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  1. Nikita22


    I already had 4 so far
  2. Because the application is the easy part the other things are what difficult and the agents don’t help with that unfortunately
  3. Nikita22

    Lease help

    Right now I and my husband only have a 6 month lease that started in October 2019 and finishes April 2020 . We will be moving and will go on a new lease . I’m doing for partner visa next month Is the 6 month lease still ok ?
  4. But what’s so Complicated about filling in the forms yourself ? It’s just simple questions . The only hard part is getting all the evidence together
  5. * Do you put all 888 forms in 1 PDF ? * is a 6 month lease good ? both names * does marriage pictures go in the relationship timeline PDF .
  6. That’s why people are on this forum for advice . What’s wrong with that , if you don’t want to answer someone’s question then just don’t
  7. Nikita22


    That’s true tho
  8. Only need two 888 forms and that’s it no more then that .
  9. No you don’t need on they are useless they fill in the application
  10. Nikita22

    Doctor support letter

    Please don’t use a doctor support letter
  11. Nikita22


    Centrelink know I’m married . Will immigration know it’s a genuine relationship due to that also I lose $200 from my payment as I’m married . Is this strong proof
  12. Nikita22

    Immigration being rude .

    Even if I’m the sponsor ? It’s not my husbands fault that I didn’t tell Centrelink
  13. If I go to Centrelink and be honest about how I didn’t tell them I was in a relationship and living with my partner can this make it better for my partner visa or not.? I will tell them the truth before I submit the application
  14. Yes it’s for my husband . I’m the sponsor. I didn’t know this was gonna happen if I knew I would of told them I was in a relationship