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  1. Wonderingaloud

    Partner visa cross check (Centrelink)

    Probably, it might bode better for the visa application but nobody knows for certain. If they look, they’ll see you were claiming to be single and even if you pay the money back, immigration might feel you don’t meet the character requirements of the visa. I have no idea if that’s a possibility, just something that popped into my mind. You will have to pay back whatever you have been overpaid which could well add up. There’s also a chance Centrelink might do more than just want the money back, as it constitutes fraud, but I don’t know how likely that is. As others have said in reply to your many posts on the same subject, get some professional advice before you pay massive amounts for a partner visa application that may run into problems.
  2. Wonderingaloud

    Partner visa cross check (Centrelink)

    Yes, you have to provide proof you have been defacto for the visa, but to Centrelink you have said you were single, it won’t look good. Immigration and Centrelink do ‘talk’ to each other.
  3. Wonderingaloud

    New 491 - Family Sponsorship Question!

    If your biological mother is an Aus citizen can you claim citizenship by descent? When did she become a citizen? Sorry if that’s been asked before.
  4. Wonderingaloud

    Skilled Visa

    Ahhh sorry, missed the partner bit. Yes- if your boyfriend is an Australian citizen or PR definitely go down the partner route, as Marisa says above. Much easier (providing you meet the requirements).
  5. Wonderingaloud

    Skilled Visa

    To be eligible for a Permanent skilled visa your job has to be on the Medium to long term skills list. It’s not a case of finding an employer to sponsor you, they are bound by this list too (amongst other complex criteria- they can’t sponsor anyone). If your occupation is on the list it will list the minimum qualifications required for that profession and the minimum points you need to apply. However, just because they say for example 65 points doesn’t mean you qualify. If there are other applicants with more points they will always be chosen first, and when others add to the queue if they have more points they jump ahead too. For some professions that are incredibly popular like accountants, the minimum is more like 80 points to be chosen. The independent visas require points which you get for age, work experience, English language ability etc. To claim points for work experience you need a skills assessment for your profession. Work experience has to be post qualification and is usually 3 years. To claim points for English you need to sit a test and depending on how well you do depends on what points you can claim. Even for a native English speaker it is not easy to get the top bracket for 20 points. You need medical and criminal records checks. It is possible to be sponsored by a state for your profession as a way to get more points but again the above still applies. The other route is a temporary sponsored visa (where you find an employer to sponsor you- again your profession must be in the list) and there may be opportunity to apply for a PR visa through the employer. Though, this has been tightened up recently and the pathway to PR is not as easy as it was. If you go on a temporary visa it’s good advice to expect to go home after your visa concludes. Its a sad fact for many that they simply aren’t eligible to emigrate. Based on what you have written you need to see if your profession is on the skills list and what qualifications you need. If it’s there, get some experience in the UK first and look to apply down the line, but professions are regularly removed and added to the list so it might not be there when you finally are eligible! Sounds confusing? Talk to a registered migration agent, they should be Mara registered and many will offer a free consultation to map out your eligibility and visa pathway based on your individual circumstances. There are a number in this forum who post regularly and are reputable. Good luck
  6. Wonderingaloud

    Nurse visa to Australia

    Just checking you have a degree in nursing- this is a must for the PR visas or you won’t pass the skills assessment in order to claim points for the visa and work experience.
  7. Wonderingaloud

    Police checks

    Depends what the offence was and how serious it is. If you have explained the situation upfront and it’s a fairly minor issue then they may be satisfied by what you have written. I guess all you can do is wait and see.
  8. Wonderingaloud

    Transfer 457 to another employer

    You don’t need a lawyer- you need a Mara registered migration agent. Paul above, is one such reputable agent. The 457 does not exist anymore, I don’t know if a new employer can ‘pick up’ this sponsorship or if an entire new application for the replacement to the 457 needs to be made. Also I thought you only had 60 days to start work for a new employer or you are in breach of your visa conditions- you say you are unemployed- how long have you been unemployed? Either way, if your lawyer is any good s/he should be able to answer your queries and avoid you having to post on a public forum. I would seek the advice of someone reputable as it sounds like you might be in a bit of a sticky situation.
  9. Wonderingaloud


    Be aware when claiming points for experience it must be post-degree, so you can’t claim 12 years. I’m pretty sure you also need 3 years full time experience to pass the skills assessment. So unless you have that you may be waiting a while longer before you apply. You don’t say how old you are but 45 (I think) is the cut off which may throw another spanner in the works. In addition to the skills assessment you need to register with APHRA. When registration is provisionally approved you need to present in person within 3 months to fully register. Bear this in mind as timing is of the essence, and visas regularly take months/years to process depending on which one you go for. Just incase you aren’t aware: The minimum specified points for the independent skilled visas don’t mean you are guaranteed a visa. It’s a competition really, the people with the most points get chosen first regardless of when you entered the queue or how long you have been waiting. In the meantime, as more people with higher points apply they get selected so you could be waiting forever and not get picked. For this reason many people sit the English test to boost their points, but to get the full 20 is challenging even for English speakers. Being sponsored by a state will also add another 5 points so those visas may be worth a look too. In all likelihood, if you’ve only just topped up your diploma you may not get anything for experience which means you can’t pass the skills assessment or claim points for experience. Sorry if you knew all this, I don’t mean to be a killjoy but it’s things you need to be aware of before parting with any money- visas and the frills are expensive! Perhaps run your situation by a registered migration agent if you need assistance, it can be very complex. Good luck
  10. Wonderingaloud


    Just to add, I’d hold off going for medicals as there’s a chance they’ll expire before your application is looked at. Ausvisitor is right, you’ve started a new application so you’re starting the waiting game from scratch. If you’re from a high risk country it will take longer. What visa have you applied for and what is your profession?
  11. Wonderingaloud

    Do I have Chance to Immigrate?

    You realise you have to sit an English test to claim 10 points, and that your partners points need to be in an occupation that’s on the skilled occupation lists and assessed by the relevant authority? I’m not sure 65 will be enough to be honest, it’s very competitive out there.
  12. Wonderingaloud

    I have 482 but I need to find a new job

    Nobody here can help you find employment. You just need to keep job hunting and hope they’ll take the sponsorship over. Can the company who sponsored you help by suggesting other companies in the same line of work perhaps? Best of luck to you
  13. Wonderingaloud

    Age care Sponsorship

    I don’t think Assistants in nursing are on the skilled occupation lists. An occupation must be on one of these lists in order for an employer to sponsor someone, they can’t sponsor anybody. The closest would be a registered nurse in aged care, the minimum qualification for this is a degree.
  14. Wonderingaloud

    First thoughts on moving

    Wrussel, Paul Hand and Raul Senise all regularly post on this forum and are reputable, MARA registered migration agents. All will do a free consult to look over your specifics and determine eligibility for a visa/migration route. If you engage any other agent make sure they are MARA registered, and don’t use a lawyer! As a side note Brisbane is lovely, yes it’s a city and the state capital but it doesn’t have the massive busy feel you get with Sydney. You can walk across it quite easily. Only a 30-40 min drive out you can be in places that feel like the back of beyond, and that way commute to work and do holidays up in the far north. Internal flights are pretty cheap. Just a thought if work is easier to find in Brisbane. Down the line if the far north is where you want to be sussing out job opportunities while onshore, with some Australian experience will probably be easier. Good luck
  15. Wonderingaloud

    TSS 482

    I don’t think so. I know for some professions you can claim experience concurrent with the skill level they expect without having the qualifications, but for nursing I think you need post degree qualification experience. There may be somebody to clarify that, or better still run it past a migration agent to be certain.