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  1. Wonderingaloud

    Nursing registration and work visa

    You also need to present to APHRA in person within 3 months to finalise your registration. You might already know this, but throwing in my 2 cents worth just in case. It adds quite a significant cost to the process.
  2. Wonderingaloud

    407 Training visa nomination refusal

    Depends on why it is refused
  3. Wonderingaloud

    Exception Basis

    Absolutely agree. As Raul says, as a main criteria for the visa your MA should have known this. Are they Mara registered? I’d be complaining to them is s/he is.
  4. Wonderingaloud

    187 Visa Processing Time

    So at the time of submission you did not have qualifications related to the profession you have applied for? I know for other points based visas your experience must be post qualification, maybe it’s different for the 187. If you post your question on the main visa chat page you might get a reply from one of the MAs who post on this forum.
  5. Wonderingaloud

    Exception Basis

    What is the error?
  6. Wonderingaloud

    Re applying ENS 186

    My understanding is it will be treated as a new application so the timeframe will be roughly whatever you waited the first time around. Prepare for that and if it’s any sooner then happy days. No, I don’t think you get a refund because you made a mistake. There are very limited reasons for refunds.
  7. Wonderingaloud

    regarding SAF lavy

    From home affairs website: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/employing-and-sponsoring-someone/sponsoring-workers/learn-about-sponsoring/cost-of-sponsoring Looks like your employer won’t get a refund based on your circumstances.
  8. Wonderingaloud


    Are you using a migration agent? This kind of question is best addressed to them.
  9. Wonderingaloud

    Urgent advice needed re: Ahpra

    Did you use an agent? If so they should be MARA registered and you can complain. I certainly would be.
  10. Wonderingaloud

    Change nominated occupation

    The visa decision is finalised, you cannot change the nominated occupation. Even if it wasn’t finalised you couldn’t. If that is the reason for refusal there’s no point going to AAT. Consider it a lesson learnt. You will need to lodge a new nomination, for the correct occupation, and your skills assessment needs to be done for that same occupation, before you apply. You cannot apply for a 457 anymore because that visa was replaced. I’m not sure how long your skills assessment is valid for. You might want to engage the services of a respected agent given the difficulties you’ve had understanding this application process.
  11. Wonderingaloud

    Change nominated occupation

    Also, you’d need a new skills assessment if it’s a different occupation. Didn’t you say your visa status says ‘finalised’? That means they’ve made a decision. Are you using an agent?
  12. Wonderingaloud

    Change nominated occupation

    No, a new nomination and visa application is required under 482. The 457 doesn’t exist.
  13. Wonderingaloud

    Change nominated occupation

    No, a new nomination and visa application is required under 482. The 457 doesn’t exist. Didn’t they make a decision on your 457 yet?
  14. Wonderingaloud

    482 - Current processing times

    No, Raul has already replied to you about this. You would need another sponsorship and application submitting under the 482 since the 457 does not exist anymore.