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Found 412 results

  1. Hi, I have submitted an EOI for a 491 visa Victoria offshore and waiting for an invitation. Meanwhile, I have got an offer to do a Master at a NSW university and hoping to apply for a student visa. My concerns are; 1) Can I apply for a student visa while I have an EOI in the system? 2) If I get Student visa and relocated to NSW, will Victoria invite me? On the Live In Melbourne site it says, if you are an offshore applicant, you have to be in offshore to be nominated. 3) If they nominate me while I am on onshore, can I go back to my country for short period and submit the application? Will that be valid?
  2. Okay so, victoria just opened up ROI submission for visa 190 for the 2022-2023 year. I noticed that the form is pretty objective this time asking very few questions, including Salary, and the postcode of the employer. It seems like your salary is an important aspect that will decide how soon your ROI gets selected. Does anyone have any experience with this? My salary is $70000 per year approx. Can anyone suggest if this is a good salary in victoria and how soon will it help in getting ROI selected? Thanks
  3. Coderdecoder

    Victoria ROI in Fintech

    Hi, Would like to know if anyone has applied for Victoria State nomination ROI in Digital sector (FinTech industry) for 2021-2022 financial year and if they have received any response?
  4. TattooNurseGym

    Nurse looking to come to OZ with WHV

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum but just wanted to throw a question out there and possibly get some Info so I apologise if this has already been posted. I am a qualified adult nurse at degree level from England, I currently have just over a year post qualification experience in Emergency Department but will have around 2 years by the time I am am looking to actually move over to Oz. I have family In Melbourne so would be looking to go there, I am currently looking at the working holiday visa as my best option but I was wondering how those of you who have already moved or are in the process have found getting jobs? Have you gone through agencies? And are there any better ones to look at? Also what are wages like for agency workers as they dont seem advertise this info. Any extra Info or advice is also appreciated TIA
  5. I am considering buying a house (PPoR) while on my 188b visa in Australia. Would love to hear thoughts and feedback from fellow 188 visa holders. 1. Are 188 Visa holders generally advised to wait until they secure PR in order to make a house purchase? 2. AFAIK, if you wish to buy a house while on a 188 visa, you need to (a) secure an FIRB permission (approx. cost 12K for a 1.5mln property purchase) prior to buying (b) pay an additional foreign citizen stamp duty (approx. cost 95K for a 1.5mln purchase in VIC). Are there are any other hoops to jump through? 3. Processing time to secure a PR (transition from 188 to 888 visa) is about 25 months currently. If you were granted a 188 visa in Jan 2020, that means you will secure a PR only by May 2026*. With property prices being hiked by the day one worries what your money can buy at that time (in June 2026). What are your thoughts? 4. Have any other 188 visa holders purchased a PPOR (Principal Place of Residence) already? Kindly share your recommendations, advice and experience. Thank you very much. *188 visa duration is Jan 2020-April 2024 >> transition to Bridging Visa for 25 months while waiting for PR grant >> secure PR in May 2026.
  6. Hi there, Do we need to have 3 year experience after qualification to be eligible for visa 186DE? I'm a Chef: - 2 year experience as a Cook - 3.5 year experience as a Chef. - Qualification: Cookery Certificate IV (RPL) 5/2021. - Skill Assessment: in process - PTE 50 A restaurant in regional Victoria offer me sponsorship on visa 186 Direct Entry. Am I eligible for that? Is there anyone already get the visa 186 with less than 3 year experience after qualification? Thanks for your help guys. Vi
  7. As you saw from my last post there was a chance that because of my birthday I Would have to repeat a year of school. However I have several family members who are teachers and they said that the school would assess my ability and they decide if I should repeat a year or not. They were all unsure how long it would take to assess my ability. Anyone ever been in this situation?
  8. Hey! If you've read my other house post I said my family are probably moving back to Australia in the near future and I posted on here just to get an idea of some good town areas in Southern Australia. This isn't urgent or anything, and my family has a general idea of what we are looking for, but I'm just on here for some additional insight from anyone living in Oz! The statement is quite vague sorry! But basically I'm wondering what town areas are 'good' to live in near the Adelaide area and also the Melbourne area. Somewhere near to the water (if possible), not too far away from main cities (we will have a car and don't mind driving around 40min-1 hour to get to the big city but would prefer it to be nearer if possible), ideally with a few shops/food places (because I'm a teenager and don't want to be bored ). This is a difficult question that I'm sure would be hard to answer, but if you live in or have visited any towns in those areas what would their pros and cons be in terms of quality of life, accessibility to main cities & stuff like that, stuff to do etc. Anything would be appreciated! Again, sorry for the extremely vague question! Thanks, have a good day!
  9. Hi all, My name is Susie and am hoping to move to Australia with my boyfriend James. I’m an occupational therapist and James is a registered nurse. Our heart is really set on Melbourne and we are hoping to get a 190 skilled VIC state nomination visa with James as the primary applicant. James has 9 years experience as a Registered Nurse in the UK, he has a diploma in nursing but currently doing a top up course course to bring this to a BSc which ends in May. With 9 years experience as an RN James would have 85 + 5 points for 190 in VIC and meet the 2 year work experience requirement. (I can’t be the primary applicant as VIC requires 10 years experience for my occupation which I do not have). BUT we are worried that James’s 9 years as a registered nurse will not be recognised before his BSc bridging course. This would reduce our points significantly and mean we would not be eligible for state nomination from Victoria as they require 2 years experience. Has anyone been through this similar situation? I have been through a few threads, it seems that ANMAC will accept this experience but there is a chance that migration might not? Thanks for your help! Susie
  10. Mathsteacher

    Maths teacher trying to emigrate

    Hi My partner and I are trying to emigrate, I will be the primary applicant on 75 points for 189 but we will go up to 80 when the new rules kick in as he is a British citizen. I have spoken to a couple of recruiters and schools and they are all very positive about the opportunities for maths teachers. Previously I was assured that getting a visa would be easy but from looking on this forum, it appears it won't be. I know that Victoria will sponsor maths teachers for 190 visas, does anyone have any experience of migrating with a 'shortage' subject? Is the subject you offer taken into account for the 189 visa? Many thanks in advance
  11. Applying for 190 skilled nominated, with Victorian State sponsorship. I was recently informed by my agent that in order to meet the Victorian State Sponsorship criteria I would require a job offer to support my application and show commitment to Victoria beacuse we have links with another state. My husband's family live in NSW and we have made a few visits there over the last 20 years. My husband also lived in NSW as a student for 18 months in 2006. I have checked the website and for my occupation (French Teacher) there is no requirement for a job offer. Does anyone have any information regarding this? Thanks
  12. Hi, Little bit about myself, I am a 28 year old Brit and a HV/LV cable jointer with 8 years experience. Having visited Australia for year on a WHV my girlfriend and I endeavoured to return permanently. At the end of last year I applied for the Skilled Independent Visa 189 as a technical cable jointer and thankfully received my visa in early May! We have booked our flights for the 29th of December 2019 and are extremely excited to start our lives in Australia. When I get to Australia I want to be ready to apply for jobs as soon as possible but i'm having trouble finding out about licensing and/or registration for Technical Cable Jointers in Victoria. I have sent many emails to various Distributors and to the ESI scheme but have received no helpful information back as yet. Any information on what I need to do next to be ready to apply for jobs before or upon arrival would be greatly appreciated. As part of the visa application I completed a Migration Skills Assessment. Does this count as anything going forward or is it just part of the application process? Thanks, Jake.
  13. 190 visa I have applied on may 19,2018 pastry cook with 60 points, anyone near the time frame?
  14. Hi, I am curious as to how long you have waited for an INVITATION (ITA) for State nomination 190 visa from Victoria this year? Anyone in healthcare?
  15. ArunKumar275

    Visa approval ratio

    Is anyone have a data about the 190 visa approval ratio for last years, like 1000 applications issued sponsorship 900 applications approved by immigration dept......
  16. We've created a new forum for our members in Victoria (& for anyone heading to Victoria). The website is http://www.lifeinvictoria.com It's only just gone online today, so very much in its infancy at the moment (& some sections still have to be added). It's based on the next version of the forum software, so there'll be a couple of differences to pomsinoz and some new features such as 'facebook connect' which will allows for simplified registration & login using your facebook account details. Rob
  17. Mandeepk

    which visa?

    Hi there can anyone pls guide me which computer course should I choose to do in Canada’s in order to apply for pr of Australia ..I am so confused as I did masters of computer applications and assessed my credentials from Canada and they said my masters degree is equal to master degree in Canada but now I want to update further to Ben accepted in Australia..I hope I am not confusing you but I need guidance on what’s in demand in Au in computer field specially in Melbourne..Thanks in advance
  18. The best schools are located in predominately the east and south-east of Melbourne. There area also a couple of other great performing schools on the Mornington Peninsula and Werribee.
  19. Outsiders and locals kept Mornington Peninsula prices steady in spring 2018 ‘QUICK sales, packed inspections and outsider demand should see Mornington Peninsula sellers continue do well this spring. While prices and sales in many Melbourne regions have slowed, local agents said the peninsula was a very different market and still performing strongly. Mornington and Dromana were recently listed among top-performing Melbourne suburbs for price growth, according to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria. “The peninsula continues to attract buyers from Melbourne suburbs and we saw a stronger winter market this year compared to last year,” agency director Nicholas Lynch said. “There are few signs of a slowdown in the peninsula and for example, Mornington is among the most search suburbs on realestate.com.au.” Mr Lynch noted that high demand and limited supply meant prices would remain strong in the region. He cited a recent off-market Mornington sale of almost $2 million, with the property fetching $1.6 million just 12 months earlier. “This price gain of $380,000 in a short time shows the strength of properties and the demand,” Mr Lynch said. Three recent Mt Eliza along Mather Rd also pointed to a healthy market, agents said. No. 53 Mather Rd sold in a week to a local buyer with a price guide of $1.3-$1.4 million. In August, No. 95 had 60 groups at the inspections for RT Edgar Mt Eliza and the mid-century home fetched $1.575 million. It had interest from overseas and city buyers and sold beyond its $1.4 million-$1.54 million guide. The agency also sold 104 Mather Rd in August for $1.29 million to a local buyer. Meanwhile, a three-bedroom Mornington unit on 375sq m at 1/7 Barkly St had its first inspection on September 1, attracting 40 groups. It had five offers soon after because it represented “good value and had a good location”, RT Edgar Mt Eliza director Vicki Sayers said. “There is no doom and gloom here on the peninsula. Some heat might have come off the market but sellers are still getting strong prices and homes are selling quickly.” She nominated Mt Eliza, Mt Martha and Mornington as suburbs which should perform well this spring because of demand from family buyers and also investors. In Mornington, the median house price was $882,000 in the year to June, with a quarterly change of 15.4 per cent, according to REIV figures. Dromana’s median house price was up 10 per cent to $830,000 over the same period. “We see all property segments doing well because of the range of buyers heading to the peninsula,” Mr Lynch said, He expected prices would continue to rise due to demand and because the peninsula was “becoming a destination of choice for buyers from the city, interstate and also overseas”.’ https://www.realestate.com.au/news/outsiders-and-locals-to-keep-mornington-peninsula-prices-steady-in-spring/
  20. babala87

    489 Visa Pool

    342313 : Elec Eqpmt trade worker Age- 30 points* PTE 50+ each - 0 Points Diploma- 10 Points TRA Positive skill assessment- 15 (10th Sep 2018) EOI submitted(55+10points) VIC- 24th Sep 2018 (489) Any Suggestion goes for 190 visa or stick with 489 with Estimate Waiting Time.
  21. Hi, we are moving to Melbourne in September for my husbands work, and will be moving with our two young children (2 & 3). We want to be close to Brighton as that’s where work is but think it will be unaffordable. We also need the area to have amenities for the kids and I so we get to keep busy. Our daughter turns 4 this summer and would have been due to start school in September so somewhere there are good kindergartens/day care would be perfect. Does anyone have any suggestions? We will also be bringing the dog so some parks would be handy. Thanks in advance
  22. anyone waiting from june 2017? motor mechanic? for TRT 186.?
  23. The Pom Queen

    Brighton - Melbourne Suburb

    Brighton Apart from the prices of property what isn’t there to love about this luxury bayside town. Brighton is an exclusive family Suburb only 10km from Melbourne’s CBD with stunning beaches, fantastic views of the city, boutique shops and some of the best schools in Melbourne no wonder so many people long to call it home. Brighton is home for some of Melbourne’s most wealthiest people, Shane Warne, Frank McGuire and Chris Judd are amongst the celebrities you will bump in to when taking your morning stroll along the beachfront or drinking your coffee in one of the beachside cafes. Brighton is home to around 23,253 people with a median age of 45. The average weekly income is $2,410 per week. The most common ancestries were English followed by Australian then Irish, Scottish and Italian. The occupation of over 61.8% of Brighton’s residents was listed as management and professional. The historical Brighton Bathing Boxes we discussed above are one of the most visited sites in Melbourne and can be found along Dendy Street Beach. If you like going back in time why not take a visit to the Brighton Baths Health Club established in 1881it is now a multi purpose health club which incorporates a stunningly presented outdoor sea pool, steam rooms, gym and a café/restaurant with views over the bay. When it comes to shopping you will be spoilt for choice. Church Street is home to over 200 stores which include gourmet café/bars, fashion, beauty and homewares. Brighton even has its own intimate cinema. When it comes to healthcare everything can be located along Church Street with Brighton Medical Centre being a one stop shop for all your medical needs. Do you need your eyes checked over, if so you will be spoilt for choice with Specsavers, OPS and locally owned optometrists there to help you chose the right glasses. You can also find a dentist, skin clinic, pathologist and cardiologist within walking distance. Nightlife – The majority of residents in Brighton are happy to stay at home or take one of the four coastal strolls along the foreshore. If you don’t fancy cooking then why not visit one of the many eateries along or surrounding Church Street. A couple worth trying are The Groove Train and Vivace a popular Italian on Bay Street. Fancy a cold beer then the Half Moon is Brighton’s well known local pub and family restaurant. When it comes to education you really can’t go wrong with Brighton being home to some of the most elite schools in Melbourne. The good news is you don’t even have to pay to attend private schooling with the state schools having great reputations. For primary school take a look at Brighton Beach Primary, it is a small government school achieving great results. The same can be said for the state secondary school “Brighton Secondary College”. You can also find a number of specialised schools like the Japanese School of Melbourne or the Adass Israel School close by. If Brighton ticks all your boxes but the financials don’t measure up then why not take a look at Brighton’s sister Suburb Brighton East. The median price for a 4 bed property to purchase is $1954,000 and a rental will cost you around $980. Brighton and Brighton East are separated by the busy Nepean Highway but if you don’t crave for the beach on your doorstep then it could be the perfect solution.
  24. Alligator-eyes

    VIT registration

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of the VIT registration process? It seems to be quite a long form to complete yet there doesn't seem to be any way to save the form to come back to at a later date. Am I missing something?!
  25. Moomay

    St Kilda

    St Kilda has everything at its fingertips. There is public transport at your doorstep, great schools, a trendy café scene, a lively waterfront and yearlong events and entertainment. St Kilda is an extremely sought after and popular suburb. Historically it was a very rich area, however today St Kilda has a bohemian, laidback, beachy feel. There is an established community of long-term locals in St Kilda. St Kilda is an attractive option for artistic people, but also professionals and those that enjoy the beachside living. You will also find families living here, and there are a number of primary and secondary schools to choose from. The schools in St Kilda and nearby include St Kilda Primary School, St Kilda Park Primary School, St Michael’s Grammar School, St Mary’s Primary School, CBC St Kilda, Wesley College, and The King David School. The real estate market is competitive and sought after, but there are a range of housing options. The streets of St Kilda a lined with historical mansions, cosy and humble terraces, contemporary developments and share houses are also readily available. The median price for a rental property is $660 per week * and the demand for rentals is high. While the median cost to purchase a home is $1.32 million dollars. If you are looking for a more affordable option and you have flexible living arrangements, explore the share house market. The suburbs next door to St Kilda include St Kilda East, St Kilda West, Elwood and Ripponlea. These are also within close proximity to the CBD. There is little need for owning a car in St Kilda if you are willing to navigate your way around using public transport. The public transport in St Kilda includes trams, a bus and a light rail. A one-way trip to the city could be done in under 50 minutes depending on the start and end destination. Taxis and Uber drivers are also readily accessible here. Many of St Kilda’s amenities can be accessed by walking or riding a bike. All your daily living needs are within close proximity, including opportunities for work. There are a number of professional, retail and hospitality businesses in St Kilda offering prospective employment. In addition, Melbourne is extremely close (approximately 7 kilometres away) and has a huge variety of employment opportunities. Luna Park, one of Melbourne’s icons can be found here. Luna Park attracts people from all over Melbourne. It is a theme park that is famous for its entrance, which is a giant clowns mouth. This is a great photo opportunity and you will also see this landmark featuring on postcards. Luna Park is a fun day out for everyone, whether you are looking for an activity to do with your partner, a friend/s or the family there is plenty to do. Here you will find carnival games, lots to eat, a roller coaster, a haunted house, fairy floss and popcorn. The Luna Park website has the details for all their events, including events throughout the school holidays, weekends and public holidays. A popular outing for locals and visitors from outside of St Kilda, is to spend the day enjoying the seaside. Along the busy waterfront you will find people enjoying a picnic, walking on the sand or strolling under the palm trees. This is also a popular spot to exercise and if you are feeling adventurous you can hire some roller blades. You can also hire or have lessons in wind surfing, kite surfing or paddle boarding. For those that would prefer to indulge their taste buds, grab an ice cream from Mr Whippy or the ice-cream shop. One of St Kilda’s little treasures are the penguins. If your timing is right, you can catch a glimpse of these cute little animals in their natural environment along the St Kilda Pier. This is another nice place to go for a walk. On a hot summers day, you can cool down and go for a swim at the St Kilda Sea Baths. This is one of St Kilda’s many assets and certainly adds to its sense of community. Also worth checking out is the Ferris Wheel. There is a laid-back atmosphere when it comes to dining in St Kilda and it surrounds. If you are looking for some suggestions try Pontoon (located on Jacka Boulevard), Pablo Honey (located on Acland Street) or Lady Grange (located on Fitzroy Street). On Carlisle Street in East St Kilda you will find many delicious bakery type stores. If you are after some Friday night drinks or a laid-back night out, there are lots of venues in St Kilda to choose from. Some popular choices include, The Post Hotel (located on St Kilda Road), Misery Guts (located on Grey Street), The Nelson (located on Acland Street), Captain Baxter (located on Jacka Boulevard) or Freddie Wimpoles (located on Fitzroy Street). Located in the historic George Hotel, Freddie Wimpoles is named after the 1886 Mayor of St Kilda. Here you will find a variety of beers, great food and a pool table. If this is not your scene, you could enjoy a night out at The Astor Theatre. Acland Court on Acland Street has all the necessary shops to fulfil your daily living needs and more. Here you will find a Coles Supermarket, doctors clinics and chemists, a laundry service, yoga, optometrist, hairdresser, homeware store, bakery, liquor store, take-away food and some general shopping. If you prefer to avoid the nightlife of St Kilda, Acland Street is worth avoiding after dusk. St Kilda also has a farmer’s market where you can purchase meats, fruit, vegetables, chutneys, breads, wines and much more. If you enjoy browsing markets, you will also find the St Kilda Esplanade Market here. St Kilda is an attractive option for independents, couples and families who enjoy an eclectic and bohemian atmosphere. St Kilda offers a trendy café scene, nightlife and the sparkling seaside at your doorstep. There are a variety of employment opportunities here and the CBD and traveling to Melbourne is a viable option given the accessible public transport. There are also a variety of schools in St Kilda and nearby, and you will find all the necessary amenities to meet your daily living needs. * $660 per week & $1.32 million dollars sourced from https://www.realestate.com.au/invest/house-in-st+kilda,+vic+3182