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Found 23 results

  1. Please post timeline updates and queries here as people are getting annoyed by this subject on the main parent visa topic.
  2. I know that B.E. has their parent visa thread......why dont we have one? All parent visa applicants.....here is your own thread in order to ask questions, chat, moan and groan....whatever you wish! Good Luck to you all and looking fwd to hearing from you x
  3. My wife and I are considering applying for a 173 visa to join our only son, who is now an Australian citizen, and family in Australia. I know the waiting lists are long and costly but we are prepared to give it a go. So, my question is this: After applying for and hopefully receiving a 173 visa, which I believe lasts for 2 years, we then apply during this 2 year period for a 143 visa to live in Australia permanently, what happens after the 173 visa runs out and before a 143 visa is granted (or probably even looked at given the current waiting times)? Do we have to leave Australia or is there some sort of bridging visa until the 143 is decided upon? Thanks.
  4. Greetings everyone, My parents applied for the 173 VISA in 2016 and finally last week we got the email requesting Police and health checks. This is where things get tricky. Last year my father, the Primary applicant passed away. I know I should have somehow communicated this to the Dept Home Affairs but didn’t. My mother replied to last weeks email from the Dept Home Affairs advising of his death with the death certificate. She also advised she will still continue with her application organising the Police and the health exam. Today she has received a response email advising of the withdrawal of the VISA application. Interestingly it is only addressed to my deceased Father and does not make any reference to my mother as the secondary applicant. Does this mean, now the application has been withdrawn this also means my mother is withdrawn? Or, will she get a further email confirming the change and request to continue with the Police and Health exam? Any views or help with this situation are greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi everyone, Sorry if this question has already been asked somewhere in the forum. It just seems like there is no direct answer and is a bit confusing. I am planning to apply for a visa to bring my mum permanently to Australia. I was initially thinking of 143 and have already prepared the documents. However, I wonder if the 173 - 143 path would be any faster... Could someone please advise if applying for 173 visa and then for 143 visa brings my mum to Australia sooner than applying for 143 straight away? Is it true that these two visa classes are in the same priority queue and have the same processing times? Thank you very much
  6. Trish Stretton

    Visa 173 Assessment time

    We applied for the Visa 173 (temporary Contributory Parent Visa) back in May 2015. We have calculated that we still have at least 3 months before we get our application assessed. What we'd like to know is, how long does this assessment part take before you get a yes or no from Australia? We may or may not have to provide police/medical checks but we will have to sell our house so having some idea of best or worst case times for this part of the visa process would really help. Just gutted that due to the delays in processing times we don't appear to get any discount on the 2nd VAC. Anyone able to give us some guidelines please? Thanks
  7. Hi All, This is my current situation: * Im Aus Citizen and married, no children. * I want to bring my MOTHER via Parent 143 visa * Im the ONLY child she has ( No other children ). * My mother is divorced from my Biological Father, * She got re-married and got Divorced from that one too ( No children from that marriage ) but my STEP FATHER has THREE Children which are over 18 years of age (and not dependent ), and not living with them. they are all in different countries other than Australia and USA (where my mother lives currently) Question 1: Since Im the only child that my mother have, and she had NO Connection with her former partners step children , and since she is divorced now, I shouldn't have any issues with family balance test ? Question 2: Do I even need to state those children's details in my mother application ? I mean she has no connection and she has no details of them either Question 3: In Form 47PA Application Question 57, Part H : "MEMBERS OF THE FAMLY UNIT AGED 18 YEARS AND OVER", I dont have to p=include my details here do we, Since Im he sponsor ?And we dont have to include my mothers former partners children ( they are over 22 yeas old and not dependent ) Thanks in advanced FYI : https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/contributory-aged-parent-864/balance-of-family-test A stepchild is: your current partner's child, or your former partner's child who is under 18 years of age and in relation to whom you have guardianship, custody or a parenting order in force under the Family Law Act 1975. Stepchildren born from polygamous or concurrent relationships are not counted in the balance of family test
  8. There are several requirements that must be satisfied before reasonably considering lodging an application for an Australian parent visa. To help those who might be considering applying for a parent visa they are summarised here. The balance of family test must be satisfied. This requires that at least half of your children live permanently in Australia, or that more of your children live permanently in Australia than in any other country. Those who do not satisfy the balance of family test may be interested in the proposed new temporary Parent visa Applicants must have a sponsoring child who is “settled” in Australia. The subject of settled sponsors is discussed more fully here If applying for a subclass 804 Aged Parent or subclass 864/884 Contributory Aged Parent visa: The main visa applicant must be “aged”, this being the age when you are eligible for an Age Pension in Australia All applicants must be in Australia when the visa application is submitted to the Department of Immigration, and when it is granted If applying for a visa while in Australia a condition 8503 (No Further Stay) must not attach to the visa used to enter Australia. If applying for an offshore visa (subclasses 103, 143 – with a one step visa strategy – and 173 are offshore visas) applicants must be outside Australia when the visa is granted. Sufficient funds to pay the 2nd Visa Application Charges – currently AUD 43,600 per applicant – must also be readily available when a Contributory Parent visa application is approaching finalisation. For some, this will require careful management of the visa application process to ensure liquid funds are to hand at the appropriate time, as the Department of Immigration requires remittance of the 2nd VAC within 28 days of the issuing of the request for payment. Kindly reproduced with the permission from @Alan Collett at Go Matilda
  9. Hi, just wondering if anyone has any advice as to what health insurance they got when they went on the e600 visa? My parents are currently waiting for their 173 visa to get approved but want to come over for longer than 3 months on a tourist visa so are considering the e600 visa so they can stay longer but the issue is health insurance as their home policy won't cover them if they are out of the county for longer than 6 months, any advice or recommendations would be appreciated, thanks, leana
  10. shaahul21

    Please help - Parents Visa Options

    I am holding an Australian PR and living here with my partner since Feb 2013. I would like to bring my parents here (aged 60 and 67). Could someone please let me know my options? What will be cost and processing time for the visa's? Many Thanks, Shaahul.
  11. Hi every one.I am new to this forum and was hoping for some advice.I want to join my daughter in oz and am thinking of the 173 temp. then applying for permanent once there.does any one have any experience of this?Time scale etc?
  12. Hi all I would really appreciate if someone could help me with below questions. 1. After the grant of parent visa 173, how soon do I need to enter Australia? Do I get an year or more after the initial entry to come permanently? 2. Does the two year temporary stay start from the date of visa grant or the date of initial entry to Australia? 1. If I am to change my parents visa application from 173 to 103, do I need to pay the visa application charges again? Thank in advance Anna
  13. Hi All, I couldn't find if this issue has been addressed previously or not. But I'm trying to find information if we can swtich our parent visa application from subclass 173 to 103. It's hasn't been long since we have applied for the visa and we haven't even given any case officer, we have not paid any installment yet, except the intial application fee. We intially would have been able to pay for the visa but due to unforseen circumstances won't be able to make the payment anymore and was wondering what steps should I take with PVC so they can accept my request. Thanks for everyone's input Regards
  14. Guest

    Contributory parent visa 173

    my sister is a permanent residence of australia.. i live in australia as a fulltime student about a year ago my sister applied for my parents permanent residency as a Contributory Parent Visa permanent 173 now immigration has asked for my parents medicals and Police clearance they have also asked my medicals and police clearence The question is why are they asking my medical and police check when i wasnt even included in application?? does it mean im getting permanent too because of im dependent on my parents for my fee etc??? and how long more does it take once you have given medicals and police checkss already been 15 months. Answers in details would be highly appreciated thanks guys !!!
  15. Guest

    Advice on 173 & 143

    I have 2 daughters,1 of whom is settled in Oz and the plan is for me to apply for a 173 contributory temp visa then if everything works out after 12 month to apply for a 143 permanent visa for both myself and my wife who will have remained in the uk up to this point. Is this feasible? Advice and comments much welcomed.
  16. Guys can anyone help me in this..(May be someone from Parent Visa Section).My parents are here on a 1 year Tourist Visa with no further stay condition.We went to DIAC Adelaide and asked them that whether we can apply for their 173 Cpntributory Temp Parent visa onshore? As this is a offshore visa and they have to be outside Australia at the time of decision. My question is can anyone apply for 173 offshore Visa while here on a visa with no further Stay condition?As we are not applying any onshore visa so I think it may be possible?Can any Migration Agent help me in this question? Thanks In Advance Sammi
  17. Guest

    CPV 173 to 143

    I fly to Perth on Friday (yahoo) on a CPV 173 (2 year) and wonder does anyone know how long it takes to obtain a CPV 143 (permanent)? Since the allocation was filled so quickly last year I assume I should apply immediately. Marilyn
  18. sandch

    The All New CPV thread

    Just to let everyone in this category know that there has been quite a lot of activity in the last few weeks, and today were were asked for the 2nd VAC (application acknowledged 7 November 2007). Things have moved quite quickly recently. Let us know how it's going out there!
  19. Guest

    about visa subclass 173

    Hi every1, 1stli wishing all u guys have a nice day ... im so sori if i repeat this question again cuz 2 b honest i dunt have time 2 read over hundred pages...so just a quick question. My mum she came here under visa subclass 173 and she can stay in Australia 2 years from de day of 1st entry. October of this year will b enough 2 yrs and im on de way 2 apply for visa sub 143. Now, can my mum traval back to Vietnam or not? In her visa, it says "multitravel". I dunt know dat she can travel oversea in this time or not. cuz my mum n my dad they plan to travel 2 vietnam next few day. and one more question, my mum still hold visa sub 173 and now i had enough money so i want 2 apply to sub 143 for her.... is it 100% they will approve my application form or not? thxn a lot 4 ur reading, i hope u guys can help me out.... one again thxn a lot... kind regard Thu Dao ^_~
  20. Hi There, My Mom want to apply the 173 congributory parent visa and stay with me in Australia. I wonder if I can be a sponsor, the followings are my situations: 1. I have got my Permanent Resident Visa for 2 years. 2. I am now a full time research student and do some causal jobs in University. I have a little more than 20,000 per year non-taxable scholarship as the main source of allowance. 3. I have only one sister so the familly balance requisite can be fulfill. Now I wonder can I be a qualified sponsor for my Parent? If so, my Mom can apply this UT 173 visa. If not, She will wait untill I graduate and find a job? Many thanks! Jack
  21. wow

    CPV subclass 173 to 143

    Hi Everyone, I have a query about the Contributory Parent Visa subclass 173 (temp) and the CPV subclass 143 (permanent). If you apply for and are granted the 173 and decide to apply for the permanent 143, do you need to have medicals done again please? Or is it a paper exercise? Are there any advantages to obtaining the CPV 173 then moving over to the 143? Regards, June
  22. Hi friends, I am currently citizen of Aus, living in Australia for 5 years. I am only child to my parents who are 62, & 55. Planning to apply for Contributory Parent visa. If some one can advise me over few following questions, it will be of gr8 helpp to us. Option-1: My parents both apply offshore Contributory Temp parent visa (173), and in 2 weeks time they will apply tourist visa(676) noting of the CPV application and ask for 12 months stay. So they travel to Aus and they can extend there stay after 12 months to wait for dicision on CPTV and have quick travel to say Fizi and return. Then I will apply for CPV-143 onshore and that gets me time to save more money for 2nd installment. Option2 : What are chances of one parent apply for CPV and other as spouce visa. Is it complicated? An agent here says he can do this and save me $30,000. his fees are $6,000. Problem is he doesnt explain procedure, and I am not knowing complications in the process. Can you advise me is there any trick like that? & how it works. Option3: If my parents apply for 676 tourist visa, and wait for visa label to confirm the 8503-no further stay condition is there or not? If no condition is applied, they will travel to Aus and cand they lodge onshore CPTV (173)? On other hand if the 8503condition applies they will make CPTV (173) application offshore and 15 days later travel to Aus. What is the best option. If any one knows about his, please guide me on this... Gill I think you can help me with this situation.... Thanking you... Vatnal
  23. Can anyone advise me which is the best way to pay for the 2nd visa £30,000.00 when eventually granted. It will be interesting to hear from someone who has just gone through this process very recently. When the visa is granted how long is given before you need to enter Australia to trigger the visa off? We need to market our home and at the moment the UK market is dormant. Much thanks Jennifer_C