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    Permission To Let

    In this thread 4 years was mentioned http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/money-finance/201784-australian-resident-seeks-uk-mortgage.html We have been on one for a bit over 2.5 years now. I get the impression when I rang them up a few times that the people don't really know themselves whats what. No hard and fast rules as such.
  2. 2and3

    Australian resident seeks UK mortgage

    Hello. Well, after reading through what little paperwork we did bring with us, I rang them back again and the bloke had a look at it , put me on hold then came back as said as we were a 'special case' lol we can switch to a proper buy to let -rates a bit higher. My next question was about changing to IO, he said we were unable to do this but I got the feeling that this bit was perhaps beyond him and once again it may be a case of speaking to another person. looking at the paperwork it does appear that we 'should' be able to change. But one step at a time. He did go through rental amounts etc and it having to cover 125%. Gave me a phone number if we wanted to go ahead with it and that department would deal with it and he made a note of the fact we could switch. We have been on PTL for 2.5 years now -which is longer than I thought we would be able to do it for. So thanks for the 4 yr figure. For anyone reading this who has not yet left and is leaving a house behind, make sure you look into sorting this stuff out before you do go ! I did get a response from one other company that was mentioned on here and it was a yes from them but as the moment have not looked into doing as yet. Mainly because we are undecided what to do ourselves for the best ! Just sell the uk house and use the money for a ppor in oz, or an investment in oz as the area we are in is expensive for a family home or keep the uk house as it is -although really as an investment the returns are not the best or, buy a uk investment with returns !! My head is fried ! With regards taking out equity, the way I read it is you cant whilst on PTL but if you change to BTL to can -depending on rental income, loan to value and all that. So if they are allowing me to change to BTL - which they are, if the sums are correct I Should in theory be able to take money out. But that's the situation as it is. If I think of anything else I will let you know !
  3. 2and3

    Australian resident seeks UK mortgage

    Hello. We are in the situation that we would like to take some equity out of our uk property in order to have a deposit to buy in oz and not have to pay the LMI. We are with the BOI on a permission to let mortgage at the moment . I know they said we would be unable to take any money out of the house when we first did this with them. My question is how can we get some of our equity ? Do we need to remortgage? or is will it be a case of selling the property? (we are going to sell but from past sales in the area it can take a very long time to sell -but yes who knows) Is there anyway we can get the money for a deposit at all ?? Any pointer would be much appreciated.
  4. Ugh - sooo confused !! What is BR tax ? Have I got this straight? We get the form from HMRC in the UK - overseas landlord. Fill in along with other UK earnings. Then when we do our oz tax we add the rent? from the house to our earnings here and also add in the tax we have already paid for said house in the correct box. We have been renting our house out for the last 2 years -but no agent. Our UK accountant last year never did any of this and now this years one is picking up on it and how the lady renting the house should have been doing some forms ?? So confusing. Yes our lender knows we are in Oz and has renewed our permission to let -but that's about the only 'formal' thing we have done. Oh I feel more paper work heading our way !!
  5. Oh pixie tell me what to do......
  6. Yes I have just measured it out in the corner of the utility.....ummmmmmmm decisions... The only thing is his bloomin tele - he can't seem to let that go - what is it with men??? lol. I know I can easily pick up washers etc and I am all up for gum tree and garage sales.ummm what to do. Might just go for a few boxes. Regards the insurance they only mentioned the total loss - I thought it was because you packed it yourself. And they 'gave' the impression that the destination charge covered the inspection thingy - unless there was tax to pay on stuff or stuff that needed cleaning etc. Think my mind is on boxes at the moment - although that would be about the tenth time today I will have changed it. Is it possible to phone them up the week before you fly and sort it out then?? That way I will have packed flight luggage and seen exactly what was left??? You can have as much luggage on the flight - as many bags/boxes as long as its within the weight?
  7. Unless you have to have your cube inspected,have wooden stuff - dirty stuff - soil/tents type thing I did not get the impression there was any other charge. But I could be wrong as I too am just starting to look. Insurance wise - its up to you to cover or not but it only covers for total loss. So I suppose if anything gets damaged then its tough. They also said 50km raidus of a cdb - outside of that the charges seemed steep - can't remember what they were.
  8. Thanks for that. Seems to have made things a bit clearer. I think its just that decision to take anything or not. We don't want to take the furniture -it would just be washing machine, the dryer, flat tele and the usual kitchen and kids sort of stuff. But we could perhaps bung the odd extra item - bed frames/drum kit? scooter - whatever we think may be useful sort of stuff - photos,wall pictures - .whatever fits. Just need to decide to cart our stuff/junk -lol - or start again.
  9. Seven seas do a move cube. Have you had a look at these? From what I see they are like mini containers into which you pack your stuff and it then gets sealed up. So for those with irregular sized items they would be ideal. three different sizes - I have phoned and the cost for size one is £420 with a destination charge of $249 the other side and cube 2 is £570 with a destination charge of $299. No weight limit at all. Take a look below at the dimensions of our MoveCubes™: Small: Height 1.88m Width 1.11m Length 0.96m Volume 2m³ Medium: Height 1.88m Width 1.45m Length 1.11m Volume 3m³ Large: Height 1.88m Width 1.45m Length 2.27m Volume 6.20m³ I also just phoned pss and for 3 box's = 51x40x61cm - weight of 30kg it is £175 and then each box after that is only £20. But no good for larger shaped items or heavy stuff for that matter. So what do you reckon about these movecubes?
  10. 2and3

    Kindle ?

    Gosh most of that is over my head at the moment - lol. But I am sure the more I read it and find out about things it will be extra useful. I did always say to myself I would keep up to date with all things new - especially with kids but the years seem to have passed by and I am lagging behind a bit. So, its no problem buying one form amazon over here - uk. I can still get the books from amazon? And what this all about a keypad?
  11. 2and3

    Kindle ?

    I am toying with the idea of getting a kindle. I do read alot but never really buy books I use the library. Never seen the point of buying a book that will take a few hours to read and then for it to be sitting on the shelf to gather dust for years. I have no idea about these. If I get one in the u.k will it be o.k in oz? Am I able to get lots of 'free' books. what sort do I go for if I decide to get one?
  12. Has anyone ever heard back from this ??
  13. 2and3

    Landlords insurance - UK

    We need to be getting this too. How do you work out the re-build cost??
  14. What food stuff are we o.k to ship or take on flights? Or what can't we take?
  15. 2and3

    Shipping about 15 boxes.

    Can I ask how much quotes were for the 4 boxes lease? And 6 and 15 - lol We are like that too -if we take anything, it will be last min. so won't know till we pack.