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  1. I find this strange regarding the 143 visa where they state only current processing times but with the 103 visa it states up to 30 years when in fact they are processing august 2010 . Double standards I think !
  2. palaceboy1

    Perth rentals

    Sounds like Tenerife?
  3. palaceboy1

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    What is the advice for breast feeding mothers towards vaccination . My daughter has not been vaccinated stated there had been no studies on this .
  4. palaceboy1

    Can I take ......

    We bought two dinasaur dung fossils over with our shipping , no problems, mind you we did not declare them
  5. palaceboy1

    What are the current removal costs

    Pretloves of Saffron Walden and Epping
  6. So what’s the alternative , if I look at the Uk daily figures there are approximately 35000 daily cases 200 deaths daily and 7500 in hospital seems strange that they don’t report how many of the deaths have been fully vaccinated .I am not against travel or vaccination just posting what I hear from local Australians. This topic is on the wrong thread I think so won’t comment further
  7. You could look at this in a different way . The more special exemption persons/groups that are given visas/entry the sooner the borders will open to all . We were lucky to make the move to WA in October 2020 but since here I have not met anyone who wants to open the strict borders but have listened to numerous people going on about their rights to not be vaccinated or to choose which vaccine . You can see where certain people are coming from , life is good with no restrictions other than travel and WA is a massive place to explore.
  8. palaceboy1

    What are the current removal costs

    We paid £4200 in Sept 2020 arrived December . Cambridge to Perth door to door 20 ft container no problems
  9. palaceboy1

    Aged parent Getting Medicare - Now in bridging visa

    That’s why the 143 visa costs so much .
  10. palaceboy1

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    We swopped from 103 in Jan 2020 with an original queue date of 24/08/2015 . This was just before COVID hit and most of our paper was in (see our timeline) our only delay was after payment of the second VAC and actual issue of the visa . You have obviously been caught up with the delays in visa processing , are you using an agent ? As I believe without one we might also still be waiting. We have been living in Perth since last October but it was an expensive move when you add on the cost of flights and quarantine .
  11. palaceboy1

    One way travel insurance ?

    So in your opinion would the OP be covered for a trip to Australia if they contracted Covid prior to flying which stopped them boarding
  12. palaceboy1

    One way travel insurance ?

    Up to USD 500,000 for overseas medical expenses and emergency evacuation. Up to USD 7,500 if your trip is cancelled due to contracting COVID‑19 or for other reasons named in the policy. Up to USD 7,500 if your trip is cancelled or cut short if the school year is extended due to COVID‑19 beyond the departure date, and you or a relative is a full‑time teacher, full‑time employee, or a student at a primary or secondary school. Up to USD 7,500 if your trip is cut short due to you or a relative* falling ill overseas, including contracting COVID‑19, and you need to return home. Up to USD 7,500 if you have to abandon your travels for failing a COVID‑19 test or medical screening at the airport. USD 150 per day, per person for up to 14 consecutive days if you test positive for COVID‑19 and are unexpectedly placed into mandatory quarantine while overseas. Just copied the above from the Emirates website it’s including for free on all bookings after 01/12/20 , seems to cover the OP query ! *Relative as defined in the policy
  13. palaceboy1

    One way travel insurance ?

    Just take the time to look it up it says tickets booked after 1st Dec 2020 and includes Covid at no cost
  14. palaceboy1

    One way travel insurance ?

    I think Emirates include this insurance within the cost of the ticket also covers COVID
  15. palaceboy1

    Shipping insurance - Letton Percival

    We decided to insure just specific items within the shipment as we thought that a lot of our stuff was personal and probably low cost and we would have difficulty proving value of any damaged items . As it turned out so far one broken glass and two broken mugs