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Found 45 results

  1. CGregory

    Drive from Adelaide to melbourne

    Hi all, Planning a trip to visit family in Adelaide in March and we also want to travel to Melbourne. Would anyone recommend driving from Adelaide to Melbourne instead of flying. How long would driving take, any advice gratefully received. We are hoping to rent an apartment in St Kilda if possible and would like to catch the F1 GP. thanks
  2. Hi there guys, I have decided after recently visiting Perth, that i now want to live and work there and try and get residence via the RSMS visa. However in the middle there has to be a long drive!!!! I have worked out it is 4050km thereabouts and will cost me $800 in petrol in my Ford Courier Ute. I have a friend who is willing to fly over from Perth and make the journey with me. What advice can anyone offer, distance between fuel stops? Accommodation, best route to take etc...........? If my friend should not be able to make the trip with me would i be ok going it alone? Mobile reception (telstra) ? Many thanks in advance for any posts. Mark:notworthy: :rolleyes:
  3. Hi All Any advice or info on taking lap-top, external hard drive & memory stick thru airport security and the X-Ray machines. Thanks
  4. Angela820

    Fly or drive from sydney to canberra??

    We got our visa - it took only 1.5 weeks!!! Anyway - we are travelling to Sydney on the 6th NOvember with two kids aged 3 and 4 and LOADs of luggage! What I wanted to know is what the the best way to transfer from Sydney to Canberra central? Cost is less of an issue but its more about which is the less stressful?? We would need to go through customs etc (how long does this take) and then either transfer to the domestic terminal and check in and fly from there or would it be easier and less time overall getting a hire mini bus type thing? Any advice on this would be great as we are holding off booking this transfer as we cannot make up our mind which is easier and quicker? Angela x
  5. Guest

    can i learn to drive

    hi guys, does anyone know if i can learn to drive im applying for a subclass 857 visa but have not had a final decision, can i take driving lessons and get my p's thankyou
  6. PaulTerriMojo

    Sydney - Melbourne Coast Road Drive

    Hello Folks. We are going on our Reccie next week (yikes!!!:biggrin:) where we will be stamping our visas, and looking at areas to settle (melbourne area). On our trip however, we will be having 5 days in Sydney, then the idea was to hire a car and drive down the coast road to Melbourne, with a possible stop overnight half way (possibly Canberra??). The thing is, we have no idea how long this is likely to take. So the question is, does anyone out there have any idea on how long this will realistically take, and of course, any tips and things not to miss along the way would be very welcome! thanks in advance! Paul.
  7. Glad I Moved

    Do you drive your kids to school?

    This one is specifically for NSW but I would think that similar schemes are in place in other states. I was just on the phone to NSW Transport trying to source some non-related info on school bus passes when I discovered that there is a scheme in place that will subsidise the use of your own carif you drive your kids to and from school because there's no other way to get them there i.e. no public transport. Here is the link to info on the NSW Private Vehicle Conveyance Subsidy (PVC) It's not a huge amount but over the course of a year it all adds up and if nothing else will probably cover fuel costs.
  8. PommyPaul

    Esperance WA The Great Ocean Drive

    Went for an explore round esperance today and found this great tourist drive, some amazing beaches, plenty of room to surf, swim or sunbathe.. looked some good fishing and amazing scenery as well!! Definately a must do if your in the area, heres some of my pics :cool:
  9. anyone know of any places with good food that are in your opinion worth a visit with our kids.?
  10. Hey guys, Just a quick question on the matter of driving in Oz, I am currently booking in for my test in the uk but, Is it possible if i fail to continue or re-do my exam again in australia. I have drivin for a while and have a had many lessons, but i wondered if? thats the question! Please get bk to me, Thanks Muko
  11. Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone has had any experiance with getting to Newcastle from Sydney? I have got the train there before, when I was last over there. This was fine as it was just a day trip up there. The situation has changed now though as we are landing and staying in Sydney for a week before heading to Newcastle. The problem lies with the fact that we could possibly have 3 suitcases at 20kg each. Now I found Sydney Central station to be pretty hectic anyway, and the thought of dragging 3 cases onto a train doesnt really appeal. I was going to look at flying, but we would be over the weight limit for the domestic flight. Our other option would be to drive. I know its not a great distance, but I have to say its not my prefered option. Im pretty clueless when it comes to the tolls etc over there. Any advice?
  12. hi all I tried to learn to drive in the UK, and failed. To be honest I'm not the BIGGEST fan of driving in the world... but nevermind, if it wasn't for my instructor, I wouldn't have carried on - she was good lol Anyway. What do you have to do to get on the road in Queensland? Is it similar to the UK? Also I know having a provisional license at least may help me with the old 100 point ID check in Brisbane etc!
  13. firebladebally

    Advice on Cairns to Melbourne drive

    Hi all, just after a bit of advice in anyone can help........ Im flying into cairns in september, then touring down the coast to get to melbourne . What do people think is a decent time frame for this? bearing in mind that i dont want to be in the car all hours and miss out the attractions on the way, I was thinking around 2 weeks should be steady away........ any advice appreciated, Cheers :goofy:
  14. Guest

    What Can I Drive in Oz??

    Hi all, I am seeking to move to Australia in the near future and possibly have a very interested sponsor. One problem we are experiencing is trying to understand the Australian Licencing systems. I currently have C and C+E (class 2 and 1). I have searched countless websites but cannot find anyone who will put into writing what these licences will entitle me to drive when I do eventually move. Does anyone already have this info. at hand? If I have the correct qualifications, what's the next step?? Thanks in advance John
  15. Is there an age limit for driving if on holiday here in Australia? I looked as my father thought so, but could not see one. Cooler
  16. emmaroo

    Drive by shooting!!

    That's Kingsley off my list then!!:err: Drive-by shooting in Kingsley - The West Australian
  17. Has anyone got recommendations for campsites along the Indian Ocean coast road (Perth to Caenarvan stretch) I'm looking for unpowered tent sites preferably places without chalets/static caravans etc - definitely not 'holiday parks' National Park campsites would be ideal although ablutions prefered Jules
  18. Hi All, I have a question we intend coming over to Melbourne in Oct on a Tourist Visa, at this time we are migrant parents on a 103. Which means will have at least another 2+ years before our names get anywhere near the top. Can I buy and drive a car on a UK license indefinitely? Or is there a time limit, does anyone know the answer or who should I ask? Could I have an issue with insurance as a tourist? Rgds Panman
  19. Planning a visit to Oz after Christmas, so much family to see all spread out in every major city in Oz. Has anybody driven to Adelaide from Melbourne? How was it? Will it be OK with a toddler maybe in a campervan :twitcy: or should we fly? To many decisions :v_SPIN:
  20. Hi ladies, have been to this park a few times and is a good spot for NR peeps. am gona make a date for next tues at 11.30. hope to see a good number there. will take a picnic and my usual flask of tea :tongue: pm me for directions if anyone needs them and anyone from the south is happy to come too if travelling isnt a prob. its just off wanneroo road though you can take the freeway if prefered. hope to see you there xxxxx

    Learning to Drive?

    Hi Ive been told off a number of people that I must drive when I arrive. My hubby does but he will be at work so I will have to rely on public transport and walking for school run, shopping, socialising etc.. I do want to learn but am unsure what I need to do when I arrive. Can anyone tell me what paperwork I need to apply for and if I get a driving instructor and how the process and how long roughly it should take me? Oh and the cost? Thanks Jill
  22. Ratchet

    drive through offie

    and no pubs (that i can see) go figure:err:
  23. First post of what I hope to be many as my OH and I are currently half way through the recruitment process with Leighton Contractors who have been on a recruitment drive in the UK for Rail Engineers and Managers (via Hays Global Recruitment) Has anyone else out there any experience of moving over to Aus either with Leightons' or another company on a sponsored work visa? Just intersted how the process worked and the work related issues etc? I suspect the posts regarding housing, childcare (two small folks at 2 and 4) and the other practicality style advice will need to be posted elsewhere but for now, the work one is a start. All very confused and bewildered about how things would work but excited all the same :wacko::jiggy:
  24. Allyboy

    What do u need to drive

    I have just bought myself a car in melbourne after arriving on wednesday last week. I am unsure of exactly what I need, The car has a REGO till 2010 and has a road safety certificate from vic roads. Is it against the law to drive without insurance, I am going to get some anyway just wondered. Is there anything else I need?????
  25. Guest

    Drive on beaches

    Hi all, just wondering if there any drive on beaches between Brisbane and Coolangatta? Thanks Colin