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  1. Wonderingaloud

    187 RSMS VISA refused

    Also if you’re saying you wanted to apply as cook but your agent accidentally pressed the wrong button - as in entered a different occupation- I don’t think you will win an appeal at AAT for that, you need a whole new application with the correct occupation. Immigration won’t recover your fee but you can try if your agent is MARA registered. If not, then unless your ‘agent’ reimburses you for their error, you will have to pay again.
  2. Wonderingaloud

    187 RSMS VISA refused

    Your agent should be MARA registered so I’d first off file a complaint against him for messing up your application, and attempt to recover some of your money. Second, search for another MARA registered migration agent who will give you an honest appraisal of your chances so far by looking into your personal circumstances and your employers financial situation, and go from there. No one can predict how successful you’ll be at AAT, there is not enough information in your post. And even then, a lot of it rests on your business credentials/financial situation etc, hence the need for a good agent.
  3. Wonderingaloud

    Leaving Employer after 186 Granted

    That’s fine- thanks for pointing that out, I actually didn’t realise there were no fees payable by the company for the TRT 186. But regardless of who spent what, the OP agreed to work for 2 years for the sponsoring employer. S/he posted on a public forum so I provided my 2 pence worth. If they want to risk leaving their employer it is absolutely to them, I don’t care! But like I said, I’m adding in my opinion and cautioning them seeing as they did ask.
  4. Wonderingaloud

    187 relocation after a year within same company

    The whole point of the visa is to work in a regional area. The clue is in the title of the visa itself... Being friends with the CEO doesn’t matter. You agreed to work in the regional area for 2 years. Apparently this visa is far more black and white for cancellation grounds than the 186, I wouldn’t risk it.
  5. Wonderingaloud

    Leaving Employer after 186 Granted

    Yes the visa fee, medicals, skills assessment etc but the company still had to pay to nominate you and probably paid an agent to assist them with their paperwork. Unless you mean you paid the nomination fee as well (which is illegal). You applied for your visa on the agreement you would work for them for 2 years. The reasons you have in wanting to leave won’t cut it with immigration. You knew your remuneration when you applied. Your employer could report you for fraud and yes your visa could be cancelled. Whether this has been enforced I do not know, but I do know from a reputable migration agent that the guidelines do leave some loopholes open to cancel visas if need be, under certain circumstances.
  6. Wonderingaloud

    Cancelling 2nd working holiday visa (417)

    You should never take advice from the immigration helpline, as odd as it sounds. They are apparently insured for all the incorrect and often bad advice they give out. The department will simply say you should have used a registered migration agent, and will not be held accountable.
  7. Wonderingaloud

    186 visa time

    Who knows? Could be next week, could be 6 months or 15 months. Follow the 186 visa thread for other people’s timelines, but everyone’s circumstances are completely different. You just have to wait.
  8. Wonderingaloud


    If you are registered or licensed for your occupation you need to provide proof of it. If you are not required to be registered with a particular body or licensed to work in your occupation then the same applies- provide proof. It’s pretty self-explanatory.
  9. Wonderingaloud

    Permanent Residency Transition

    Check your occupation is on the list- the medium to long term list, if it is check you can meet the requirements in terms of education/qualifications/registration requirements and go from there. If your occupation is not on the list there is no possibility of PR, even if an employer is willing to sponsor you.
  10. Wonderingaloud

    AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    Potentially yes, as he might not meet the character requirements. Australia are really clamping down on domestic violence.
  11. Wonderingaloud

    Using family car for UK visit

    We are heading to the UK for a holiday and my brother has a spare car he is happy for us to use while we are there. Problem is, the insurance company are saying I would need to be added as a named driver and take out a whole new policy just for me which is going to cost a fortune (apparently). I know it’s different in Aus in that you insure the car not so much the people driving it (when mother in law came over our insurance didn’t care she would drive it). Is it really this difficult in UK- seems a shame to hire a car when there’s one spare we can use. Anyone had experience of this?
  12. Wonderingaloud

    186 visa

    Firstly, you should never use a lawyer- they are not specialists in migration. You need a migration agent who is MARA registered, this gives you, the consumer, some protection if errors are made. Secondly, you generally shouldn’t use a migration agent/lawyer who works for the company sponsoring you. They will only look out for the company’s best interests, not yours. You should always use your own agent to represent your own interests. Thirdly, research the cost. In this day and age it’s not difficult to get multiple quotes for comparison from a number of migration agents. 6k sounds like a lot to me. Fourthly, your migration agent should be able to guide you on the success of your application based on the company finances, having detailed knowledge on what is required for sponsorship and migration purposes. You shouldn’t just apply blindly and hope for the best. A decent migration agent will tell you if it’s not a viable prospect not just take your money and apply anyway. There are far too many people on this forum with dodgy agents, and subsequent nomination refusals, visa refusals and appeals.
  13. Wonderingaloud

    Buying health insurance - advice needed

    Private maternity is, IMO, the biggest con going. I can’t speak for the general medical side of things, but I’m wary based on what I’ve seen in maternity. Apart from the reduced waiting times for procedures, I can’t see the point in going private. I have a friend who had brain surgery last year, held top private cover and was still $20,000 out pocket. Sorry, slightly off topic.
  14. Wonderingaloud

    give it a real go!

    Am I not supposed to do this?! My daughter and I love finding the ‘best’ shells.
  15. Wonderingaloud

    Childcare subsidy on a 489 visa?

    The point I was making is if it’s not available to PR holders I highly doubt it will be for temporary residents. My earlier post was advising the OP to apply anyway and see what happens. He did and it was declined. Given the wait period is applicable to a lot of government payments, it shouldn’t be a surprise CCS is included, though I agree they should add it to the list. It’s right here under the CCS link: Family member We may need to do a family member assessment to decide if you have: a newly arrived resident’s waiting period exemption, or an approved reason for payment overseas The definition of a family member differs depending on the reason for the assessment. Newly arrived resident’s waiting period exemption For the purposes of assessing a newly arrived resident’s waiting period exemption, a person is a family member if they’re your: partner, or dependent child