. - Qualification: Cookery Certificate IV (RPL) 5/2021. - Skill Assessment: in process - PTE 50 A restaurant in regional Victoria offer me sponsorship on visa 186 Direct Entry. Am I eligible for that? Is there anyone already get the visa 186 with less than 3 year experience after qualification? Thanks for your help guys. Vi
  11. Hi, I am currently on a subclass 482 dependent visa working as a plant & equipment valuer in a reputed organisation in Australia. My organisation is willing to sponsor my PR (186). However, since I have less than 3 years of experience in Australia, they have asked for a positive skills assessment. I understand that a valuer is a category A occupation and VETASSESS requires a positive skills assessment in both education and experience. I have around 4 years of experience as a valuer across different organisations in India and Australia but I have not undertaken a formal study in the field of valuation. I am a Mechanical Engineer and have post grad degree as an MBA. Would VETASSESS consider my application without a formal study undertaken in the field of valuation? Separately, a lot of work that we do is for accounting and taxation purposes for the client. I have tried applying with CPA for skills assessment as an accountant but they have noted that I do not meet certain criteria and have asked me to complete a foundation exam on Financial Accounting and Reporting. Does the different authorities CPA, CAANZ and IPA have different criteria of judging? Do they talk to each other if I were to apply a skills assessment with different authority? What is the best way out of it?
  12. Hi, I am planning to apply for my 186 DE. I have three years of full time experience in my relevant field, which is in medium term list. I did my skill assessment with vetassess and they deducted 1 year of my experience and it’s showing 2 years in the letter. 186 DE requires 3 years of experience but it doesn’t say that it should be on the vetassess letter, it just says that you need a positive skill assessment. My agent says that it will be fine as the department will count the three years of work experience I have. can someone please suggest that will this be fine, as I do have full three years of experience?
  13. Hello Everyone, I do appreciate if you help me I am going to apply for 186 Visa as I have a job offer from the company I am working with for 2 years. I have sent my document to Vetassess and they replied: The number of years assessed positively: 2 years (under points test advice) and 1 year of my experience was used to calculate the qualifying period required to meet the skill level of the occupation. My question is that for 186 Visa, I have 3 years experiences as required for this type of visa or I have only 2 years and that 1 year doesn't count?
  14. Hi Everyone Could anyone please assist. I am on a sponsored TSS 482 as Internal Auditor with 2.4 years now with same employer. My degree is in Computer Science and work i do is mostly IT and Cyber Security Audits. I want to apply for 186 DE , but I dont think i will be able to get a skills assessment for Internal Auditor occupation but ICT Security Specialist with ACS. My company is willing to sponsor 186 PR (TRT or DE) but i am not sure if its possible to be sponsored onto a different occupation (other than my current sponsored 482 internal auditor) if i manage to get a skills assessment in Security Specialist occupation. i have prior experience (outside Australia) which can add up to the minimum requirement (3 years) for DE.
  15. Hello everyone, Its been 4 weeks after s56 documents submitted to DHA, haven’t heard back anything yet. Just wondering how long does it takes to grant a visa after submitting s56? Applied on both visa & nomination on feb 2020. Please note that Nomination hasn’t been approved yet. 186 trt cook Qld. Any suggestion would be helpful. Thank you!
  16. Good afternoon everyone, We are applying for the TRT in 2 weeks and are thinking about building our family. We don’t want to wait the possible 18 months wait (actual timeframe) so we are wondering what would be the main difference between the bridging and the PR for my pregnancy. I m working in the tourism industry and am actually without work so I can’t count on the maternity leave anyway. Thanks everyone
  17. Good afternoon everyone ! My partner and I are applying for the 186 TRT (thanks to his 457) in 2 weeks time. He is electrician and we are wondering if any trades can share their timeframe. The TRT timeframe is extra long now and we would like to try to have a child next year. Anyone with a bridging visa able to share their experience ? Is it any big difference to have a child before or after PR knowing that now the waiting period for maternity leave and stuff will be 4 years so no point to count on it ! Many thanks and good luck to you all
  18. Hi guys, I have just got 186 ENS visa on 13 April 2021. Nomination and visa submitted on 21 Feb 2021. Nomination approval received on 1 April 2021 . visa grant on 13 April. My question is that can I leave current employer with 186 visa.? Regards, hkt
  19. I have submitted by S56 documentation two weeks ago. Still waiting to hear from Immi. Anyone on the same boat? Occupation : ICT Support Engineer
  20. Hi all, I'm a long time lurker on this forum but wondered if anyone could help me please. I'm in the UK and have accepted a job as a scientist in Qld. The 186 DE visa application and nomination were lodged in Feb 2021 and being overseas I came to expect a (very!) long processing time. Although the occupation isn't on the PMSOL my employer applied for a travel exemption under 'critical skills' and this was granted two weeks ago. My MA advised that with the critical skills exemption the Department will now prioritise my application and expected a reply from them in the next 4 weeks. We're now two weeks in and I'm constantly checking my emails every morning to see if there's been any news and it's driving me mad, and the not knowing when I'll be able to pack up my life and move is extremely frustrating as I'm sure you can relate. I just wondered if anyone here had any experience of a realistic timeframe for offshore 186 grants once an exemption for 'critical skills' has been obtained please? Thank you for your help!
  21. Hi all, The situation is: the nomination has beed approved for 186 visa direct entry (early December 2020) We have lodged an application but due to a mistake (the Ielts test certificate is later than lodgement day, ) we need to withdraw the application. The question is can we reapply? Does the sponsor need to reapply too? Or the nomination is still considered approved? Thanks in advance
  22. Hi Guys, Has anyone else working within recruitment had their PR granted recently? Complete application lodged in August 2020. Initially 3-6 month wait time but now 5 -10 months. Curious to see if anyone else is in the same boat or if other applications have been approved. Thanks
  23. Hi everyone, If the company is small size around 20 employees, the company can sponsor 186 visa?
  24. I hope to apply for a 186 visa. I have applied for a skills assessment (for the direct entry) However by the time I get this assessment back I will be close to having worked for my employer for 3 years, therefore I will be eligible for the transitional scheme. Assuming I qualify for both visas at about the same time is there any clear advantage of choosing either one? It’s hard to know which one to choose? Thanks for any advice, James.
  25. QS123!

    Visa Option

    Hi all, just wanting thoughts on the best visa to apply for to get me to Australia ASAP! I am currently working as a Quantity Surveyor in the UK and have 3 1/2 years of experience. I'm a UK citizen. I'm hoping my line of work would grant me an exemption to travel under critical skills. I am wanting to make the move to Oz as my girlfriend is currently stuck there due to corona (she is Aussie). Unfortunately/fortunately depending on how you look at it, we cannot prove a de facto relationship. I have an unofficial verbal offer of employment from a company and are willing to sponsor but they are a bit slow at the moment. a WHV is pretty much off the cards as I held one of these in 2013 but did not complete 3 months regional work to obtain a 2nd one. I currently hold a ETA visa valid until Jan 2021. Any advice on the best visa to apply for would be much appreciated and also ay advice in the skills assessment by AIQS would also be appreciated. Thanks