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  1. palaceboy1

    Parent visa

    How do you get prescriptions for $6 on the 143 visa , I thought you only got that if you hold a Commonwealth Seniors Card and the issue for that it is income related plus four years at least on PR
  2. palaceboy1

    Parent report is in!

    The quoting of time delays on the processing of parent visas is odd . The 143 states 58 months which is where they are processing now but the 103 states 30 years but they are processing 2012 now .
  3. palaceboy1

    Aged parent visa

    Is this an answer to my question regarding over 75 years and medicals . Maybe it’s for 600 but not for 651
  4. palaceboy1

    Aged parent visa

    Are all visa applicants over 75 required to have a medical before issue of visa . When we were having our 143 medicals we met a lady who had been instructed by IMMI to have a medical as she had reached 75 and had travelled many times on a tourist visa and this was the first time she had needed a medical
  5. No we were in the UK at the time and our daughter in Perth did the transfer , but it can’t do any harm sending a copy
  6. You have been busy I hope the visa comes quickly , ours took 3 months after paying second vac due to Covid restrictions at the time (see timeline).
  7. palaceboy1

    Aged parent visa

    Are your only children in Melbourne ?
  8. palaceboy1

    Health insurance for my parents

    We used ANZ plus insurance which covered everything not covered by Medicare
  9. palaceboy1


    Maybe my timeline might help a little Perth Bound. Northern Suburbs Queue date 103 visa 24/08/2015 Applied for 143 visa 06/01/2020 Acknowledgement date 21/01/2020 Request for further documents 06/02/2020 Uk & Australian police checks done 11/02/2020 Form 80 completed 12/02/2020 two medical done 11/02/2020 (one referral to GP high blood pressure) Request for AOS bond received 05/03/2020 bond paid 06/03/2020 AOS approved 13/03/2020 2nd VAC request 19/03/2020 Paid 2nd VAC 23/03/2020 Visa granted 02/06/2020
  10. palaceboy1

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Not sure of your info here . He was in his 70,s but had a serious heart condition , his wife was a member of the local bowls club but did not live with him but acted as his carer.
  11. palaceboy1

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Well said , I have spent a year in the UK during Covid and the last year in Perth , there is no comparison I,m one of the 80%
  12. palaceboy1

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    It’s a long time since I have been described as “junior” . Yes it is most odd
  13. palaceboy1

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    Sorry a bit off topic but why are you only a junior member when others who are far less informative are members or senior members
  14. palaceboy1

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    I think your only talking about a handful of people switching . We always knew we were going to take this route to PR but it had risks as it could have been changed easily at any time . I would be more concerned with the tourist visa/bridging visa/804 visa route which I believe seriously impacts on the amount of visas being issued .you only have to look here and Facebook to see how many are contemplating entry this way
  15. palaceboy1

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I don’t remember this either in the UK but I suppose some statements show the posters political views