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  1. scubacam

    802 visa

    Hi guys Myself and my husband and son all have permanent residency visas - we are landing in May. After securing these we fell pregnant and had a baby here in the UK , she is now 15 weeks old but we are on a tight timeline to get there , i rang immigration and they said it’s best to get her in on a typical 90 day tourist visa, then apply for 802 once we are there and they’ll give her a bridging visa to bridge the gap whilst applying . The normal child visa from here was going to take too long. I’m still nervous as our departure draws closer and my daughter doesn’t have a visa. Can anyone reassure that it’s that ‘easy’?
  2. scubacam

    Air freight ??

    Hi guys We’ve decided we need to take a few boxes by plane to have straight away. Stuff that won’t go in suitcases and without getting into details stuff we don’t want to buy again there or wait to arrive on the boat. Has anyone done this? Recommendations ? Thank you.
  3. scubacam

    Renting in NSW without a work contract

    Definitely holiday home first but if we’re lucky and find a place quickly it’s whether or not they want proof of a job or is bank statements enough
  4. Hi all, We are coming in March /April 2020. We are bringing all our money which is enough to buy a house should we want to. But we want to rent first. We’re coming over with two children and my husband is the earner as our second child was just born two weeks ago. He wants to take 4-6 weeks off when we first get there , settling and spending quality time with us. But we hope to have a rental by then. Will bank statements be enough to secure it ? Ie possibly no work contract.
  5. Hello everyone, A few months back we visited Sandown immigration show in Esher, UK. We spoke to a company who we felt very reassured by for transporting our animals. It wasn’t air pets or transfur (nothing wrong with these at all) but , this company was the only one who took a look at a picture of our dog and said - yes absolutely do not fly through Middle East (she’s a mixed breed with suspected staff) . I’ve lost all details of this company but I’d really love some up to date recommendations for company’s to fly our animals. We’re looking to leave next March , rabies jabs are already done but we are looking into boosters. Thanks in advance
  6. scubacam

    Long term outlook for kids

    Hi all, I have to be honest I’m moving from Greater London to Sydney area (Newcastle , central coast or Wollongong) and I have a 3 year old and a baby on the way and I have to be honest that all this stuff has really scared me in terms of the people we’ll be encountering. House prices where I am currently are insane and no one can do it without parental help
  7. scubacam

    Long term outlook for kids

    Following! Very interested too
  8. scubacam

    How to know if you’ve made the right decision?

    Unfortunately that’s not an option in my case
  9. scubacam

    How to know if you’ve made the right decision?

    I’m a teacher in the UK and I love my school. If i wasn’t leaving for aus , I’d never leave it. But I know I want a better life and a more outdoors life. Have you got any routines or part of swimming club there? Are u with anyone /family ?
  10. scubacam

    How to know if you’ve made the right decision?

    I’m still in the uk but heading out next year, what are you missing about it Here? Have you got family /friends?
  11. I know there are processing times online but even my 190 was faster than that. How long did people really wait ?
  12. We waited to be asked for Medicals which I think was mid March, some people do these and get them ready but we needed them to be in Easter time so we could do an activation holiday this Easter as you need to land within a year of Medicals to get more time to arrive on ur visa
  13. Oh right ha ha - ok so the invitation took the longest, then everything else was really fast. We submitted our expression of interest July 2017, we were approved in November , and then I know we paid January 2018 and then April 2018 we did Medicals and then June 2018 we were granted
  14. Sorry I’m not up to date with lingo, what’s an ITA?
  15. We got a 190 invite from NSW with 60 + 5 for the invitation. Teacher occupation