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  1. And if you live in Australia it will be frozen at the date you first receive it
  2. palaceboy1

    Switch parents visa from103 to 143

    Have a look at my time line for the switch last year
  3. palaceboy1

    Very beginning

    We moved over in November and have been to the beach zero on our own however we do go to Little Nippers life savers with the grandees at Mullaloo on Sunday mornings
  4. palaceboy1

    switch from 103 to 143 but no response

    This appears to refer to applications for 103 visas that are subject to reviews not the initial application charge . Mind you happy to be proved wrong
  5. palaceboy1

    switch from 103 to 143 but no response

    Our original queue date for 103 was accepted and straight to the top of the queue . We did not get a refund for the initial 103 application as it was our choice to switch over . We are now living in Perth so it all went smoothly last year but very expensive .
  6. You will not get a refund for the 103 visa application
  7. palaceboy1

    Visiting parent query

    Maybe house swops is the way to go . We have done ten in Australia between one month and six months includes car as well and free
  8. palaceboy1

    A long time in the planning

    We did not take any white goods and not much out of the shed and garage/ garden although I regret that a bit now as I don’t reckon our shipment was even checked at customs .Our container was pretty full , we did most of the packing and wrapping ourselves for piece of mind although the moving companies will do this for you . All the companies who quoted offered storage either in the UK or Australia at a weekly/monthly rate .
  9. palaceboy1

    A long time in the planning

    We had a full 20 foot container . We had quotes from six of the larger shippers which varied from £3800 to £5200 but there was quite a difference in what was included in the quotes , also there was quite a scramble to reduce prices to match others . We chose a local company in the end Pretloves of Epping at a cost of £4200 door to door plus insurance and Australian customs fee .goods collected 29/09/20 arrived doorstep Perth 29/09/20 . No damage/ loss/breakages .We moved what was precious to us and if it’s not needed in the future so be it
  10. palaceboy1

    A long time in the planning

    It is possible as we moved over lock stock & barrel last October . It needs good planning and a little luck maybe . We read lots of forums before deciding how to do it and it all went fine , although expensive .
  11. palaceboy1

    Parents Visa

    We had a 103 queue date of 24/08/15 and switched to 143 in December 2019 and received the acknowledgement in January 2020 along with requests for further docs . Visa granted 02/06/20 . See timeline
  12. palaceboy1

    Quarantine Fee Waiver

    We flew on 24th Oct and have not yet received a bill .
  13. We moved to Perth lock stock and barrel on 24th October . We got our 143 visa on 2nd June and had a hectic few months selling everything in the UK . We booked business class seats on Emirates £8900 for two , we got bumped once after I realised that they were taking bookings for flights that were not flying . Emirates only land in Perth on Saturdays and Wednesdays so I insisted on rebooking only one of these days , the earliest flight offered was 21st December which I accepted but checked the booking site every morning and found earlier flights twice to bring the date nearer . The checkin and flight went smoothly and arrival in Perth airport was also not a problem , we actually enjoyed the 14 days quarantine as we were exhausted from the rigours of moving our lives to Australia . It’s great being able to live normal lives without virus restrictions
  14. Why can’t you travel we got our 143 in June 2020 and arrived 24th October .
  15. palaceboy1

    Introduction of Covid PCR Tests

    143 visa swopped from 103 last year . Yes the heat can be a bit extreme 41c last Friday and lawn bowls can be hot as we joined Sorrento BC and play in pennant competition twice a week .