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  1. If you enter a queue date of 10/01/2020 it shows 35090 in the queue for 103 visas . Strange isn,t it , I am wondering if it is applications in this queue and total number of people within the applications in the migration report .
  2. Some do and some don,t , I have not had a three month visa for a long time so I am unaware if or what restrictions are placed when it’s issued
  3. https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/qcalc/QDateAnswer.do I do have a spreadsheet of dates when the calculator has been updated so it’s just a matter of subtracting the latest figures from the last update
  4. I am talking about the 103/804 visa queue date calculator that was updated today and shows a reduction of 3760 in the 804 queue for applicants up to October 2019 . There were 5680 in the queue date 18/10/2019 on21/11/2019 which reduced to 1920 in the queue today for 27/10/2019 queue date . Have a look at the visa calculator and see how many have disappeared in the last 3 months
  5. Looking a bit closer at the figures issued today it seems that they are processing 804 applications far quicker than 103 , probably up to 2015 . If this is correct it seems very unfair on 143 applicants who are paying much more than those on 804,s for almost the same processing timeframes . So if you are dishonest and enter on a tourist visa and swop to a bridging visa you are being rewarded with a cheap permanent visa which is what is being touted by a certain migration agent on a different forum . It could be of course a route to closing the 103/804 visa routes to new applicants because according to their own figures only 10 new applicants between 15/10/2019 and 10/01/2020 for 103 visas
  6. The swop over from 103 is very small , for the last 3 months only an average of 60 per month have come out of the 103 queue and that includes withdrawals , swops , illness , etc . I think they might have been processing old 804,s to catch up with the 103 queue and I suspect that those in the queue line would generate a lot of dropouts after over 10 years in the queue
  7. It does not make much sense how can they process 3500 in 3 months when they only have 1200 places for the year . When did immi issue the above statement .
  8. Hi , The 103 and 804 visa queues have been updated today for anyone interested I have posted some queue date figures queue date Queue Reduction 07/01/2010 40 10 03/05/2010 170 40 23/05/2011 4210 230 01/05/2012 6400 10 01/05/2013 9480 20 01/05/2014 11850 10 28/08/2015 20280 50 16/06/2015 28840 50 18/10/2019 35080 40 So the queue has reduced by 460 since the last update in November . A strange thing is the 804 queue , looking at a queue date of 24/08/2015 in November the queue was 3620 today it is 1060 a difference of 2560 / a queue date of 27/10/2019 in November it was 5680 today it is 1920 a difference of 3760 . Have they really processed that many 804,s ?
  9. No I am not ! Just pointing out actual not gut feelings . So how many 103 off shore applicants who get in the queue today would still be in a position to take up the visa in 30 years , on shore 804 are different but are then dicing with medical problems etc .
  10. I am not sure about the claim that the queue Dates are about the same , for 103 as at November 2019 35k whereas the queue for 143 is 52k . Other than speculative claims on here what basis is there that 103 visa changeovers would be treated differently from 143 regarding costs . I would also point out that the 103 processing is currently 2010 not 1990 which would be 30 years , it might well stretch out but will never reach 30 years , too many dropouts . It is more likely that the visa will be withdrawn and people be forced into the 143 queue.
  11. We seem to be on the same timeframe and destination. My daughter also tried 3 times to do the AOS online and the site would not let her complete yesterday .
  12. palaceboy1

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    Thank you will now start on my second form 80.....