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    Capital gains tax on sale of uk property.

    Bump :biggrin:
  2. Hi there, i really worried that because its taken us so long to sell our home in the uk that we are going to have to pay capital gains tax on the profit. our story is as follows. Move to Oz 6 years 4 months ago as temporary residents (457) became PR 2 years ago. We couldn't sell our home and had to rent it out between 2007 and 2012. It went back on the market a year ago and has been empty for that past year, we finally sold it last week and will be transferring the profits to Australia. I'm going to be spewing if because we've gone over the 6 year exemption period by 4 months that we will have to pay CGT. We don't own a property in Australia by the way. I'm hoping the 6 year period starts only when we became PR. TIA
  3. Would anyone be able to tell me how long after the visa is granted you have to enter Australia? I heard it had something to do with the dates of the police checks and medicals? thanks
  4. Hi there! I'm new to this thread. My husband is providing an assurance of support for his mother, we got nowhere on the phone, so I downloaded the application form from centerlinks website, completed it and took it along with all his ID/proof of income etc... To the local centerlink office it was a 40 min wait but at least it's got the ball rolling. Just waiting for them to come back to us now with an interview date. I hope it happens soon as my inlaws deadline is 10th December.... I think they may have to get another extension!
  5. Vanessa2163

    Assurance of support worry!

    Hi there, hoping someone can put my mind at rest over this! My mother in law and her husband have applied for a CPV and my husband has to provide assurance of support. We were sent the letter last month and have only just had chance to lodge the paperwork at Centerlink. What next? I'm assuming they contact us to arrange an interview and pay the bond? Trouble is we've just found out that my inlaws have to submit all of their paperwork by 10th Dec!! Any idea of the timeframe for centerlink to inform Immigration of the outcome? What happens if the don't meet the deadline? thanks
  6. Vanessa2163

    Where to stay when we first arrive in Sydney

    Try Domain.com.au may be helpful. Real estate agents may be able to find you short term accommodation, rather than going through a holiday rental place. You may need at least a month as there is a lot of demand for rentals in Sydney. They have "open inspections" where everyone interested turns up & you all have 15 - 30 mins to check the place out.
  7. Vanessa2163

    Medicals. Where did you have yours?

    We went to a place in Sheffield, we too lived in the midlands at the time, but the wait was too long for Birmingham. The one in Sheffield was only just off the M1 near Meadow Hall, was really quick to get there (just don't go at rush hour)
  8. Vanessa2163

    Transfering 457 Visa - wiggin out!

    We did this. My partners new employer lodged the application while he was still working for the old employer & think they had to give a proposed start date though. Also we had to re-apply too & as it was 2 years since the previous one was granted, we had to have new chest ex-rays etc... You basically have to do EVERYTHING you did before, all over again! Once the visa is granted you can then go & work for the new employer.
  9. Vanessa2163

    856 visa and leaving job

    Once you are a permanent resident you can work anywhere.:biggrin:
  10. Vanessa2163

    Sydney Viable?

    We live in the Sutherland Shire, it's a lovely area & more affordable than Bondi etc which are really expensive. Cronulla is the beach suburb. We pay $530pw for a new 3 bed town house in Miranda, Cronulla is slightly more expensive but a 1 bed apartment is between $300 - $500pw depending if you have ocean views. The commute is 1 hour into the city by rail.
  11. Yep, If you got caught speeding on a public holiday & you or your passenger is not wearing a seat belt, you could use your license!! :eek:
  12. Vanessa2163

    Working holiday/Spouse visa & Pregnancy

    I had my scans at the public hospital & did not have to pay for them, we were on a reciprocal card at the time.
  13. http://www.bighostel.com/rates.php We stayed here a few years ago, great backpackers, really clean $110 a night for a double ensuite. It's in the City near central station. Don't know about availability though.
  14. Vanessa2163

    Where to live in Melbourne? Help!

    If you check out domain.com if gives you suburb profiles. We lived in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne which is a lot greener, but it would be a 30 min commute into the CBD (on a good day) If you don't have kids, I'd say city, docklands, port melbourne, st kilda (not Grey Street though) Williamstown, Toorak (if you can afford it!) Wouldn't suggest Collingwood though. Good luck, Melbourne is a lovely city, I miss it.