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Found 934 results

  1. ZAtkin

    190 visa application

    Hi, once visa application is completed and submitted, will I then be contacted for relevant document evidence such as employment, proof of ID, and undertaking medicals & police checks? There isn’t an option on my immi account to upload any evidence yet… does that come after submitting the form?
  2. Jes11

    medical issues

    I'm struggling to find information about the medicals requred during the visa process. If we move to Australia, then it is likely that my wife and I will be aged 77 and 75 respectively when we come up for our final medicals. What sort of medical issues cause an applicant to fail a medical?
  3. Now that I've received my invitation I'm keen to get cracking as my ilets expires this month. I have got in touch with one of the migration agents on this forum but wondered if there is anything I can do in the meantime? Shall I ask the consultants receptionist for a report regarding medical issues?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm waiting on the outcome of my PR application (186 application submitted at the end of Jan 2018) and believe it may have been referred to the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth for review, does anyone have an idea of how long the MOC are taking to process applications at the moment, please? Thank you!
  5. Hi, is there anybody that is applying or have applied for a Visa with the condition of ankylosing spondylitis? My hubby has got it & very concerned about his medical next week, he thinks it will be a problem & that it will unable for us to go! What do you think? :unsure:
  6. We received out invite for the 189 visa on Monday, booked our medicals for a few weeks time, however today my 5yr old has been escalated to a higher tier within the camhs for a potential diagnosis of autistic spectrum. Do we need to declare this during the medicals as he wok the be formally diagnosed for many months yet, if so how will it impact in them ? Thanks
  7. Hi all. I don't know if anyone is able to help and I realise variations on this topic have been raised before, but any advice gratefully received. We are preparing a 189 visa submission and virtually everything is in place and looking good. The fly in the ointment is that my wife has Type 1 diabetes. Whilst her sugar levels are ok, and have improved significantly in the last two years following a change in insulin, we are very concerned about how a MOC will view this situation. She has no complications or end-organ damage, but we have received advice that a strict interpretation of the regulations would result in rejection as the cost of medications alone is above the threshold. However, there appear to be a number of people in this situation who have been successful. This is a real dilemma and everywhere we turn provides conflicting advice. Any suggestions or thoughts gratefully received as we don't want to throw money away on a doomed application. Many thanks.
  8. My wife has an over active thyroid/ graves disease. She's only very border line so medication isn't needed. We have medicals next week will this be a problem?
  9. Richard Gregan

    Medical Tip

    News to me – Medical Tip 15/11/17 By Richard Gregan, Registered Migration Agent 9905168 Owner and proprietor; OE Visas Ltd Ian Harrop & Associates Ltd Ian – a fellow Scot and Parent Visa applicant sent me the following tip; Mixing herbal remedies with prescribed Blood Pressure medication can have serious negative impact on reducing Blood Pressure. Ian says; . I’ve agreed with the doc that I increase my dose of Candesartan now. It takes weeks to kick in. I was taking echinacea for an immune system boost before we go and it seemed to wipe out my BP therapy. I googled it and low and behold the Mayo Clinic confirmed that it does this. If anyone introduces herbal remedies, it would be wise to be very careful with other medication. That is always a good thing to warn clients about! My resting heart rate is 52. Doubt if there’s much wrong! This advice is something I’ve not heard of before. Thanks for sharing this Ian. NB – I say, “Fellow Scot” because I am half Scottish. My Mother was born in Edinburgh and emigrated as an 18-year-old. Sadly, my Rugby talents never came even close to Scotland selecting me. Richard Gregan MARA 9905168 E: enquiries@my-oe.com W: www.overseas-emigration.co.uk
  10. Rachel29


    Hi My boyfriend and I are due to have my medical soon. I have been investigated under the hospital but I have been discharged and have asked for an extra medical letter to say he thinks there’s no issues. I was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. I’m on no medication and able to work full time as a nurse. Im probably over stressing but has any people here had medical issues and managed to pass their medicals. Thanks.
  11. maxia066

    Visa medicals

    Hi all, Just had a date through for medicals, and wondering what it involves and how long it takes? Especially looking for info for kids, we've got 2 very young ones so want to be able to prepare them a bit so they know what'll happen. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  12. RavenBlue

    Health declarations?

    Hi, we are in the process of applying for a 189 visa. I was super keen and got our medicals done before being invited to apply (I know many would advise against this, but to me its not the end of the world if they expire and we have to redo them). They came back all clear, but since having them done I have been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. (Not sure whether is something they would have tested for in the medicals?) I assume its quite a recent onset and doesn't affect me massively. I've been put on some very low dose medication and I will be seeing a specialist next week to find out more. Should I make this known in my visa application? I'm hoping it won't affect my application as its nothing major. What can I do to assure DIBP that its ok - I've seen something about getting a letter from the doctor? Anybody else been in this situation? Would appreciate any advice or reassuring words! Thanks
  13. I'm struggling to see the answer to this question (though sure it will have been posted). We are looking to apply for the 186 visa (transition route) in August 2017 (when my husband completes 2 years on his 457 visa). We need UK and Oz police checks as I understand it but think they're only valid for 6 months. I've heard you should apply with your applications 'decision ready' but am unclear whether we should be applying of our checks now (they'll be valid at time of application but if we are granted the visa don't suppose they will be valid then). Can anyone advise. I'm also trying to decide whether to get medicals done now, in advance of applying. We are a family of 5 and there may be some issues on the medical that need further info (unsure at this stage). Maybe it's not actually true that applying decision ready helps? Many thanks (have also posted on 186 timeline in case this is more relevant there)
  14. Hi We have just joined and are in the process of getting my husband's skills assessed. We are now a little worried since I have read some posts on here about it being difficult to get a visa because of a child's condition. We have talked about it and decided we still want to go ahead but feel we need to do all we can to make sure we have the best possible chance. Therefore I wonder if anyone can give us any advice. Our 4 year old has global developmental delay, he has a statement of educational need and is about to start at the local special school as that is where we decided was best for him at this time. He has no medical needs and his main needs at the moment are speech and language and understanding. He is probably about a year and a half behind his peers at the moment in these areas. He continually makes good progress and we hope in the future he will attend a mainstream school with little support. What I would like to know is what we can do to make sure when he has the medical that he passes as it were? Also, we were wondering if people think it is worth front loading the medicals so once the case officer is assigned then there may be less problems as they will have been sorted out - or will this not make any difference as the problems only come up once the case officer is assigned? We are going to apply for a 175 skilled visa. Once the case officer is assigned do they give you a limited time to do the medicals or is it up to you? We were just thinking that it might be worth doing it before so we can spend time making sure we find a sympathetic panel doctor. Thanks Julia
  15. My husband and I submitted our application on 1st March (background: I am an Australian citizen, we have been together 14 yrs, married 6 and have two children aged 8 & 3 both of whom are citizens by descent and have Aus passports) and we received an email on 8th April requested police checks and medical be completed. The email was signed with a persons name (not just a computer generated email) so can I assume that this would be our case officer? I understand that it is different in all cases but given that ours is very straightforward does it seem likely that our application with be processed quickly? Police checks came through very quickly and have already been uploaded to our Immi account. The medical was completed on 18th April but not yet submitted. I spoke to someone from the hospital today and they said the Dr will upload on Tuesday when next in. I am really hopeful that our wait won't be too long and have been reading some very encouraging posts from people saying they had their approval within weeks!
  16. hi everyone my meds were uploaded by emedical clinic on friday 27 march but immi acc says health evidence as requested ( not received)..should i be worried about the result of my medicals as the silence is worrying me alot..:frown: ( my meds were done during 28 days period given by case officer but were uploaded after it) one more thing is how much time in visa (189)is granted to shift from native country to australia after grant. pls help thanks in advance.
  17. get2chriss

    Visa Decision Timeframe

    Hi I have recently joined PomsinOz as I am going through a State Nominated 190 Visa application at the moment. I am at the final hurdle of having medicals with all other items on the to do list ticked off. I have two questions which I am hoping someone may be able to answer. 1) When do I find out the results of the medicals? Is it on the day or do I need to wait? 2) Assuming the medicals are passed, how long after this will the decision be made on the visa? Thanks Chris
  18. Hello peeps. Have lodged my side of 457 application after an agonising wait for TRN number from sponsor - had not realised they had not even got a sponsor status until I have completed everything for the skills assessment :arghh:! Not impressed to say the least. Only got 9 weeks left before I have to register in person at AHPRA so panic mode definitely on. Rant over. In preparation, am wondering if you lot have any recommendation on which one to choose for visa medicals (particularly one with quick turnaround time??). We are in Cambridgeshire so closest would be London/Essex ( Knightsbridge or Spire Brentwood), or Birmingham (Handsworth or Spire Little Aston). What would be the expected turnaround results from the medicals, do any of you know? Had read some issues with one in Birmingham in another forum (apparently very slow with miscommunications etc). We don't mind paying more as long as we don't have to play the unnecessary waiting game again. Thanks in advance for any reply x
  19. I have had to have a medical done for my non migrating step-son and this has been received in Sydney at HOC. I am concerned that because our meds have been done and finalized they wont know what application his are to be uploaded to. Please can anyone tell me if I should be worried or if you have had a similar experience?
  20. spangley

    £900 for Medical Assessment

    I was quoted £900 yesterday to have myself, my wife and my 2 yr old daughter medically assessed for our 189 Visa. Does anyone know how much you'd typically pay in the UK or Germany, and would the Immi office accept an assessment outside your country of residence? We are in Switzerland. With thanks.
  21. I've been keeping up with everyone's experiences and thought it time I shared mine. I'm travelling on a 457 as a secondary applicant, my partner is an academic who has been offered a job in Melbourne. We lodged the application ourselves after the visa nomination was granted. In retrospect we should have applied earlier as I didn't realise until after it was lodged that you can submit the application before nomination has been granted! Submitted all the documents at the time of lodging, paid the fee and waited. As a healthcare worker I knew that I would need a full medical, x ray and blood tests and arranged this just after submission. My OH who has a medical condition was requested to have a medical later. Here's the time line so far: Application submitted 29/05/11 Fee paid 29/05/11 Health requirements outstanding (person 2) 29/05/11 Medical examination required 29/05/11 Medical results received 23/06/11 X ray results received 23/06/11 Hep B, Hep C, HIV results received 28/06/11 Application processed further 14/06/07 Further information required 14/06/11 Health requirements outstanding (person 1) 14/07/11 Further medical results referred 14/07/11 Blood tests referred 14/07/11 The question I do have is what is the difference between my medicals results that are shown as received (submitted through ehealth) and my OH's who are shown as referred (sent by snail mail). Have mine been looked at yet or is that still to come?:realmad:
  22. Is anybody willing to share their reasons for being declined on medical grounds, or if you were referred, then accepted. Id like to hear all different views/cases as I dont think anyone would have the same issue as me, but your stories could give me an idea of my outcome. I'm asking this, as I am concerned my medical may be referred for the following reason. 3 years ago I went into hospital for a minor operation, which went wrong resulting in me having Septicaemia and fluid building up on my left lung as a result of several abscesses. This required me to have open surgery twice. I am fully better now, and have been for the last 3 years. Other than a kidney stone, that I have just had blasted this week. Can anyone tell me if they was referred, or declined, for any of the things I have mentioned i.e scar tissue etc. As I have scar tissue around my stomach, and there may be scarring where my lung filled up with fluid. Thanks for your replys
  23. Ozpom82

    Question about medicals

    I have previous medical conditions, and a current minor issue. both of these problems were mentioned, and I went with current documentation to medical assessment at Manchester. I have been graded 'A', and as I believe this is good news. but when I log into my online portal, the link to organize medicals is missing for my wife and two children, but mine (the main applicant) is still present. Does this mean they are still processing mine, and it has been referred? Do they even refer 'A' graded medicals? If the medicals get referred with a grade 'A' status, are they processed quicker than 'B' grades? Please can anyone shed some light, or share similar situation. thanks in advance
  24. Has anyone had there Medicals referred in the last couple months and had there visa granted now. if so please could you share your experience and time line. I had my Medicals referred and I have been waiting only a couple of weeks but its driving me mad already. I've heard referrals are taking upto 3 months to complete. Can anyone verify this? Has anyone had there referral completed quicker than this? thanks in advance for any reply's
  25. Hi there, just a quick question went for medicals today for 175 visa me and youngest son who is 10 weeks passed with flying colours but my husband james who is the main visa applicant as he is in IT has been asked to see our gp when they did the urine sample they discovered quite a lot of sugar and traces of blood they think it may be the start of diabetes (his mum has it) he has been tested before and there was no sign they also asked for our nearly 4yr old son to see our gp aswell they said he seemed a little immature for his age and he was wearing a nappy we had to drive from leeds to manchester for our medical so it seemed practical also in the last couple of months i have had a baby and we have been involved in a car crash where the car was written off so we have had a lot going on since the start of dec both he and hubby are booked in with our gp for monday, my question is could any of these things make us fail our medicals, any advice or help would be greatly appreciated could you pm any responses to me Many Thanks Lorna